So guess what?

Flight is arriving on the iPhone and iPad next week!

Yup. This whole time I’ve secretly been working with WarSpark to bring this game to the iOS platform. I really wanted to tell somebody about it, but I couldn’t. Especially not after the Kingdom Rush incident. We couldn’t risk it being cloned by ‘my Yayi’ (lolwut) or some other guy. But now we’ve finished it, and it has been approved by Apple – awaiting a 2nd of August release! (Put that in your calendar and set an alarm. Do it now.)

It took nearly a year! It’s harder than it looks to port a game. We rebuilt it from scratch and even added a BUNCH of new features. There’s more stuff, sparkling graphics, shiny upgrades, and the story actually gets a conclusion – it’s practically a sequel! Before anyone asks, the App will cost $0.99 (sorry!). But we thought that it was too much fun that if we gave it away for free, people wouldn’t buy any of the IAP (or ‘DLC’ to some of you) because they’d already be having such a good time with the core content.

I know, I know – some of you don’t like the idea of me spending time on Flight :( You are mad at me because you think I should be working on Sonny 3 or Colony, but the truth of the matter is – HEY LOOK, A PINK CAT!

PS: In other news, I’m out of hospital 5kg lighter than I used to be (for me, that’s not good). I almost faint when I stand up too fast, and need just about as much sleep as an infant. But at least I survived the transplant :) And Sinjid update v0.2 is coming along nicely – there will be a post next week.

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  1. Jengas says:

    That’s awesome. Would there be any chance you might be able to release a short video of some of the new features in action? I don’t own an i-anything so the best I’ll get is a taste of it through youtube. ^^;

  2. Reme says:

    i am so buying this

  3. Shateras says:

    Though I don’t actually own any iOS devices, I still feel giddy. Maybe one day …

    Good luck recovering!

  4. LandisCarter says:

    That’s great!!!!!! Get well soon!!!!!!

  5. Motear says:

    It’s good to see that you’re back already after treatment. Krin, when we can expect to see Sonny 3? And will it have better skill sets than Sonny 2? Can’t wait for v0.2.

    • Krin says:

      I can’t give an ETA on Sonny 3 yet, but now that Flight is done we’re slowly starting to draw up plans for Sonny 3 now.

      I’m putting in everything I’ve learnt (making and playing RPGs), and I want to make it unlike anything you’ve played before! (In a good way hopefully.)

      • Raph says:

        Just found the blog now and I gotta say, I’m excited that you have begun working on Sonny 3 (however little it is) and those words just now just made the fanboy in me squee in joy. I thank you for being awesome and bringing what could possibly be one of the best RPGs ever made, ever.

  6. SonnyFan says:

    A PINK CAT!?!? WHERE!?!

  7. Mercuryel says:

    Good luck with your recovery.

  8. Bodak says:

    Looks good. I’m curious about the ‘backwards launching bug’. What will happen if we launch bacwards? Will my iphone explode? Will it make a funny sound like ‘badum-tsss’ or something? But now, seriously, it looks awesome. I always imagined Flight as better suited for ‘touch’ devices.

    • Krin says:

      Well, yes… We’ve actually blown up 21 iPhones during testing trying to throw the plane backwards.

      I think we *did* fix it in the end though. You may want to try it out, but I suggest wearing protective gloves and goggles.

  9. Vietchinh says:

    May i ask?

    Is it possible to put other of your games in to IOS and Android world?

    It would be awesome.

    I cant wait for sinjid v0,2.

  10. colony says:

    What about Colony 2?

  11. Xcution says:

    That’s great news Krin! I’m glad to see you’re moving onto iOS. Here’s hoping Flight is successful :)

    Like I’m sure all your fans are, I’m happy to hear the transplant went well. I was getting worried with your recent lapse of updates.

    Get well Krin! You’re the best!

