Behold the mighty Warrior – Click here to check out the video preview!

And now the holy trinity is complete. As you would expect, the Warrior is a heavy melee fighter, with very strong attacks. This comes at a cost – they lack the mobility of Assassins and the control of Priests. But that doesn’t matter, because the defensive capabilities of a Warrior are unparalleled – they are very hard to kill. That’s why a Warrior never runs. That, and also because their heavy armor really slows them down :3

The playing style of a Warrior is very dependant on timing. You will have way less ‘active’ skills than the other classes – but your ‘passive’ skills are a lot more meaningful. Whilst the Assassin and Priests are designed to hit hard then get away, Warriors are designed to stay engaged. To help with this, Warriors have a chained Kunai attack which can pull enemies towards you (the “GET OVER HERE!” spell). They also have some of the best defensive spells in the whole game.

Here are some examples of the Warrior skills:

Release a powerful shockwave that damages all enemies near you, and causes them to deal 75% less damage for 4 seconds.

Kunai Sting
A ranged attack that hooks and pulls the target towards you.

Brutal Advantage (Passive)
Every 10 seconds, you gain “Brutal Advantage” – causing your next attack to be critical, and to also stun the target.

Avenger (Passive)
Every hit you take has a 10% chance to cause your next attack to deal double damage.

Blade Storm
Rapidly strike the enemy 3 times in a row.

157 Responses to Warriors Never Run

  1. nate mcclaren (Panda Man) says:

    wow how close are you 2 being done now?

    • Krin says:

      Hard to say :( But all that is left is actually just putting the game together – levels and menus and that. All the items and bosses are done, so 99% of the game content is already there.

      There will probably also be a playable BETA soon. :)

      • Vezner says:

        Are you able to give a month,date or estimate?

      • Phil George says:

        OMG!!! You have to let me take part in the playable BETA or I will DIE!!!!

        But seriously, if you need an additional playtester let me know. I have been taking part in the open beta for TLS: Dead Zone and have missed out on the open beta for half a dozen other games due to poor timing on my part. I’d hate to miss out on this because I didn’t express interest soon enough. (and if I am expressing interest in the wrong place I will find the correct place and show interest there as well.)

      • William Sakowsky says:

        Be sure to let your fans know when the beta testing happens, i’d hate to miss it.

  2. Bluebear says:

    Are most of the items in the game going to be hand made by you like in sinjid? Or do you have some type of random item generator like a lot of RPG games for more common items, and hand made rare pieces.

    • Krin says:

      In Sinjid they will be ‘hand-made,’ as you put it. But you could still have different qualities of the same item, and they’d have different stats.

      I like the idea of random generation though (especially seeing how well-done it is in Diablo). I would like to actually experiment with a system that generates random (but balanced) RPG content, rather than depending on fixed things. It’s probably too late for Sinjid now, but maybe for a future project :)

  3. Aeroeath says:

    Glad to hear from you, sounding pretty cool

  4. Shateras says:

    Wow. This is pretty amazing. The classes seem a lot more defined now.
    Question about the co-op: if you have player A join player B, are they able to play in the same campaign? Or will they start a new one?

    • Shateras says:

      Clarification: *play in player A/B’s campaign.

      • Krin says:

        I haven’t worked this out yet. Most likely the game will release without multi-player, and then I will add it in a little later.

        I am having a lot of technical difficulty working with the new SmartFox server so I don’t want to keep you all waiting on the game just to sort that out.

  5. r1ce says:

    hey krin,

    hope you’re getting better. and it’s AWESOME to finally hear from you again. keep up the work =)

  6. Karpov says:

    thanks for video and i have a some questions, please answer them: much zones will be in sinjid
    2. there will be to choose the difficult like on sonny much classes there will be
    4.there will be many items much need wait for BETA opens

    Sorry for my terrible grammar :)

    • darkest says:

      well, it is as follow:

      1. currently unknown to public (or I missed it, but you can browse all the post by yourself, so fun with that)
      2. ”
      3. 3 classes, assassin, priest and warrior
      4. currently unknown to public
      5. As several answers in this post state: probably soon.

      next time, please read all the comments, I can imagine that krin get quit tired of answering the same questions over and over again.No hating intended, really.

      • Shateras says:

        1. At least 9 zones, judging from the video.
        2. Yes, probably. There will probably also be a “hardcore” type of difficulty in which all enemy levels level up with you, and you cannot revive after dying.
        5. I think he wanted an exact date.

