Update: I have temporary taken down the BETA for the time being – it won’t be accessible until further notice.

I’ve just put up a version 0.2 of the Sinjid BETA. The links to the game and the form are the same, but I’ve updated the content:

Link to the BETA: CLICK!
Feedback Form: CLICK!


I found the bug that is causing the load/new game problem and it should be fixed now. If it isn’t, then try creating a new game whilst being logged into ArmorGames. Or try deleting all of the saved slots, *refreshing the page*, then creating a new game (do not try to create a new game right away, because you need to reset it first after deleting all the slots). Please let me know if any of these fixes work :)

The Previous Feedback

I received a lot of feedback forms (nearly 400) and some of them had really detailed responses. It was great, I read every single one I I think I got a much better picture of the things that needed to be improved. Generally, you guys said you liked the game and found it fun. The visuals also had high scores. The User Interface however, was pretty poor, so I had to look at how to improve that. Also, things like class balance was also criticised, so I did a revision as well. But actually I am just thankful for the feedback, it’s really helped me know what to do next :)

Next is the list of changes in the current version. It doesn’t cover absolutely everything – just probably the most important.


* You can now hold CTRL over an item to see the currently equipped item’s stats for comparison.
* There is now a ‘Sell All’ option in the vendor to sell all items in your inventory immediately.
* You can now save to your ArmorGames account.
* Enemies attack slower, but hit harder, making it more important to block.
* Strength now also increases block amount.
* Intellect now determines your Focus regeneration.
* Loot window now also shows item quality.
* You can no longer eat or drink in combat.
* Hotkeys are now assigned on the Ability bar directly.
* Abilities in the bar are now fixed in position, and don’t automatically re-shuffle.
* Rendering is faster if you are rendering the same scene (from Game Over, for example).
* Tool tips now have significantly more information.


* Reworked the left branch of the tree to become more exciting.
* Replaced ‘stale’ passive skills with more interesting passive skills.


* Buffed the Shadow Bolt starting damage, but nerfed the scaling.
* Re-balanced the Shadow Summons. Now they are weaker, but are instant to summon.
* Added a fast, weak heal spell (to be used to support the Shadows, or self).
* Shadows now follow you around instead of being fixed where you summon them.
* Nerfed the Spirit Barrier.


*Buffed the Blood Pattern passive, to not increase Cooldown as much.

That’s about it! Please have a go with these new changes and tell me whether the experience is better because of them. The game’s actual content is still the same – right now with this BETA I’m just focused on adjust the actual system.

Also – according to the forms, most people played a bit of every class and spec. Except for melee Priest – did anyone ever try that? It’s actually one of my favourite builds to play (Ghost Strike, Blink, Shadow Burst, etc). You’d need to spec Agility instead of Intellect though, but it is still a fun build :)

Anyway – questions, comments, discussions welcome!

151 Responses to Sinjid BETA: Shell Update

  1. Shateras says:

    Was playing Sinjid and had to refresh – saw the new version number and sped here as fast as my connection allowed. Thanks Krin!

  2. r1ce says:

    Sweet! Will try it out right now.

  3. i have no username says:

    ohh! finnaly an update. i will play and give my feedback another time cuase its past midnight here, but the changes look good (ty for doing this: ” Rendering is faster if you are rendering the same scene (from Game Over, for example).”)

  4. JACKSON says:


  5. Reme says:

    none of my characters will load….

  6. Samuraijubei says:

    I love this update. The combat feels a lot smoother, and a bit more balanced. I love the new style of assassin. The only thing that might work out a little better is changing the passive double strike from 3/3 for 30% to 2/2 for 30%.

  7. ElijahTorp says:

    Game is completely broken for me; loads to something like the old warrior shock error.

    • Reme says:

      same and i have the newest version of flash. Also i found out it can load if you click the tool tip but it made my character into an assassin

      • Krin says:

        Loading a 0.1 character may not work properly because there’s been quite significant changes to the data structure – but if you have a problem loading a 0.2 character, then please let me know – that’ll be a another problem!

