Recently, I was asked a lot about the ‘town’ part of Sinjid. In my other videos, there were demos of the combat, but not of the towns and non-combat stuff, so I’ll shed some light on that now.

Sinjid’s gameplay progression will be area based – a typical area contains enemies, treasures, mini-bosses, and a big boss at the end. Occasionally there’ll be some random quest stuff, or secrets. An area like that can take between 5 to 20 minutes to clear, depending on the level. You can find items and money in these areas, but you won’t often find vendors there.

Instead, scattered between all of the hostile areas, there will be friendly towns with friendly people! After you clear an area, you can go back to the nearest town and call it a day. Knock back a cup of tea with the other travellers, or try some of the local dishes. You can talk with the townsfolk and maybe learn some of the darker secrets surrounding the region. You can pop by the blacksmith to spend your hard-earned gold on bigger-better-stronger-faster weapons – before you finally head out into the wilderness again.

Ew, I got a bit carried away with the role-play there.  I don’t usually write like that! I’ll just try and sum up all the technical and gameplay elements of the towns for you now, just so you have an idea of the things to expect.

  • The main storyline is developed a fair bit within the towns – there’ll be a lot of scenes and characters you’ll run into.
  • You can find side-quests in towns (some are obvious, and some are hidden). The harder to solve, the bigger the prize!
  • You can buy new weapons and armor. You can sell all the stuff you don’t need.
  • You can buy food and drinks – these can be used to restore your Health when you outside of town (but not in combat).
  • You can buy Elixirs, which give you a buff upon drinking. Some buffs are really cool, like increasing the drop chance of rare items (my favourite Diablo 2 stat)!

Finally, here are some pictures of what the first town looks like in the current demo! You’ll notice it has changed from the way things looked in the video quite a bit – I’ve done some work on the doodads and backgrounds. This is probably close to what the game will look like when it is finished.

Any ideas for other things that should be in these towns?


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49 Responses to Friendly People, Weapons, and Food

  1. whase says:

    yay, finally a new update!
    it payed off to check back here daily. ^^

  2. Hasse says:

    I just love the background and the Lights :P
    Great Work!

  3. Hasse says:

    ‘Any ideas for other things that should be in these towns?’

    -Crafting/enchanting maybe?

    • Krin says:

      I had an idea for crafting – but I’m not sure if something like that will make it into the release version of the game.

      I also had an idea for a guy you could go to, to upgrade your items.

  4. Tyd says:

    Good to hear from you once in a while. Even if it’s 16 days too late, still best wishes for the new year!

    Some ideas for the towns:
    -Training/fighting dojo (In which you can join a tournament, or something like that)
    -Theatre (In which you can view back cutscenes/stories)
    -Shops/people with a reference of some sort

    Good luck with the further progress!

    • Shateras says:


    • Krin says:

      These are pretty good ideas! I’ll have to think about a training mechanic – that could be useful.

      Because of the way the game is made, you can’t really go and watch old cutscenes (they are sort of in-game). But having a theatre would be nice – like an actual theatre where they have actors and do a play! Hmm…

  5. Slasher says:

    *You could always have the classic “Gambling/mini-game” section of town. If you have ever played a golden sun game, they have a sort of fountain that rewards you with special items that you cannot get anywhere else, only by gambling with special coins that are extremely limited. (usually gained by searching pots, or digging into the ground) But I wouldn’t dare make it a major aspect of the game.

    • Krin says:

      Mini-game and gambling is kinda cool! I haven’t thought about that yet. I’ll write it down and see if I can do it :)

  6. rogelio says:

    ideas for the town
    -mercenaries(you can hire them to help you kill strong monster)
    -thieves(better rewards after kill a monsters or get information about some quest,or hidden treasures)

  7. bman says:

    2 words, Friendly WOLVES. you know like a mini companion

  8. Jak says:

    thanks dude for posting another update! please do more, though, we wanna know ur still alive :D

    anyways i have a sujestion for crafting. what if sometimes monsters drop things like “crystal shard” but the description is “useless shard” or “broken shard” but secretly ther is a place in a town where you can craft a crystal shard sword or something like that out of 6 or 7 shards and a regular katana. that would be pretty cool, adding like an upgrade but only if u get the drops and stuff.

    btw im gunna be doing a walkthrough/ let’s play on my youtube channel once this game comes out so i cant wait :D

  9. Ummm… Where did Sonny the zombie go? btw i love you Krin!!!!!!! Its been a long time since i played. Then i found this. its not blocked by familly safety. nice ideas rogelio.

