I have Cancer. I was actually diagnosed last year, around August. It is a blood cancer: High-Grade Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell Lymphoma. But I didn’t want to make big news of it then because the prognosis (chance of survival) was really good – close to 80%. I thought I’d just get over it, then crack on with my stuff. So I went through about 4 months of Chemotherapy, and it went well for a while, but then it stopped responding.

My prognosis dropped rapidly, since the “1st Line” treatment failed. Now things are a lot more serious: I currently in hospital doing my “2nd Line” treatment of even STRONGER Chemotherapy, soon to be followed by Radiation Therapy for 4 weeks, and probably a Stem Cell transplant a month after that. Even with that, the odds are still against me because my tumor was 14cm (!) across when I was first diagnosed.

I don’t really want to make a big deal out of this since it’s not Game Development related – but it will probably have an effect on production schedule, blog updates, etc. so I felt it was necessary to provide explanation. That is all; I’m not looking for pity, or support or anything like that.

Here is my X-Ray from August. The big white blob on the left of the picture is the tumor. Anyway, this’ll probably be the only post on this matter. I’ll keep future updates strictly Game Development related.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the responses everyone! I want to reply to each one individually but there’s so many, so I thought I’d write this here. I didn’t really expect anything, but it does feel nice to know that you care :)

Well, here’s some good news. I have finished the first round of DHAP (which is a stronger chemotherapy than the first one). Now, if a patient’s disease is refractory (resistant to treatment) to the first one – like mine was – then the chance of DHAP even working is a meagre 10-20%.

But I just got the results in today, and it’s WORKED FOR ME! It killed about 66% of the Cancer on the first go. I’m going to have another round, then radiotherapy and then a Stem Cell transplant. Hopefully, that’ll make it go away and never return. :) I want to finish Sinjid before the Transplant, because when that happens, I’ll need to be in the hospital for a whole month.

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  1. Zyph says:

    Holy crap, you best take care of yourself

  2. darkest says:

    Well, good luck and let’s hope that it doesn’t do any permanent damage. Be well soon!!

  3. Hasse says:

    hope you wont die or worse :C

    • Eiruto says:

      What is worse than dying?

      • Cameron says:

        Reanimation as a sex offenders everlasting slave?

        Anyway, Glad to hear stuff is working out, sorta.

        • rstaraptor says:

          lol, sex slave…
          any way, just wanted to let KRIN know that sinjid was one of my many childish-hood memories such as actually beating the game, (TOOK 5 YEARS BUT FINALLY DID IT! HA!) and finally but most important, continuing game production, because krin is just like any newgrounds/addictinggames/armorgames/or any other game developer, and you just keep making games. i love that. thats somthing that i havent realy said about myself. its too easy to shed things off and wait crap out.

          anyway, you beat this or not, (hope u will, definitly) i want you to know sinjid alone wasted over 100 hours of awsome, RAW, hardcore gamin! thanks bra! your a legend in my book, imnot gunna swear or anything, but i know i will make some youtube vlogs and ive already made a bunch of other comments around every side of the internet about games in general (yours included), that ya know, connectivity will always bee there, and always will. but im just so happy about all of the great video games that i’ve played in my life…

          thanks again, RSTARAPTOR- form newgrounds, youtube, deviantart-as googletoper, google+, mofunzone, just to know where im at with that name.

      • Phlabz says:


  4. massmurrder says:

    ok dont open PC just get a break for some time eat,drink,get a special doctor for you,etc
    but DONT open PC cuz you well be fine without it
    let anybody of your supurrtors(cant spell it)
    like your helpers make the game for a temp time till you get rested okay?

    • Shateras says:

      Cancer can’t simply be treated like that. Cancer has no cure but chemotherapy and other radiation treatment. If cancer was that easy …

      • Michael Kelbaugh says:

        If Cancer was that easy it wouldn’t be much of a threat than what it is now…
        But anyway hope you get better soon i know how tuff it is i had my grandmother, Grandfather, Even my aunt have it my grandfather died and my aunt but they fought hard and i want you to fight hard as you can too, to fight it off. Best of luck krin

  5. massmurrder says:

    i hope this will help you

  6. Felipe says:

    in the end you will smile

    • Anonymous says:

      Since no-one can post a normal reply, I shall…
      Cancer is hard, I found it hell knowing my grandad was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at the age of 15, so I’d hate to feel what you was going through. And you seem to think that a mere flash game is more important than your life, which obviously, is wrong. Although this may sound bad, the computer game developement is doing NO good to your health, you MIGHT die, make the most of your life while you can, maybe go on holiday to a country you’ve always dreamed of visiting..We’ve waited years for ‘Sinjid 3’. Im not sure a few months will end the world. Anyway, good luck and stay strong! ^_^

      • Krin says:

        Thanks for the message; I appreciate that you care :)

        Maybe it’s the way I wrote my post that made it seem like I have my priorities wrong. But in fact, I am doing my very best to fight this disease 24 hours a day – it is at the top of my list.

        I can’t really travel right now because I need to be in hospital 2-3 times a week. I did want to go to Japan, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea anymore what with the radiation scare there plus my current condition!

        But don’t worry, me working on Sinjid shouldn’t really make the outcome any better or worse. I’m not doing it to the point where it would have any adverse effect on my well-being.

        Thanks for the ‘support’ anyhow. I’m feeling quite positive in general!

        • Azriel says:

          I was speechless to hear this, and had no idea what to say but some have done well however. *We’ve waited years for ‘Sinjid 3′. Im not sure a few months will end the world. Anyway, good luck and stay strong! ^_^* It is true some of us have waited, and It is also true we’d rather never have it, for you to be happier at the moment, until you get well. Then, well we are the internet and we will be back to feast on your amazing creativity! Get well soon and good luck!