  8. Shateras says:

    Can’t get farther than Z1, b/c the Rendering bar mysteriously gets stuck on full.

    Other than that, it seems much smoother and polished. Lots of helpful little features.

    • Krin says:

      That’s odd… There’s no reason why it should be doing that now :s I’ll look into it.

      • Shateras says:

        Managed to get to the village. Seems more like there’s a waiting period between completion and loading, but there was at least one file where the Rendering bar was permanently stuck on full.

        I love the new Assassin tree, it’s so much better than before.

  9. Hunter says:

    Hey im trying to test out the demo but every time i click the link i get a blank page. its no big deal, my current computer is crap and i get my alienware back monday (i broke it), but im curious as to if other people are having the same problem. Also you should update your armorgames page when you get the chance, all you get when you click is a 404. Im really exited for this game, and i hope you recover soon and well.

  10. Marijuana says:

    Is the initial rendering at start-up supposed to take ~2 minutes, or is it just me?

  11. Zyphon says:

    The enemies are bugged and won’t attack. So… I can’t really give oyu any feedback as I can’t play it. It LOOKS good tohugh if that anything…

    • Felkin says:

      Delete the previous message ^ too many typos.

      So I have experienced a few very weird bugs –
      1. Once the initial rendering is complete the game screen becomes empty, but after a few seconds the tool bar appears. After a few more – the screen shows up and it seems like everything is working, but its not.

      2. The toolbar keeps loading every single toolbar icon on every single toolbar icon area every second, so theyre flashing like a rainbow nonstop. Looks very weird+you cant click on them.

      3. The skillbar shows the K key next to every skill. Like initialy it was 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. Now its K.K.K.K.K.K.
      +You cant use any keys to make the skill work. You can click on it with the mouse to make it work tho.

      4. Enemies dont fight back. They shift their facing position to face you as you move around them, but apart from that they do NOTHING.

      Lots of bugs to iron out, Krin :/

      • Krin says:

        Ok – try this…

        1. Delete all of the saved games, until all the slots are empty.
        2. Refresh the page, and create a new game.

        I think it is to do with the old data being incompatible with the new version.

      • Lark says:

        I’ve gotten #3 before; it happens after you re-spec and it just means you need to reset your skill bar.

  12. KillPaladin says:

    When I press “LINK TO THE BETA: CLICK” after I click the “click”, it takes me to the version 0.1 instead of 0.2…

  13. LovingSinjid says:

    Space is not working for me :/

  14. Jake says:

    Hey, the loading still takes 20 minutes and is super slow, ive reset cookies and history, i have all new software and everything its a brand new computer but the game wont work. I really hope the final producy will allow me to play because your games are amazing. Cant wait for sonny 3, when is that coming out by the way?!

  15. Aexon says:

    I have the same problems as Felkin except #1.

  16. Riou says:

    Is the game really this laggy or is it just me?

  17. Natus says:

    I’m trying the melee priest formation on hard difficulty immediately, will give proper feedback when I finish.

  18. Kallop says:

    Looking forward to the official release! :D
    Kay since got nothing to do now I’ll be testing the (I named it) Battle-Priest build although I already loved priest as a caster class with really clever skill tree but I’ll let you know what happens.

  19. Krin2 says:

    Why does the game have to take a million kilobytes of memory?!? That’s more than LoL takes dude :O

  20. Lark says:

    Hey Krin! I like most of the changes you’ve made, especially to the melee Assassin tree. They feel a lot stronger now and that’s great! I love the new tooltips for skills and the ability to see skills when they aren’t unlocked yet – this makes planning so much easier. Decreased loading times and increased focus regeneration when you have more INT both make the game significantly more playable, too. You probably know to expect a large post from me by now, so here goes! All criticism is based on hard difficulty playthroughs.