  7. ze Fan says:

    wow ! i cant believe it ! its very amazing . the skills the the game the graphics and … i think this will be a real reveloution in flash games . and by reveloution i mean : it will rock !!! it will be massive … anyways happy that you are better happy that you are making the game and happy that this game is gonna rock !! love you man ! and oh by the way … ill choose the assassin first than warrior … your BIG ! FAN from Iran …

  8. Valtar says:

    Great krin, this is really the best class! I don’t like speed and magic classes, i like more physical and defensive like warrior! The game graphics are very good! I cant wait more.

  9. Zyph says:

    Keep up the good work Krin :P

  10. alex thy noob says:

    Wow just hearing about this game made me go and play sinjid sotw… Love the direction youre taking this, gives it seperation from sonny but still adds the amazing strategy and skills im so fond of from your games.
    also must ask: will you have limited skill points so that characters have personalized builds from others, like in sonny 2?

    • alex thy noob says:

      Oh not five then thought you still had spell caster and another guy from stow oh well still cant wait for priest

  11. [dot]Snipe says:

    Hi Krin,
    is there any way we can chat (IM or email). Please let me know.
    Email mentioned above.

    Best regards

  12. RykoShun says:

    Game looks awesome! Cant wait to try it out and keep up the good work! Plan on learning how to code sometime in the future too ;)

  13. Lrak says:


    It is such an honor to be able to comment on your work, you are such an inspiration! I look forward to seeing your completed work. I wish you all the best, you are brilliant!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yo Krin,
    In case you haven’t heard this yet, the links on here to your Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are broken.

  15. Shadow_Craver says:

    Who makes the art?

  16. ofek says:

    i wish that in all class will Shadow summon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls

  17. UltimatePixel says:

    always good to see some nice progress.

  18. igotnolife says:

    its almost done you say? great, i look forward to it.

  19. Raron says:

    Impressive display! You never fail to excite us with your posts. Warrior class looks….most impressive. Quite happy to hear that the game is nearing it’s completion which means that waiting for so long finally will be worth something. I have seen all your videos till now and the only thing which I can say is that this game promises to be one of the best ever to be made by anyone. Good luck for your upcoming projects!

  20. Fatman says:

    Me Gotta Hav Closed BETA! Then me like!

  21. Alec says:

    I’m ready for the beta!!!!!

  22. Dragon555 says:

    I really like your work Krin. Yours takes the flash games to a new level. I only hope that now that you find your “quality” needs for a game, you wouldn´t be so long to take out your upcoming proyects (Sonny 3 it´s the most im attending to). Good luck man, and congratulations for all your good work, it never failed :).

  23. Damian says:

    Thank you, for making all of your games. I was in the hospital most of my life, due to various diseases, and I played “Sonny 2”, I loved it. It’s so good, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be near as healthy as I am! I overcame the diseases, while playing Sonny 2, and I can’t thank you enough! If you would respond, it would mean the WORLD to me.


    • Krin says:

      It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed the game! That’s all a game developer hopes for, really. Just to be able to entertain someone for a while.

      • sonnyenthusiast says:

        hey krin the very first game of yours i played was sinjid sotw and I remember I found sonny 2 before the first one you are like my favorite game developer :) :) :)

  24. William Sakowsky says:

    Great to hear from you again and that class looks like allot of fun. keep up all the great work.


  25. Anonymous says:

    You truly do a brilliant job Krin, and all my respect goes out to you and the hard work and dedication you have put into your games, starting from sinjid 1, you can really see how you, as a coder have developed, along with your fantastic personality. Although, as a hardcore Sonny fan, I cannot help but feel saddened by the fact we have to wait for it! All bickering aside though, and if this even means anything to anyone of your stature, but seriously, good job.

  26. The Guy says:

    Impressive work Krin. I’m amazed by the looks of the game so far, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    P.S.: Guys, give the Priest some laaawwwv.

  27. Fatman says:

    Me Gotta play Close BETA! Then me like best!

  28. Bunnieh17 says:

    Sign me in the beta, my youtube acc name tulp35000… Write me on one of my videos like the sinjid one, so i can see it . Lol

  29. Fatman says:

    Me wanna sign up beta too!

  30. Natus says:

    I really like the the content presented here. I adore your sonny games and Sinjid SOTW. Keep up the good work. Let it be known that all your fans are right behind you giving constant support.

  31. Mithos says:

    Hi there krin!