  10. Lazo says:

    OMG… I thought you were dead… I was worried… Anyways… I see how awesome you’re doing so… I’m just glad you’re ok and keep up the good work! ;D

  11. Azriel says:

    Fantastic news, I love your work it truly inspires me to design what I do. My anticipation rises as I wait patently for you to work your magic. Good luck and I cant wait!

  12. Slambrex says:


  13. Andrew says:

    Alright~ An update! Pays to check it I guess. Looking good Krin!

  14. Pocketbike says:

    Really think this game is gonna be a Hit, love your artwork!
    I was hoping to give suggestions on what to put hopfully you will!
    -Easter egg of a type of weapon or armor
    -Arena of some sort to win money and items/rare items
    -puzzles hard and easy, but simple
    -mini bosses (cuz they’re awesome!)
    -companions animals/humans
    -ALOT of stuff… more than sonny 2!
    -skill tree, and perks. (like Skyrim)
    -random loot from things… stuff you don’t need.
    -crafting of items… have to find the right materials.
    -special craftable items to give you and edge if you look for the materials.
    -Day night cycle.
    I hope these ideas could help you to enhance the game. tell me if you do though, I would like to know that I helped give Ideas to this Going-To-Be-Awesome game!!!

  15. Nick says:

    any estimated release date yet krin?

    • Krin says:

      No not yet… Roughly, I need another 3 weeks to finish all the main content of the game, then its just polishing up everything – which I have no idea how long THAT could take…

  16. Shateras says:

    -A Jeweller – maybe located in the smithy, maybe not, but hey why not have one?
    -Apothecary – though judging by the screen shots, you already have one.
    -Well – very if-y concept. One such game had a little area where if you spammed the spacebar, you could get some free stuff, but it was cheap and got harder as you progressed. Perhaps it could produce some fresh water every now and then?

  17. William Sakowsky says:

    awesome, looking forward to it.

  18. Rodrycat says:

    you can make a mission system like “tomba” (playstation 1 – whoopecamp) :)

  19. Hasse says:

    how long for beta?
    can’t wait :P

  20. Boomie says:

    Hey Krin, i’m super excited for Sinjid. The thing i’m wondering is how far is it from completion? 10% 50% 99%? Just an estimate of your point of view. The game is looks freaking sweet, I can’t wait.

  21. Bunnieh17 says:

    20-10% that shouldn’t take more than a month, what takes long is polishing :)
    Outstanding work Krin. Personally I wish you worked on Diablo 3. If making games is your hobby, it’s even sweeter if you get paid to do what you love. You should try applying for some major gaming company, with your back round it’s no sweat. If you feel up to it,No rush.

  22. Bunnieh17 says:

    Now that i look, it looks like your planning to release sinjid around the same time as diablo 3, is that true?

  23. Lauz says:

    Ideas: fishing- fish for food or random objects in the river( food for health )

    Random traveller – in missions to give you sub quests or sell you objects and negotiable prices.
    Secret puzzles in houses- allows you to gain excess to hidden shops to buy legendary weapons(or some sort).

  24. Lifemaster says:

    Excellent to see you back in action Krin. I’m very excited for the release of what I’m sure will be a phenomenal game.

    I see you’re asking for ideas…and I noticed a lot of people mentioning details and shops etc…so I figured I’d provide a different perspective of help.

    When it comes down to it, the greatest element of each of your games has been it’s continuity and replay value. Therefore to ensure that this continues, and continues to become better, I believe that there should be some form of “endgame” material. I know you have explored this idea in Sonny games as well as Sinjid SotW, however, most of those did not continue to be challenging.

    Best case scenario, would be multiplayer sinjid…and I don’t know if this is a part of your plan or not, and if it’s not, I’m perfectly aware that it’s far too late to implement it. However, multiplayer would not only give the game continuity, but also make it competitive.