    I’m experiencing a little lag whenever Overlord Shikuro casts his green AoE stun spell when I didn’t during the 0.1 beta, so might want to check that out. Also for the purposes of a beta (i.e. testing), you might want to have some way of getting levels faster. Maybe have Shikuro give 100% exp no matter your level? Free respecs in the beta also wouldn’t hurt; you don’t know how many times I had to refresh the game to analyze all the skill scalings (refreshing does not save, so I could get all my respec money back every time instead of having to grind more).

    The new CTRL button for comparing items is a bit too much of a hassle to use; I would just have both items display when you hover over an item, like how skills displayed back in Sonny 2 (comparing next level stats with current level stats). I would also then have the CTRL button (or some other button) be a held-down hotkey for selling an item in the shop (hold down the button and right click to sell); I found the sell all button to be rather clunky since I usually keep my consumables at least.

    For Warriors, I have issues with three of the skills. The first is with Blood Mirror; it says it dispels negative status but by far the most harmful one so far is being stunned, during which you can’t cast Blood Mirror. I would either have it be a special skill that you can cast while stunned or increase the duration, lessen the damage reflection, and grant status immunity during the duration. The latter change is far more drastic and I don’t know how it would pan out with your plans for future enemies, but it’s there. I also don’t like what Doom Blade does at the moment. I tend to look at it this way: healing reduction is a very situational damage boost, even moreso when you consider that most healing spells can be canceled and put on cooldown by any stun or knockback skill. I would much rather Slam the enemy or something to completely negate the healing than use this skill to reduce it slightly. I would make it reverse healing or do something completely different to prevent it from being outclassed by normal crowd control abilities. I believe I already mentioned the third skill to you; Kunai Sting has an interesting side-effect of pulling you toward any terrain that you hit with it as opposed to an enemy. However, since it auto-targets enemies, this isn’t really used to its utmost. I propose making it shoot downward at a 30~ish degree angle from the horizontal instead; this makes it harder to aim (more player involvement) whilst allowing for different strategies (pulling yourself away from enemies to escape). The angle is because there aren’t many high walls you could use, and it would allow you to grab the floor instead. Also, not criticism but I wasn’t sure what the tooltip for Heavy Strike meant by “Buff Bonus: 150% per stack.”

    Priests are also much better now that they’re not completely invincible. With that out of the way, the main problems remaining are Soul Shatter and Ghost Shuriken. Soul Shatter might actually be fine but I don’t know how much damage it does per focus used; just wanted to say that this kind of skill is pretty much only useful early-game because it doesn’t scale with INT for how much it costs (0.55 INT for all of my focus? Hmm.) If you made the INT scaling increase when your focus is closer to full, then we might be in business. Also just from looking at Ghost Shuriken’s scaling, it’s far too weak and generic to feel like a real ultimate ability. 1.05 AGI scaling on a 25 second cooldown with a 50 focus cost – it just doesn’t do anything unique and is not powerful enough damage-wise to justify not doing anything. Speaking of AGI, the melee Priest seems pretty powerful. Priests have good kiting and Ghost Strike + Shadow Bolt provide excellent burst damage. Phantom seems like it would be redundant at higher levels with better gear as AGI already gives crit chance, so I would change what that does. Now that I think about it, though, Phasing Spirit is good but I can’t think of any Priest builds that wouldn’t kite the enemy, so the 3 second duration on the damage reduction might be too short – you’d never reach 5 stacks while running away. Either make it reach 30% reduction faster (at max level) or make the duration longer to make it feel more effective. This part is theorycraft, so use your best judgment.