    I was wondering, have you considered transferring your work to the IOS device?

    I (and a lot of other people) would pay for it if you did.

    Also (off the point) I noticed, you introduced voice acting in sonny.

    How did you go about that?

    did you do all the voice acing yourself and take the recordings into a program?

    or did you hire people?

    I ask because I am making a 3D game in unity and I need voice – acting for it.


    – Mithos

    • Krin says:

      iOS Devices:
      I am currently learning Objective-C and XCode! I plan to do some test projects, then do Sonny 3 as a simultaneous release for Flash and iOS. I hope it works :)

      Voice Acting:
      I found Andrew Dennis from Newgrounds – and used him to do all the voices in Sonny. If you can, try to find someone who is an actor or has had drama training. It really shows!

      Good luck with your Unity game!

      • MithosAnnar says:

        Thank you so much mr Juangbhanich!

        Your work is brilliant. I thought of my game playing one of yours!

        If I become a success and people ask me what my inspiration was, well.. ill know what to tell them!

        I’ll tell them: Jakrin Juangbhanich!

        • MithosAnnar says:


          I played your game, sinjid, when I was 12. 2 years later I played colony, sonny and sonny 3 in sequence, I found them to be more entertaining than WoW at times. 2 and a half years after that (2 months ago, now i’m 17 :) I played your latest game, flight. I then decided to make a game… by playing your games and trying to see where they could be improved. I have one now, and have finished
          the first level.

          Seeing as though your making games for the IOS device like me… I’d like some marketing advice, what I have so far is this:

          give the app away for free, and give them the option to buy “Money”, which can be used to get new equipment and stuff!
          but allow them to make the money in – game by looting (or something). And thats how you get the money for making the game, sort of like “jet pack joyride” by “half brick” (the guys who made fruit ninja).

          what do think?

          really appreciate an opinion coming from you!

          – a really big fan of krin, Mithos.

          • MithosAnnar says:

            Oh, yeah I forgot to say.

            sinjid 3 looks like an incredible game, well worth the wait!

            Keep up the good work!

  32. Josh says:

    Krin, when do you think the beta will be released? Anytime soon?

  33. dumbum says:

    Dumbum pulls you down!


  34. dumbum says:

    Dumbum pulls you down!

  35. Green Moon says:

    Krin was making excellent progress on the new sinjid game but then diablo 3 three happened. But so far the progress is commendable

  36. click says:

    How come you dont have your web site viewable in mobile format? cant view anything in my iPad.

  37. Anonymous says:

    1 month behind schedule, should have been released by now. Why is it, that game developers can never just give an ETA, and stick to it? 2 months ago, you said it’d be one month, now we bearly even get an update on the game, more posts would actually help instead of just whipping one out a month, making people wait for something in which you (pretty much) lied about the release of. -1 Respect, sorry. You can’t even be bothered to post why, or even an update as to we know what you’re doing.

    • Killiun says:

      I agree with your comment, i have been waiting a long time for this game, and he hardly even posts anything anymore. its so close to its finish and its gonna take him still another month to finish the game thats “99% done” its retarded

    • AlexThyNoob says:

      Games are incredibly hard to predict when they come out. there is so many possibilites that can happen, its like trying to predict the weather next month. Hey, I bet in diablo III didn’t come out, he’d be done with it.

      • MithosAnnar says:

        @anonymos, killiun, alexthynoob:

        He’s sick and busy.

        sick? he has cancer.

        busy? diablo3, sinjid 3, learning c++, learning obj c and xcode.

        If he wasn’t id get your point, but you don’t have one, so shut up.

  38. Natus says:

    WTF is wrong with you! He has problems of his own that aren’t game related, now he would have to put up with the bullshit from people like you. Instead of rushing him you should be supporting him! He shouldn’t have to explain hiself to jackasses like you. So you need to calm the hell down, and build your patience!

    • Anonymous says:

      Build my patience? Shut up, child. I’m not rushing him, if you learned the English language, and then re-read the post, you’d see im rushing no-one. I merely stated that game developers NEVER stick to the ETA of their games. I know he has cancer, everyone here does. Did I tell him to “put that to one side”, no, I didn’t. Please do, shut the fuck up, and learn to read properly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let me clarify; ” I know he has cancer, everyone here does.” I’m stating we all know he has cancer, not that we all have it.