          • Faux5 says:

            Hey man I’m really sorry you have cancer, I don’t personally know what it’s like having cancer, but my Mother has a Kidney tumor and has to have her Kidney removed. My Father had Prostate cancer and had to have his prostate removed and developed an absess that almost killed him, he recently was treated for kidney cancer. I wish you luck man and I hope you get better soon.

          • Trueblade says:

            I cannot pretend to know exactly what you are going through, but some people I know have had cancer as well, and I feel for those who have it. All that can be said is that I wish you a speedy recovery and God bless.

  7. Confederacy says:

    Get well soon Krin, looking forward to Sinjid and hopefully a new forum soon.

  8. Jack Liu says:

    Wow, I don’t know what to say, but good luck with your fight with cancer. Keep yourself well rested, and remember that your life is a priority over game development.

  9. Farabi says:

    Krin… I had a feeling this was happening… I had a night-mare – scary… about it a few days back but I didn’t say anything…
    Now I know it was true…

    I hope you get better soon.

  10. Farabi says:

    I think I speak for most of us when I say that you should post every now and again about your health. Your health is important to us, and even if it isn’t, at least we know the reason WHY the games are out so late…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well that’s a little self-centred >.>, I wouldn’t be doing any favours for people like you, if I was him. Hopefully people can sympathise with him, instead of just looking for answers on why Sinjid 3 is so ‘late’. Which can I add, he never gave a release date, therefor making your point invalid. Sinjid doesn’t have a release date. Sure, the Cancer will slow progress down, but lets just show a little sympathy, yeah?

  11. kenneth liu says:

    goddamn, hope u get better, sorry to hear u have cancer cause ur such an awesome guy!!!

  12. LIFe says:

    Get well soon

  13. Shateras says:

    Get well soon.

    Thanks for telling us. I understand better why updates are few and far between.

  14. Funtastic_Triceritops says:

    :( Im Sorry to hear that, i would like to say that im sure you’ll get past this speedbump, get well soon, im sure everyone will be fine to wait a couple extra months, Good luck and get well soon :D

  15. Pocketbike says:

    I believe you’ll beat it

  16. TOP-SECRET says:

    Just think positive and believe you can get rid of it. You will.

  17. Miguel says:

    I Hear Soursop (Guyabano)
    Can Cure Cancer I Dunno
    If Its Real Though

  18. Aron says:

    We believe in you, Krin! You have all of our best wishes!

  19. KrinFan002 says:

    Krin, I am so sorry to hear the news.

    Let’s hope that all things go well with your continued treatment.


  20. massmurrder says:

    Cancer is so hard to cure because cancer is your own cells growing wrong. This means the cells which make up the cancer are mostly just like all the other cells in your body. The problem with this is that it is very hard to target them for destruction. With microbes you can attack things which are only found in the virus or bacteria whereas cancers are just like all your other cells so if you attack them you normally kill other cells too. So what they do is target cells which grow fast, this does kill many cancer cells but it also kills other cells including hair cells as they grow a lot too this is why cancer patients hair falls out.
    But we all hope you will survive.

  21. massmurrder says:

    I hope also your hair doesnt fall :P

  22. Karpov says:

    GOOD LUCK ;)

  23. Shateras says:

    I know you said you weren’t looking for support, but I’ll be praying for you.

    Good luck.

  24. RedGex says:

    Health comes and goes, but money stays with you…
    Wait, was it like that?

    If you can´t beat them, join them!..
    No, no…

    If a man keeps hope it´s because he is incapable of looking death to the eyes.
    I think i´m doing this wrong.

    What i´m trying to say is…good luck pal. :)

  25. Zyph says:

    I have never known anyone that had cancer before but I do know this: Don’t get me wrong your chances of survival are excellent but you can increase that chance by having something to look forward to, and I mean REALLY look forward to.(For example: Girlfriend, a place to see, something that doesn’t come out for a very long time etc.)

  26. Bunnieh17 says:

    If you have a a laptop i’d suggest you dump it from your lap.. it’s even worse than a cellphone to your nut sack.
    I’m sure you’ll be well.. probably all our words mean nothing but still, just think positive and if that tumor shrinks at least 50% you’ll be more than okay.

  27. Franky says:

    I´m sorry to hear that my dad died because of brain cancer.
    I wish noone something like that not even my worst enemies.
    Good luck I know you gonna make it just don´t give up !
    Greeting by Franky :)

  28. Rerira says:

    This place is full of nice guys, and i think you should do what you want, or what you feel right. Its all up to you.
    And if Zyph is right, you can look forward to….. i could say, if you work on shinjid, look forward to the positive feedback, but anyway you have a life, and i think, many friends as well as followers like us!

  29. Sebastian says:

    Krin Do you have anyone helping you with this game? If you don’t would you send it to someone and let them try to help you just in case the worst case scanario happens? Get Well Soon!

  30. Harley says:

    I’ve played all your games and really enjoyed them. I was sorry to hear your news and am hoping for the best possible outcome. Take care :)

  31. TOP-SECRET says:

    You know, it’s not the end of the world if sinjid 3 doesn’t release. I would suggest doing prayer and affirmation. By the way, if you really want to get rid of the cancer, I would suggest you read a book called “The power of the Plus Factor” by Norman Vincent Peale. It is really uplifting and one of the best sources of inspiration I have seen in a long time.
    One line Summary:
    You have the power to do whatever you want: Even fight cancer!

  32. Mark says:

    Hey matee all agree here that getting better is the most important thing here, by far. If ya want to ostrich stuff on the site, don’t worry bout us complaining. Anyway, feel better, hope everything turns out for the best.

  33. JeezboozXD says:

    Hope you get better dude. I love all your games you have made, especially the Sonny series and Colony. I bet Sinjid will become my favorites too when its finished. I hope you have lived your life as you wanted to and I wish for your life to be filled with Candy and Chocolate and Rainbows and Sunshine and Fairies and Unicorns and Ponies etc.