    As I said before, I much prefer the new Assassin melee tree to the old one. Furious Strikes is a great complement to Adrenaline and the new skills. Unfortunately the synergy and scalings are a bit off, IMO. Heal scales solely off INT and while it does create a reason to do a Cursed Strike build, nothing else scales off INT at all. Unless there’s some really great hybrid INT/STR or INT/AGI gear in the game, this makes it so that Heal is great early, but very weak later. Maybe change it to a hybrid scaling? If you like the idea of a Cursed Strike build with super strong healing, then maybe something like 0.7 STR + 0.5 AGI + 2.5 INT would be good (honestly with the lack of support for INT for Assassins the high scaling is probably not overpowered). The melee build needs a stronger heal than an AGI build, so I would make the STR scaling stronger if you decide to do this. Starting off with a 2.5 scaling is also pretty ridiculous, while getting +0.1 INT scaling per level is tiny in comparison. I think having it start at 1.5 or even 1.0 scaling gives more reward for leveling it; at the moment I would not even consider leveling it to 3 just for the cast time reduction. Spectral Dash can probably be turned into a 3-point skill; it scales too little imo to be worth 5. The Affinity skills are a bit iffy; I could see Earth Affinity being decent at higher levels to provide AGI builds with a bit of extra damage on Kick and Stun, although 30% at max level (I assume) seems a bit low. Wind Affinity is almost useless because of the lack of INT scaling on most Assassin skills, so I would either add more scaling or make it add VIT instead, which would be infinitely more useful if a bit out of flavour. If you do that, Earth Affinity would probably give VIT and… Fire gives STR? I dunno. Also Vanish (left ultimate ability) currently says “Attacks from None deal 50% extra damage”, which is probably an error.

    That’s all for now. If you like I’ll send a feedback form with this info too (dunno if that makes it easier to keep track of). Overall I really like the changes so far. Keep up the good work, Krin!

    PS. Mentioned this before but please make respecs free for beta. It makes it so much easier to review balance issues :3

    • Lark says:

      Sometimes reloading the game completely crashes Shockwave on all my tabs. I’m using Chrome on Windows 7.

    • Krin says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of feedback o.O Also really good points. I read it all through and thought about everything you said. Good points!

      I don’t recalling doing anything to the shockwave thing from the Overlord, but I remember that I made it so that if you play on MED or LOW graphics, the shockwave isn’t rendered, so it shouldn’t lag. I didn’t change anything for high though. Odd :(

      The CTRL was the best thing I could think of. If I had both be compared, I think that is a bit too overwhelming for players who are new to the game, or just not used to RPG’s in general, so I didn’t want to do that. Also it would be a bit of a technical nightmare xD Because my ToolTip was never designed to show two items at once.

      Your point about Doom Blade is good, and I might consider make it reverse healing instead. But Doom Blade is also a strong attack regardless of its effect, and has a nice Skill for healing/extra-DPS as well. The heal suppression can actually be very handy against some bosses/units. I suppose in PvP as well if we get around to that ;)

      Blood Mirror – well removing stun would be a bit OP I think. Stun immunity may work, so I might play around with that… But it’s not meant to be such a situational ability. It’s suppose to be a bread/butter ability for a tank spec Warrior.

      As for Kunai… I’m probably going to have to re-evaluate that. Originally it wasn’t homing, but straight firing – but then I found it hard to target some enemies. I think there also might be a bug with the rope (do you find it lags more when you play with a Kunai spec?)

      For Priest: Soul Shatter does scale with INT. It does +X% more damage per point of Focus rather than +X damage, so it scales very well! The INT shown is how much damage it does with no Focus (I think).

      The Ghost Shuriken is more powerful than you think :) It fires THREE of those shurikens, which work like homing missiles and deal X damage (as shown) each. Except, unlike any other missile in the game, they don’t de-spawn when they hit. Instead, they just circle around and keep hitting the enemy until they expire. It looks pretty cool ^^

      The Phasing skill is just made so the Priest is more durable if they are under attack for an extended time. The goal isn’t to make kiting Priests live longer… But rather to help prevent Priests from getting nuked down if they make a mistake and can’t get away.

      For the Assassin, I may have to look at the scalings again. But I am happy with Cursed Strike and Heal being on INT because if they were on STR or AGI the choices you make in spec and gear would be too obvious. There is usually a good mix of INT on both STR and AGI gear, and I think it allows more choice in character building – as you can sacrifice damage for more healing.

