I don’t think I could ever get into a habit of being consistent with my blogging / updating. It’s really bad! But I’ll keep trying, maybe one day I’ll get there. Here are some updates without further ado:

New Game: Invasion - Watch the gameplay video here!
After Sinjid was finished, I have been spending some time sharpening up my technical skills a little. Things like coding patterns, math, effects, EXPLOSIONS, et cetera. I feel like I should do that from time to time in order to be a better developer. But actually I think it’s dull just to develop and practice skills on its own, so that is why I started a new game called Invasion (working title, at least). The game was actually to be a technical exercise for me – giving me and David some room to experiment with new ideas. A lot of the code used in this (item generation, effects, particles, data system, inventory system) will be carried over to new projects (like Sonny 3). It’s also to help me learn how to export into iOS directly from Flash. Also, blowing things up is just pure, unrefined fun :D

Sonny 3
I’ve started Sonny 3 production, finally! It will be a while before I have any videos or screens available – the visuals will only start to come together once the game engine is done (right now, everyone is a box – coder art FTW). But in the meantime, here’s a bit more info:

  • It will be using a completely new engined designed from the ground up.
  • It will be turn based, and you still select the target, and your skills will pop-up around.
  • It will be targeted for mobile as well.
  • Story will most likely be rebooted like Sinjid was.
Skills in Sonny 3
Since this is probably the biggest change from the original, I thought I’d make a separate bit for it:
  • No more classes and skill trees. You will literally build your own class and customise your skills as you play.
  • You skill have an Ability Wheel with 8 slots.
  • Passive Skills will need to go on the wheel as well.
  • Reactive Skills are a new type of passives. You put them on to the wheel, and they will proc off the active skill(s) that they are adjacent to. They will do things like decrease cooldown, add a second ‘strike’ to the skill, cause it to stun, etc.
  • Since there is no more skill tree, you actually gain Skills by absorbing them from slain enemies. Any skill that any enemy has, can be yours. It is up to you to find the right set of skills that work well together, and hunt down the right enemies to take them for yourself.
  • Skills are levelled up separately. Each skill will sort of have it’s own mini ‘tree’ that you can use to specialise the skill further . It doesn’t take long to level up a new skill to max level – the main point of this is for very intricate customisation. It shouldn’t be a grind.
  • New Overload mechanic – Overloads are sort of like little extra skills you can cast on top of an existing skill. So your vanilla “fireball” spell could be overloaded to do more damage, or stun the enemy, or leave a damaging burn – adding more tactical choices to each skill. Of course, using an overload (rather than a vanilla cast) of a skill will incur some kind of extra cost to your character.
  • Less emphasis on stats, more on strategy. The new skill system will have a LOT of mechanics – and these mechanics are how you will win fights. Pure stats will carry much less weight in Sonny 3.
Maybe some of you are doubtful about all these changes and just want a rehash of Sonny 2 with more content – but I honestly think that isn’t the way to go. I want to work on something fresh and that I genuinely feel excited about – otherwise I’d be like a ship without a compass. I am actually really excited about the gameplay concepts in Sonny 3 – and I just hope it translates well to reality :)

I’ve been working with Flash a long time, and now is the time to start thinking about other platforms. I’ve been poking around in Unity a little bit, and it looks very exciting! It’s a lot more powerful than Flash, and it can export to Steam and Mobile (and even consoles). For now, my Unity experiments are very embarrassing piles of crap using stock images and extremely basic gameplay :P But I’ll be working to improve that over time – hopefully it will lead to bigger and better games :)

123 Responses to Invasion, Sonny, Unity!

  1. evilninjadude says:

    Story rebooted? Don’t tell me you’ll be scrapping the epic quest of self-discovery that Sonny has been on for, what is it, 5 years?

    Because a lot of people have been really excited for the story aspect of the game, and the IP isn’t that old that the story warrants being left unfinished.

    Unless you meant something else (in which case PLEASE specify more) I hope you change your mind.

    • Krin says:

      I’m not scraping the story. I’m just scraping the way I told it.

      A lot of people wanted to know what happens… But also a lot of people hated the story, a lot didn’t even care, and a lot just tolerated it. On top of that, since it’s been so long, most people who play Sonny 3 will not even know the story.

      Additionally, I think I make a better overall product if I weren’t bound specifically to the scripts and things I wrote years ago – I lacked a lot of experience then and didn’t really know what I was doing.

      There’ll be answers, but first we need to ask the questions again. If not for the sake of new players, then for the sake of having a coherent experience.

      I know what I’d be capable of if I were to continue canon from Sonny 2, and I know what I’d be capable of it I were to reboot it. I’ve weighed the two outcomes in my head, and I think I’ve picked the one that you will enjoy more, even if you don’t think so at this point.

      • Total-Walrus says:

        Maybe at the beginning of sonny 3, you start on “old memories” of the boat, louis, meeting veradux, that kind of thing, i think what your doing about changing the way you tell the story is the right call. Im just saying adding the “Old Memories” type of thing would help new players understand what has happened so far. (Kinda like the tutorial in sonny 2)

      • Krin, look…

        Rebooting Sonny’s story is going to be like announcing the Xbox One. If people are interested in the story they should replay the other two games. Those games have literally millions of millions of players, the multitude of their voices I’m positive you haven’t had the personal pleasure of actually hearing.

