So now that I’ve had a bit more time to do stuff – here’s a proper v0.1 of the BETA. I called it the ‘Wall’ update because I think giving updates a name is more interesting and memorable than numbers. And I worked on the wall-jumping a little this patch, so that’s why. When you load the game, make sure there is a little “v 0.1” in the top left corner of the main menu – that’s how you’ll know you’re playing the latest version.

Link to the BETA: CLICK!
Feedback Form: CLICK!

There’s not a great deal of new content in this one. Mostly I’ve been working to fix all the bugs, and just improving technical things (such as the wall-jumping, so please let me know if it’s better for you now).

I’ve also added a feedback form so that I don’t have to read through the page’s comments – and so that feedback and be more organised. Please, please, pretty please take a few minutes to fill in the form after you’ve played the game :)

Next week I’ll be addressing more gameplay related issues, such as the itemisation and character class balance. I’m looking to rework the Assassin class a little bit (particularly the left branch of its skill tree).

Happy testing! :) And thanks for the tremendous amount of feedback from last week!

UPDATE  3 July 2012:

Thanks for the continued testing and feedback! Just so you know (anyone who posted on the previous blog post that I ‘deleted’ – your comments aren’t actually deleted. I can see see them, but they are just hidden from public view.

I’ve had over 150 forms turned in now, all with very good feedback :) Thank you guys! I will publish a summary of the feedback for all to see on Friday, as well as the v0.2 BETA and all the things I have done to address the concerns. But so far, to anyone who’s written a form (and some of you have written HUGE posts with excellent feedback!) – Thank you! Together we can make this game as good as it can be :)

The things that seemed to need immediate attention were the UI and balance. I’m working on improvements to the UI (especially for item comparison, and selling, and for skills to have more details).

I also made the fights a little more intense by increasing the damage of the enemies’ autoswing – but also increasing the cool-down. You are supposed to block them now – and blocks will reduce damage by a significantly higher amount. It was 10% before, but in v0.2, it can be anywhere between 15-30% (depending on your stats). There will also be a different effect when you successfully block too, so it feels better.

There was also the complaint that stats were a little bit useless unless your skills scaled with them. I’ve decided to make it a bit more useful now:

Strength increases damage reduced from blocking.
Intellect increases Focus regeneration per second.
Agility increases Crit chance.
Vitality increases Health regeneration per second.

Update Patch Notes (v0.1):

* Nerfed Priests’ Spirit Barrier.

* Buffed Assassin’s Spectral Dash.

* Fixed Assassin’s 3/3 Stun bug.

* Increased looting radius.

* Increased enemy auto-attack CD.

* Increased enemy auto-attack damage.

* Made fixes to the wall-jump mechanic.

* Fixed Waypoints.

* Fixed the bug in town with the shop vendor.

* Lowered Re-Spec costs.

* Added hot-keys to Skill.

* Disabled Full-Screen mode.

* Fixed inventory item-stacking.

* Fixed ability tool-tip bugs.

* Fixed dramatic boss death effect.

* Added level limits to Warrior skill tree.

* Stealthed units no longer emit particles.

* Fixed “undefined %”

* Gold is now saved properly.

* Dying at Zone 1 Boss no longer bugs the game.


172 Responses to Sinjid BETA: Wall Update

  1. Hurtboss says:

    The Beta and the Feedback form are the same link :P

  2. Samuraijubei says:

    The Feedback form is private.

  3. Ben Szabady says:

    I can access the feedback form, but I can’t enter anything into it.

  4. zach hacklander says:

    The beta is so cool chose assassin and use kick to destroy enemies and im indestructable so far

  5. Ben Szabady says:

    Never mind. When I clicked on the link I got sent to a spreadsheet, not to the actual thing.

  6. Cameron says:

    Oh man, all the problems with rendering i had that time around were gone. Thanks for fixing that Krin. A quick question i had that i forgot to submit in my feedback thingy, will we be able to go back and forth between zones, if say, assuming the game gets co-op, we want to play with a friend in a place where he wont get oneshotted?

    • Krin says:

      Huh? That’s weird – I didn’t actually do anything about that problem :S But you’re welcome, I guess :P

      I still need to work out how the co-op is going to work.