  34. Lauz says:

    I don’t care if Sinjid 3 comes out late… Just take care of your self!!! Stay optimistic and stay positive and you will attract the positive things! I will send you an email… read it alright? :) good luck and wish you recover soon enuf!

  35. Zsolt says:

    We in Hungary are praying for you! I can only think about one movie sentence:
    Goonies never say die!
    And let me expland with one little rhyme:
    You will be always in our memories!
    And when you will be alright, we cheer you with a few melodies!

    Keep strong, be allright! Fans are also with you!

  36. Zerual says:

    Poor you Krin :(, Hope you will be soon well

  37. arsp says:

    Krin I hope you are okay and I hope everything works out if it gets too bad delay sinjid for your health (I’d rather have one more human alive than one more awesome game) Take care go to your appointments regularly and I hope this cancer dies down…..fast

  38. Defender3 says:

    Damn. I’m really sorry for your illness, and I hope that you get better. I don’t care how long it takes, but always remember to put yourself first; always do this. I’ll wait ten years for the second Colony (like I waited for SC2) just so that you can recuperate before you start putting too much load on yourself. We’ll always back you :)
    I can honestly say that you present one of the most innovative and creative flash game designers today. I’ve played many flash games, and if I had to pick my favourite, it would be Colony – all the way. I still remember the always full Glasondale server, your Beatrix addition; fixing Beatrix, creating loads of usernames (:D), the old ‘CW Pro 7+’ games, the awesome battles – playing Colony when I was supposed to be doing work, when there were no War Sancs and influence units cost 100 – the good times. Which other game provided innumerable strategies, multiplayer functions, beatuiful graphics, an interactive computer and flawless design? The answer? The one, the only – the best, game, Colony, from its amazing creator Krin. Apart from creating amazing games, you’ve inspired many to learn AS3 and Flash so we can make our own games!
    Okay, I got a little sidetracked, anyway, best of luck fighting your illness, and I hope you get well soon!

  39. Johnson says:

    Hope you get better man, don’t give up. :)

  40. Mumppefactor says:

    非常によく自分の世話ではなく、ゲームがかかる場合があります。あなたは偉大な想像力を持っています。ドレインをそれをスローするように恥だろう。God bless you, and stay alive bro.

  41. Edward says:

    I don’t care if Sinjid and any other games (colony 2, sonny 3) come out late/never. Take care of yourself first, live your own life to its fullest.

  42. gabs says:

    Take care and don’t give up! I had blood cancer as well when I was 14 and I recovered before starting my second high school year. And I got my hair back in just 3 months :P. Good luck!

  43. Kuchinawa911 says:

    Ouch, it must feel horrible, we hope you get well soon.

  44. Raul says:

    get well man i heard its tough when people have cancer but yet its best to show moral support from friends family and awesome fans and hey a bit of advice from me: stay strong because strength does not mean how strong u physically are what strength is is how many times you get up after every fall

  45. leothesmith says:

    i hope you get well soon, but ive some rats with tumors they die quick just fight hard i had one die yesterday from a week or too of fighting it fight hard.

  46. If anything happens to you ill make the gov pay.

  47. If anything happens to you ill make the gov pay.

  48. Exo says:

    Hey Krin

    First of all, i thank you for all of those Games you made till now, i still remember like it was yesterday i was still a kid that time, you made me laugh through your Games, i had a hard Time playing Sinjid and Sonny ^^, you made my childtime happier… Cancer is really some stupid thing to get, just wanted to say, it always starts with the mood, try to stay happy, think about good stuff, just do stuff that let’s you be in a good mood :DDD, Keep on smilin’

    Life is like a Mirror, if you smile in to the Mirror, you get a Smile back!

    With Love Exo :)

  49. Lucas Renam says:

    i know so much people already said “good luck” and stuff, but i need to say it too. good luck!

  50. Nolva says:

    Good luck Krin! Don’t stop fighting and get well soon for the sake of all of us!

  51. Sonny says:

    I just don’t know how to say… I feel really bad knowing this… But above all I’m sure of one thing:
    That u have the power to overcome the situation!!!
    Please, take care of yourself, pray and think positive. The power of autosuggestion is incredible when it also comes to self-healing.
    I understand perfectly everything u say, but please, in the future let us know how u are doing.
    We believe in u, Krin! We all do! GOOD LUCK!!!

  52. B says:

    Hey Krin,

    I just wanted to say that I have been enjoying your games since Sinjid: SoTW.

    I was Barely a teenage when I began playing your games and just wanted you to know that they have had an impact on my life as a gamer and still do 7+ years later.

    I remember always checking Krinlabs (before you lost the domain) for information on your new games. I guess I just wanted you to know that your work truly matters to people and will never be forgotten by many even after you end the sagas of Sinjid and Sonny.

    I hope you the best in your recovery. Just remember even though you aren’t asking for support you will always have it.

  53. Steve says:

    I only knew you for one day man,, but i loved the games u make… hope u get well soon with this diseas… i support u man fight this one :))

  54. Nick E says:

    Noooooo Krin! I hope everything goes well in your treatments. I’m an avid fan of your work and have played your games countless times. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.
    On a side note please put your health over any game development, don’t feel pressured to rush a release date.

  55. Nick E says:

    Oh and I know you said that you’d keep future updates game related, but don’t. let us know if you’re getting better, that’s much more important.