  12. GodOfWar35 says:

    Will Sinjid 3 appear on Armorgames website ? I’m just afraid of LAG…
    I can’t understand… Sonny, Colony,… I still play smoothly… Why I can’t even control Sinjid…. >”<

    • Krin says:

      What’s your PC spec? Sinjid shouldn’t lag if you can handle Sonny 2 and Colony… Is your Flash Player up to date?

      • SonnyFan says:

        On my computer (which has a very very crappy video card) sonny 2 works perfectly, but Sinjid 3 lags like hell. But on my laptop Sinjid 3 works amazingly smooth, so if it lags it’s probably your PC’s fault.

      • GodOfWar35 says:

        mine is Adobe Flash Player v11.03 (newest maybe, idk) but I can’t play the Beta well… !
        Anyway… I’m glad to hear that Flight now can be thrown everywhere… :)

        • I LOVES ME SOME KRIN says:

          Sinjid didnt work in safari for me but it worked like a charm on chrome so im just throwing that out there

      • Valliance says:

        On my computer all your games work perfectly too… but lags as hell shinjid…

  13. UltimatePixel says:

    Yay, a Krin iOS game, a little bit more work now on sonny 3, and you’re recovering. Truly exciting!

  14. Shadow says:

    This is really cool. I’d love to play Flight on the go. :D

  15. Hasse says:

    goto buy dat :D.
    krin could you clean the forum from the shit-threads?.

  16. TJ says:

    I see flight is gonna be flying into the top 10 in app store in no time.. will sonny 3 come out in few months? or few years? Don’t hurry it, I want a awsome sequel. just take a rest so u can focus more;

  17. GodOfWar35 says:

    mine is Adobe Flash Player v11.03 (newest maybe, idk) but I can’t play the Beta well… !
    Anyway… I’m glad to hear that Flight now can be thrown everywhere… :)

  18. Android User 123 says:

    If you have time can you release this game for android as well?
    (this is simply because i do not have an IOS devise but i have an android device)

    Get well soon!

  19. Valtar says:

    This game will be available for android sometime? And you have a prevision for put the RPG maker to the public?

  20. SonnyFan says:

    Woah that trailer was epic!

  21. Ecopocolips says:

    i Really just want to say i admire you really, your one of the reasons i want to become a games designer and i was so put out when i found out that you had cancer and i really hope that you recover okay, you have made some of may Favorite games and i cant wait for ANY content that you produce you are doing a fine job with Sinjid and i know that sonny 3 will be fantastic keep up the good work you will always have a huge fan right here.

  22. Rerira says:

    IMO, it will be better than Angry Birds, which i still dont understand why it is so popular. Bad thing is, i dont realy buy anything for iOS.

  23. Shu says:

    I’ve played the game flight many times waiting for Sonny 3 to come out, but now I can play it ON THE GO ON MY IPOD?! -mindblown- With more add-ons?! -orgasm- But the thing that really gets the penny to drop is how you’re able to do this, really. -admiration- I can’t even start to imagine how hard it is on you to develop these amazing games as you go through your battle. Thanks for being awesome. Take care with the recovery, we can wait.

  24. darksouls says:

    good to hear ur doin well! but y is everyone askin about sonny 3? i know how great of a game it is and all but y didnt anyone ask about the release date for sinjid 3??? well to late now i asked so can u plz tell us a realease date if possible? much thx and keep up the amazin work on ur games.

  25. Filling says:

    when can we expect to see the full release of sinjid?

  26. Edward says:

    Any chance you’ll make port this (and possibly other future games) to Android?

    I realize that iOS probably still has the most developed app market, but Android owns the majority of the android market share (at least in the US, don’t know about other countries, sorry). Apple has the second most market share but is pretty far behind android (android is ~50-60% market share, apple maybe 20-35%).

  27. heckler says:


  28. michael says:

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have a game I have been deveoping with an artist (completed) & coder (not finished) for 1 year and it needs some profession finishing touches on the flight dynamics. Can you do this please or tell me someone who can help?

  29. Dillon says:

    I think if you released this for Android, I would never play anything else again. ever.

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