      • Cameron says:

        Odd, maybe i just got lucky with the rendering this time around.

      • Samuraijubei says:

        I think you should be able to choose missions, but there should be a level cap are certain missions or level scaling. Or just completely require them to be the same level, then scale levels.

  7. Waffles says:

    I can’t get to the newest version. I don’t see any v 0.1 on the top left corner :(

  8. Echo says:

    Is there supposed to be no audio?

  9. Matt says:

    Sorry, just a quick question.

    Is that what the storyline is actually going to be? I found it bland and un entertaining.



  10. lolz says:

    i noticed the game really uses a lot of memory (around 1 giga) can you do something about it?

  11. nebz says:

    10 min beta?

  12. MushroomMan says:

    find a bug. When you buy stuff and press (space) you can’t buy anything anymore.

  13. Cookie Commando says:

    Rendering got faster!

  14. Angel says:

    well i finish the Feedback Form (hope that helps)

  15. LavaLamp says:

    any release dates for this game?

  16. Dragon696 says:

    There will be a way on next updates to reduce particles/effects and stuff like that to use less memory? My game stills too slow :(

  17. RUMMAKER says:

    the smoke bomb effect needs improving. and the shuriken graphic is as big as sinjid’s head so maybe reduce the size.

  18. Reme says:

    Is strength intellect and agility going to have other effect beside adding power to specific abilities? Hopefully minor effect like in diablo 3

    • RUMMAKER says:

      how about we change crit from agility to intellect, add move speed buff for agility and add more damage (%) for strength and vitality just adds more health…now we got special bonuses for all stats :D

      • AlexThyNoob says:

        well they have to somewhat connect.. intellect and criticals? Strength increases physical, intellect increases magical, agility adds crit and vitality adds health. Fits perfect.

        • RUMMAKER says:

          agility is the only stat that adds something besides adding more damage to skills that require agility so im just suggesting some stuff to add to the other skills cuz strength adds nothing except allows skills that require strength to deal more damage and stuff.

    • Fatman says:

      Me like da idea!

  19. leothesmith says:

    2 thing lag and if you go off screen to do something else game lags insanely i almost crashed had to close it out.:(

  20. leothesmith says:

    lolz said i noticed the game really uses a lot of memory (around 1 giga) can you do something about it? i thought u should know

  21. Regi says:

    I’m having a hard time trying to use skills. Using numbers doesn’t cut it out for me.

  22. Johnson says:

    Now that the skills interface is Z I can’t set my hotkeys correctly anymore… Also the Steel Grips item is still bugged and appears as bare hands.
    The glitch about equipping items I reported on the other update hasn’t been fixed yet either, you should take a look at it.


    • RUMMAKER says:

      maybe the steel grip is ment to be bare hands. maybe it just makes ur grips like steel

      • Johnson says:

        Maybe you’re right, but we should at least have a thing on the hands that could be noticeable so they don’t look like the hands.

  23. 7uj says:

    Its hard to eat things when one’s fighting.

    • RUMMAKER says:

      suggestion: add hotkey slots for food items

      • RUMMAKER says:

        also reduce food’s usefulness to something like heal 5% health and heal over time. this way people will actually use potions because right now i have no reason to use potions and since food drops are so common i never have to buy potions.

        • Yoeri says:

          Of course its hard to eat when one’s fighting. that is in real life too isn’t it?
          the food usefulness should stay this way, just make drops less common would solve a lot. At least thats what I think.

          • Samuraijubei says:

            I agree. Food should retain it’s usefullness, but it should be a lot more rarer. I feel like I get way too much water and the packed bentos.

    • Fatman says:

      Fight fight fight Om nom nom fight fight fight om nom nom. Burp.

  24. Fain says:

    The deflection buff on the enemy doesn’t have a description.

  25. Transcendent_One says:

    Well, since there seems to be no option on the feedback form to report single bugs, I’m going to do that here.

    Killed Lady Sakara with spectral dash(now no more near impossible :D) and passed to the next room with the very same spectral dash I killed her with. This resulted in the boss-death animation to be played there instead of her room. I instantly got back to loot her but somhow appeared in the room farther to the right.

  26. Transcendent_One says:

    When setting hotkeys you may click more than one and they all get green, but when you press a key that key only gets assigned to the topmost one.