        You never finished your story and its vital that you do. I understand that you might be a little disenchanted with the story, but you’ve had a massive hook that you’ve never resolved since the beginning, and that’s exactly how Sonny ended up the way he did or what he was before he turned into a zombie.

        Please, for the love of your fans, finish the story. Don’t reboot. Sinjid was fine because there were two games, and the sweeping changes, and honestly the story was much much much less implemented in the Sinjid games. Sonny was story driven and we are invested in these characters, especially after it got extremely fleshed out in Sonny 2.


  2. Funinyourgame says:

    I second that, the story must be finished, you end it with a “cliff-hanger” and I would be sad if you just decide to change the story midway.

    Except of that, awesome skill system you’re planning, I can just imagine how much possibilities I can chose from.

    Just one question, You write that we will gain skills from enemies, can you explain a bit more in detail? Because it can be troublesome in late game if for example: You finally gain your main fire skill that can complete your build in the end of the act, the next one is a fire resist main area.

    • Krin says:

      The story won’t be canon, but it’ll still answer the questions of Sonny 1 + 2, and will actually have an ending. I’m not going in a completely different direction – I’m just upgrading my story telling technique to 2013 standards :P

      When you gain skills from enemies, it is in the form of a “Mutagen.” You can store all the mutagens you’ve collected in a lab. When you are out of combat, you can choose the 8 mutagens you want to use – and that is how you ‘spec’ a character.

      If you come across a boss that is strong against your spec, then you’d need to go back to the lab and assemble a new build to deal with him.

      You’ll also be able to re-fight past battles to pick up additional skills if you want.

      • Tinl says:

        I believe all the basic mutagens will be accessed early like say a Fireball and Earth Spike but specialized unique mutagens will be gotten later.

      • Henrik K. Olesen says:

        so you mean like that from what abilityes you chose you look different?

      • sonny gamer says:

        then if so does that mean you are making a longer and better game(i’m talking about the story line )because if you tell the story you must be talking about all the story lines from both the sonny games with additionally parts with sonny 3

  3. Landis Carter says:

    So will the sonny 3 story go along with the 2 & 1.

  4. Omnikus says:

    What about the Items?

  5. Omnikus says:

    What about the Items?

    • Krin says:

      Nothing special planned for items yet. But with the decreased emphasis on stats, items will definitely become less relevant than actual skills.

      I wonder if I can add interesting mechanics or perks to the items, rather than only flat-out stat boosts.

      • vonniel says:

        Hey, First of, I’m with you at 100% I finished both sonnys multiple times waiting for the 3rd one (:()and that’s why at first I didn’t really want the story to be rebooted, but I looked deeper at what you meant, and I feel like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going with this. Last plus, I have been waiting forever to be able to have my enemies skills :3 Big thanks for that, just don’t make it too simple, otherwise there won’t be the “work hard play hard” feeling we get from “leveling up” anymore :/
        I have a tip,I don’t know if you play borderlands, but when you talked about items boosting, it’s the first thing that came to my mind, look up the class mods items from borderlands, you’ll understand better what I’m talking about. Maybe you could base some items off of that system for sonny 3, or maybe a certain set of items relevant to a certain skill would enhance it’s abilites.

  6. guest says:

    Yeah, Unity is good! I’ve been working with ot and I’m not much better…

  7. R. Cameron says:

    1) Looking forward to seeing how Invasion turns out.
    2) As far as Sonny goes, I’m not a fan of the idea of having passive skills in the Wheel. Passive should stay passive. That’s all. Looking forward to the skills and everything.
    3) Unity is definitely an exciting platform. I’ve seen many more games being made using it and they usually come out well. I look forward to seeing what you can do with it.

    Stay golden!

    • Krin says:

      I know having passives in the Wheel sounds weird, but I think it is the most graceful solution:

      1. The Wheel will be how you ‘spec’ your character now. So anything not on the Wheel is not part of your spec.
      2. If I excluded passives from the Wheel, then we’d have three groups of skills (rather than two): Wheel skills, Passive skills, and pool of unused skills.
      3. Some Passives will actually have cooldowns (e.g. things that proc on hit) so having them on the Wheel will help to keep track of them.
      4. I think it will be better if ALL skills worked in a homogenous manner (actives, reactives and passives). That includes how you find them, and how you ‘spec’ them.

      If in the BETA I find that I’m wrong, then we can always switch back to the vanilla system! But I think it’ll make more sense once you get your hands on the game. :)

      • Samuraijubei says:

        Will the wheel be have more spaces than the ones in Sonny and Sonny 2?

        • Krin says:

          It could do, but probably not. Taking overloads into account – along with the fact that skills will have more unique mechanics – I think at the end of the day, there’ll still be a lot more choices to make than in Sonny 1 + 2.

          • alex609 says:

            im guessing there will not be a lot of incentive to have 2+ of the same skill in the wheel like is was common to do in sonny 2? i think that even though it was awesome to be able to for example have 3 heals for a tough fight the idea of repeat skills in the wheel should really be discouraged or even completely scraped since it reduces the amount of skill diversity and it limits a bit the combos and tactics we are able to do in fights.

          • Krin says:

            Exactly, that system will be replaced with things like Overloads, and Reactive Skill instead.

            So now if you want reduced cooldowns on a certain skill, you place a Reactive Skill that cuts its cooldown by X in a slot adjacent to the Skill(s) you want reduced. Since the Wheel is round, each slot actually is connected to two other, and Reactive Skills will proc both of its connected slots.