        • Sticky Shenoodles says:

          An ETA is ESTIMATED. Have you ever tried to make a game? I have, and let me tell you. YOU CAN NEVER TELL WHEN IT WILL BE DONE! Plus cancer,Krin has a lot on his plate. Give him a break! Everyone lasted the past YEARS just fine, and 1-2 months after the release he wanted, you’re bugging out! Give him some space.

        • MithosAnnar says:


          “-1 Respect, sorry.” ?

          shut the fuck up, idiot.

  39. Fatman says:

    I agree, Natus.
    It can wait, Krin, It can wait.

  40. Fatman says:

    Besides, What would you rather have – A whole load of boring Crap Games, or A few Mega-Awesome-Epic games?
    I think (and I bet a lot of others too) Would prefer the second option.

    Everybody knows it’s nearly impossible to keep up with an ETA – Especially for those awesome ones. They take a lot more time, but they will always ensure you get the best experience…

    Take BTD5 for an Example – although many of you probably won’t be playing it…

    • Poo head says:

      Stop copying everything you see or hear! Dumbo!

    • Anonymous says:

      Should a simple flash game take this long to make, is what i’m saying. During the creation of this game, 2 Call of Duty episodes have been released. Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: 2.

      So, which would you choose? One of those, or a mere flash game. And if you can’t keep up with an ETA, don’t give one untill your sure. Is that so hard?

      • Farabi says:

        Yes it is.
        If you haven’t been paying attention, You’ll have realised that Krin’s got life problems – he’s got Cancer, too.

        It may be a flash game, but it is a game where there is basically 1 game designer – that would be Krin.
        Sure, he has people like David to help him with sound and that, but other than that, he’s alone.

        Now take into consideration the games you mentioned.
        Call of Duty is an immensely popular and WELL DISTRIBUTED game.

        Now, Imagine the Giant team working overtime to try and get this done.Done? Good. Now imagine one person, severely ill, trying to do the same job…

        A very different scenario, don’t you think?

        Dragon age is the same thing – a giant team…
        Oh, and when they address you, they say the “Whatever” team, Not a single/ a few names.

        And besides, we will always be with Krin, No matter what.

        However, I do agree with the suggestion you made – f you’re not sure, Don’t give an ETA. But remember what Krin said at the beginning…

        This is just an estimate. There are NO GUARANTEES, so don’t get upset if I can’t make it by then.

        And in our comments, We said that we would be happy to wait, So please, Give him a chance.

        • Krin says:

          I am actually, truly sorry it is taking so long. I am terrible with updates, but I will try to make a post a week from now on. The reason I don’t really post updates on progress is because it doesn’t make for good reading. I want to focus more on articles or pieces that show the development process because I think other people (and developers) might have fun reading that.

          On that note, the real reason it gets delayed so much?

          It’s not because I’m working alone (Sonny was started and finished in 2 months).

          It’s not because I’ve got Cancer – in all honestly the side effects of Chemo have been kind to me so far, and I only have to go to the Hospital once a week.

          It’s not even because of Diablo III, as hard as that is to believe! :P

          The real reason is because – this is an important project to me and I want it to be good. Sinjid was my first popular game (all the way back in 2004) – and this will be the last Sinjid.

          So I am trying out a lot of new ideas, and experimenting with code and concepts I haven’t used before. I might be on track, then suddenly have an idea to add pixel-distortion into the game for shock-wave effects. I might spend a week on that, and realize it doesn’t work and have to scrap it completely. Is it efficient? No. Is it smart? Probably not. But it’s only way to make actual progress, in my book.

          It does take time to give a soul to a Flash game :) But again, I do apologize for the wait. I’m not neglecting it, or anyone who is waiting by any means.

          • Anonymous says:

            Krin, I hope you didn’t read any of my comments wrong, nothing i said was specifically aimed at you, but game developers in general, from a players perspective it seems ANY game that is near completion, is given an ETA that is way out. Nothing personal meant, and sorry if it seemed that way :)

  41. Farabi says:

    Besides, What would you rather have – A whole load of boring Crap Games, or A few Mega-Awesome-Epic games?
    I think (and I bet a lot of others too) Would prefer the second option.

    Everybody knows it’s nearly impossible to keep up with an ETA – Especially for those awesome ones. They take a lot more time, but they will always ensure you get the best experience…

    Take BTD5 for an Example – although many of you probably won’t be playing it…

  42. Farabi says:

    Don’t worry about it, P.Head.
    Fatman and I are brothers – we also share all our accounts…

  43. Farabi says:

    Krin, why don’t you step in?