    • Cookie Commando says:

      In the post, Krin said he wanted all bug reports and suggestions in his feedback form link at the top.

  27. Alec says:

    needs arrow keys as movement controls.

  28. RobertoS says:

    I loaded a save as an Assassin, and I spawned completely naked with no weapons.

    • Lobsterman says:

      This happened to me too. All I remember is that I had a couple of drinks with my friends then I woke up naked in the middle of the street.

  29. leothesmith says:

    2 thing lag and if you go off screen to do something else game lags insanely i almost crashed had to close it out.:(

    and lolz said i noticed the game really uses a lot of memory (around 1 giga) can you do something about it? i thought u should know

  30. AlexThyNoob says:


    whatever you have to say, you can say in the feedback.
    Unless you’re giving me money.

  31. arkar says:

    I can’t get the demo working, is it deleted?
    already tried in the 3 main browsers….(firefox, IE, chrome)
    I just get a grey background, no actual game….

  32. Farabi says:

    Hey! No money for you!
    Antway, has any body got the money and skill point glitch?
    I do – 2374651 skill points… And I could use them too… What an amazing warrior!

    Oh and I got 974645747 money…
    Spendable too…

  33. Farabi says:

    Hey! No money for you!
    Anyway, has anybody got the money and skill points glitch?
    I do – 2374651 skill points… And I could use them too… What an amazing warrior I had!

    Oh and I got 974645747 money…
    Spendable too…

    (Same post, but with grammatically correct language – spelling, at least.)

  34. Jeff says:

    I got the money glitch!

  35. Alfred says:

    Me too. Any ideas, Krin?
    I’m happy thoough……………………….. :) :) :) :)

  36. Jack-ala-soup says:

    I had the money, but I couldn’t spend it :(

  37. Pooface says:

    Pooface rocks!
    I had money 2. SICK!

  38. Breadbory says:

    I had 2374651 skill points. XD

  39. Notfair says:

    I had skill points, but I can’t spend them!
    Not fair, Pooface!

  40. Notfair says:

    I know pooface personally, so I knew he’d posted it.

  41. Loser says:


  42. billybobjoejr says:

    the game doesn’t start up :(

  43. az342 says:

    i dont know if anyone else is getting the same error(based on the comments i think not) but, when i try the beta it just scrolls through a bunch of screens.(many say LABEL and LOADING, a couple of pictures of sceenery as well)

    I dont know if its my computer or graphics card or something like that.

    P.S. someone plz tell me whats going on,i REALLY want to play this.

  44. heckler says:

    dosnt save hotkeys

  45. ofek says:

    whi there isnt sound bag or no

  46. ofek says:

    whi there isnt sound bag or no

  47. leothesmith says:

    2 thing lag and if you go off screen to do something else game lags insanely i almost crashed had to close it out.:(

    and lolz said i noticed the game really uses a lot of memory (around 1 giga) can you do something about it? i thought u should know thanks

  48. r1ce says:

    Hey Krin,

    When I try to load the Beta, it finishes loading but theres nothing on the screen. Its just a blank page. I have the latest flash player installed. Also, there’s a “W” in the URL and it says “This website does not supply identity information.” I click on it and set the Permissions to everything Allowed but the game will still not load. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  49. Rece T says:

    When i tried it had a seizure!

  50. Andre says:

    My character screen won’t come back out so I can’t even equip new items….

  51. leothesmith says:

    2 thing lag and if you go off screen to do something else game lags insanely i almost crashed had to close it out.:(

    and lolz said i noticed the game really uses a lot of memory (around 1 giga) can you do something about it? i thought u should know thanks.

  52. Vietchinh says:

    It would be awesome if this port to android or iphone, but I dont think Krin has some logic about it.

    It is still a awesome game even in the beta.

  53. Valtar says:

    The game will have the opition of trainig battle

  54. andreas says:

    will there ever be a multiplayer?

  55. Maik says:

    Where’s v0.2? It’s saturday… NO RUSH though, quality take priority! :) <3

  56. yoyoyo says:

    yoyoyo when is beta 2 coming and yoyoyo krin can we stil lsubmit feedback or is it useless since many problems will be fixed in v2.0???