          • Henrik K. Olesen says:

            perhaps you could make it so that all abilitys have passives and perhaps the really powerfull abillitys have de-buffs?
            oh and hoow far exactly are you on making the game?

        • Henrik K. Olesen says:

          FX. Heal/Restore or whatever that would be called would passivly increase max. health?

  8. Zeenarus says:

    Krin, whatever and I mean WHATEVER you do, don’t put Sonny 3 in the Unity thing.

    I have a Linux, and Unity just doesn’t run well with it at all…

    BTW, when can we expect a Sinjid update for the expansion missions? I’m really excited since I already bought the pack, you know, so I’m really anticipating one. No rush though, I know you’re probably busy on a lot of other stuff.

  9. EverRook says:

    Are there any plans for superbosses, like the last Zones in the first two games?

    It’d be awesome to pick up a mega-heal from the Doctor :3

  10. Reme says:

    Will invasion be multiplayer? It would be cool to see a multiplayer bullethell rpg.

  11. Max says:


    Seriously, will I find out what was actually on that tape? Or was it really the “My Only Sunshine” song? This question has been eating away at me for YEARS! And now, after five years (seriously, I remember sneaking on to my computer to play sonny in fourth grade, and I’m in ninth now) I finally have the ability to ask you that question. SO. What was really on that tape? Who was Louis? Why was Sonny on that boat? WHAT WAS ON THE TAPE?

  12. alex609 says:

    YES! sonny 3 is finally on the way! i cant believe i have been waiting YEARS for this game, its just soo goood. i still dont know what i think about the new skills but if you genuinely feel excited about this the you have my full trust. those changes actually look pretty fresh and if the alpha or beta releases turn out to be too different from the past sonny games then i will be sure to provide some feedback on that. but im pretty confident that that wont be the case since you have developed such amazing games over the years. once again i cant wait for sonny 3 and wish you the best of luck.

  13. HB says:

    I know this may be taking it too literally, but

    “Of course, using an overload (rather than a vanilla cast) of a skill will incur some kind of extra cost to your character”

    I enter paranoia mode when I see the word cost associated with any game series I love.

    The question is, can we expect to get microtransactions, or otherwise just a premium package, with Sonny 3?

    • Krin says:

      Overloads will cost your character, not your person :P So things like extra Focus, or increased cooldown, or a brief period of being a bit more vulnerable, etc.

      As for micro-transactions, they will most certainly exist in some form. I’ve yet to plan out precisely how it will work. But that will mean the game will be Free to download even on iOS.

      Of course I’ll use these powers for good and not evil! ;) I’d love to hear your feedback on what kinds of microtransactions you would find appealing.

      • Tretsy says:

        Micro-transactions for skins for items and weapons. maybe adding complete reskins for characters would be nice too. custom teamates, like veradux would be nice, maybe voiceover packs too. Having a set amount of character slots, paying if you want more than say two characters at the same time can be sensible too.

        • sonny gamer says:

          I cant agree with you on the part where you said (“Having a set amount of character slots, paying if you want more than say two characters at the same time can be sensible too).because premium content should just be for stuff like extra skills or something like that if you have extra characters or character slots for that it would make the game less fun because if you buy the extra slots (even if its just 1) you could breeze through the levels

      • Total-Walrus says:

        If the game goes onto a mobile platform, will it also go onto Android or is that to much of a hassle? (I dont own any “I” products)

      • Lefoby says:

        As always with micro-transactions, and as with the premium package in Sinjid, it ought to be things that are non-critical to the game; nothing too OP, but rather things that make the game more interesting and sometimes more difficult; things that, in other words, add to the experience rather than accelerate or otherwise take away from the experience; and, despite being available, things that do not detract from those that do not buy them.

      • Watermalown says:

        Maybe… Extra Levels, Side Stories, Items and… I don’t know, more ability slots? Or that would make the game too easy… ;D I’ll leave that here and a side… Have you thought of Online mode (Talking about Sonny 3 here.. ;D)? Or to be more certain Multiplayer/Online PVP, teaming up, you know, and of course, maybe renaming, but only in the online part… and maybe, achievements for the Multiplayer/Online pvp, would be nice, or at least I think so xD can’t wait for it… First i heard there will be Sonny 3 was … I think, December, 2011? Note sure, can’t wait for it!

  14. Iluga says:

    And ‘The Seed’?

  15. Andy says:

    heh…from what I hear here it’ll be awesome but I have some questions:
    1)reactive skills will go into 8 ability slot or the skills that can be reacted will have their own reactive skills slots?
    2)ANY skill from ANY enemy…u sure cuz if the skills are like in sonny 2 taking a skill like Death sentince(prison,the warden *sorry for mispells) it’s kinda broken(too powerful)and for this to work the enemies should have some skills that doesn’t give a big advantage like Aim for heart(+400% dmg) or make some skills un-learnable…i don’t know how can u make this work,guess I have to wait and see
    anyways I know it’ll be awesome and I rly like your games

  16. DJ Raffa says:

    The new system does sound very interesting…

    My only concern would be that whilst playing along Sonny 2 and you developed your own character in a class, you really got a feel for the way the class played, what your favourite combos for each class were, etc..

    So I think it might be better to still split Sonny 3 into classes, but make enemies leave different things perhaps for each class. Unchangeable classes also increase the replay value HUGELY.

