So did you know that Flash can do GPU rendering now? In case you don’t know what that is – it basically means Flash can be 10x more AWESOME now. And I didn’t know about this! It was big news a while ago, but since I apparently live under a rock, I just found out recently. When I heard, I started to convert Sinjid’s graphics system to use GPU rendering. It’s still not finished – but there are already massive improvements in performance.

Watch this Video!

That’s the game running full-screen on a 2-year old MacBook – I think it is still quite smooth! I still have ideas I’d like to try adding, such as shockwaves or dust – I’ll make another post when I am done with it. Also, in the video, I’m experimenting with a lighting effect that can put a ‘wash’ over a scene – so this one’s wash is called “Heavy Fog,” which is why the colours are quite bleached out, and why the far backgrounds are out of focus. It would be cool to add lots of different ‘washes’ for the game – such as sunset, dawn, night, etc. Just for mood.

As for the actual content – I wanted to show you the more dynamic side of fights in Sinjid. There will be bosses that have an element of platform gameplay to them, where you have to dodge fireballs, or push them into spike pits, etc. Because of this, the gameplay of Sinjid is split between the classic RPG character building – and more action-based gameplay where you have to run, jump and duck.


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  1. Tslash says:

    Looks nice, but wont this make the waiting time much longer? cant waiiit!

  2. Joe Joe says:

    Dude, that looks awegasmic! Cant wait for the gam, you already significantly increasing the graphics, and with all the added extra’s your implementing all the time it should be a great game. Still amazed at how much the graphics have improved, and this being full screen aswell? Immense, no other words man, that is a job well done. Just remember to take it easy with the medical complications, i dont want to hear that you’ve overdone yourself just being people are pushing you to go faster. Remember to chillax every once in a while. take care dude


  3. Shateras says:

    I own a Mac – a really terrible one. It can barely run Chrome and Pages together without lagging badly.

    So when you posted this, you can imagine how I felt.

  4. Black says:

    Look’s amazing, i just noticed that you got that boss fight down pretty easily. Shouldn’t she be a little bit harder maybe.
    I mean you created her, you are going to defeat her easier than any one of us but still she looked really easy….
    Btw, I’m currently all about effects (cause i’m working on them in one game) these look really awesome but in a battle with multiple foes i think i would find it hard to see all of the particles, waves, skillshots in the crowd, maybe try and do something about it? Just saying :P

  5. Funtastic_Triceritops says:

    So I was wondering if there will be anymore actions, such as the “Monkey bars” type action where the character climbs over a dangerous pit from the ceiling, by using claws of some type? Also are there going to be character type actions like launching a rope over a ravine or digging a tunnel thing, looks great and i think even though it’ll take longer to come out with the finished product, you definitely should add washes, it will add more authenticity to the game. On a side note maybe you could do (For the tutorial) the beginning of Shadow of the Warrior where Sinjid’s dad go’s back to give them time to escape, you could do a flashback type thing, let me know what you think of such ideas, it really looks amazing, you should be proud.

  6. nate mcclaren (Panda Man) says:

    um well i like your idea and i think it would look great :D and i also was wandering when do you plan on actually publishing the game? since your very far into your development by now.

  7. Bunnieh17 says:

    In that case, i hope my 6950 can utilize it’s power to run it at 60 fps… be sure to add all sorts of debris and maybe even destruct-able environment.. such as hitting a wall with some powerful move or spell can make a crack in it, be it a wall or ground…



  9. From Krin to Krin says:

    Take as long as you want Krin, don’t let your audience pressure you into publishing the game too soon. It has to be as awesome as it can possibly be.

    Sincerely, you from the future.

  10. Bunnieh17 says:

    EVEN THOUGH i saw the game run at 30 fps max =\

  11. Wumbo says:

    From the looks of this, there seems to only be 2 classes. Will we get that third class which might be a hybrid of some sort? (Armored turtle kinda guy or something else?) Oh and I love all the work put into the game so far! Really excited for the release!
    Get well soon Krin!

  12. Lifemaster says:

    Impressive AI…

    Absolutely incredible gameplay. I am looking forward to this so much, particularly when pvp is enabled!

  13. Franky says:

    How long will it take to play the whole campaigne?
    I hope it´s going to be long, so all of us need some days to play it :)

  14. How did you learn how to make graphics like you do? Every single one of your games has looked amazing :D You should write a tutorial. Not on designing armor and stuff, but actually drawing the armor.