  57. Nnd says:

    I don’t want to rush you because of your schedule, but what happened to version 0.2 and the summary.

  58. Hasse says:

    godammnit! >.< the ''Shogun Capitan'' is overpowered, it took me a lot of tries to kill him -.-

    • Shateras says:

      lol Capitan

      You’re right, I had to farm off of the other guys before I beat him. What class were you?

      • Hasse says:

        Warrior :P

        • chrono says:

          his not so very overpowered
          his just good u take just a little bit more time
          to kill him

          in priest his really hard to kill
          ( i have play all class x2 ^^ )

          • Farabi says:

            He’s not hard on Priest – actually all I did was keep spawning guardians to keep him busy – He died in less than 3 minutes…

            Who wouldn’t die if they were being constantly pummelled by 3 people at once?

        • Valtar says:

          i defeated shogun various times, try to change the difficulty

          • Shateras says:

            What level and build were you using? I found the fight to be easier with an Agility-based Assassin than an Intellect-based Priest, though it’s probably because I favor the Assassin more.

  59. metromuse says:

    lol guys use feedback forum

  60. Reme says:

    Did anyone else notice noboru’s scythe is in the thumbnail for the previous blogpost “warriors never run”?

  61. billybobjoejr says:


  62. guy says:

    why does the beta make flash player take up a million k in memory?

  63. leothesmith says:

    dude your profile on armor games is hacked it shows as well id rather not say

  64. leothesmith says:

    dude your profile on armor games is hacked it shows as well id rather not say ok

  65. gamerolled says:

    ugh! Shock image sites are so passe. Whoever’s been messing with your AG account needs to get with the times.

  66. Jake says:

    Hey, I cant access the beta, when it loads after rendering it flashes the bars at the top as all the symbols and my level shows as 999 and enemy as 999 but the screen is white and un-playable. Im not sure if im the only one, but looks good so far by the video. Good work cant wait for the full game

  67. :/ says:

    if i use assasin i get to lady sakura and then fail and if i choose warrior then i get to the overlord but he heals so much i can’t kill him priest any better?

  68. Loyal Lord says:

    KRIN! you post on twitter, but say nothing here?!? whyyyyyy </3

  69. yoyoyo says:

    people actually find normal mode to be the most fun? And easy mode? The game practically plays itself. casuals…

    • ElijahTorp says:

      People actually think this kind of comment makes them seem impressive? And to this limited an audience? The chances of someone wanting to meet you just shot themselves in the face. Dicksauces…

      • yoyoyo says:

        confirmed casual


        Also, I don’t type things only with the hopes that someone will say “omg, let’s meet in person” because I have friends and am not a social outcast. Someone that plays in easy mode really isn’t experiencing the game fully. It plays itself, and you can just mash three buttons with zero strategy to finish in 20 minutes. Don’t let people rustle your jimmies over the internet, pleb.

        • Samuraijubei says:

          Oh, you can beat a beta with three stages on hard without button mashing, aren’t you special. 1) Please don’t be a douche to people. 2)The game is not meant to be difficult. 3) If you act like a douche online but not in real life, is that either because you are too afraid to do it or is it that you know it is wrong but you still do it. Please do the rest of us a favor and disable your ability to post comments on the internet.

          • yoyoyo says:

            It isn’t meant to be easy. In easy mode, it plays itself. Sorry, but it does. Anonymity = blunt hard truth I wouldn’t say in person. That’s how it works, and if someone is hurt, welcome to the internet, you’ll learn to develop a thick skin.

          • Motear says:

            The game is meant to be played easily. Just look, you have powerful abilities and passives(that wouldn’t need to be added) that are added. The difficulty is merely an illusion to make you think you’re actually playing the game on a challenging level. The game is easy itself no matter what difficulty. You just decide how much power and HP you want your opponents to have. Meanwhile you still have practically the same thing. If you want challenging, use only the one ability you’re given with and don’t buy any passives. Otherwise, nothing destingrates stretegy other than overpowered player.

          • Samuraijubei says:

            That it was it is called easy mode dumb fuck. It is meant to be easy. I play on Hard mode, but some people like to enjoy things on easy mode because they want the casual experience. You think are almighty and doing everyone a favor by saying that easy mode should become the difficult mode, but here is the actual hard truth, you are a douche for suggesting that easy mode is stupid and shouldn’t be easy mode.