    Also if you check out Borderlands 2 I think that’s the best way items have been designed that don’t just purely rely on stats in a game so far.

    High hopes for the future, best games online so far!

  17. Echo says:

    Screw the story

  18. Farabi says:

    “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

  19. sal says:

    All of this is awesome news. Very interesting gameplay designs. Farming skills over gear, simple concept with potential(reminds me of Guild Wars 1, actually). The skill wheel with links, cool concept. If you ever wanna add more content, just slap an outer wheel on that thang, like bigger buttons that hug multiple inner skills (or even have the outer ring’s skills be based on the inner ring’s combo for that section, or maybe rare unique passives that can affect multiple skills).

    Don’t wanna sound like a non-purist, but I’m surprised some of the other comments are so concerned with the story. Have ye no faith in Krin? Sinjin was teeming with story and npc interaction, the likes of which we’ve never seen from the earlier games. Krin knows what he’s doing, peeps. (I won’t lie, been a while since I’ve played Sonny, the only enemy that I really remember was the Baron, just cuz of the dialogue.)

    Stay strong, Krin. (and yea, more blog updates wouldn’t hurt :p)

  20. necrox22 says:

    hello, look I give my opinion.
    I think the best way is to make a multiplayer game with many skills, many weapons and lots of armor.
    my opinion is that you should make the object categories: common, rare, perfect, unique, etc. .. as this is being seen in many famous games (strike force heroes2, last stand dead zone, chrono such Cristala), all these games have a large audience and players will love this stuff. You should also put a new system improved: +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9, through gems as: mu online
    which is one of the best games.
    I think you should put a casino in the game as strike force heroes games and many GAMES more …
    !!I AM YOU FAN!!

  21. necrox22 says:

    ah otra cosa que usted debe poner especial estadísticas armadura ejemplo: 100 + salud, + 25% daño crítico y otras habilidades como en sinjid. I like what skills, what I like in a game that is very custom is that you be the one you think your character from scratch

  22. necrox22 says:

    ah another thing you should pay special armor stats example: 100 + health + 25% critical damage and other skills as sinjid. I like what skills, what I like in a game That is very custom Is That You be the one you think your character from scratch

  23. CornSkull says:

    This new prospect for Sonny 3 sounds really interesting. After reading some of the comments, I thought I’d make some suggestions too :)
    Perhaps you can add bonuses or skills to items rather than straight out stats. Say, for example, you do end up with a new system where building skills is extremely important and increasing stats less so. Maybe rare items from bosses and such can have additional skills that can’t be “stolen” as a mutagen but are available in the item itself. It would add a bit more to the thrill when searching for items and would also increase the difficulty for obtaining stronger boss skills. Just an idea, though. And it sounds like you’re making good progress too (at least in terms of the game outline). :D Keep it up!

  24. TernzM says:

    Okay, so I do understand that some of the abilities given to opponents are meant just for the challenge aspect.

    I’m talking about the very op abilities, like the one demonstrated by Ignition – 300% damage increase for 10 turns with no trade offs.

    How about, giving the players the option for strong abilities as such, with their own varying tax on the player.
    Even if it be something simple such as, making two moves in a single turn would in my opinion make the game more interesting.
    I don’t mean to make the game easier, just a bit more fun/fair for the player.

  25. Chris says:

    I’m not really too sure about what you’re doing with passive abilities but everything else is fine and seems very interesting. If I may, I would like to make a request and ask some questions.

    For passive abilities, could you make it to where you can place your passive abilities on a separate wheel. I do like the idea for placing them on the skill wheel for them to work, I’m just not fond of the idea of passive skills taking up spots for other skills. Even if you don’t implement this, then I’m pretty sure that I’ll still have fun playing the game.

    My question is about the attack animations and the standby stances (Like getting stunned or just standing there with their weapon). Do you plan on remaking the animations with more frames with specific movements or will you be keeping the same animations from Sonny 1-2? And for the standby stances, will the character hold two handed weapons with two hands and attack animations based on the wielding type of the weapon? Again, if this can’t be answered or you don’t plan on changing these things, I still see myself having fun playing the game.

  26. Jamesswager says:

    Story rebooted? You have to be kidding me.
    The cliff hanger made me replay the game (10+) to see if I was missing something. Everybody was eager to find out the tape has. Also the cliff hanger ending has 40,000 to 70,000 views. Just saying if you rebute the story you would make allot of fans quiet angry including me but this isn’t a democracy its all up to you and what you think is the best turn out.

  27. Jimlaw says:

    So Sonny will be on the same universe as the original,sonny

  28. jake says:

    when will the sonny 3 come out

  29. Ozy says:

    I love the idea of de-emphasizing stats, but am worried about how it’ll affect armor and armaments; collecting and seeing all the different items in the previous two games was one of the things which has always appealed to me, and sans stats having any useful effect, I’m afraid that items could become purely aesthetic.

    If this is also something you’re concerned about, I think there are a few fun ways you could deal with it, such as having weapons add abilities to the mutagen pool, increasing the importance of elemental piercing, and so forth, but if the choice you’re making is just to have items have aesthetic purposes only, no worries.

    Thanks for any consideration you give to my thoughts, and super-thanks for being such a consistently suave developer.