  15. A great fan says:

    I love your games, and I play them over, and over again, because of the different classes, like Psychologic, Biologic and Hydraulic, I can’t wait for this sinjid. I am a big fan of different kind of RPG’s, and your games are the only flash games i play anymore….. The both of the sonnies got both great ratings from Kong and Armor games, and i can’t wait for this sinjid to come. I bet that they’ll reach game of the YEAR award at many, many gamepages. Good luck with the making, and can’t wait. Just don’t overwork yourself, and god damn hell! You’ll beat that cancer, i’m sure of it

    – A BIIIIIIG Fan

  16. CyDar2012 says:

    Hello Krin,
    Very nice game :)I loved the first Sinjid but this looks 10 times better. I am curios what ActionScript use game?

  17. Römmel says:

    Hello Krin , it’s good to know that you have been progressing in the game it looks like it will be a masterpiece, how have you been , feeling better? :)

  18. Cool says:

    You know what would be cool? A preist vs akari in levitation skills haha

  19. ZombiesVampires4 says:

    When will it be finished Krin,

    I love your games,the new sinjid would rock

    Oh and,by the way,could you please release the Sinjid BETA

    I got a great name for it,Sinjid:The Revenge of The Monster

  20. leothesmith says:

    looks amzaing keep up the good work!

  21. The Answer says:

    If some of you are wondering why Krin isn’t responding, i’m pretty sure he is getting his cancer treatment done. Lets wish him luck!:P

  22. Fatman says:

    Cool man! Innit man! That lookis BARE cool Let me play soon.

  23. Fatman says:

    Cool man! Innit man! That lookis BARE cool Let me play soon.

    • Nurul says:

      Great sample! That is ecxtaly what I was looking for to improve the graphics of my 2d game. But the (bad) performance still remains a serious problem for me. In my game, the (scrolling)levels are much bigger as the one in the sample. Furthermore i also would like to add some more lights. I tried this within the sample and the result was like a slideshow I experienced that the most performance loss comes while drawing the shadowvertices (last lines of the DrawShadows method). Maybe merging all convexhulls shadows to one single buffer could help here. Also precalc the shadowvertices on specific events (eg. on new light, on new convexhull, on lightposition change, on convexhullposition change, on scaling light range ) instead of doing this each frame. Therefor an illumination manager class, which holds shadowvertices and manages all convexhulls and lightsources, could be helpfull. Just my thoughts. Any further ideas?

  24. hoho says:

    I’M LOOOOOOOOOOOOSING my patiance IM SpazZinG OUT! WHEN WILL IT COME OOOOUT??!?!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!111

  25. Sticky Shenoodles says:

    For everyone bugging Krin, he WANTS the game to be released by May 22. Just check back then, if all you care about is playing the game

  26. The Answer says:

    Holy fuck…. you think something happened to him? i mean, its been about a week since his last activity fuck…. this is bad….FUCK!!!!!

  27. nate mcclaren (Panda Man) says:

    i wish he could awnser sooner

  28. GodOfWar35 says:

    Looks cool !
    Are the control (moving) still arrows ?

  29. ofek says:

    it will be nias if you do an number 4 class who be cost Money to treat your cancer what You think?

  30. Zyph says:

    Any updates Krin?

  31. TOP-SECRET says:

    Dunno if this is gonna be read, but I’ll post anyway:

    Krin, I would like to see options to turn off special effects and such stuff in the options menu so that it doesn’t lag (i’ve got an old samsung pc).
    Also, within the game, you could have a feature that lets you craft/build weapons by using resources that you get from fighting – e.g. you get x green, blue and red resources, then you can make y level item. Just sayin’.
    Another possibility is cutscenes appearing after defeating each boss, to give more depth to the storyline.
    You could consider adding developer comments with your actual voice recorded into the game.

    Good luck in making the game!

    • nate mcclaren (Panda Man) says:

      thats a fantastic idea i believe that would be great :D and i hope krin thinks so as well because maybe the only thing after that he is missing is being able to add recruits or partners to help yourself through that you can level up and get weapons for and etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stupid, late comment, the release day for the game is in (around) 4 days. We’ve been told it could be less but with the lack of updates im expecting a wait. But seriously, why post stupid idea’s this close to the release date?

  32. Skullker294 says:

    i would like to know the esimated release time for sinjid?

  33. Skullker294 says:

    once this is finished what will be your next project because i am really hoping it will be sonny 3

  34. sonny gamer says:

    wow take it easy man

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