It’s been over a year since my last update. I wonder if I’m the only one left here now…

Okay, time to cram a year’s worth of updates into a single post! Here we go. Firstly, I no longer live in London. I will miss that city and its people. I’m in Australia now, and I absolutely love it here. It’s perfect! There seems to be some joke about how everything in Australia is out to kill you. Now I guess people will have more reasons to assume I’m dead every two weeks. Ha!


I started Sonny 3 a long time ago with FlashDevelop and AS3, but then as mentioned in my previous post – I’ve decided to learn Unity as my main platform instead. The powerful engine and the ability to export to any device was too good to pass up. Now fast forward a year, and I’m more comfortable in Unity with C# than I ever was in Flash. I’ve learnt a ton of new tricks along the way. Now in order to learn Unity, I wanted to make a game that was easy. I didn’t want to make Sonny 3 right away, because I want to be 100% capable before starting the project. So I opted for a Shoot-Em-Up, which is in my opinion, the easiest kind of game to make. This game was called Invasion at first, but now it’s changed to…

Star Strike!

Now, this was originally planned as a 2 month project. Just quickly make a highscore game, and then move on to Sonny which is what everyone wanted. That was the plan, and if I had followed it, this game would have been finished with Star Strike a long time ago. But when the highscore game was ready, I wasn’t happy with it. The game was missing something. But more importantly, I felt I hadn’t learnt enough. So I went back to the drawing board – redrafting, redesigning. I drew up a list of all the similar games I’ve enjoyed before – Raiden, Lylat Wars, FTL. Trying to find some inspiration that I could use. I ended up transforming the game quite a lot. Instead of a high score game, now there are 100 Sectors to fight through. There are bosses that fly around you, and you need to hit their weak spots. The ship has RPG stats, and can be equipped with up to four different items. The items are procedurally generated like in Diablo, with special powers – some add stun to your weapon, some shield you when you reach critical damage, or add extra missiles to your attack. There’s even special missions to dodge through an asteroid field, or sneak through an enemy base, with avoidance gameplay.

There was a lot of things in Star Strike that I developed as a precursor to Sonny 3. Things like the networking system and the friends list – the daily challenges you can login to do. I needed to test it out first before I dare build the game around it. I wanted to test out my ideas for procedural level and item generation. This is why I had to put Sonny on hold – I would jump in right away, but there were tools I had to learn, and ideas I had to test. The game is almost done now. I’m cleaning up the code and testing the game. It will be release for free on iOS (and possibly Android later on).


Meanwhile I’ve also been working on another puzzle-RPG with the guys who did Flight! for iOS – WarSpark. I really enjoyed some games before that combined a Match-3 style of play with RPG. Namely, there was one called “10000000” that I really liked, and so I wanted to design one of my own. The concept is such:  you have to match an element, and then your character attacks based on what elements you unleashed. The character can level up and equip items and spells. Spells need a specific color to cast – so if you wanted to cast a Fireball, you would need to match 4x of the red gems, for example. But I think the most impactful mechanic in the game is that you share the same puzzle grid as the enemy. So when it’s their turn, the grid will lock, and they will make a move. This means you need to plan one step ahead – you can’t always go for the biggest chain if that leaves you open to be counter-attacked by an even stronger chain. Or sometimes, you can see that an enemy is using only red spells, so you need to move to deny him the red gems. It’s actually quite fun! And it was nice to work on a game that anyone could pick up and play for once. Here’s a concept screen:

Sonny 3

Okay, since this is what everyone is always asking about – here is a small update! I have prototyped a few different ideas and have decided to go with the Mutagen design after all. I think it’s really fun to be able to pull apart the DNA of your dead enemies and absorb their abilities – but also to be able to mix them and create your own combinations. Some fundamental changes will be made to the game. First, the buffs are going to be a lot simpler. There are just too many buffs in Sonny 2, because the gameplay relied on them too strongly. Now we’ll have much more interesting mechanics, and so buffs can take a back seat. On the other hand, I found a fun way to deal with elements and ability builds. Inspired from card games, each spell will add or gain some kind of bonus based on how many spells of the same element you have in the ability grid. So maybe Toxic Spit gains +15% damage for each Green Mutagen you equip. Meaning you can get stronger power by sticking to one element, but each element will have its own strengths and weaknesses.

