Abilities are usually a huge part of action RPGs (and turn based as well). One of the first RPGs I really got hooked on was Diablo 2, and in that game it was really important to know where to put your skill points. The Sinjid games have always been designed with influence from Diablo 2, and so it’s really exciting that the next Sinjid is going to be action-based (back in the days, technical limitations forced me to make Sinjid turn based). I’m planning to make three playable classes in Sinjid. One of them is a sort of speed based class – not the best at dealing damage, but has a lot of tools for movement and control. Here are some examples of the abilities you’ll be able to use as this class:

Shadow Reflex:

Instantly recover 50 Focus, and grants 100% Agility bonus and 100% Critical Strike bonus to your next hit. This is sort of a recharge spell you’d use to top up your Focus (otherwise it goes up fairly slowly), but you also need this if you really want to pull off some big hits.

Spectral Dash:
Dash forward, evading all attacks against you, and damaging any enemies in your path. This is a versatile ability, based off “Speed Charge” in the original Sinjid. You can use this to get away, or get closer to an enemy. If you use it with the Shadow Reflex buff, you can do pretty decent damage as well.

Smoke Bomb:
Throw down a smoke bomb, slowing and damaging enemies in an area, and causing projectiles to miss. This is especially useful if you need to get closer to (or away from) a ranged unit, but also handy if you need to escape from melee.

Turn invisible for a short time. While invisible, enemies cannot hit you, and you move faster. If you attack from invisibility, you will stun them for 1 second.

Shadow Image: 
Create a copy of yourself that lasts for 15 seconds. It spawns with the same abilities as you, and will attack any enemies. The Shadow Image will have reduced stats.

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48 Responses to Sinjid: Abilities Preview

  1. Yuki says:

    Really cool!

  2. Shateras says:

    Oh joy! Looks great. I’m particularly excited about Spectral Dash.

  3. Shateras says:

    Oh, and BTW, was that the Shadow Image that was in the first Boss level you showed us a couple years back?

    • Krin says:

      No, that was just another player :P But it will look and feel similar. You basically just have a copy of you fighting alongside you for a time.

  4. Echoes says:

    Can a shadow make a shadow? O.o Shadow-ception. Anyway reminds me of the last boss on the 4th zone of sonny 1.

  5. Red says:

    Hey just to know, like 3 years have passed since sonny 2.
    Any idea when are you gonna get to it?

    • Reborn_Phoenix says:

      5 to 6 years have passed since Sinjid: SotW (Shadow of the Warrior). Think that fans of Sinjid waited for a very long time for the next sinjid. But don’t worry, Sonny 3 is the next on the list.

  6. Hasse says:

    Will you regenerate health and mana in stealth?.
    kinda overpowered then..

  7. Zerual says:

    Looks cool <3, btw Krin, is there any chance you could upload "Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior" to kongregate? Just wondering if you could do that.. :)

  8. aninatorc says:

    Really cool! Just one question, is the agility mentioned in shadow reflex just the attack’s accuracy, or is it the attacking speed as well? Keep up the great work :D

  9. Jonny Blaze says:

    Hey I was wondering If there was any way that I could donate?

  10. leothesmith says:

    ok this is a cool website cheking if works

  11. Shateras says:

    What if consumables had a reduced effect, say 25% or even 35% decrease in combat? This might fix the problem of OP while still retaining the ability for the consumable to top up health after a boss fight. Plus players might be a little more adverse to using a consumable at 75/65% power, since its overall value depreciates.

  12. Lucas says:

    Hey Krin, I just found your website and will certainly follow you from now on. Your RPGs are the best flash-based ones in the web.

  13. Lucas says:

    BTW, these abilities are pretty cool. Abilities in RPGs are usually quite flat, but these ones are unique in the sense that they can do very different effects other than just “damage”.

  14. osher says:

    Diablo 2 <3 :D
    looks awesome,that speed class sounds cool like an assassin class.
    great skills and skill tree , maybe add bonus damage to stealth break.
    btw: what did you meant when you said "technical limitations " prevented you to make action-rpg game? it was impossible to do such thing at that time?

  15. iDarkangelx says:

    I’ve got to say I was a bit of a sonny fanboy, but I had no idea that this was the new style you were adapting for sinjid. This looks AMAZING!

  16. Julio says:

    I love this! I can’t wait! I want to see how the story goes on! :D

  17. Masi says:

    Krin making sonny 3 like diablo 2 its a great idea
    The base of RPG games is Diablo
    go on and finish it, u are doing the things right and we wanna play!

  18. Wumbo says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out!
    I just hope there will be a few more skills

  19. Hasse says:

    Smoke bomb should make Ranged attacks miss.

  20. Eugene says:

    when will sinjid be finished???

  21. I do consider all the ideas you have offered for your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for starters. May you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  22. Hasse says:

    Suggestion about the smoke bomb :D
    you should be able to throw the bomb on yourself wich makes you Stealthed for some seconds.
    and i you throw the bomb on the enemy wich makes the enemy stunned for like 2-6 secs wich makes em 10-20% slower and all attacks on the enemy wich is stunned will not miss.

  23. Pres says:

    Hmm, I thought of an Idea.
    You could make Sinjid be host-less(i.e., it’s own website)
    and then people could re-texture it and edit language files, and you would have sonny!if people like the battle engine then you could pull a sonny-sonny 2.
    just an Idea.

  24. Rodrigo Salazar says:

    Hey Krin!
    Its very difficult make a game with the combat system similar to the “limits” of Final fantasy 8??
    example: the character “Squall” make a limit (special attack) and the player need push the buttom “R1” in the right time a few times for attack many times and give more damage…
    other example: The character “zell” to make limits, the player need push a secuence of buttoms in a determined period of time…
    if you add this proposition would be awesome!!

  25. devon3761 says:

    hey krin is there a date when this will be finished? because im basically addicted to sonny and i need sonny 3 =P

  26. T3RRRoR says:

    It would be great if u could make it with an online feature PVP but that needs a lot of time and concetrations ;3

  27. Jay says:

    Hi Krin.I personally can’t wait for Sinjid.It looks great. You said that you’ll start working on Sonny 3. Still’ I’m pretty curious what will happen to Colony 2. Have you started or you’ll wait until you finish Sonny 3? I’d like to know how much I have to wait.
    Anyway, you’re doing a great job. Keep it going. :)

  28. zisisx says:

    Hey Krin,When will sinjid be ready?
    I have been waiting loooong time….i also love sonny 1 and 2,im waiting for sonny 3 to come out :)

  29. RandomPasserby says:

    Does this place have a smidgen of life in it, I wonder? D:

  30. Hasse says:

    its starts to be boring to come to this site everyday.. for 2 months theres nothing new :C

  31. Bunnieh17 says:

    Patience is always rewarding. Let him finish his masterpiece.

  32. massmurrder says:

    you can make it with classes
    shadow ninja-ninja warrior-spell caster(not like the other one)
    can you make it multiplayer also?
    and some other special features like perks
    and stuff
    and bombs if you like
    some ranged weapons

  33. Rerira says:

    Sinjid Battle arena: yeah good
    Sinjid: SOTW: right love it
    Sonny: Oh hey great game
    Colony: Ohohooo, wonderful game
    Tainted Kingdom: Great RPG
    Sonny 2: Legend
    I wonder, it seems that the games you make are better and better, if it goes like this, peoples head will explode from awesomeness when they play Sonny 3, not to mention Book of the Dead(?) :X

  34. I can tell you 1st hand from many people I know that have experienced this its a bear to deal with, you cant get your domain back so who ever has the rights to it unless they give them up your up a creek in a bad way. Great post BTW.

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