  30. Newplayer says:

    hi it took me a while to try to look who created sonny and such games and i must say that u are a great developer and if u mean by Unity : the unity web player then i agree i played 2 football games online that uses it : Striker superstars / Football superstars ( didn;t want to advertise sry )

  31. lokedapwnr says:

    krin, dont rush sonny 3. I know most people are saying things like “Oh, i’ve been waiting like 5 years for sonny 3 to come out! Finish it!” but really the people like me are going to enjoy sonny 3 better when it comes out, if you think about it, the fact that sonny 3 was delayed so long is a good thing, think about all the practice that krin is doing right now, as i write this comment to make sonny 3 better! and dont complain about how krin may or may not make sonny 3, because in the end, he is the game’s creator, he knows what he is doing! So instead of nagging at krin to finish sonny 3, lets just encourage him! He’s been preparing for this game for about 5 years, cant you guys see that everything we want in sonny 3 will happen, and more.

    P.S Krin, you could even make sonny 3 an avaliable game on steam, even using flash player [other games have done it, eg. 'the binding of issac'], and with the items, you could make the items have special stats like e.g. adding specific skills to your skill pool, or increasing the maximum capacity from 8 skills to 9, you could even make it boost another followers attack/defence/heal/ect, [e.g. a particular pair of gloves could boost felicity's attack, or roald's accuracy].


  32. William Sakowsky says:

    I don’t care if directly follows the story as long as you still answer the questions. Don’t care how you do it, just that it somehow comes out.

    Good luck with the development,

  33. Total-Walrus says:

    1) Now that skills are more focused on and important, i fear items will become more irrelevant. Im the kind of player to repeat a zone over and over to get something like say, the entire ZPCI elite armor set, is that going to a waste of time in sonny 3? I did it purely for cosmetic reasons, but maybe it would be cool to add a quality system, the higher the quality the more powerful it would be, and maybe you could add the ability to upgrade the armor by level? Maybe give a bonus if the full armor is being worn? (Like the new Sinjid) Attachable perks to armors? idk i just dont want items to be uneeded to be succesful in sonny 3

    2) Choices? Example: So you need to get to the Utopia, and something happens (To be determined) and you get the choice of loosing a teammate.(Maybe it could be randomly generated?) If Roald dies, you take a path with more zones, making the journey longer and more challenging, if Veradux dies, the shorter path will be more challenging because Veradux was the muscle of your group, and if Felicity dies, you loose the ability to get a really powerful item that was otherwise attainable with felicity. Stuff like that i personally think that would add a cool layer to sonny.

    3) More characters, i feel like the low amount of characters was annoying, i found myself never using felicity and i could only stick with Roald and Veradux. New characters you meet in cutscenes, you team up because you have a certain character equipped as you go through a certain area things like that. Examples of characters: Other zombies, insurgents, doctors, and (My personal fav) a ZPCI deserter. More characters is a must for me, considering i love getting attached to characters. (I only really care about Veradux)

    4) Character creation? I dont know if this would really work but to me it seems like a cool concept. Being able to name, customize, and make a backstory for my own personal characters would be awesome, i love that sort of thing and i hope you might figure out something.

    5) More zones, maps, and possibly paths you vcan choose would be cool.

    6) I think it would be cool to add character’s own personal team perks, like the ZPCI deserter would give the entire team more damage against zombies that lost thier minds. That kind of thing.

    I hope to hear from you soon. I cant tell you how excited i am to play sonny 3 :D

  34. sonnyenthusiast says:

    alright so krin I know this is a good project but can i give you a few ideas to work on? (rhetorical question):first have you ever played epic battle fantasy 3 and 4 well if you have then you should add movement like that and more areas to explore around in and i like the new idea of getting your skills from slain foes,next you should have a large skill bar that has every one of your skills on it and you can select them by category,next the zpci should still be there with new ones like a new paladin (with vengeance)captain hunt coming back but gets killed this time,zpci spy has a black uniform and has skills to match his class,zpci surgeon has a slightly different uniform than the medic but has way more healing skills and the only attack it has is deals physical damage and applies a effect called surgical wounds (takes damage over time oh and it can also debuff you but they do no damage I will add new stuff like this in later comments but for now thats all (please read and consider these ideas thanks – sonnyenthusiast :)

    • sonnyenthusiast says:

      ok so now I have new ideas and hear they are:first there should be at least 8 zones the last 3 zones have two mini bosses (one optional) but you start in utopia and you’re starting party is felicity,rolad,sonny(duh)and veredux you get 2 new alys along the way so in utopia you meet other insurgents and one is in your party for that level but you encounter 4 zpci (ghost*,spy,medic,elite)the ghost and the zpci take there turn first the ghost cloaks,the medic shields the elite the spy casts shadow blend on itself and the elite blasts the insurgent and sonny and rolad both comment something like you will pay for that the boss of that zone is a zpci captain** with a zpci surgeon ,elite,and sniper (end of story line)*the ghost is a unit that can cloak itself becoming invisible thus unable to hit(lasts for 4 rounds) (you can target it but you will ALWAYS miss when cloaked) it has black armor with green lights (spy has white lights)**captain has red armor with darker lights it looks something like captain hunt but the shoulders are deferent.and also have a bestiary where all encountered foes data are contained when opening up a profile you see there sats what they can drop and the chances of them dropping something and what attacks they have you can also choose to fight them from there the background will be a stadium/colosseum (whichever one you want).I will add new stuff like this in later comments but for now thats all (please read and consider these ideas thanks – sonnyenthusiast :)

  35. Blackbelt98 says:

    Is it sad that I am more excited for Sonny 3 than I am for Battlefield 4?