The gameplay prototype looks absurdly messy so I won’t post it now. Instead here’s the new naked skeleton rig for Sonny 3.


93 Responses to Long Time No C#

  1. HSAR says:

    Still here! Good to hear from you.

    Unity is really a powerful platform; seems everyone is moving to it these days.

  2. Moshe says:

    Finally, the long-awaited update came. I’m glad everything is going well, and that you’re not dead ;). When Star Strike! is coming out I’ll propably play that game a shit ton, cause it seems like a lot of fun to me. You’re awesome Krin.

  3. Jordan says:

    Hey good to here your okay i have been following your games since sonny one and i am very excited to see what you come out with next, your living my dream at the moment designing games in Australia! So jealous i hope everything goes well and i will be watching for advice and inspiration all the way =]

  4. Hans Andreas says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for an update! It’s good to hear that you’re doing well :) Really looking forward to those games, keep up the good work, Krin! Glad to hear from you again

  5. Hyper says:

    Glade your back buddy. I have checked this page everyday since your last post hoping you would post another update.It finally happened . We missed you. <3

  6. Impronoucabl says:


    Welcome to Oz! I can’t wait for another game from you, but if you’re not happy with it, don’t rush it >:(

  7. Guest1234567 says:

    Yes! Finally a new post! That second game, opal, looks really cool. Will that be ready soon and for android as well? Also is that a satyr holding a halberd? Cool. Please post more updates too, just an occasional picture would be satisfying.

  8. Nok says:

    Finally,some words from you again. Really like your game especially sonny (but star strike! look cool too). Really hope your games are more popular back here in Thailand T-T.

  9. Kai says:

    Wow Krin! Awesome! So happy to see an update, thought you had a “death by kangaroo” attack XD. By the way, have you seen the new 2D feature of Unity, and if so, are you using it? It looks pretty interesting to delve into.

  10. Gemini says:

    Hey man, glad to hear from you again!
    I absolutely love reading what you’ve learnt along with your ideas, totally looking forward to Star Strike too :)

  11. EvilNinja says:

    I always believed that you were still alive. You’re in Australia now! That’s like, hardcore mode!

    Still kinda wondered what kept you busy. Guess now we know.

  12. yoratzi says:

    Hey Krin!you are alive XD! sooo goooood to hear about you! so now cancer is your bitch ? jajaja so glad to know you are kicking around :P! and now AUSTRALIA!!! awesome! I also want to live there, soon I hope!jajajaj carefull with…yeah everything there is going to try to kill you jajajajaj but youwill makeit ;). nice proyects by the way looking forward to try it! jajaja after (someday) you finish sonny , will you retake sinjid? its my favorite :D! see youaround man! open a twitteror something just toknow youare still alive :)

  13. UltimatePixel says:

    Welcome back! You really should update us more often, it really gets on some people’s nerves :). The games seem like a lot of fun, can’t wait to try them all!

  14. cvekis says:

    Welcome back Krin. Hey I live in Australia. I am in Newcastle near Sydney. Where are you?

  15. Trishock says:


  16. theaxman123 says:

    YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THanks for the update. i am so psyched about Sonny 3. I can;t wait cause it looks awesome!!!!!!

  17. Galiant says:

    Can’t wait to try all of these! Also, C# is awesome.

  18. Luis Garcia says:

    Nice to see you’re not dead Krin. Loved all the games you’ve designed so far so i’d have been heartbroken to see you gone cold. Sonny 3 sounds like it’s gana be even better than the past 2 in the series, and Opal sounds cool too, can’t wait to see Opal released.

  19. CaptainLepidus says:

    Krin, by god, I thought you’d left us forever. I’m so glad to hear from you again! 370 days since the last post…and that’s 369 too many if you ask me…you sure aren’t one for deadlines, eh?

    Star Strike looks beautiful. I’m glad you’ve made the transition away from Flash, too. But let’s get to the really good stuff.

    When you first posted some ideas on Sonny 3, I was kinda reluctant to change, but thinking back on it, I’m pretty damn excited. The new gameplay sounds fantastic and I’m sure I speak for all Sonny fans when I say we’re more than ready to finish the story…or at least continue it (any plans for Sonny 4? ;)) I do hope that even with the reboot we’ll finally find out what’s on that blasted tape…

    I’m not sure how I feel about the model at the moment. I really liked the darker, sharper look of the first two games and this one looks a bit smooth and…vector-y, I guess? Could just be me being weird, though.