      Likewise, I think Wind Affinity is useful in that I can make a pure AGI Assassin, but still have a decent Heal using that passive. Even at the current scaling, Heal is pretty crazy at max level, if you have a lot of INT gear on! The HoT heals as much as the heal itself too, I don’t think it is too underpowered right now.

      And thanks for the bug on Vanish – I’ll have a look into it :)

      I may make one more BETA update with some re-spec fixes… And maybe some more mobs so you can test the ULTIMATES. But right now I want to continue the work on the actual game as well :) We’ll see!

      • Lark says:

        Yeah, I think the shockwave thing is a problem on my end. I played again today and it stopped lagging for me. For CTRL, if it’s hard to program then that’s another matter entirely lol. I still think there should be some kind of hotkey to hold down to sell items by right-clicking (those exist in a bunch of other RPGs like Diablo and such).

        @Blood Mirror: Okay. I’ll take your word for that; I haven’t had a chance to play around with full spec in this since it takes too many skill points in the beta. I tried using it as a general-use skill on my tank Warrior and it seems much more useful with that mindset, although having to reactivate it every 3 seconds too much IMO. I would consider making the duration and CD just a tad longer?

        @Kunai: I don’t see any extra lag when I use it. As for it being hard to hit enemies, I think it would be a welcome addition to have something in the game that you would actually need to aim. Most things are already auto-lock. What I personally would do is make it shoot straight out when on the ground and at a downward angle when jumping. It does make it more situational (i.e. can’t easily hit a target uphill of you) but it makes up for it by giving it a nice secondary use.

        @Soul Shatter: I still think that it’s an impractical skill, if it’s just +X%. At 100 focus it’ll be what, a 1.1 INT scaling for all of your focus? That’s barely more than Shadow Bolt (and less if you invest in the SB synergy). It also doesn’t have any base damage, which exacerbates the problem. Unless of course my calculations are wrong, in which case it disregard this, heh.

        @Ghost Shuriken: Oh, that’s cool then. Do they go poof when they hit obstacles (i.e. ground)? I haven’t played with it yet since I can’t get to level 15, but I’d imagine they’d disappear pretty quickly if they did.

        @Phasing: Fair enough, not like kiting Priests need any help surviving lol.

        @Cursed Strike: I think there’s a cool niche INT build for Assassins that works just off this and Heal, so no argument there.

        @Heal: If there’s a good amount of hybrid equipment then that’s fine, IMO. With the Assassin’s low base damage and high scalings, it would just sacrifice far too much damage if you had to use INT equipment with no offensive stats (AGI for Assassins, naturally). I also overlooked the HoT, since that’s not in the tooltip; I looked again in-game and it’s pretty significant, so that’s great.

        @Wind Affinity: Fair enough.

        You know Krin, I really appreciate the fact that you actually take time out of your busy schedule to reply to these long-winded posts of mine. Makes it evident that you really care, haha. <3

        • Lark says:

          PS. No hurry with the respec fixes, I just meant if you do happen to make another beta that it would be a welcome change to bundle in with the rest.

        • Farabi says:

          Hey, The shockwave thing is normal if you’re using Chrome – they’ve recently released a new update that seems to ‘mess’ with these things. If you are getting crazy problems, try using a different internet, like Safari, or explorer.

      • Lark says:

        I always find something more to say after I post the big one ._.

        As I’ve said in my bigger post, I think it’s fine to keep Heal and Cursed Strike on INT scalings as long as there are good hybrid equips in the game. I also wanted to say, however, that it would probably help a lot if there was more support for INT in the Assassin tree. If there were more skills that used INT, there would be more of a reason to spec it. Since INT spec on Assassins is pretty niche, I think just one more would be fine? The main problem is that Cursed Strike is on a 9 second CD and would be an INT Assassin’s primary source of damage. At the moment though nothing much in the Assassin tree seems like it would make sense with an INT scaling except Smoke Bomb and maybe Mirage.