    (Hey, that Rhymes!)

  44. Farabi says:

    Oh, and Anonymous guy, this is NOT a simple game.

    Uh… Are we the only ones left in this website?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not saying it was simple, I was saying, compared to multi-million selling games like Call of Duty, the game is simple. Also, i think we may be. *Tumbleweed floats past*

  45. Karpov says:

    Plz Krin answer this

  46. Karpov says:

    Plz Krin answer this

  47. Karpov says:

    Sorry for double post, me very lagging

  48. inflict says:

    when do you think the beta will be ready?, and more importantly where will it accessible? (If at all).

    P.S i know the first question has already been asked but i was wondering if there is now a better time frame?
    sorry to bother you, and i hope your Cancer situation is improving :)

  49. Natus says:

    I would like to apologize to Anonymous, he has a right to say what he wants and I have no control over that. I started an arguement that was unecessary and a waste of time. Also I would like to apologize to Krin for any further comments related to what I said.

    • Shateras says:

      Good man.

      By the way Anonymous, this may be pretty futile, but please don’t swear. Judging by some of the comments (not referring to anybody in particular) we may have some young kids in here.

      • Farabi says:

        Like me.

        • Anonymous says:

          I too, apologize. For losing my temper and taking it out on you guys. I’m excited for Sinjid 3, as are we all. But I’m English, it’s in our nature to complain, constantly. Also, about the foul language, I also apologize, I rarely use indecent language in my writing, and must not have been 100% focused on what I was writing.

          Also, please take into account that there are 2/3 more users named anonymous, and it is very easy to get mixed up. From this moment on, I shall add my name to the bottom of my posts to identify who I am. Although this makes me wonder, will the name ‘Anonymous’ mean anything, as adding my name? Oh well.


          • Shateras says:

            Apology accepted, at least for me.

            Maybe create an account, then set a picture thru gravatar? That way we won’t blame you for anything you haven’t done.

  50. Timetodienow123 says:

    I enjoyed both the Sinjid and Sonny franchises. I am saddened to learn that this will be the last sinjid. I’ve always hoped that you would be “bought out” and that you could work for a big developer and give us more expansive games, because I can see the intellect at work when I play the games. I can play Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior over and over again and I think that with more money and resources and helpers that you could come out with an EPIC game.

  51. Karpov says:

    Sorry, but i am young kid, because normal abdum human dont play games like that.

  52. Natus says:

    Will there be photos/videos of the beta content for those of us that won’t be able to play it?

    • Krin says:

      Yes there will, although I’ll make sure everyone here can get in :)

      • Esordereno says:

        Just wanna note that I am indeed here so that I able to join in the beta. ^^’

        Oh yea, thx a ton Krin. Great job and best wishes and all that.
        Am very excited. :)

        Crawling back into my hole now k cya.

  53. ofek says:

    I finished sinjid two 20 times and Because of the game i love rpg games *i finish the game wan i was 8 or 7

  54. Antheras says:

    I love all your games and can’t wait to play this masterpiece!

  55. Jasper says:

    “everyone here can get in” ! hooray :D
    How are you planning on letting us play? Will anybody be able to play the beta by going on this site, or will you send out codes?

  56. Yury says:

    krin you’re doing great and ignore the hate

    wait that rhymes

  57. mertun says:

    Krin I’d like you to know that I’ve been here since the times of first Sinjid. You’ve come a long way. Don’t worry about the date. I’m sure the payoff will be much greater than the disappointment of a few impatient people. Good luck with everything, as I return to lurking in the shadows once more.

  58. hebygeby says:

    Krin all i can say is take as long as you damn well please just crank out another one of those games you make that are right on the money good

  59. Tumrat says:

    I can’t wait for the beta, I’m sure it will be amazing. thank you for caring so much for your fans Krin, really means a lot! I really want to be apart of the beta so sign me up or whatever. Thank you!

  60. RUMMAKER says:

    sounds like an epic class :D

  61. Natus says:

    After the game’s completion, you should include a link to the blog in the game to increase the amount of fans/people that join the blog. I didn’t even know you had a blog until I looked into your Kongregate profile.

  62. DBoyd94 says:

    The game looks great so far. I can’t wait to play.

  63. Farabi says:

    That, I sort-of agree.
    But instead of doing that, why not leave it to be found by Real fans that actually look at things.
    Here, why don’t you show some of the secrets/cheats/glitches…Perhaps even a quick description every now and again.
    And, later, why don’t you host a few competitions?