  36. CGrunt says:

    Question: will Veradux still be in Sonny 3? and for that matter, will there be any new companions?

  37. Random Guy says:

    invasion video looks awesome
    about Sonny 3 if you are going to give up on pre-set classes there will be some sort of starting point with some more points in a attribute and/or a different starting weapon?Like magic-based/str-based or speed-based?
    Or are you just going to leave the player with some stat-points we spend however we want and the pipe and then develop the playing style?

  38. UltimatePixel says:

    Very excited for sonny 3! Maybe you would implement this idea: allow certain skills/abilities to be used only with specific type of weapons. For example: skill named “Precise shot” can only be used if a “gun” type weapon is equipped.

  39. Frost says:

    Also can we actually choose our own battle in training fight cuz I don’t want to keep fighting the same guy over and over again…
    What I mean is that instead of giving us random fights, we can actually choose which battle we want THAT we have already been through(duh).
    Maybe placing this idea in Sonny 3?

  40. darkangel61236 says:

    sonny 3?!?!?!?! *faints* ive been waiting for this game for SOOO long, I still remember how excited I was when sonny 2 was released, I couldnt sit still for a long time!
    I only really hope for one answer, and one answer only from this game, if you bring this question into the rebooted story: WHAT IS AT UTOPIA?!
    there, thats my question, and because of how good all your other games have been (sinjid, flight, sonny) I will trust you 150% on your work on sonny 3
    also, this invasion game looks interesting, cant wait to play it, also interesting to see you do new stuff (I was awed when you did Flight), so I cant wait

  41. Kingbobchris says:

    Found S1 a decent game to play when your bored.

    Found S2 a great game to play from begging to end just because of the story line that kept pulling me in.

    Now I find out your making S3!

    Wow! You don’t know how exited I am right now.

    Hope you do fantastic my friend on this reboot…But try answer some of our fan questions in the new one, like.

    1. Who are the seed?
    2. What happen to Sonny in the 1st game?
    3. What do our friends expect well in utopia?

    Well have a good one bud, Ill be waiting for S3 soon!

    (Sorry for my grammar, if you come across some bad spelling and blah, blah, blah)

  42. Saxophone says:

    Hello Krin, just one question, in sinjid, can you allow for those who have not paid to play more levels; as I am not a fan of games which require money; though I enjoyed the missions that I played. I have loved your games for almost 3 years now. I am sure that whatever you decide to program for sonny 3 will be amazing. Just make sure it doesn’t take to long to make; sorry I’m only joking. Keep doing what your great at, programming!

  43. freyh says:

    Looks really awesome, if you think the story really HAVE to be rewrote than no choice but to do it.
    The skill system however is something else. It really looks promising but putting the active, passive AND reactive skills on the same wheel is a bit restrictive especially if you can learn ALL enemy skills.
    If i can recommend you anything, it would be to make at least two separate weels, one for the active skills, which would appear during the fights, and one for the passive and reactive skills which would only appear in the menu.
    In any way, looking forward to it and keep up the good, no, the awesome work ;).

  44. Lionel says:

    Lionel from Argentina here, just to say keep up! I love the game, I love the story, the graphics, and how it developed. I’ve played it since I was no father, now I’m a father and I play it with my kid. Cheers!!

  45. Bacon says:

    The game Invasion looks a lot like a better version of the game Upgrade Complete.

  46. Shgamedude says:

    Suggestions for microtransactions:
    Make the game multiplayer, then have a currency system and trade system. Have a shop with buyable skills etc. Create a special currency system with the special currency needing to be bought. Have special currency stuff. Have special item packs. Have skins.

    • 991woot119 says:

      Having the special currency so that it needs to be bought is a really bad idea.

      The best way to do micro-transactions is to do one (or more) of the following:
      Sell convenience
      Sell skins
      Have the premium currency obtainable by normal means

      I personally don’t even bother with those types of games. You know the ones that start you off with 10 of the premium currency and no way to earn it? And then make it so that you either have to wait 10 hours or pay money? Or they make it so that you have to pay money or you’ll stand no chance at winning PvP.

      I prefer games that maybe give you one of the currency every few level ups, a few of the currency every time you get an achievement, maybe multiple of the currency after logging in every day for a week. But you should absolutely never sell power.

      There’s a reason for you to do this too, they found out that players that get a taste of a premium store want to spend money to get stuff from it even more.

      One last reason, to do this would be to alienate players that can’t pay for one reason or another.

      • Shgamedude says:

        Im not saying i like special currency, but remember, Krin isnt Bill Gates’ son. He’s not going to hard out work on a game for free. Im just giving suggestions as to how he can earn some $$$

    • commonsense says:

      Making a game pay to win multiplayer almost always destroys the game. Take D3 for example had potential but being able to buy what ever you want and never having to work for anything ruins games.

    • joeymax says:

      that is a TERRIBLE idea. That is the specific type of thing that people hate from microtransactions! Having powerful weapons that cost real life currency is what constitutes a ‘pay to win’ game!
      It makes it so that people who just want to play the game casually would constantly be beaten down by people who invest themselves into the game with money. That is not fun.

    • Rerira says:

      Im against this idea :\

    • Bobby Chai AKA Syncronist says:

      I think that is a bit too much. It is still a browser game.