    • Thorr Odinson says:

      Wow, dude. I read through all of this, pretty cool that you can write this much for a game lol.

  21. HawkDT says:

    Nice done Krin. Cant wait for the full one.

  22. Green Moon says:

    This is probably a me only problem but when I was in zone even all the way to the boss (before the zone 1 rendering bar just got stuck at full) the enemies literally ignored me while I was hitting them over and over again they just stood there. They said their dialogue but I just kept beating on opponents that won’t strike back. Just letting you know that this maybe a serious problem. On your end or mine I don’t know

  23. Sadrao says:

    The game runs really slow for me. It takes about 1.5 seconds for each step and in the cutscenes in takes about 5 seconds for a character to start walking after the speaking part is over. The switch from each speach bubble isn’t slow, but the rest is.

  24. gamerolled says:

    Why is the level capping at level 10? Even when I defeat Overlord Shikuro, I don’t gain any more experience points after reaching level 10. As a result, I can’t unlock the top two tiers of abilities, including the ultimates. Is this some kind of glitch?

    • Krin says:

      If you’re playing on Hard – you can’t gain EXP from units that are more than 1 level lower than you (so you can’t out-farm the content).

  25. gamerolled says:

    I stop gaining experience points at level 10.

  26. gamerolled says:

    I stop gaining experience points at level 10. This didn’t happen in 0.1

  27. Rerira says:

    Oh hey, whats with the update names? Wall, shell. Im just curious

  28. hoho says:

    ¡suıɐɹʇ əʞıl ı

  29. Dracam says:

    Is there any reason why you removed hotkeys?…it messes with my ability to play the game :/

  30. guest says:

    about skills- maybe there could be some universal abilities, like a teleportation skill or something like that…

  31. UltimatePixel says:

    Enemies didn’t attack me. Deleted the save, created a new one, and now it works great(a little bit laggy thou). Can’t wait for the full version!

  32. inflict says:

    ok, for the purpose of trying ultimate skills could you please make it possible to level higher in the beta, maybe by making the final few bossed give a lot of xp regarless of your level?? thank you :)

  33. 7uj says:

    Every time I try to make a priest character and I restart, the character magically changes into an assassin, goes to the “howling hills” location, loses all his gear and levels, and goes to “hard” difficulty. The change is permanent. As a result, I went hero to zero, just like that. XD

  34. randy says:

    This game is awesome krin! I hope this gets released soon

  35. ava says:

    Do you know around when you will be releasing this game?

  36. Farabi says:

    If you’re experience a problem with shcokwave/flash, this is why (I’ve already posted it above. The shockwave thing is normal if you’re using Chrome – they’ve recently released a new update that seems to ‘mess’ with these things. If you are getting crazy problems, try using a different internet, like Safari, or explorer.

  37. r1ce says:

    Well, played through with all classes again. Any idea on when the next area is gonna be released? Btw great job Krin, keep on going.

  38. Hiago says:

    The game runs REALLY slow on my computer , is there anyway to fix it?

  39. DoshesToDoshes says:

    Loading stops at roughly 90% during the rendering screen when I leave to go talk to the Shogun Ambassador.

  40. EvilNinjadude says:

    I won’t repeat what I said in the feedback form, but this game is awesome. I don’t want to spoil it for myself though… Damn, what a hard decision, I’ll just play SOME of it for next time.

    Additionally, I hang around on Forums a lot… if Forums ever go back up, I’ll be willing to sit around as a Mod. I’ll be on more than once a day. Every day, except holidays :D

  41. Aaron says:

    Hey Krin, its my b-day (sucks cause it was the first day of school for me) but I am just asking if you could put up the beta due to how I never played it. You dont have to but im just wondering.

  42. Alec says:

    Where’d the website go?

  43. Rodryss says:

    heyy krin, i play your beta and its awesome!! i wait that you include a missions system like a “Tombi!” (playstation). you are a fucking geniuos man! bye!!!