    • Natus says:

      By competitions, I assume you mean things like finding certain weapons in an allotted time and killing certain enemies the quickest? Maybe have everybody use certain skills and see who can complete a certain zone the fastest?

  64. Fatman says:

    Yeah I agree about what my bro said.
    But I want something good If I win a competition!

  65. Natus says:

    Will there be a downloadable version or some sort of account system that will let us continue our progress on any computer?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, a downloadable version would be amazing, if possible. It’s annoying having to connect to the internet, load up a webpage to the game, and wait for the game to load. A downloaded version would eliminate all of these problems, unless of course, there was a online leaderboards system.

    • Krin says:

      I’ll use the AG system so that you can log in from anywhere. I think it may be too complex of a file structure to have it both as browser and as download though. But by default you can play any Flash game locally anyway if you know where to find it in your ‘temp’ folders.

  66. cdogsin says:

    omgomgomg! I can’t freaking wait :(
    I’ve been waiting for something like 10 years now. sign me up and let’s do this. TYYYYYYYYY

  67. Karpov says:

    I have a very important question

    How much hours gameplay about will be in Sinjid?
    please answer this question

  68. MithosAnnar says:

    Hey again, Krin!

    How are you doing those animations (especially love the text)?

    do you program each and every movement?

    Thanks for getting back to me on my other comment.

    • Krin says:

      I have a separate .fla to animate the movements in. It outputs the animations into code (a system which I programmed as well). Then I copy and paste the code into the main .fla, so the animations are generated during the rendering. They are then saved into big sprite sheets for that level.

      And which text do you mean?

      • MithosAnnar says:

        Hey! thank you.

        I see, so you are a programmer and animator.

        Very, very impressive. The kind of thing i want to do!

  69. Someone says:

    Dear Krin,

    I’m wondering a few questions.

    1 – What will be your next project after sinjid?

    2 – Are you going to release a BETA stage for everyone to play?

    3 – (If 1 is Sonny 3 ) What will be expected in the gameplay?

    4 – In sinjid, what will be expected in the gameplay?

    • Someone says:

      forgot one.

      5 – Will you ever do coding lessons? I want to learn how to create games like yours.

    • Krin says:

      1. Sonny 3 most likely. Maybe a short 1 month project in between to ‘exercise’ before starting another huge one like Sonny 3.

      2. Yes I will. Soon :)

      3. Something new. It’ll be turn based, but it will be a brand new engine. Multiplayer will be a key feature. Will probably release versions on the iPhone and iPad as well.

      4. Hopefully… Fun character development, lots of action, captivating story, and intense boss fights!

      • Cory says:

        That makes me so excited. There are no great games on iPhone. If you could create one that would be awesome. Also, to expand on that, could you make the Sonny and Sinjid series available on the iPhone also? That would decrease my boredom traveling in a car. Can’t wait for your new games.

      • inflict says:

        if your going to make it mobile i would suggest doing it for android and windows phone as well!!

  70. Thiemboy says:


    So far this game looks like it is going to be amazing, I can’t wait until the beta. Every day I go on this forum and look to see if you posted a new update. I just wanted to say that you can take as long as you need to make this game just the way you want. I don’t know about the other folks here but I would not mind waiting for a really good game rather than cranking out a bad one due to pressure of people who just can’t wait. I have been taking a programming class and it takes us weeks to make terrible games so, indeed this could take a while. But it will me AWESOME when it does come out.

  71. Draconian says:


    This is a rant or brace yourself.

    First of all, NO ONE CARES ABOUT SINJID! The only reason that you have people here talking to you is because you’re the creator of SONNY! And instead of supporting your fans by releasing Sonny 3 – 2 YEARS AGO! – you’ve been antagonizing them by making the wait for trashy games like flight, sinjid, etc…

    I want to know what was going to your head when you started this Sinjid project! Is it a popular game? NO. Is it an original concept? No! Is it interesting? NO! Will it fare well against popular late 80s Nintendo or early 90s Sega games? HELL NO!

    Dude, are trying to resurrect a dead genre of games? Wtf were you thinking? Sonny became famous & popular because it had an awesome story and an interesting turn-based gameplay. If I want to control my character’s movement I’d play anyone of the MILLION high end RPGs or FPSS that was released in the past 10 years.