    Anyways, I’m so happy that you’re still with us and I’m eagerly awaiting more news!

  20. Yousof says:

    Finally? :D good to see you’re back.

  21. neoexdeath says:

    Well, I’m glad you are back now, but I wish starstrike would be released on PC too. I mean, I really wish to play it on my laptop too, if you don’t mind (and since it’s gonna be free to play).

  22. KillPaladin says:

    Your back and all this info is making me pretty hyped and excited, thanks a lot, you should still update more frequently ;)

  23. M3rcer says:

    Glad to see your still kicking, seriously Sonny is one of my favorite rpg games of all time. To see that it is still alive is very nice. Also, this is not an advertisement or spam really, but have you considered maybe in the future listing Sonny 3 in Steam Greenlight? You can make a bit of side money and as for the players maybe add some premium content?

  24. sonny gamer says:

    Yesss!!! I’ve been waiting for your next update! Starstrike looks good bro and the fact its free is awesome (rpgs are my favorite genre) I hope sonny 3 turns out as good as this looks but can you keep the characters look like your style in sonny 2 (Keep dat awesome shadow affect) ya dont have to or anything but I loved the art on those characters and cant wait to see how the skill system works (the mutagens) its a really good idea plus you make the best flash games so its probably gonna turn out great take it easy krin

    – Blueb4ry

  25. sonny gamer says:

    Srry if you dont understand dat poor grammar or punctuation

  26. sonny gamer says:

    Srry 4 bad punctuation

  27. sonny gamer says:

    Whoops didnt see the first one came through

  28. igotnolife says:

    nice to see you back

  29. FatherLiquid says:

    Really good to hear from you. I even went as far as to message David Orr, as I know you two are working together, and got a wonderful response. Eager as always to get our hands on some of your stuff. -Your loyal fanbase.

  30. Frankyberserk says:

    Glad you’re alive !

  31. ScrappyTank says:

    I have said this before and I will say it again. Your mutagen system sounds like Genesis Rising gene system. GR didn’t do well because how it implemented said system (among other things). I hope your implementation is received better because I loved the Sonny and Sinjid.

  32. William says:

    Good to hear some news. I have to admit, I thought the worst for a while. It’s so good to know you are well and that you have so many upcoming projects!

  33. Cryowhite says:

    Think you finish all of ‘Sonny 3’ because I would love to try it out myself. :)

  34. EverRook says:

    Looks good Krin. Glad to see you’re back!

  35. ZiEiTiA says:

    YAAAAY – ur back :)))) All ur stuff sounds great – looking forward to star strike’s release – it looks like it could be quite addictive :)
    Been checking this site every day for the past year – was beginning to hunk u were gone forever :D


  36. Alexander Farrugia says:

    Regarding Opal, there’s a fairly new game on Kongregate that has a similar idea, called Dangerous Adventure. It’s here, if you want to take a look:

  37. Zergoon says:

    Im just so happy to see that ur still alive ;P
    And i cant for Sonny 3 it seems like it would be an awesome game like the other two, thank you so much for your “Skills” :D


  38. legend says:

    SONNY 3!!!!!!!!!!!! *pants heavily and dools* …i mean keep up the good work and i hope to see it soon *wipes the drool from my mouth and looks around to make sure no one saw my out burst*

  39. Nateman7447 says:

    I don’t know if you are taking suggestions for Sonny 3, but I have one anyways. I liked how in Sonny 2 you could do a local pvp battle, I did it all the time with my brother. U have been think about including something like that for Sonny 3, but instead have it be a co-op team battle. Up to three accounts at once could play together against a leveled training fight enemy from a zone of your choosing. I just thought it would be cool, congrats on not actually being dead, keep up the good development.

  40. Wright says:

    We’re still here~ Very happy to hear about your current projects! Looking forward to them, especially Sonny 3!