  44. Alec says:


  45. PlamZ says:

    I may be late, but the link to the beta is giving me a 404. Is there any reason for that ?


  46. Aeroeath says:

    I get a 404 Page Not Found whenever i click the beta link D:

  47. zisisx says:

    Come on Krin,thats taking so long.
    When will the next update be ready?

  48. HAPPY COW says:

    got 404 error… and why stingray???

  49. Valtar says:

    The v.0.2 form are too great!

  50. Valtar says:

    The v.0.2 form are too great!

  51. ICE says:

    seriously, how can i fix the 404 not found?

  52. Agupa says:

    When do you think the beta will be back up?

  53. Owen says:

    Looks like things have gone quiet around here, the beta seems to be down which is a shame because I didnt get the chance to try it. :(
    Oh well hopefully the game is very near release now, its been a long wait.

  54. r1ce says:

    Any news on when the next update is gonna come?

  55. Elves278 says:

    I don’t know if it is just me or my computer but the Beta version doesn’t work for me. It just takes me to version 0.1

  56. Elves278 says:

    I don’t know if it is just me or my computer but the Beta version doesn’t work for me. It just takes me to version 0.1

  57. Mitchell says:

    Guys he has been busy, and has been having some medical problems, so take it easy. But I do agree I have been wanting to play, so I really hope that the BETA gets put back up soon. Plus, if the update will take a while, please let us know so we aren’t freaking out :)

  58. lolololman says:

    ummm…when can i play it again…and when is it going to be on armorgames…

  59. Dietherd says:

    Holy crap. isnt this place a blast from the past.

  60. Nnd says:

    He is probably making some big changes or adding something to the menchanics.

  61. joe says:

    he’s working on multiplayer and maps u can build ur self

  62. Fungames says:

    Hope you’ll still be working with Davir Orr on projects, his audio perfectly blended with Sonny and Colony :P

  63. Krin says:

    I am Krin’s friend, Tommy. A few weeks ago, Krin had taken off the beta game to work on some issues with people being able to override the security lock on the swf file. For some reason, the conversion from flv to swf malfunctioned. Soon after, Krin had a major reaction to the chemotherapy he has been going through to combat his cancer. He is much too tired to work on the site/game, and he apologizes. However, he wanted you to know that he still cares very much for you guys. He also says thank you for waiting this long, and asks that you wait just a little bit longer.

  64. Tommy (In place of Krin) says:

    I am Krin’s friend, Tommy. A few weeks ago, Krin had taken off the beta game to work on some issues with people being able to override the security lock on the swf file. For some reason, the conversion from flv to swf malfunctioned. Soon after, Krin had a major reaction to the chemotherapy he has been going through to combat his cancer. He is much too tired to work on the site/game, and he apologizes. However, he wanted you to know that he still cares very much for you guys. He also says thank you for waiting this long, and asks that you wait just a little bit longer.

  65. Skeptex says:

    404 not found :(

  66. aeryon says:

    hmm its been almost a month and a half with no news from krin, im getting worried

  67. Hasse says:

    wat happend to krin? did he die or smth?

  68. DudeManGuyBoy says:

    For the sake of indie gaming I hope he´s alright :l

  69. Aengil says:

    I hope you’re doin’ alright Krin!

  70. myself says:

    when will shinjid 3 come out
    beta link is not working
    No reply from krin too

  71. Farabi says:

    Krin can’t die! :(

  72. Farabi says:

    Um… Krin, you seem to be having trouble with your ‘multiplayer’ patch – You haven’t noted ANYTHING about it.

    • CookieCommando the First says:

      My best bet is that he’s working on a higher level area for the beta (say 11-16ish) so we can test out our ultimates. I am dying to see giant ninja stars fly like a tornado!