    And if I want old school, I’ll just play on my Nintendo or Sega! Stop wasting peoples time w/ this crap…

    Believe it or not some people have been waiting for FOUR YEARS for Sonny 3!


    • Natus says:

      “No one cares about sinjid” There are people amoung us on this forum who like shinjid. No one should have to explain why he is making this new game nor put up with the pathetic bull that was scribbled across that post you made.

    • Krin says:

      Since you put such effort into your rant, I think it’s only fair I give you a response.

      First of all, that’s not true that no one cares about Sinjid. I certainly care about Sinjid, so that’s at least one person in this world! :) And I need to trust my instincts. It was instinct after all, that led me to create Sonny while everyone was telling me to make a new Sinjid back in 2007.

      And it’s not like I purposefully ‘antagonize the fans.’ Fans want a Sonny 3? Excellent, I’m honoured. I’m flattered. But if I went ahead and did it right away, it wouldn’t be good. I could feel it. People would be disappointed. I had to stop, and do something different for a while. I’ll do it when I’m ready – when I have new skills and ideas to impress you well-weathered folks with.

      Sorry that you didn’t like Flight – but ‘trashy’ is objectionable. It reached a wider audience, and there were a lot of people who liked it. Honestly, I prefer doing RPGs and RTS as well, but at the end of the day I do have bills to pay too :P

      I’m not sure what gave the impression that I was trying to emulate or resurrect 90s era games. All I wanted to do was bring the Sonny formula into an action-based environment. I certainly enjoy Sinjid’s style of gameplay more – and so do all the internal testers so far.

      I would love to give you what you want, but I don’t know exactly what you want. Not really. “Sonny 3” is just word, but I’m talking about the subtleties. I know what I want, however. So I’ll make what I want, and just hope that what you want is also what I want. :) Does that make sense?

      Anyway, Sinjid is almost done and Sonny 3 is next on the list. I’ve got a lot of exciting ideas for this one too :) Hope you’ll be around to try it out when it releases.

      • Fatman says:


      • Draconian says:

        I appreciate your reply. Eventhough I wasn’t even expecting my comment to be published in the first place. Just wanted you to read it. You made a fine point about not being able to work on the sequel right after the releasing it’s predecessor. However, that doesn’t justify such a long break either.

        You mentioned Flight ,and I heartily concur with you. It does not belong to the trash category that I mentioned. However, what was the point of that game? When we had a ton of very similar games released one year prior to Flight. Infact, when I was playing the game, it was unbeknownst to be that you were the creator and the first thing that came into my mind was RIPOFF! Instead of the penguin we get a letter…

        Anyhow, my point being, Flight was unnecessary, not needed, not being craved, it wasn’t original, or anything. But you did it anyway. Instead of continuing with your own project the one that has millions of fans. Was it a trashy game: No. Was it worth putting time into: Absolutely not.

        All I’m saying is that if your problem is paying the bills, then start on Sonny, everytime, you’ll release a new episode you’re bound to get 10M+ plays. You don’t need to keep experimenting and making random games or ripoffs from other games. You’ve already made YOUR OWN ORIGINAL GAME, it’s called Sonny, embrace it, instead of tossing it aside.

        Just look at WoW, Half life, Modern warfare, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, etc. They come up with a game, and then based on it’s genre, either keep updating(releasing new content and patches for it) or they release new episodes for it, constantly.

        What you’re doing is trying to REINVENT THE WHEEL time after time, aftertime. You’ve already got it son!

        Anyhow, just my 2cents, might be worth 2 million to one person and nothing to another.

        Good luck on your future endeavors.

    • RUMMAKER says:

      i prefer sinjid over sonny; sinjid is much more enjoyable then sonny for me. And, people have waited for sinjid as well as sonny, sonny came out after sinjid meaning people waited longer for sinjid then for sonny.

    • Fatman says:

      Why’d you put your name after a game?
      Ain’t that Plagiarizing?

      You be Crap, Man!

    • inflict says:

      extreme arrogance. why you replied krin is a wonder. he deserved nothing :/

  72. LIFe says:

    Will you be making a game that has a similar gameplay to Diablo?

  73. Farabi says:

    Hey, I Like Sinjid too!
    The WHOLE Reason I even started to play Sonny was because I found it when I was looking for another Sinjid Game…

    Oh, And This place is looking more lively!
    I think it’s got the most comments in all The other posts (I’ve seen so far.)… Even if it has gone a bit off topic…

  74. Jellybutter says:

    Looks great so far Krin! I can’t wait for Sinjid! I can’t wait for Sonny 3 either, but I’ll have this to play while I wait! I believe you are doing an excellent job, and think you should take your time, and make your best game yet!