  41. A says:

    The “everything is out to kill you in Australia” joke is due to the fact that a lot of the world’s most venomous/poisonous/dangerous creatures (box jellyfish, blue-ringed ocotpus, stonefish, Sydney funnel-web, inland taipan, saltwater crocodile, great white shark, DROP BEARS(!) etc.) are native to Australia.
    Anyway, it’s good to finally see another update. I’m also curious about your cancer. It’s safe to assume you’re not going to die anytime soon, but I was wondering whether it’s a still a threat, or just something requiring you to check up every few years or so.

  42. nate says:

    doeas this mean ypu need a smartphone for all these games including sonny 3?

  43. Rich says:

    I’ve literally checked the website for 3 months consistently after the last update, hoping i’d get more news on Sonny 3. Me and my brother used to play it, and it was a lot of fun. I can’t believe you’re actually back.

  44. Wittimaniac says:

    Yeah ! Finally you came back! I can’t wait playing inva- STAR STRIKE! Will it be on PC, or just on mobile devices?

  45. Lyrenyx says:


  46. necrox22 says:


  47. Rahul says:

    Good to hear from you, Krin. I hope you are feeling better and am looking forward to whatever it is that you create next.

  48. Meh says:

    Your game Flight is amazing. ^-^

  49. peter says:

    i’m so happy…

  50. justasxz says:

    Well thank you for update for some tipe i thinked you died or just quit game developemtn after invasion :D i like the idea of unity you can create nice games with it i tried it myself thought iam bad at that stuff i succed to create simple game :D but about unity it needs much better pc to handle unity and my pc even cant handle sinjid (iam very sad about it i cant play it thought i saw some videos its good ) so plz if you possible can make some addtional options for bad pc like graphic lowest :D

  51. More says:

    Good to hear from you. Waiting impatiently for the next releases ;) Keep up the good work.

  52. Chris says:

    You really aren’t the only one left here Krin ;) checking in almost weeky, nice to hear from you!

    And beside of Sonny 3, i hope that Opal game is finished soon ;) sounds really nice

  53. Brandonissora says:

    Heeeeeyyya! I started Sonny quite a while ago, and ever since then it has been my all-time favorite online game! I have showed it to my family, all my friends, and just some random people online. I have adored your game for a countless amount of time, and will continue, too! Everything I heard about Sonny 3, was in 2013, so I didn’t know if you had given up on it, or not. Then I saw a post on Kongreate saying to look at your blog. I’m sooo glad I read that! Eagerly awaiting the next part of Sonny!!!

  54. S says:

    Thank god you’re still alive~! Hope everything goes well in Australia. Do watch out for your health and dangerous snakes?
    ~With love, adoration, and hope for the best, your fan S.

  55. Krin please make a lot of classes like these:

    very defensive, (95% defensive abilities, 5% attack abilities),
    defensive (75% defense abilities, 25 % attack aabilities),
    normal (50% defense abilities, 50 % attack abilities)
    agressive (75% attack abilities, 25% defense abilities)
    very agressive (95% attack abilities, 5% defense abilities)

    Please make a lot of classes like this i wrote. and please release sonny 3 on July or August :D

  56. Rerira says:

    Awaiting android port already :P

  57. Parantatatam says:


    if i wont go to an awesome party tonight i would say you made my
    day so i can only say you made my week, a pretty bad week.

    i hope u put none of your games to the app-store while i have to study hard; especially Sony while i don’t have holidays cause it would fuck up my studies rely bad

    PS: Don’t die

  58. DawnBreaker says:

    Good to see you still kicking Krin. Never interacted with you on a personal level, but I’ve been following your games since I stumbled across the original Sinjid, god, must be ten years ago by now.

    I’m happy to see that you’re still intent on putting out new games, especially the next Sonny installment as that one’s long been anticipated (not complaining, mind. I know how life gets in the way, and your games are usually well worth the wait).

    As for Unity, I mod for an MMO that uses it and it’s a pretty good engine. Seeing as I know people that are self taught that have gone on to make successful programs using it, I’m sure Sonny will fare just fine.

    Anyways, don’t entirely know what the point of this post was, beyond to say that it’s awesome to see someone that enjoys what they do creating some quality work, and I hope you fare well in your ambitions as a game programer. Keep being awesome.

  59. Gavin says:

    You told me on twitter that Sonny 3 would be done last fall, But im glad its not. Ive been looking forward to this game since the end of Sonny2 and i want Sonny 3 to be the best that it can be. Youre an awesome game maker Krin! i cant wait to play these new games youre making!