  73. Farabi says:

    I know…
    You could have like towns or ‘common rooms’ where the game would be multiplayer and people would be interacting with one another. Here, you could choose your friends and join/start a party. The largest party would be something like 3-5?
    Only party members are visible outside the town or commomn room. They share loot, work as a TEAM FOR MISSIONS, ETC.

    • Shateras says:

      I don’t know if he’s planning this: he said that the multi would consist of co-op or battles with a friend, not much more than that. But anything’s possible, since nothing’s final.

      • CookieCommando the Second says:

        I have to agree with Shateras on this one. Making party’s and stuff would be way too much work and would make the game seem like a sketchy MMO. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but I’d prefer to just leave it as a lobby with room to join others in.

  74. shateras says:

    He should die in my mean

  75. Farabi says:

    Well, I suppose that’s true. My idea was only supposed to be a suggestion.
    Oh, and sorry for the Caps lock near the end. Pressed it and didn’t realise until I’d finished writing. Couldn’t be bothered to fix it :P

  76. Farabi says:

    Melee Priest? I’d tried that AGES ago!

  77. r1ce says:

    Good to see that you’re ok Krin.

  78. Nnd says:

    He will finsh it at some point.

  79. Mike says:

    I think he’s dead

  80. Reme says:

    Obviously Krin is working on multiplayer so its long

  81. Jul1a says:

    It takes too long but to reach that the result will be great, the long time of waiting is necessary!

  82. Jack says:

    Where are you, Krin? Is it really that difficult to just tweet something or post something once a week or every other week? You’ve been sick, so a lot of us are really wondering if the cancer came back and you’re dying/dead. Not trying to be mean, but that’s what it looks like from a fan’s point of view.

  83. Aeroeath says:

    Cant you all have a little hope that he is alive, if you ll support him as much as you say then for the sake of the situation dont talk about death.

  84. B says:

    Krin I am beginning to become worried because You haven’t posted an update in so long. Also there is a spam bot running wild in the forums. please give us something that will Reassure us that you are alright and everything is going good. Maybe a tweet or something.

  85. Mercuryel says:

    Did he died?

    • gamerolled says:

      I’m beginning to wonder. I’d like to think the answer to your question is no, but over 2 months is a long time without an update

      • cuadrad says:

        D: , c’mon , this guy is the answer why i started playing flash-games on internet , and now he’s just “dead”? :'(

  86. leothesmith says:

    krin i hope you see this were beginning to get worried you haven’t posted in a while. i hope your ok.

  87. Green Moon says:

    seriously krin you are worrying us

  88. Ironymon1 says:

    Sht, he hasnt replied in 2 months? Krin is either dead or in a coma or cancer took him :(

  89. ljlkj says:

    Guys I’m really sorry but Krin is probably no longer with us.

    Let’s think about the good time we had playing his games.

  90. Shateras says:

    Guys don’t worry. He once disappeared for over 3 months. I’m sure he’s fine.

  91. Felkin says:

    Happy news! I just got in contact with him! He’s fine :D Said he was hard at work at Sinjid, will write a blog post soon.

    The absence got me scared too. Thank the havens :D

  92. Thirteen says:

    Why link to the BETA isn’t working? Is it only my problem? Guys, help, please

  93. Edward says:

    No worries guys, Krin does this all the time… disappears for long periods of time with no updates. Good thing is when he reappears it usually coincides with a new game release.

    But really though, this happened to infrarift, krinlabs, whatever website was before infrarift (before my time ;P).

  94. sonny gamer says:

    ummm please inform me when u reopen the game’s beta because i really want to play it hope u saw this cause im not able to play it it says the page does not exist

  95. sonny gamer says:

    love the new game by the way

    sinjid has a good storyline if anyone knows him or works with him please tell me because i wanna know what he’s doing for the game and tell me if he’s ok cause i just heard he has cancer

  96. sonny gamer says:

    please reply to the above

  97. Rexus says:

    God bless with your illness. I’ve been a fan of your games.

  98. Uberkeenan says:

    I didn’t get to play the beta *sniffle*

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