          • Shateras says:

            Easy mode is easy. It’s meant to be like that. Some people would like to experiment with the game – I generally start a game on easy, beat it, and replay it on a harder difficulty with my new knowledge. So stop arguing about the difficulty, because easy is easy for a reason.

          • yoyoyo says:

            The game is not meant to be played easily. That doesn’t make things fun. There has to be some level of challenge and difficulty to the game for it to be rewarding or worth playing. That is what makes games fun. You are correct, Motear, in saying that good strategy or overleveled characters can make a game easy. It is simple to beat the game by just mashing the attack button on easy mode. I wasn’t saying that the game wasn’t easy during hard mode, but that the majority of people actually found normal to be the most enjoyable shows a lack of skill or strategy in most players. By definition, that is what makes one a casual gamer.

            Shateras, I’m not arguing about the difficulty. I’d like for things to be harder, or maybe a very hard mode to be added, but there is no real discussion. People that enjoyed easy and mormal mode the most are casual gamers. (Easy mode is laughably simple, the game plays itself)

            The fact that people find this to be enjoyable is rather disappointing, but it doesn’t affect me. If you found easy/normal to be most enjoyable (ugh casuals), you can’t really take offense at being called a casual gamer.

    • feng249 says:

      yoyoyo or whatever, easy and normal are enjoyable especially when a player isn’t comfortable with a class and don’t understand certain aspects and use the easy or normal to test those classes and learn how to use them, i personally am not a casual gamer, but I do prefer playing a game on normal or sometimes easy at first to learn how to use classes in the game and what not, especially when it is a new game like this where no one knows any aspects of the classes aside from what Krin has shown us. You obviously don’t understand gaming if you are going to say normal and easy are for casuals only, and you do come across as an unneeded douche to many people on the forums who are trying to be friendly and figure out what is already turning into an awesome game

    • Souless says:

      So what? Are you saying hard mode isn’t easy? Sure hard mode is harder than easy mode..DUH. Maybe some people like normal mode because they don’t have to repeat a combo/strategy on a mob with more hp as they would have to in hard modeeee. A real hardcore player would enjoy hard mode as opposed to any other mode because of a difference in gameplay like a penalty or double bosses/bosses with minions so why don’t you think before you post a comment that’s obviously intended to troll and insult people.

      • yoyoyo says:

        No, what I’m saying is that hard mode is the best mode. Of course easy mode is easier. People that say otherwise are casuals. I’m not telling people how to play or that they’re doing it wrong. Majority of gamers are casual gamers. It is disappointing though. Maybe very hard mode could have AI that coordinate their attacks somewhat better and also know when to run away or get backup?

        “A real hardcore player would enjoy hard mode as opposed to any other mode”

        We’re in agreement. Also, I’m free to post what I want. It isn’t an insult, but the truth. Clearly for some, the truth hurts.

        • yoyoyo says:

          let’s just stop this for now. I think everyone knows that easy/normal mode is more geared towards more casual gamers, hard is for less casual gamers. I wish that more people enjoyed hard mode the most so we’d get a more challenging game, but it is really exceptional already. We’re all just fans of a really talented but mainly hardworking one man army that gives us some of the greatest titles flash has ever provided. I’m sorry for being pretentious over the internet by calling some of you “casuals” =/

          Get better, Krin! Please take your time. You can’t rush perfection.

          • Samuraijubei says:

            It is not that you said that easy/normal mode were geared for the more casual end, you instead said, “casuals…” Which is insulting because you are basically putting yourself on a pedestal compared to others.

    • ElijahTorp says:

      Nobody took offense, yoyoyo; we just all sortof think you are a gigantic dick who for some reason places a large amount of his own self-worth in what difficulty level he plays flash games on.

      Just a heads up: a lot of people generalize other people groups, but most people do this with things like personality(jerks, nice people). The fact that you inexplicably do this based on how simple or difficult they choose their progression through a video game to be just identifies you as a person who hasn’t learned enough about life to be likable yet.

      In summary: don’t worry, you didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. You just chose an odd way to let us know that you have become fundamentally insensate to reality.