    If this is not possible, I believe there should be an endgame arena in which to fight ever increasingly difficult bosses. There wouldn’t have to be a ton of different TYPES of bosses, perhaps one that summoned helpers…one that was all about controlling you, and one that was like a juggernaut. Anyhow, the most important factor is that these bosses get INCREASINGLY harder, not only “better” but actually harder to the point where a player may no longer be able to defeat them. A player will have to use their skills and abilities to defeat these bosses in order to receive: NOT PIECES OF GEAR, I don’t think it would be good to be constantly getting drops off of big boss fights. Rather, have these bosses drop an item or object which allows you to upgrade a piece of gear, or skill-up an ability. The higher level the gear pieces are, the more of these tokens are needed, thus, a player’s good gear will eventually fall behind the stats of the bosses.

    Anyhow, I know you’ll do a smashing job on the lvling phases and questing and whatnot because you always do, but I encourage you to think a little more about the long term of the game, seeing as you put so much effort and time into it.


  25. Lucas Vianna says:

    Hi Krin, i got some ideas for the game:
    * Some of the side quests should reward you with followers.
    * Instead of blocking the in combat using of consumables(just the ones that restore your stats) you could make their effect be worst when used in combat, they could be 50% less effective
    * Instead of a crafting system you could add some side quests where you will have to get an special item(some loot that is only dropped by one kind of monster)for the blacksmith, and the reward would be a unique weapon.
    * You should put some minigames in the towns, some could be gambling style while others could be puzzles.
    * While in town the player could run in with a random npc that challenges him for a duel. The npc wouldn’t drop anything, the player would only gain xp points and money.

  26. Drew says:

    Since you was a d2 player I have a question on items. I know most of the post 1.10 players don’t really know a lot about how it was when the age of cruel items super elite rares and jeweler items dominated the elite pvp world. I was on diablo well since diablo 1 lol up to 1.10 when blizzard killed it for me as well as many others. It would be nice to see a decent roll system making that perfect item extra special or even perfect ethereal meaning it could possibly be one of the only ones to exist out of the millions upon millions of drops that rolled the stats. I lived to collect that stuff back then along with some pro illy bnet account names. My point being it would be awesome to see a gg roll system where even if it was perfect it could still have a different stat to offset it from godly as hell. I worked in a few private realms after 1.10 and hosted. It was always fun to make new items. If you want any help on that part let me know I’m always up for supporting any game that resembles diablo. Best hack n slash of all time and set the bar for online gaming.

    Kinda like subspace that was one of the first online games around. Just think pvp asteroids that shit was like crack when it was super active in the 90’s to early 2000’s. Sadly the population is trash now maybe a couple thousand people left with a 500ish daily active. All the smaller zones pretty much died out. I owned ssci dragonball z back in the day one of the only successful super zones”speed and power baby” It would also be awesome to see something of that sort setup for a browser. I seen there was a java version in the works but I think it would be better with something on par with f3d since it can run huge browser games almost flawless on desktops or laptops.

    Well gl with your game I can’t wait to see it all in play :)

  27. Mehphiles says:

    I thought, if you kil a monster than you choose of you are evil or angel. And than evil spells or angels spells ;)
    When is the release date?

  28. zisisx says:

    I have an idea about a shop,in many many games there is an Auction House,could you make something like that?(I know that creating all these items and stuff would be very difficult and exhausting but i think this would make your game better)

  29. massmurrder says:

    krin can you make a map ?

  30. Rerira says:

    Some sweet towns for a sweet game, what can i say, sweet!
    I wonder if we will see some portals like in Sinjid: SOTW.
    That would be interesting!

  31. Steve says:

    maybe it would be nice if theres like Fishing huntign wooductting like those stuff maybe… so that if ur bored in combat u could go fishing and stay in the same game :) hehehe..

  32. Jay Harrow says:

    For crafting items you could use a similar system to what I like to use in a lot of my tabletop games. You need a certain number of items (leather, steel, iron, herbs, ect.) depending on the item you want to make,then when crafting, some of the items used in the crafting will be taken away to make the item.

  33. RUMMAKER says:

    Mabey there could be a chance (maybe event triggered) for mobs to raid the village (only on hard difficulty maybe) and u have to defend the village along with the villagers.

  34. Taichi says:

    OHHH I see chinese letters! And… might be good to have random events, like runmaker said, but not just combat related.. maybe have some betting games, but plz, no coin toss etc.

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