  56. A_Worried_Fan says:

    Miguel is right. There are some herbs and plants… like soursop or vilcacora… While there are no studies that prove that they have anti-cancer properties, there are rumors and testimonies, including my own grandmother, that show that they help a bit. She used vilcacora and sangre de drago… I haven’t heard it help with non-h b-cell lymphoma, but… My grandmother’s liver cancer was inoperable (grew outside attacking the intestines) until she took those two for a month. The tumor shrunk to half it’s size. She did die eventually, but that was due to her age and the destructive effects of chemo… O.K. Bad example… But what I’m trying to say is… While they don’t have any proven cancer fighting properties, they do have proven immune-strengthening and anti-oxidant effects. It can’t hurt to give them a try. Why not do both conventional and alternative medicine at the same time?

  57. inflict says:

    wow. i hope you pull through.
    i feel bad now for adding stuff to see when this is commin out and pushing for a fast release. you should have said earlier, its no use to work with a burden. good luck krin.

  58. ShadowsWrath says:

    Krin…we ALL love your games but don’t keep on developing games if u can’t we will understand that. You are one of the best game developers that I know and WE will all be extremely SAD it if you well…..kick the bucket. So I hope you the very best for you.Good LUck

  59. Jak says:

    I had a dream you made another post about sinjid, so i checked here. this post was not what i ws expecting though… get well soon, krin, everyone is looking forward to sinjid

  60. Marshall says:

    Krin, first of id like to say you are an extremely talented artist and thank you for contributing such great games for our entertainment. I’m actually going to try and make some myself because I was inspired by yours lol. As for the cancer im so sorry when I read that post my heart skipped a beat just the thought of losing a mentor to so many people. That being said I just know you’ll get better and you know you’ll be in my prayers and so many others.

  61. Marshall says:

    Also if its not to hard please keep us posted even if its not game related I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d like to know how your doing.

  62. Sam Phyall says:


    You best get well soon dammit ^__^ , we all wish you a speedy recovery and losing my nan to the same as you, you have the support of me and the community. :)

  63. Dyno says:


  64. Dyno says:

    Only such a fighter could create heroes like Sonny and Sinjid.

  65. Kyle says:

    Get well soon!

  66. Noko says:

    that is serious, i hope for your sake

  67. Reborn_Pheonix says:

    I wished to give you a life shroom, but all I can say is best of luck.

  68. Zaxis says:

    I hope that you get better. You have made many players of your games joy from the fun of the games.

  69. Jeff says:

    Krin, if you live in a medical marijuana state, you should really try consuming honey oil orally. it really would help with chemotherapy and also the cancer itself, scientifically proven. i sincerely hope that you get better

  70. Lance Miller says:

    I had no idea you were going through that till today v.v hope you can fight this and live. its been an honor playing your games but if your condition does get worse then i hope you spend the rest of the time you have liveing life to its fullest ~Lance

  71. Austin says:

    Not to be negative, or anything – But even if you do die, we will still have the Joy of playing your old games, and remembering you. (Another Die Thing), Also, If you die, at-least you’ll die as a great man. Get well soon, and you should take a break.

  72. Minotaur says:

    Hello Krin,I heard that you have Blood Cancer and I wanted to say I’m sorry for that. Now I don’t have the cure to cancer however,I do have something that might help. Here is a link to a book (that you have to buy for real cheap) called “Fear Cancer no More”,this book unfortunately does not have the cure to cancer however it can prevent it and I hope sincerely that it helps. :)

    http://www.amazon.com/Fear-Cancer-More- … 0964012561

  73. Chris says:

    Jakrin I am just kid sure! but in 2008 I was miserable, nothing could make me happy. I had all the friends in the world but I was sad. One Christmas my grandma got me a computer. I stumbled upon Kongregate.com, it was there I played my first game, Sonny. It was the only thing that made me smile. When you created Sonny 2 I played It I loved it. I could go on for days with how much i love your games like flight, or Colony, or Sinjid shadow of the warrior, but I just wanted to thank you for making my life happy. When i heard the chance of you surviving dropped I lost breath, you’re basicly my hero I couldn’t go on without you. I’m not one of those people who want the games that bad, Please oh Please! take care of yourself, you mean the world to me, not some game.

    If you could reply to this I- I don’t know what to say I would just explode with something! if you could, please do.

    Sincerily — Chris, your # 1,2,3,4,5 fan

    • Krin says:

      Well, if the games made you happy then that makes me happy too :)Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to make stuff. I have some sweet ideas in mind…

      PS: Don’t explode! Unless you’re exploding with awesomeness!.

      • Lauz says:

        lml rock on man… I love what you did there with that cleric

      • Chris says:

        I exploded….with awesomeness! I really appreciate your reply and i’m glad you like making games.

        you said you have great ideas and I know there’s nobody nowhere as good as you but maybe you can continue your amazing ideas with one of your assisting game designers.

  74. Thehat says:

    Good luck man, but you wont need it. You’ll make it through. I’m sure.

  75. Xavier says:

    Man, I hope you get well soon. Your not only an amazing game designer, but a cool person too. There’s not many game designers that actually respond and listen to their followers.

  76. The_one says:

    God knows how this will go, if you believe he excists…
    Good luck, wish you the best.

  77. Krin_Fan_Matt says:

    Krin, you are one of my very most like idol’s when it come to game development and game designing. I truly do hope that you get better. Once you are out of the hospital i wish you the best of luck and hope CANCER never comes back. When i am older i want to be a game designer and a game developer, i hope one day i will make a great game just like you did. Hope you get better. :)

  78. Thai dude says:

    Good luck to you mate, hope it never return :)

  79. Nick says:

    Your games were incredible. I remember playing sinjid 24/7. Then when sonny came out, I went to your forums and say the HUGE discussion about the tape. I got so many laughs and so many insights on things I never knew. My heart broke when the forums were gone, and it killed me when I heard about the cancer. Good luck with the cancer, I hope you feel better mate!

