52 Responses to Woohoo! Flight is out!

  1. Victor says:

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa! Magnific trailer! This is Flight!

  2. JACKSON says:

    13th in the world yea!!!!!!!!!

  3. Natus says:

    Wish I had an Iphone.

  4. LandisCarter says:

    Dude krin I am like your biggest fan. So I right away Purchased the game and after it says igniting ingins…. Painting sky…. And coloring crane it just exits out and it has done this multiple times.

    • Krin says:

      What’s the device and what is the iOS version running on it?

      We did a lot of testing with a lot of devices and didn’t have any problems – but found some bugs on older versions. We’ve done a patch already (hopefully it should fix your bugs) but still waiting for Apple to approve it. Should be any day now (we submitted the patch last wee).

      It sounds like the device crashed it because it was taking up too much memory (it does that on the first launch to prepare all the graphics). Hmm…

      • LandisCarter says:

        Thank you krin I hope it gets fixed and my device is older like version 3.1

        • Krin says:

          Is the iOS the latest one? (5.something I think) It could help. But in the meantime just sit tight for the update :) As soon as Apple approves it, it’ll be available to replace the current version. Annny day now!

          Sorry about the glitch though – it can be buggy to develop for a wide range of devices :(

  5. Farabi says:

    Now all I have to do is wait a bit more until my dad gets me the iphone he promised.

    *Sigh* Looks like there’s still a long wait – he promised he would get me the ‘latest’ model if I passed my 11+ with a scholarship – which was ages ago.
    Still, a great game, and I can’t wait!

    • Krin says:

      I heard the iPhone 5 is coming out in September :) And it’s supposedly going to be really awesome, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise? :D

  6. JACKSON says:

    now Im 8th in the world thanks krin for such a great game

  7. Cody says:

    Not trying to be rude or anything, but why is it a paid for app? I mean you’ve had so much success with free flash games, why not continue that for people who don’t really want to spend the money?

    • Krin says:

      I wish I could make all my games free, but the economic reality doesn’t allow it :( I’ll be looking into F2P models as well, because that offers a bit of both.

  8. Aeoeath says:

    just got the game now after doing some money hunting in the couch LOVING IT!!!

  9. darksouls says:

    hey great game! got for my iphone :) but if u dont mind me askin what’s goin to happen with sinjid? are u gonna release the beta this week? plz reply :)

  10. Aeoeath says:

    Number 2 in the world!!! :D

  11. Ben Szabady says:

    The game is fantastic Krin! One thing that I noticed, which isn’t a glitch, is that once you get steering, your fuel is always being used up. Is there any way you could add a way to calibrate the angle of the screen so it will be falling when you want it to?

    • Krin says:

      We tried a lot of different ways – but this was the best we could come up with. I found that if the fuel doesn’t run out while steering, the game goes on for far too long in the later stages.

  12. Maot says:

    Kudos, Krin! Would you ever consider releasing an ios version of the Sonny series as well?

  13. Max says:

    I absolutely love the game krin! I cant stop playing it, I’m actually glad that you are required to pay money for it, for the extremely high quality games you put out, you definitely deserve all the money you get! Lovin the games and keep on putting more out :)


  14. Mike says:

    Il be buying this purely out of respect for you Krin.

    Just wanted to say thank you for making my childhood wonderful with your games. I remember when i played Sinjid SoTW for the first time like 8 years ago, and all your great games since then.

    Ps. Finish Sinjid 3 already, us lifetime fans of yours literally cant stand the wait anymore.

  15. Aeoeath says:

    I downloaded the recent update for the game and i cant play anymore, it says loading for the tap anywhere then it just closes the game

    • Krin says:

      Looking into it – I think the new update has a problem with old data files :(

      I had to delete the app from my phone and re-install it – which made it work, but then I lost my saved files. We’re working on an update to fix this though. iPhone development is tough >.<

  16. Franky says:

    This Game is so good !
    I enjoy every minute of playing !
    Any Idea when a new update for flight comes out?
    and what’s about Sinjid 2?
    I’m checking your page every day , can’t wait anymore I’m so exited !
    and please stay healthy :))

  17. nathan says:

    grrrr, sitting tight with my windows phone wishing you would have brought it out on other platforms…

  18. leothesmith says:

    krin just curious, sinjid beta lags alot for me and bugs when i turn settings on low help?

    ps: it makes lines across the screen almost like the pixels are being stretched.

  19. vitamink says:

    Nice job Krin! Hope you get well soon…
    Check out the Colony General Discussion on ArmorGames blog soon!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on the successful surgery! Nice to see you’re finally earning some kind of money from this sort of thing, can help forward future projects! How’re you holding up health-wise? Got a family full of people with Cancer themselves, and I know how hard it can be (Although I DON’T actually have cancer myself.).

    Anyhow, congratulations on another great feat, really jealous of people who enjoy what they do for a living, and really glad you do so, as it benefits each and every one of us.

  21. Jesse says:

    Love the feel of the game. Beautifully drawn art. Glowing soundtrack. Light comedy. Flight definitely creates a very special atmosphere- almost magical or daydream like. Keep it up!

    P.S. Love the respect you put into your style and presentation for all your games. The colors, finesse, and just artistry raises the standard for all flash-based games.
    You the man!

  22. metromuse says:

    i thought this game cost money?

  23. psychoraven says:

    For some reason on itunes Flight is free not sure if its supposed to be like that or not

  24. heckler says:

    ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anyways, i downloaded it and beat it uder 24 hours. LOL. I BEAT TEH GAME

  25. Matt says:

    Maybe Flight will be realased for Android in near future? People like me can’t play this great game, because we don’t have an iPhone

  26. Zachary says:

    Great game so fun even though I suck at it

  27. Xaphan says:

    Yo krin! I downloaded the new version flight on ipad and thnx for making it free, the game is awesome!

  28. AlexThyNoob says:

    Downloaded it on a second gen, 4.2.1, and it totally crashes after first cutscene. Reinstalling it now, but if anybody knows what the problem is, or if my poor iPod is just too old, please let me know, thanks.

  29. Borrus says:

    I love your artwork – the shading and mood of those buildings in the Flight iOS screenshot are beautiful!

  30. DongHyuck kim says:

    Hello Kirin~
    Proposed’ll There.
    I want to know your email address.


  31. firas1886 says:

    HI Krin

    Thanks for the mobile version.

    I really wish you could work on an android version as well

    Especially for SONNY 2


  32. zhangjie03 says:

    I like this in my iphone。I think it funny。
    But I have a problem,there is a achievement “sprinter”,reach 300m within 5s,I can’t finish it.Averge velocity 60m/s?It is impossible!
    Can you tell me how to reach the achievement?
    Hope for you reply!
    Thanks a Lot

  33. zhangjie03 says:

    I like this in my iphone。I think it funny。
    But I have a problem,there is a achievement “sprinter”,reach 300m within 5s,I can’t finish it.Averge velocity 60m/s?It is impossible!
    Can you tell me how to reach the achievement?
    Hope for you reply!
    Thanks a Lot

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