    • gamerolled says:

      so what if thpse people are casuals? Some people like a more casual gaming experience. As a hardcore gamer, I have no problem with that. Personally, I play on hard, and I think even hard mode is a little too easy, but I know that’s because I level grind a lot and I play a lot of action games. Not everyone does. That being said, I do hope Krin makes hard mode a little harder. It does get a little too easy towards the end.

    • gamerolled says:

      Let’s not forget that for a lot of Krin’s fan-base, playing an action RPG is a bit of a step outside the comfort zone, so they may need a chance to get acclimated. They’re used to turn-based RPG gaming. Again, I’m used to action RPGs like Mass Effect and whatnot where you incorporate real-time combat with an RPG-style special ability system, so I’m used to this gameplay style, but if you’re used to the more Final Fantasy style of Krin’s other games (such as the Sonny series), then this is a big change of pace. Be patient with the action gaming noobs. They’ll work their ways up to normal and maybe even hard mode eventually.

    • Esordereno says:

      Lol.. Why is it that I find, depending on what upgrades I give my character, it is nearly impossible to get past some bosses on “normal”?

      I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer, but obviously, in some instances here, normal mode is prettymuch just.. stupid hard.

      I havent tried it on easy yet.

  70. metromuse says:

    whens v.02 gonna be out?

  71. Nnd says:

    I think he is still in the hospital, so it may take some time before the 0.2 update is out.

  72. Motear says:

    Can’t wait for the next part of the BETA to be released or to actually succeed the BETA phase.

  73. Samuraijubei says:

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  74. SergeantStupid says:

    Krin’s coming home? Hip hip hooray!

  75. Andy says:

    Dude I hope your feeling better and you can continue finalizing this game, I think its much better then Dead Zone. At least you don’t have to pay for it and stuff, cuz right now Blizzard is eating the money from my wallet from playing so much WoW and Diablo 3. But the real case here is, good luck with finishing this game Krin!

  76. Mortarion says:

    Krin, I just wanted to tell you, your games are awesome

  77. TJ says:

    this is totally AMAZING.

  78. Nnd says:

    He was just released from the hospital

  79. Farabi says:

    Running out of things to do.
    – Easy? Check.
    – Normal? Check.
    – Hard ? Check.
    – Easy? Check.
    – Normal? Check.
    – Hard ? Check.
    – Easy? Check.
    – Normal? Check.
    – Hard ? Last stage…

    Now what a I going to do?
    (other than wait!)

  80. mcGreen says:

    Im not home at the moment so im forced to use a Macbook (i hate it) at the moment. The game does not work on Safari browser at all. You just see some fast changing pictures.Works normally on Chrome

  81. NoDICEGW2 says:

    I just came to your site today after a long time, and the wait has been definitely worth it! Awesome game Krin! I love how the combat feels responsive, and isn’t just two people staring at each other in whack-a-mole combat. Sonny would be AWESOME like this, but I also love Sonny the way it is, whichever you prefer :P. Keep ’em comin! :)

  82. fallen_ninja666 says:

    After i posted my feedback the game renedring bar glitched out and i cannot load the game anymore :S

  83. Dizems says:

    can you achieve level 15?

  84. brian says:

    just a few things in a propaly ausome game.
    consumables are very hard to do in combat
    its anoying to open both the charator and inventry to equip
    and of course the rendering problem (but that will be fixed by me selecting the quality.)
    also i have found an bug.
    when you loot a chest, if you die afterwards in the same area the chest doesnt resporn and you lose the loot.

  85. Gianluca says:

    Hey Krin! :D. Just wanted to know, which class do you prefer in Sinjid? :P

  86. r1ce says:

    hey, whats up Krin?

  87. Johua says:

    Hi Krin, can you please give me the answer to when roughly Sonny 3 is gonna be out cause I am literally dying for the next one; can’t wait!

  88. the great mudini says:

    the link for the beta is not working

  89. Betaguy64 says:

    hi when i go on the beta site here comes 404 not found can u help me

  90. Machete3 says:

    Please fix the sinjid beta link.When i press it give 404 not found error:( i realyy want to play that game because im a fanof rpg

  91. This design is wicked! Yoou most certainly know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit aand your videos, I was almost moved
    to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and mote than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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