So, after my last post about the towns and villages in Sinjid, I’ve been getting a lot of great suggestions from you on how to improve it – there were actually some really good ideas flying about! I’ve also noticed that there have been a lot of threads in ArmorGames and Kongregate forums where people ‘create’ their own items or characters for fun. You guys have a ton of creative energy. I’m jealous.

Well, today I’m going to reveal a little secret… In the tradition of Blizzard (and probably other game companies out there) I’ve made an Editor for Sinjid. I actually got sick of managing all the data in Sonny – especially when you have a lot of items, spells, units. In ActionScript, it’s just an ugly bunch of numbers that make you dizzy. Say, wouldn’t it be nicer to have everything a picture list, where you could just double click an item to edit it? So I spent a few months making an editor to speed up the content-creation process.

Here’s some details about it:

  • It is completely Flash based.
  • You can create and edit almost any content-related element of the game (items, spells, maps, classes, units…you name it).
  •  You don’t need to know any coding or programming to use it – it’s all graphical.
  • You press a button and it turns everything you make into a big chunk of code that I just need to copy and paste to put it into the game.
  • You can ‘test’ play your game in the editor before you export it.
Originally this was only meant to be an editor for me to use to get content done faster – so there’s not a lot of instructions on how to use it, or what certain things do. But seeing how everyone is just bursting with creative power, I’m considering to brush this up and make it available to players somehow. It would be pretty cool to see what kind of scenarios the player-base comes up with! But… as with everything pre-release, no promises! Promises lead to disappointment. I’m just trying to keep you well-informed :)
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  1. Shateras says:


  2. whase says:

    cool, maybe you could make it available after completing the game once, giving it more replay value?

  3. Lazo says:


  4. Eternal says:

    So how much time left until you finish the game? :D

  5. Pocketbike says:

    Are you going to make a similar editing process for sonny 3 and the rest of your games? or just this one?

  6. SINJIDLOVER says:

    Hey Krin! I’m so excited to hear that Sinjid 3 is coming out soon (hopefully). I just wanted to ask if you could, instead of having +/- to raise skill stats, instead have a box where you could simply type in the number of skill points you want to add to a specific skill. This just makes things a lot easier when it comes to allocating SP/AP/whatever. It doesn’t have to be exclusively that, but even if you could just add it to the side of the +/- it would be really helpful!

    • Krin says:

      I’ve actually removed the Stat point allocation from the levelling system. Instead, you are just given stats based on your class automatically. So in the end, you can only use items and skills to customise your build.

      But as a result though, choosing items and skill builds become a lot more meaningful – there’s a bit more depth in them now.

  7. Lifemaster says:

    Not gonna lie, I kiiiinda j’d in my pants. This is incredible.

    If players could edit and create their own content, you would be absolutely making this game a legend. I noticed you mentioned blizzard…this reminds me strongly of Warcraft III custom games, which are still WILDLY popular more than a decade after the game has been out. Player creation means that the game has new content WITHOUT YOU NEEDING to work on it constantly updating! I just hope beyond hopes that if this does go into effect players will be able to share their custom abilities/maps/characters etc. with the entire game populace in a very easy way such as through the game menu.

    YES. just YES. This is so fkin wonderful Krin.

    • Krin says:

      I’m glad you think so! :D

      But to be honest, this editor is nowhere as good as the War3 editors :( I doubt we’ll see any Sinjid TD or Sinjid DOTA. But people will be able to create bosses or levels that they can play through (and HOPEFULLY share to other players as well)!

      • alberto says:

        hey krin, one more thing, about that thing, you could.. give a prize to the people who makes levels. so, they would be really wanting to make levels to get a prize.

        you could be making somenthing like a page whit say like this “IDEAS: i have a effect that can ____ and makes ____ but i dont know how to drawn. it looks like a 6 pointed star, please help me drawning that!”

        (because i am really bad at that)

  8. Hasse says:

    seems legit ;/

  9. Jerome says:

    This is so awesome do you do the same thing for sonny?!
    If so it would be awesome to make sonny battles which at some times i have imagined
    PLEASE OH PLEASE publish the EDITOR!!!

  10. jywu says:

    lol tiger blood

  11. Ben T. says:

    This is a very good idea. I look forward to playing around with this. :)

  12. darkest says:

    Yeah that’s a great idea, and if published could speed up the game creation (provided that random people are able to create balanced items&stuff that is)

  13. Lauz says:

    How many and what type of classes are there?

  14. leothesmith says:

    dude thats awesome nice to see you back too.

  15. LMV says:

    Awesome, your editor looks very well designed, congratulations! I’m looking forward to see it being released! Good luck with your projects!

  16. Zerual says:

    Yeah publishing this could speed up the process of making the game when random people could create balanced units/items and stuff + people could get a small “taste” of the game because of the option of testing it , but ofc it could be a bit annoying to see like 500 or more ideas per day… It would take a long time to go through them all :p

  17. Thehat says:

    I had no idea you were still so committed. Thats wonderful, il have some fun with that. You should keep the engine… and use it for sonny 3? Just a suggestion.

