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  2. AlexThyNoob says:




  3. GodOfWar35 says:

    Too lag man…. too lag… I can’t do anything even moving… !

  4. N3manja says:

    Aweosome BETA

  5. Rerira says:

    It was lag free for me, but it was GREAT, i cant wait for the next update!

  6. vitamink says:

    Love all your games… I can tell the effort and skill that went into it. Hope you recover. I think Sinjid is looking pretty nice as of now. PLZ make a better anti-hack!!!! COLONY RULES!!!! Oh and an update for Colony or a Colony 2 would be greatly apreciated!

  7. Aaron says:

    I was lag free, and it was perfect, but the only thing that I didn’t like was that my sound didn’t work. :P

  8. ICE says:

    y cant i play it, it said 404 not found
    Not Found

    The requested URL /StingRay.html was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.2.22 Server at krinstudio.com Port 80

    • oshersz says:

      why the hell did you enter the old beta link? he put one right on the latest update! if you still can’t find it look on armor games —> misc tab

  9. mFyy3Bcn says:

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  10. Lucas says:

    I cant play the website of the beta is off.

  11. Gausse says:

    I found a couple things while playing. Not sure if it is, but if you wait long enough in a map, enemies respawn, but don’t attack you. A big bug was I’m playing priest and I killed Dai’j stone armor guy with bleed, but he didn’t die. I didn’t get the kill completed for the quest but I could walk off to the right. He doesn’t fall and never dies after that because he keeps regening no matter what.

  12. Playing YO says:

    I had the problem with lag, especially when sinjid moved. Really turn down during combat, but except for that everything was awesome.

  13. Playing YO says:

    Sorry for double-posting… but could you give a recommended specs for sinjid? I might just need to upgrade my PC…

  14. Someone says:

    I experience immense lag whenever I am in an area with NPCs (enemies included). Once all the enemies are killed, then everything runs smoothly. Is there a reason for this?

  15. aeryon says:

    i cant get past loading sounds…

  16. jerry says:

    nice and smooth

  17. gokcankrc67 says:

    Please add a boss, an unique or Easter boss, who turns into duck.
    A prize to feed-backers, and of course some humor.

  18. charles gibson says:

    There is a bug with the skills cool down and the reflex. it seems to be increasing with no way to decrease or to set it at its appropriate numbers.

    • charles gibson says:

      the only way to fix this is to save and quit the game. Also, un-equipping items that grant reflex increases the cool down

  19. FHL says:

    I got stuck at Loading Sound, 0%. =(

    I’ll come back and try again, though. Love Flight. <3

  20. Joseph says:

    I am having issues with the boss, Lady Shiori. She sometimes glitches allowing you not to hit her, and I seen her use two ability’s but now shes only uses one which is the serpent gaze,You can’t get close to her, shes spams just that move and once you get close enough and it hits you its basically over.

  21. charles gibson says:

    there is a bug the causes the inventory and character tabs to switch the hotkeys. Also another bug is preventing me to upgrade my equipment

  22. eightsignz says:

    to defeat lady shiori, just avoid getting hit. I know it sounds ridiculous but thats how i did it, unless some one has a better way. when she casts her “gaze” spell(the one with the cast bar) face your char away from her. and when she flys to cast her poison spell just stay underneath her and dodge left to right. This will take a while so keep at it, took me more than 15 tries. fun game tho :D

    • nok 122 says:

      well it doesn’t sound ridiculous because in the story it say that she is the one who can use naga eye to make people turn to stone when they look into her eye

  23. aeryon says:

    i was able to play the game yesterday but now it stays stuck on decoding

  24. asd says:

    The controls are evil.
    Normal attack with number 1 and no way to bind it to left mouse button?
    This is bullshit.

    • Krin says:

      Actually normal attacks are bind to the Left Mouse by default. But you can only attack with the mouse while in combat, because you use the mouse to interact with other things too.

      • asd says:

        Ok, it works but lmb acts as the first hotkey, so it’s really inconvenient.
        There should be an option to fully customize controls.
        Also, i found out that in boss battles only the right side of the area is locked, it is possilbe to fell off the screen on the left side.

        • Krin says:

          Thanks I’ll have that fixed in the next 1-2 days of updates.

          As for the hotkeys, if you press the gear button, you can customize the keys. You can move a new ability there instead of auto strike if you so wish.

          Flash doesn’t have support for other mouse buttons though I’m afraid :s But you can use other keyboard keys.

          • asd says:

            I know that I can change hotkeys, but there is no way to change control keys or shortcuts for inventory, skills etc. so it is impossible to assign hotkeys to WASDZXC.

          • charles gibson says:

            Hey Krin, LOVE the game and everything in my post above is fixed except the character tab hotkey is Z and the skills tab hotkey is C. I still have it even in multiple files and even when I deleted them. Any suggestions?

  25. Ironymon1 says:

    Krin, could you add a different ability hotkeys, as in custom ones, cause u can use both aswd and arrow keys but the ability buttons remain painfully the same place, especially if youre using one hand to do both walking and attacking, i usually play games with my hands crossed, my left on the arrow keys, my right on the abilities, i know it’s weird but can u do that please.

  26. aeryon says:

    ive tried the priest with shurikens (ultimate) but they do damage to yourself

  27. Jason says:

    Any plans for coopertive play?

  28. Zegis says:

    There’s a bug when you switch to full screen mode and exit it, it will shrink all the text of item statistics.

  29. peter says:

    when I use the blade-storm ability, I can attack again before the bladestorm is finished

  30. peter says:

    when 3 shadowbolts hit an enemy at the same time, 2 of them go right through him.

  31. peter says:

    is there any way to jump higher?

  32. RUMMAKER says:

    we need a place to store out junk, inventory can only hold so much.

    and can the lvl cap be higher plz :P like lvl 30?

  33. peter says:

    there should be a way to quit the game without saving, and a way to save the game without quiting.

    when I log on in-game, armorgames doesnt detect it, but when I log on in Armorgames, the game does detect it.

    BTW: really nice game!

  34. mike says:

    Is the game down right now? because i was playing it a few days ago and now its gone

  35. Matt says:

    Thanks for another amazing game Krin, i wish good health and good fortune to you.

  36. Water says:

    Krin, I believe that the game was amazing,I thoroughly enjoyed it! Though would I be so kind as to ask you my question? Here goes, when I passed the level, the map appeared, that’s cool, but I could not go to the next level. Please respond and help me, then I can keep playing the games which your skills in programming provide. Also, I enjoy programming though I do not use C++, I use a program called Phrogram and wondered how you would be able to use different sprites to use in a game; do you change animation or photos from the internet to the different type of file you want, eg. JPG. Again I love your games and please respond.

  37. TJay says:

    I upgraded every single equipped item and didn’t get the quest so refreshed and it wiped my upgrading and gave me gems back.

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