  80. Rhys says:

    Krin…my heart goes out to you. Truly.
    I’ve lost a grandma to cancer before, and my other grandma has it too, and has to have about 30 kinds of pills a day. She’s struggling, but she’s fighting and she’s lasted quite a while. I’m so glad to hear that the treatment has been working for you, and I hope with all I have that you get better. Honestly, I don’t believe in God myself, but it’s times like these that make me do. I pray for you. I want you to get better so bad, not just because you make fantastic games, but because you’re an inspiration to us all. With your brilliant mind and ideas and your ability to juggle game making and uni. I played a fair amount of Sinjid which I thoroughly enjoyed, and Sonny and Sonny 2 are so amazing, I’ve beaten them plenty of times, I even learned the drum parts for some of the songs in them.

    I hope, and we all hope, that you pull through this, that you get rid of the remaining 34% left within you, and make a full recovery. So that you may live your life however you please, and to the fullest extent if you desire. Keep fighting Krin..I’ll be rooting for you the whole way, as we all will. Good luck, get well soon, love you heaps man, all the best!

  81. Someone says:

    I came here after playing the “Flight”, dude I hope you get well :).

  82. Krins crazy fan says:

    Krin you better be damn healed. You got alot of fans out waiting for you! EVEN ME! And keep check to your cancer. It may have a large portion of surviving cancer cells. I know since I have the cancer you have. Krin remember this – The strongest force on earch is the will to live.

  83. Krins crazy fan says:

    And also. I had High Grade Non-Hodgins B Cell Lymphoma for 2 years. Good luck and please survive.

  84. Spike says:

    Man, that sucks! GoodLuck TakeCare, Happiness is cure :)

  85. jhossien says:

    I know someone who survived this, he did the natural sht, he used medical marijuana. but now he’s hooked on it, lol

  86. Bmaster123 says:

    Its simply amazing how you fight though something like cancer and still get work done… I Would like to take the time out to say, you got some balls man :D lol. this shows your the type of guy to get something done no matter what no matter how much pain or hell your in. Cheers and great work! btw see how strong you are and see how much your a fighter nothing will touch you man not even cancer :) keep on rockin!

    • Krin says:

      Thanks for the kind works :P But it’s actually not amazing/ballsy as you make it sound. Most people with Cancer usually do just carry on I think, because there’s really nothing else you can do.

      Some people would break down for a while, but they usually snap out of it since it is not a maintainable couse of action.

  87. 7uj says:

    You don’t have to thank us, Krin. We all love you.

  88. adlanth says:

    I love your games but that doesn’t really matter, but even if I didn’t… I just hope you get better! I wish you all the best. Take care.

  89. joao henrique says:

    Grand Krin, when i play your games is a thing of dreams! I really dont like hard games, but your rpgs!!! Are too great!
    all things great, story, gameplay all!! I dont want you die,
    dont touch on computer, cancer is a blood disease!! you dont
    understand?? this can KILL you!!! You need to stop making games. I really! Really! Really dont want to you die! im dont saying this because i want to you live to make games, im saying this to you LIVE! Live to play, live to travel, live to LIVE! Im only a child! I like YOU, YOU! I hope that prognosis be true. I hope that IDIOT thing DIE! IDIOT CANCER! I hope you heal from this disease. Bye and i hope you be cured.

    From one of your MILLIONS of fans.

  90. stranglingpeacocks says:

    damn dude…
    stay strong.

  91. JACKSON says:

    KRIN is the best game developer in all time. you will live and these will just be a memory in your life and then you will make sinjid then sonny will come out and go viral instantly and everyone will love you.
    (by the way i would love to try sinjid beta)

  92. Dustar says:

    Dude Krin, ILY. I played Sinjid battle arena when it was released and loved all your games. Definately one of your top 75 fans that you’ll never know. I, and the rest of us wish you all the best with health and prosperity. We’d be very sad to lose the maker of such awesome games! You need a clone. =[

  93. David says:

    Nice to read the update Krin!!! Forget about the rest and take care, get well and then rock.

    Nice to hear the DHAP worked for you.

    Best wishes from Spain!

  94. Bank says:

    Hey Krin, this is Bank from Greece if you still remember me. I wish you the best, and hope all is good for you. Take care.

  95. Dial says:

    Life or Death depends on your “Will” to live. Don’t die untill you obtain your goals…

  96. Efe says:

    wish you the best man. good luck towards recovery. i love your work and i hope you have a fast recovery.

  97. Kozha says:

    You’re a great game dev (problably the best flash game developper, come to it) and a great guy… Slow down on the game creating, the first priority is that you get better ;). Good luck, we’re all behind you. :)

  98. TheGoatKilla says:

    good thing u have only had it for 1 year.. if u had it for like 3 years u would of had a low chance of beating it… KICK CANCERS ASS

  99. arrin says:

    Hey, all the best with your treatment. Truly and sincerely wish you get well soon. Don’t worry about working and stuff. Relax and focus on taking care of your health. Even getting plenty of rest (but not to the state of laziness) will help you do better overall. Despite what you said about keeping it strictly game related, don’t. Do keep posting updates. Wishing the very very best for you.

  100. Malebolgia says:

    So I heard about this maybe a week ago, and I was totally shocked, and almost didn’t believe it. When I found this site the second time I was looking through your NG news posts, this time looking at the comments, I decided to check this out. Anyways, I was very surprised when I found this here. It is, however, good to hear that you have responded to the 2nd line treatment, and wish you good luck in permanently defeating the cancer. (Also, hope you don’t get bored while in-hospital for those 4 weeks…)

  101. Faux5 says:

    Glad it worked for you! All the best on your recovery!

  102. Nick says:

    Glad to hear things are getting better! Best of luck in your next treatment!

  103. Eel says:

    Awww man cancer is a bitch, I’m sure you’re way stronger than that tumor though. I also get the impression that you don’t let it daunt you, which is great!
    I’ve been a fan of your work since I first played Sinjid: Battle Arena. And when SOTW came out, it was the most epic flash game ever, played it so many times and I get a warm feeling in my heart whenever I think of it. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed most of the later releases too.
    Good luck with Sinjid! Looking great so far, can’t wait!