  47. Innterix says:

    Love the idea, Can’t wait for Sonny 3! :D

  48. The One With Questions says:

    Hey Krin, first off, I just want to say, I love your games so much, and I can’t wait for Sonny. I myself have played all the games multiple times, (Sonny 3 or 4 times, Sonny 2 at least 5 with 3 heroic runs completed) and tried to piece together all the story. I’m not really giving any ideas here, but just support of what I loved in the last game. I loved the funny style of story telling in the combat, and how you can spend time to inspect the world, and learn about it. I loved the world itself, with the crazy caverns, ZPCI shooting up the place, and general chaos. I’m beyond curious about the seed, and if Louis is one of the scientists, and I can’t wait to figure out what is on the tape. Listening to you ideas, having passive abilities on the bar scares me frankly, as I always enjoyed putting together a large group of abilities that work in unison, but I’ll take your word for it. Also, about the lab thing, I’m a bit confused. Is it like you can pick one ability of every enemy you kill? You have a chance to get an ability? Can you get abilities from bosses? Could you explain that a bit more? Thanks, even if you don’t, I hope you make Sonny 3 worth the wait!

    From a eagerly waiting fan with questions.

  49. progamers4k says:

    Have you given up on Colony 2? Or just not gotten around to it yet? I would have to say that out of all of your games, I have enjoyed Colony the most, as have many others.

  50. Bradley Head says:

    Will everything be revealed. I mean the content on the tape, why sonny was on the ship..?

  51. Watermalown says:

    I know its quite early to ask, have you thought of Sonny 4? And what about Sonny 4 on other platform, using Unity with 3D graphics, and maybe making it online… Or maybe even recreating Sonny, Sonny 2 and Sonny 3 on Unity, that’d be fuckin epic, but of course takes lots of time … Anyway, those were just… Suggestions ? ;D Thanks for the great games you made ’till now, and hope you continue making them ^^ you are doing great job, and I’m literally in love with Sonny ;D Can’t wait for Sonny 3 and Thanks once again!

  52. Dillon McDaniel says:

    Hey Krin. I would love to write a book based off of the first game of Sonny. i have already wrote a couple of chapters but i screwed the story line up so I am starting anew. I would love if you would email me as to discuss this further. Email – AviusLuna29@yahoo.com Thanks a lot! Sorry I posted this on two posts. I realized that the last one was a little outdated.

  53. VenomWolf says:

    What about colony 2?

    Any word on that? I cant speak for everyone, but me and a bunch of my friends are all anticipating it!

  54. ThinkOfAName says:

    Sounds great! Just cant wait for sonny 3, the changes seem good. I know alot of people have asked and its probably a long time, but any idea when this game might be out? ;) Thanks!

  55. Luckster says:

    How will the allies be now? Do they have a skill tree or anything special?

  56. Sora11431 says:

    I was just wondering for Sonny 3, will it be like a prologue? You know, like before Sonny and Sonny 2, or an epilogue, like everything already happened, and he’s telling it from 3rd person? Or like will it be told from someone else’s perspective. I personally loved the Sonny story, and I would hate to see it ruined.

    • sonny gamer says:

      Me too and before sonny no one had created a game where you are the zombie i mean sure there could have been a few maybe….But yours was probably the most successful

  57. Killer689 says:

    Well,after i read all the things you wrote there,i think sonny 3 will be a really nice new concept,kinda refreshing the old things that everyone liked and also having new things that will give that sensation of fresh air.

    I mean guys,come on!A small change in the story wont make the game change so much,as long as some of the main questions are answered.And about the skill system,i just find it the same better explained with some new things.
    We all know that in sonny 2 we had some spells that were either giving the enmy a buff at the cost of more damage for spell or giving you a buff alongside a debuff.In sonny 3,from what i saw,it will be simmilar with overloads and passives,just that they will be on the spell wheel,to help newcomers understand the whole concept and know what they are doing,unlike us which started all from scrap and slowly,started to understand the game.So,as long as Krin will be happy with the product he is going to make,so am i,no doubt


  58. Bobby Chai AKA Syncronist says:

    Hey, i just read it all.
    And personally, i understand the storyline. But mostly, i play the game strategically and because its fun. Not really for the storyline, its kind of a side bonus though.

    Really excited since you are using UNITY 3D Engine. Awesome stuff there, games like Dead Frontier and a few other graphical games use it.

    Exception is Runescape though, its about to move to HTML5 however.

    Anyways, good luck with the game overall. Can’t wait for it!

    Oh, as for micro transactions. You can put in limited skills for about $0.99. Or maybe a supreme bundle to help start the game of easier and give the user a bit of a small nudge to choosing his/her own specific type. Like the type of skills.

    You can give the type of skills that would appeal, but also mainly focus on one single attribute or more, thus the user have to make up their mind about which type the want to go with. Like Fire or Ice.

    ~Cheers, Syncronist.

  59. CaptainAfrica says:

    Will you be able to control your teammates more than in Sonny 2?

  60. Chairo says:

    I would like it if you added scrolls to the game. Scrolls that could boost thestats of a certain type of weapon or armor/bodywear(including shoes and gloves). My idea is that some scrolls would not work and some scrolls will. Some scrolls that are really rare and powerful might not work and the item should explode(you won’t have the item anymore)because that’s what happens if you risk it. The scrolls would have to boost a certain stat of an item. It can’t just boost a random stat. I would really appreciate it if you used this idea.