  75. Römmel says:

    Hello Krin , I am truly in awe for the amount of effort you put into your project , although some people may rant , you keep your cool and well ,continue working! , that’s something one can really respect , Sinjid looks like it will be such an AWESOME game! I cant wait to play it , I hope everything goes just fine for you , thanks Krin , for being one of those kinds of people which seemed kinda extinct, and I mean good nature’d people of course!

  76. Farabi says:


    I have a new Butterfly/Bat as my avatar! I like it!

  77. RUMMAKER says:

    iv got 2 questions:

    what is the plot?(like a general idea i don’t want no spoilers :P)

    and will there be other type of enemies besides humans?(like maybe a shadow wolf?)

  78. johnson mcblain. says:

    curiosity killed the cat RUMMAKER. best we wait for Krin to make the first move and we should all just go with it. but the question i have is when is the next update? i know patience is a virtue but this seems like it’s taking a while.

  79. MithosAnnar says:

    hey krin!

    This is the very last thing I want to ask:

    Will you need help with sonny3?

    If the answers yes…

    I am a 3D graphics artist. So that maybe we could do it in 3D?

    But if you do need anything, us fans could probably do something for you!

    – Mithos

  80. Gauz says:

    Thank you.
    Your games are always uplifting. And their interest to pass again and again. I hope you will not deviate from this path and continue to make games. Games that can be looked to pass more than once

  81. JACKSON says:

    i will use this class for the beta

  82. alberto says:

    @ @ @ @ @ % ! @ —– – – — – – – – – – # $ %% ! @ # $% % !

    Hi krin, it is really good to see that you are Alive/and okay.
    but, you have so much work to do, and i have so much asks…
    and a ask. that os really IMPORTANT, is…

    What about ArmorGames? you leave it alone? the people are really worried about you. there is a game, called COLONY. the colony, is full of hackers, full of bad people, and whit a LITTLE IDEAS and, REALLY FULL of people needing you, see that green circle, “KRIN IS: ONLINE”. but you dont go there by so many years.

    they think you are dead. i am sorry about that.
    but i will spread the notice you are not dead.

    and also, i have another question: i heard in the colony, that once you launched the colony… what happned? there was a GM who maked all the people make a HACK SITE. if they dont do it, they will be banned.

    was that true? and also… i have a good idea to help you in devolping games.

    as you know, the game is whit a trillion of ideas. and you are almost ONE to see them all. soo…
    i recomend YOU to gather more people, to help you. some people, will FILTER the ideas, or what it means…

    they SEE the ideas TO YOU, and say the good ideas.
    the price, will be really cheap! and make them happy.

    *IN-game MONEY
    the people who help you in somenthing, will get a in-game money. such as Diamonds, or Metal or gold. it was good to be Diamonds. cuz they are more valious than gold. and, it will be used to buy really powerfull things. such as weapons, armors, helmlets, and even skills or pets!

    and… i will spread the notice you are not dead, and help you… i dont like people who spread lies.

    Also, i have another idea.. that idea, is:to make the people happy, i recomend to you focus at the PVP. if you make the PVP GAME too fast, the people can ENJOY the game, and waste the time. and, you will be working while they are playing. and then…

    * thanks for the work, for the patiencie krin. we are really needing you in colony! if i can do somenthing, tell me by email :)

    i am still very new in there… really very. but if i can help, on how to reduce the game lag or really good plans, email me :)

    • alberto says:

      sorry… i was thinking. not writing :X

      And then… the people can play, have fun, and you can make the game IN PEACE!!!

      and, if you want my help,i can filter some ideas to you. ok? i have a lot of time here :D’

      email m3 :)

  83. shivam says:

    Hey krin, I’m not like a full time gamer or beta tester. but i just want to let you know…….
    OHHHH and especially the Sonny series……..God its just amazing….I mean you are a Gaming God

  84. Reme says:

    look into the thumbnail. See the scythe? i wonder who is he fighting……

  85. DuyProKiller says:

    why cant i play the beta version ._.

  86. You really allow it to become appear very easy along with your display however i to find the following issue for being truly the one thing i always believe I’d never ever comprehend. It sort of feels very tricky and incredibly extensive in my situation. Now i am looking ahead of time inside your next submit, I’ll seek to get used to the item!

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