    You seem to be a wonderful person with loads of talent, hope the treatment works out for you!

  104. Jason Ta says:

    Good luck! My mom had cancer, but she beat it, and I know you can too! You’re making faster progress than my mom did. :)

  105. Black says:

    Hey Krin,
    You are one damn good fighter, i really doubt something like this can take you out. It’s just another enemie nothing more…
    Rest, take care, and continue making games (apperently that makes you really happy). I enjoyed all of your games since day one, and I know that you can’t be replaced. So please care and I hope you’ll get a lot better really fast.


  106. Sonny Addict says:

    Get better Krin! I hope all goes well

  107. Lrak says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, I’m a fan of your work. In all sincerity, I hope your alright.

    Could I recommend you watch this video (3 parts)? It is my hope that you will find something in it that might help. I’m not sure if you have seen it, but it covers the subject of how the mind can heal the body (including cancer).


    -A fan

  108. Alexandre says:

    Hello, i only know you from my little brother and from the game sinjid, and i heard you have a cancer, i just want to applause you for this, it requiere a lot of will power to fight this, i know, cuz my father had one 10 years ago, so, best regards from France, hope you get better soon

    From a 20 years old gamer.

  109. Mike says:

    Hey Jakrin. I just wanted to say iv’e loved your games for as long as i can remember.

    Hell i remember beating Sinjid SotW like twice a day a few years back.

    When Sonny came out i fell in love with the game, then i realized you made it and it all made sense.

    When Sonny 2 Came out i burst out in joy. Really, you have no idea man i was so damned happy, called a few friends and we all raced to be the first to beat it.

    When i heard you were making a new Sinjid? Oh man you don’t even know. I was just jumping off the wall in excitement.

    But when i found out you had cancer….my heart sank man. Your games were my childhood. I’m not asking for a reply, I just want you to know you have some real fans out here buddy. People that want nothing more than to know your ok.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and get well soon :)

  110. Jordan says:

    Im a great fan although those words are probably starting to bore you :D
    but all of us htink all of your games are great from singid to colony and we all hope you get well soon

    a fan

  111. Stilnovo says:

    I just knew about your current condition when I was searching for Sonny 3 :/ I’m a big fan of yours and your work and I’m glad to know DHAP treatment it is working well(66% it’s very good!. I have a really humorous cousin that developed chronic leukemia some years ago but she recovered completely. If she could make it, you certainly can do faster than her :D

    Best wishes from Brazil

  112. loopy says:

    Come on you can get through it! good luck and get well soon I wish you good luck again on the treatments.

  113. MooseyGuy says:

    No!!! the flash games are the most important!! you must finish them above all other priorities!! Especially Sonny 3 it is a must have to the addition of sonny one and two. You must sacrifice yourself for this glorious cause!!! Haha just kidding, get well. You wanna talk more about anything you can ask for my information.

  114. Morokei says:

    I seriously hope you get better soon, and I’m very glad the DHAP is working :)

  115. Dylan says:

    Im Sorry to hear of your condition. I honestly dont know much about blood cancer, but just know that we are all proud of you what you’ve accomplished. Keep Fighting.

    PS: I also really want to go to Japan :)

  116. cj says:

    Hey, man. Hard thing you’re going through. I found a product @ supremefulvric.com you might want to check it out. I just started using it today and already I can feel my body repairing. I study energy healing and selfdevelopment. A book that could accelerate you is “Being you Higher Self” by Sanaya Roman. Very high level stuff. Could go on all day; if you want more info shoot me an email. In any case, hope the treatment goes well and you’re back making great games soon.
    P.S.- All the games i’ve played from you are great. Learned a ton from flight. Good luck, buddy.

  117. CJ says:

    Hey man. I know it’s a hard thing to go through; have two people going through it now. I found this product called supremefulvic .com it might be able to help. Also, there’s a book “Being your Higher Self” by Sanaya Roman. It can accelerate your growth, and give techniques to heal with. I study energy healing, I might be able to guide you to self healing.
    Good luck,
    Btw: great game work, flight flew through a ton of issues.

  118. Nagai says:

    Get better bro, Love your games but while browsing this blog, I’ve discovered that I also love your personality and mindset >.<

    Keep truckin'

    -Joey ^_^

  119. Pbnick says:

    Hope you get well soon!Best wishes on your next therapy session!

  120. Elijah Hu says:

    FATHER, Please heal krin’s cancer, In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen!

  121. KwinAir says:


    Whoever you are, best of luck, Im sure you will recover, even though i dont know you, a lot of people are giving you support, that support will give you strenght and will to keep on. Its not up to a desease to decide our future, our life is our life, we are the masters of our story, and Im sure that you have a lot of things to do and live for.

    So will see you soon, happy and working :)

  122. Eugene Alza says:


  123. Tyler says:

    Oh God, cancer has always earned a very personal bit of loathing from me!

    You are so talented and amazing. Your games, the stories, the way they work, and the details that go into them fascinate and hold me. I have waited for many years for a new installment. You see, though I didn’t know the author of the game well, at the time, I had already become a fan.

    And, as a fan, I value your life more than your own games. I know you can beat this. The treatment of your particular cancer has advanced so much in the past years…even since my best friend’s brother, who had the precise cancer as you. It was hard for him and, at times, there were horrible scares. They didn’t know if he would make it. Except, he did do it, and he’s been in remission for a long time now.

    I sincerely hope for the same outcome for you. It looks good, and I know you can stay strong through it.

    Hoping for you =)!

  124. cheatgaming says:

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    website in web explorer, may check this? IE still is the market chief and a large
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  125. XxButtHeadxX says:

    80% , thats nice to hear, hope you will get well soon ! :^)

  126. pieter says:

    heey dude,

    I am a big fan of your work and I wish you the best of luck in your struggle!