  60. forDafeet says:

    Any news for Colony 2? D:

  61. Ogdred says:

    I am glad to see Krin make a new update, I’ve waited for looong for this. Good to see you back in action.

  62. Ben33344 says:

    I dont have unity so if u make sonny 3 with unity can i play it? i only have adobe flash player.

  63. twillight says:

    You man start to run out of time.
    Give it more than 0.5 years, and noone will care for Sonny 3 anymore.

    Just tellin’.

  64. Rahul says:

    Are you going okay, Krin?

  65. peter says:

    please post something Krin!

  66. ZiEiTiA says:

    It probably be around feb 2015 when we next hear something

  67. Yousof says: 500,000th to play Colony on Kongregate! :D
    Krin, Sup? Been long since your last update.

  68. gamerolled says:

    Glad you’re still there. Hope settling in at the new place in Aussie is going well. I see what you mean about Sonny 2 being too buff-intensive. I do recall some of the late game boss fights turning into Speed Bio: Stasis, buff, buff, buff, buff, then kill the boss in one hit.

  69. gamerolled says:

    then again, I AM obsessive compulsive about engineering a build for maximum damage on a single strike. I think I remember it hitting a million damage with the vampire strike with the right set of buffs or something outrageous like that.

  70. Lionel says:

    Yes we’re still here. Every few months I check if Sonny 3 is out and check your blog for signs of life lol. I’m an IT tester and I would gladly donate some of my time to test any beta and search for bugs. Regards from Argentina!

  71. oshersz says:

    Krin are you still alive? :'(

  72. Landen Ehnes says:

    Krin I know you’re still out there working on sonny 3, If there’s something standing in your way I know things will plan out better for you and devote you much needed time for the game you so passionately create. Both the first and second sonny make a connection through out my child hood That’s so deeply embedded in my mind,That I will always remember sonny and forever play it. I want to personally thank you for what you’ve shown me in these games and I believe in you, that Sonny 3 will be one of the platinum games you’ll make. Your level of creativity exceeds the rest granting you a rare gift. I’m stoked for Sonny 3.

    Yours truly


  73. Jibatsuko says:

    please come back :(

  74. osis says:

    Waiting for sonny 3 for 2 years great game.

  75. Triston says:

    Well it’s been a very long time to see any new games from you. I loved your Colony game back on Newgrounds. And for your newest game, that would be great to have that for Computer version too, not just iOS.

  76. monfii says:

    The next blog here would probably start with the same “It’s been over a year since last blog post” or even “two years”. Thats so sad :C

  77. Lou says:

    Still here Krin… Hope you haven’t forgotten about us… :(

  78. BattleFish says:

    If anyone is still worried about Krin or the state of Sonny 3 hopefully this will ease your heart a little bit

  79. XerKB101 says:

    Hey Krin are you still alive?
    If you are then I am looking forward to your games and ask of you too keep up the good work :D.
    If you are dead then i wish for you to rest in peace :c.

    XerKB101 from London :o

  80. some one loves your game sonny says:

    so it’s been 3 years since you announced the sonny 3 development and I liked the game so bad . that i even visit this site for every 6 months because I know you don’t post much and you like to lay low . any way I will appreciate it if you make sonny 3 on mobile industry . flash games are now low in business . so do you think of you would make it on mobile or just in the website ? I am really huge fan of your game . please make an update at least .

  81. Im a cop you idiot says:

    Rip krin, he died

  82. Rares says:

    Ok guess Krin is ded…
    Rip in peace m8…
    Loved ur games and I am making my first game in unity with some friends though its not as cool as the sonny games so far…

  83. Rares says:

    Are you still alive, Krin?

  84. Nawt Krin says:

    Just wondering when will you use your blog again. Also I groaned at the title. Pun rating:10/10

  85. Horea says:

    So quiet..:(
    Hope you are doing fine

  86. cocopuff says:

    I hope to hear from you soon krin, there has been no update since your post in 2014

  87. SonnyFan says:

    Very very quiet these days… No updates for 2 years sounds like Sonny is dead. :(

  88. darkest says:

    Krin got an interview recently over at armor games, seems he’s still alive. Why he can be bothered to do that, but not make a simple update on his own site mystifies me though.

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