  61. Rerira says:

    Im more excited for Invasion RN, i gotta bullet hells.

  62. Jake says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of sonny but now im disappointed….you don’t just start something then ditch the story line, and passive skills are passive why would they be needed to be added on the wheel? You should of asked your fans which route to take, but your the creator and its your decision ….I hope its the right one.

  63. Jake says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of sonny but now im disappointed….you don’t just start something then ditch the story line, and passive skills are passive why would they be needed to be added on the wheel? You should of asked your fans which route to take, but your the creator and its your decision ….I hope its the right one.

  64. Shadow of Sin says:

    While this has been answered, I’d heavily try to think about requiring passives on a wheel. For example, in sonny 2, I had the ‘beast’ form on the wheel, a stun, a power attack, a rend, a life steal ( I believe), and a basic attack. That’s 6/8 of the slots, not counting passives. Requiring passives to be on a bar, while it integrates all abilities together in a more connected form, and enhances the feeling of recreating a strategy, it limits you in the amount you can bring to the table.

    What I mean, is it’s nice to have a stun, and a rend, and a shield, etc, to be able to adequately deal with a wide variety of enemies, without being able to demolish every boss without rework. If I’m forced into only taking a stun OR a shield because of how limited my ability selection is, I may end up having to go back to the lab for every mission/mob fight, instead of reworking for important minibosses or chapter bosses. You should be able to devote yourself to a certain playstyle, with tweaking/reworking for bosses, without having to reinvent a new playstyle every mob fight because you simply can’t fit all the abilities necessary to be a jack of all trades, master of none. I’d rather have a ‘bruiser’ than a ‘stunner’ or a ‘bleeder’ or a ‘I have to stun and sap this particular enemy’s mana, and take a heal and shield for myself, even though it’s only a random minor enemy’ class.

    Before this gets too far into a rant (if it isn’t already), the last I can do is offer suggestions: Have the 9 slot wheel, with another layer attached. Think of it like a car wheel – you have the inner rim, and spokes that attach to an outer rim. The inner rim would have your abilities, and the spokes would connect these abilities to a few select passives, with any passive slots not connected by a spoke yielding passives to a character instead of ability. Some passives could spoke to two abilities. Some ability could spoke to two passives. But I like the idea of an independent, but connected system, rather than a system mashed up together.

    If you read this ridiculous rant, thanks, and I can’t wait! xD
    (I’m sorry if this is a repost – comment was stuck in ‘awaiting moderation’ since June 15th and I think it got lost in the internets)

  65. Hiphoppopotomas says:

    May i offer 2 suggestions to sonny 3,
    1.How about how it ends on a cliffhanger? some priest or something throws a spell at sonny, he falls, and as he sees veradux (or other teammate) attack the priest, sonny falls in a deep coma. And starts remembering what happened to him. And afterwards, he wakes up somewhere with his only one member.
    2. PLEASE, don’t steer too far away from the original concepts of sonny 2,there’s a game called feudalism 2, it was an amazing flash game, on par with sonny 2, and feudalism with could even have been better than sonny 1. But the third game will probably come out same time as yours, and it looks terrible, the first & second games were very historically accurate (in weapons and such), but now they added mythical ceatures, a new engine, magic, and such.This game is a mix between sinjid and sonny, and now they added so many things, its not good, i hope sonny 3 won’t be on par with feudalism 3 :)

    • sonny gamer says:

      yeah i agree about the second suggestion though feudalism 3 looks way too crappy but the sonny series is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY more better plus feudalism doesn’t have a storyline

  66. sonny gamer says:

    I dont agree with your idea there is a game called legend of the void and thats exactly what happens to him he fights a mage then blacks out and him and his friend are stranded on a beach

  67. sonny gamer says:

    i dont agree with your first suggestion

  68. sonny gamer says:

    and krin if you’re planning to use unity and decide to get some games on a console please and i mean PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE PUT THEM UP FOR FREE DOWNLOAD i can barely buy any games for my xbox and your games are awesome and i don’t want to miss out on them like i did with sinjid (computers are expensive and mine is slow)

  69. Ty Lewis says:

    will there be an online pvp in sonny 3?

  70. if u dream says:


  71. Nnd says:

    I hope Krin is still here.

  72. sonny gamer says:

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………. he’s not posting is he …………………………………………………………………not again……………………

  73. sonny gamer says:

    is he dead plz tell me PLZZZZZZZZZ TTTEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL MMEEE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  74. Moshe says:

    Unfortunatly, our lovely Krin past away at 2-12-13. Everybody thougt he was healed from cancer, but they founded another tumor, and after a long chemotherapy, he past away…
    We love you Krin, R.I.P

  75. r1ce says:

    ^ BS don’t listen to this troll

  76. Neoexdeath says:

    Don’t listen to Moshe he’s trolling.
    But still, I *wish* Krin was more active… D:

  77. ultimatepixel says:

    Happy holidays Krin! If you’re still here… A message from you would be the best christmas gift ever…

  78. HawkDT says:

    Krin, a new post would be awesome. P.S. Happy Holidays…

  79. sonny gamer says:

    the best present for the holidays is for you to post again please for the love of your fans please send some kind of notification to us

  80. Frostbite says:

    Happy Holidays Krin!

  81. UltimatePixel says:

    For all those wondering, David Orr (The music creator of his games) told me that Krin is actively working on his games, so fear not!

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