    A Dutch fan.

  127. KHF1073 says:

    I’m realy sorry you have to deal with this. Worry about your self first then about the games. I’m glad that the treatment is working for you and I know it will keep working. Best of luck, get better!

  128. Cant say says:

    have a good time forget about the rest of the world and dont worry we all of your fans are supporting you have a really nice 2012

  129. John says:

    hey krin
    I’ll pray for you always,you will get well soon, just believe in your self always think positive, God Bless you and smile always . =)

  130. Your Iranian Fan says:

    hey man . whats up ?? i know cancer is a really bad sickness i know … but you are a strong man ! a strong man that made colony than sonny than sinjid !! you are strong cause you made great games that everyone liked ! and everyone played … you will get good and better if you think of getting better !! as cyrus the great says : man becomes whatever he thinks of most of the times …
    yes ! you will get better !! cause you want !! and you will get good and i wish you luck and i wish god makes you better ! and i wish that whoever has cancer get cured !

    your fan from iran :)

  131. Mark says:

    I just saw this post now and have not seen any updates on it so all I have to say is get well soon.

    Actually one more thing, you mentioned keeping this post up and not mentioning it again, I personally think blogging about it whether on this site or making some blogspot account or a secondary site and blogging about it may help to relax you a bit. I’ve never gone through something like this personally but I do thinking talking about it in whatever form does help with any issue one has.

  132. gunzab says:

    so glad to hear that you are ok

  133. Some Concerned Teen says:

    I will kill you if you die. Even if you never make a single game again i will still kill you because your sonny series has been a big inspiration for me and I cant see the creator of such beauty die with a wimper. KEEP FIGHTING IT!

  134. mihabo says:

    I am a big fan of your Sinjid SOTW game! To my mind it is the best RPG flash game ever! Waiting to see the next Sinjid! :)
    It is a pity to hear about your sickness.
    I know about a Christian ministry who have good results in healing: http://www.jglm.org/
    You should try to send them your prayer request – it is under “Contact Us” – “Prayer Requests”. It is free.
    As far as I know they have also many missions including Thailand. You should search a bit and visit their healing rooms.

    God bless your health!

  135. Shocked and Awed says:

    Krin, you, sir, are incredible. Sonny 2 alone has had 20 million plays and from the looks of it, you’ve created a large cult of people who not only love your games but love their creator. Thank you for the hours of entertainment. Get well, Krin, your fans are counting on you :)

  136. Dashman123 says:

    Hey krin :P all ur games are awesome, and i bet ur not going to have that much trouble with uhhh cancer or is it a desease? XDDD well hope u get better :P

  137. Zombiecows says:

    Anyways. This is pretty terrible to hear. It seems everyone is being impacted by cancer in some way. It is sad to see people who have such a great talent being held back or even killed by something as terrifying as this. My heart goes out to you, Krin. I will be praying for you.

  138. brian says:

    gershawn institute! now

  139. Ted says:

    I’ve just read this and I was really shocked to hear you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and it’s just bitter hearing you have gone through all sorts of painful treatments. I have played Sinjid 2 multiple times and it is one of my all-time favorite games! It’s good to hear you are taking care of yourself. Hope you live strong and well. Just enjoy yourself.

  140. MSG says:

    Hey man,

    I just found your blog because I reconnected with my favorite web game of all time, Flight, and was wondering if a new version would be coming out. I found out you were the designer of the game. I looked up your blog and just found out about your struggle with cancer. Man, I’m really sorry to hear about that. I just wanted to say your game brought me tons of joy during a tough time in my life. I wish I could do something to bring you joy in your struggle.

    Peace and hope

  141. LAAMAAAAAAS says:

    something to keep ur mood up…
    it’s almost guarunteed to make anyone smile!

  142. alberto says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Krin, you want a cure?

    Krin, by what i know, Science can not cure you… but if you go in a spiritual center, it can help you a lot. you will feel really better. because, they dont cure your virus. they will cure

    They will cure Your Soul. so, i recomend you go somewhere spiritual. there you can be cured by a little, it helps you A lot.

    PLEASE KRIN, go in a spiritual center. it will help you!

  143. Sovica says:

    You will make lots of ppl sad, so your condition better go on better!
    Just kidding, I am very sorry about that, it made my day whole lot worse, and 20% chance of death is VERY high! If you played some games and had like 80% dodge you must get hit once.. I hope you will get better and eventually start working on Sonny 3 (Sonny 2 is one of the best games I have ever played)
    Best wishes!

  144. Sebastreet says:

    Hey man, you are awesome. I think that you can surely do it. Good luck Krin.

  145. wardo says:

    this has all been mentioned before but keep up the fight and focus on the disease. Your games are some of the best on the web but not worth dying for or any lasting damage. get well soon :3

  146. Arthur says:

    hello I live in Brazil, I liked playing Sonny 1 & 2, I’m also a former major with lymphoma cancer, I think prayer import Yahushua Messiah will be saved because I already started healing free I believe, think, pray Yahushua Messiah in good heart.
    Bless you get well.
    tell me anything.

  147. Arthur says:

    care, not smelling of cigarettes and cigarette smoke can not … lymphoma cancer disease exists.

  148. Arthur says:

    Smoking and Lymphoma:
    ‘Lymphoma is the cancer of the lymph glands. There are many different kinds of lymphoma. Research has indicated thus far that at least one type, follicular lymphoma, is aided in its growth by tobacco smoking and subsequently often mutated into a more deadly form of lymphoma known as large cell lymphoma’
    ==> Read more: How Smoking Affects the Lymphatic System http://www.ehow.com/facts_7397962_smoking-affects-lymphatic-system.html#ixzz22GXbGLAa

  149. Robert says:

    I grew up playing your first games (Sinjid and co.) At those times they were awesome!
    You truly are an epic game developer – dedicated, non-greedy and what matters – an perfectionist. You always polish the games to the max, to make a masterpiece!