    • Krin says:

      I would do that, but I think players want to keep the turn-based for Sonny.

      I may be able to rip the fighting system from Sinjid and just add a turn-based mechanic to it though.

  18. just wondering says:

    Hey, just wondering, do you know when this game will be finished??? just a ballpark guess.

  19. Ben says:

    If you publish this, you should have a limit to the number of points that you can spend every time you make something. This could get increased if you beat the game and stops people from making completely unstoppable characters.

    • Krin says:

      The way it would work is that you allocate stat distribution based on percentages. For example, I want this Sword to give 40% Agi, and 60% Str.

      Then the system would work out the level, and split the point evenly and round it up.

  20. sinjidlover says:

    Hey krin, just wondering, do you have any release date set for sinjid 3? at this point i really just want to play it, badly!!!!!! I know you’re really busy and such but is there any chance of you having it done by the end of this month??

    • Krin says:

      The single player campaign should be finished in 2 weeks, and I’d probably need another 3-4 weeks for polishing, so it would probably be around 1-2 months at least… Hopefully not too much longer :(

  21. Thiemboy says:

    I understand that you guys all like sonny, but look at the game he is making now, it has the potential to be much BETTER than the sonny series, so quit saying, “can you do this for sonny 3” and say “wow this is cool for THIS game”, its just you cant find anything from Krin that isnt filled with more and more requests for sonny 3, this game in itself is going to be better, krin said so himself.

  22. Raron says:

    Looks like a great game already, I must say I am very excited to play the game. However, just a small reminder that the whole online gaming community is just screaming for sonny 3, including the comments on your posts here. 5 years, we have waited just to continue that epic adventure which was left unfinished. I sincerely hope that you release sinjid soon and I have no doubt that it will be a hit with everyone and then after that the sequel to one of the most anticipated games in this whole net shall be released, Sonny 3. Good luck and thanks for your great games!

    • Krin says:

      Yes, as soon as I’m done with Sinjid I’ll jump on to Sonny 3. I have a lot of great ideas for that game that I can’t wait to try out!

    • Reborn_Pheonix says:

      Everyone like Sonny. But think about it, if 5 years of nothing for Sonny, it’s +2 years for Sinjid. So for the first fans of Krin, it’s been a LONGER time (7 years) that we’d not seen the face of Sinjid. Also, this game made him on the map, so it’s normal that it took a place in is heart.

      Telling him billion of time WE WANT SONNY, won’t make it appear more quickly. Also, Krin’s not a machine, he also has to go to school and focus on his studies to be a film director one day.

      • Reborn_Pheonix says:

        Sorry for the multiple post. Want I say the game that made him on the map, I talk about Sinjid Battle Arena. Just to clarify.

  23. Shunny says:

    Damn Krin! Your the King!! Hope that this thing can also be implemented once you’ve started working on sonny 3 (hope that you do) You rock MAN!! :)

  24. Bunnieh17 says:

    I bet you’re releasing it around the same date as diablo 3 as I’ve mentioned before.

    • Krin says:

      I really don’t know when D3 is coming out :P But I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up releasing Sinjid around the same time as D3… Both games are relatively close to being finished.

  25. Mehphiles says:

    When is than the releasing?

  26. Zaxis says:

    and then you make a version for sonny and use that to make sonny 3? That would be utter brilliance to my mind

  27. TOP-SECRET says:

    I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, but I would like to know, could you please make multiple savefiles? It gets slightly disappointing if you have to delete your old account to make way for another; perhaps 3 save slots?

  28. TOP-SECRET says:

    Also, you spelled ‘theif’ wrong. It is thief.

  29. zisisx says:

    Hey Krin,when will this editor be ready for us?I always wanted to create items,bosses,skills and stuff please reply to me :S

  30. Ty Lewis says:

    Hey krin it would be very great if you added an online mode for like capture the flag or team deathmeath. up to a maximium of 6 to 8 players maybe?

  31. RiftNinja says:

    The editor idea sounds awesome! if you are going to end up releasing it I think the more custimization in the editor you allow people the better. :P

    Really cant wait for this game!

  32. Morokei says:


  33. Newbie says:

    How did you make that editor? It’s sooooooooo cool!!

  34. I says:

    what program are u using for making games???

  35. John says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been able to unlock the editor and I tested it. It’s really amazing, you can make maps, make new items, create characters, give them skills… There’s a few problems though, because it only allows you to export code, so you can’t really save anything. There’s also a class called The Kai Specialist. It’s some kind of martial artist, really cool. I’d love it if Krin could allow us to save, because I had a great idea for a Sinjid side story. Hope it’s possible ! Bye.

  36. Kasharn says:

    Is this editor still available? where can I access it?

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