    I wish you get well soon and fight the cancer to the end! Thumbs up!

  150. Kyle says:

    Krin, ever since sonny 2 came out ive been looking for a third, then realized you were making another sinjid. I began to follow you closer and i’ve been away on vacation for the majority of the summer, but now ive gotten a chance to sit down and look at your work and i love it. I’ve loved every single one of your games, since i was a little kid. I hope you make it through the cancer, i dont have many inspirations in my life, but you are someone for me to look up to in computer technology and game design. You are an amazing person and I wish you the best of luck with the cancer. And I am at a high risk of skin cancer(one of the most deadly) because my mother had it, so i have an idea of what it is like. Good luck

  151. Ezequiel says:

    Greeting from Argentina. Your games take someone away from everyday’s life, as every good game does. But still, hope it is the hobby that fills you most! Cheers!

  152. Dayton says:

    Hey stay strong and take that cancer down!
    Good luck and get better!

  153. Sasukefull says:

    Ojala te recuperes, fuerza Krin, saludos desde Venezuela.

  154. PlamZ says:

    You better take care of yourself dude ;)! You’re a Star on the internet now haha! I got familly with cancer and i know what you’re goin’ through. Be strong, your mind is 90% of the process, Come back strong and powerful and preferly not Zombie-Sonny like. We all need you!

  155. Kunks says:

    This post is from March so I hope you’ve had some good news since then. My best wishes and prayers are with you, man.

  156. kevin says:

    my friend had the same type of cancer, but he recovered and is fine now. I know that you will be able to beat this!

  157. harris says:

    i hope you get better jason krin and can you make sinjid shadow of the warrior 2 i’ve finised the first 9 times and i love you’re games by

  158. Pasha says:

    It’s terrible to hear that your health is in jeopardy, my friend. Your games are easily the best on the net, and i thank you for that very much! whatever you do, Fight hard, and beat this enemy. May God bless you with health and longevity bro.

  159. its MrShutUpnPlay. says:

    Krin take care bro..everything will be fine.. hope to hear from u soon and see u in colony again sometime..u owe me a rematch..remember..lol keep your head up bro

  160. Gladiatus says:

    Hey man just want you to know we are behind you in this thing :D
    Nuff said

  161. sonny gamer says:

    HOPE u get OK krin

  162. sonny gamer says:

    we support you u can survive no worries

  163. SlingSlicer says:

    Hope you get well. Keep on fighting and making fantastic games!

  164. justjohn123 says:

    You can fight this bud. Please for the love of god get better

  165. Emad says:

    I played your game “Flight”, really liked it, then somehow ended up here… seriously wish you good luck with this ailment!


    Try honey, it has healing properties.

  166. computerGeek says:


  167. Yoratzi says:

    Hi Krin. I dont know if you are alive and well or the worse already happened and im too late. today is february 05 of 2013, and as I check you havent post since march of 2012… I just find out 5 min ago about your condition. I played your games by casualty, and I loved them, your’s give me the most amazing hours in flash experience, so thank you for such quality and dedication. coming back to my original idea,probably many wont believe me, or even yourself, but there is a cure for some types of cancer, and im not talking about weird mojo or a secret ancient plant, no, im talking about science, this era science. Im from Venezuela, its a country located in the north part of southamerica, besides colombia, and here in this third world country, lives the Doctor Francisco Convit, and he has uncovered the cure for some cancers. basically he create a vaccine from your own cells, so its quite personall and cannot be distributed. this Dr works in a public hospital in the Vargas State, very close to the capital Caracas. I know that the image of my country isnt very well ritgh now because of the stupidity of the goverment, but this Dr is the real thing, and for those who doubt about his capacitys, I have a surprise for you all , this very same Dr Francisco Convit uncovered many years ago THE CURE FOR LEPROSY, yes that very same horrible disease that couldnt be cure before…So please, if you are still alive make some research on the net, check all this out, and if applies to your case come here to get your vaccine. why no one told you this before? because not many know this outside my cuntry, the big farmaceuticals dont want you to know about this cure because they would lose billions of dolars.

    if you are alive I hope you are doing well and getting better, and if not… well I hope you are happy wherever your soul go…

    (if anyone has news about krin state please respond and let me know, even if it is for the worse…),

  168. Brandon Postler says:

    Kick its ass Krin! I had no idea you were suffering from this until just now, and my thoughts are with you. Seriously though. Kick. Cancer’s. Ass.

  169. sonny fan says:

    well i hope you get well enough but if not at least you can live on as a zombie.

  170. Henrik K. Olesen says:

    Hi Krin.
    Like so many other guys have said to stay happy but it is acctually much more important that you belive in the medicin than that you stay happy i’ve done some studies about medicin and cancer and found out that the rate of survival is about 84,7%. So belive in the medicin and keep on being cool and i hope for you the best. I will pray each night for you to get better. I will pray to God*, Satan, Budda, the holy cow, the killer Rabit, Odin, hades and Krin. I will hate you forever if you don’t get better and i will seek you down and force you to get better! *creapy smile*

  171. Daniel Petrosino says:

    I thank to god that you survive this :)

  172. Yoeri says:

    You deserve the most of respect out of all the game developers.

  173. Rafael says:

    I’m so glad that you made it!
    I’ve been a big fan of you since Sonny was first released, and I thought you were just a little late with Sonny 3. Today I looked up a little further, and found this…
    Best wishes to you, pal. I had a cousin who died of cancer, and… I know how tough it its.

    Good luck, and nice dreams…

  174. Matthew says:

    I hope you get better, right now my dad is going through lymphoma as well, and its been difficult.

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