Here’s a new little video: Sinjid Alpha: Zone 3 and Music Video

It shows the gameplay in the beginning of Zone 3 in Sinjid. Zone 3 is actually an underground passage, so the graphics are very misleading at this point! Zone 3 is still in the first act of the story, and is about 20-30 minutes into the game. This is an ALPHA, so it is still very rough round the edges. The graphics/UI and effects will actually look a LOT better when it is closer to release.

Another feature in the video is the first edition of our music engine that I’m working on with David Orr! It uses lots of tiny bits of music to create new tracks, so you don’t get the feeling that it ‘loops.’ It’ll also vary the music according to the situation in the game. But this is just the first version of the system, and the samples being used now are really rough and few in number – we still have a long way to go :)

Enjoy guys!

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48 Responses to Sinjid Alpha: Gameplay and Music

  1. Quicksmasher says:

    Thank you for your nice Willkommen and hab Spass mit deinem neuem Blod dear Krin! :)

    I’m not sure whether you remember old Quicksmasher, but we’ve had some talks and email conversations around this time last year.

    Other than that, can’t wait for more Sinjid News!

    • Krin says:

      Ja natürlich! Of course I remember. Unfortunately I haven’t been brushing up my German recently :( I’ll keep the Sinjid news rolling in, even though we’re like miles from the finish line still!

  2. Quicksmasher says:


    Ich habe einen Fehler gemacht … gleich in meinem ersten Post :'(

    Jetzt bin ich traurig :'(

  3. Shateras says:

    … Wow. I’m impressed.

  4. Alderon says:

    Looks really good. Can’t wait to give it a spin. It’s been a long time in development.

  5. Reborn_Phoenix says:

    I have questions about the game,

    first, can we change the assigned buttons and, if yes, can we take a controller for this game, example a Xbox controller (because I will, and others, feel more comfortable with it).

    Secondly, but the “Spectral Dash” skill, is there other high-speed skills, like ninja great jump, ninja quick jump, wall run, shadow disappear and other shadow ninja stuff.

    Finally, I want to say thank you for your awesome games. Normally, I’m a console gamer, if we don’t talk about graphics, you and your crew do equal or better job on games than actual big companies.

    • Shateras says:

      Just asking, how do you plan to assign Xbox controllers to a PC game? And isn’t that copyright infringement?

    • Krin says:

      You’ll be able to customise all the ability hot-keys (they will default as 1, 2, 3 etc). I’m not sure about other controllers – I just don’t know how to do that yet from a technical standpoint. I’ll keep it in mind though.

      There’ll be a couple of ninja-based skills. Firstly, you can slide and jump off walls (that’s not a skill, all characters can do that). There’ll be stealth, smoke bombs, blink – and also a cool one is a ‘Kunai’ (sort of like a grapple hook weapon) that you can use to pull enemies towards you.

      • Reborn_Phoenix says:

        That will be cool, I was waiting a long time sign of the next Sinjid.

        Thank you for responding that quick, despite your busy schedule.

        I only asked for an assigned controller because I know that other games where doing it.

        If you’re not able to do it I will still play it though. You’re the first director that make the attribute “speed” a really good attribute in a RPGs games (Yeah! ^_^).

      • Sweet says:

        I was just wondering if it would be possible for the move Kunai (Grappling hook) to either move you towards the enemy if they weigh more and the enemy moves toward you if you weigh more. I don’t know if this would be easy to program but it would be pretty sweet.
        Also if their is weight in the game it could affect you if you want to have heavy armor you are going to move slower but if you have light armor you will move much quicker. I think weight would add a whole new level of gameplay to Sinjid. Once again i am not sure if this would be feasible at this point in development. Anyways, good luck.

  6. ... says:


  7. Bmaster123 says:

    I got this idea from one of the people commenting on your wall at armor games, He said that maybe you could have a Sonny Vs. Sinjid
    battle. I think this would be pretty cool, and it could be its own game too. You can play as Sonny or Sinjid and then battle the others army? Idk just a though(: The guys name who said the idea was, GodOfWar35. Thanks!

    P.S. Great work so far!

  8. Hades343 says:

    Hey Krin, I’ve loved all your games and I’m curious if you offer beta testing! If so id always be glad to help!

  9. i have no username says:

    good job krin! so far so great looking sinjid. i really like this genere of games and hope you get to complete it soon! it will be great if the music will be un-loopy like you said so it won’t be annoying.
    keep up the goodwork

    p.s: i am watching now the video

  10. Nolva says:

    Nice, this game is really getting together. Looks really good! I hope there will be many skills and classes to choose from. The music sounds great too.

    p.s. anyone else notice stingray on the top of the video :o

  11. awesome says:

    soother than this gamewhen will sonny 3 be done i love the sonny games

  12. Kalkanadam says:

    sinjid alpha is just like sonny but you can move how awsome is that

  13. Hasse says:

    Will there be any Alpha/Beta testing?
    and will the game be onlnie? that would be nice me and ma friend are Great lovers of your games.
    The colony was easy onwed by me and ma pal (HF team).
    and a game like this! would be totally awasome to kill other people with ma friend.

    and i easy start this game 5/5

    • Krin says:

      There won’t be an ALPHA testing, because at this stage I don’t think it will be useful. Once we are in BETA (possibly in 2 months or so) then there will be some testing.

      I have plans for an online mode (PvP and PvE Co-Op), but depending on the schedule, it might just be the single player is released first, then the MP patched in later. There will definitely be MP though, one way or another.

  14. Reborn_Phoenix says:, this video of Sinjid is so f”/@ing intense!

  15. Daniel BR says:

    Ola krin!Sou um brasileiro e espero que vce possa traduzir isso.Eu acho que a jogabilidade o atacar de via ser um clic do mouse e as abilidades com os numeros 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ….

  16. john says:

    Krin i love the game ,
    i think double jump for sinjid and others ninjas should better , like others style rpg / ninja game


  17. William says:

    looks pretty cool, any kind of guess on when it will come out?

  18. Richard says:

    Few years ago, I saw Sinjid on some website ,
    I recommended this game to my classmates (elementary school)
    and they all have fun in this game.
    I love the music,content,story and graphics,
    then I started to search your other games,
    then I found Sonny!
    To me the voice system is very interesting ,
    though I can hardly understand the meaning,
    I still have patience to look up those words in the dictionary. (I’m an Asian)
    I still remembered the first beginning ,
    “They called me Sonny,I’d like to tell you more about myself,but I can’t.”

    Then after the time past, Sonny 2 was released !
    I was so exited about this game because I know your games are always Good-Quality and understand what player prefers to,
    of course, I didn’t feel any disappointment !

    And now I finally found your website (Is it called Studio?) ,
    I’m so excited now!!
    I checked your videos and it seems there are some Chinese words on it.
    um I have to tell you that “力” this word is a kind of strength ,
    If we want to say “skills” in Chinese , we use “技” .
    anyway, if you need some help with Chinese language,
    you can send me an e-mail.

    I’m so expected to play this Awesome game !!!

  19. Kracov says:

    looks great! been waiting for this for years. one thing though- the players look too small?

  20. Darren says:

    Hey i just wanted to congratulate you on sonny one and two they were the best and i was also wondering when sonny 3 might come out because im 14 and i just cant stop thinking about what it will be like just cant wait. Im really interested in the programming field and i hope that one day i might be as good as you though it will be hard.

  21. hoho says:

    is that chinese at the top? im chinese ya know

  22. Darren says:

    What courses should i take in high school if i want to be a programmer like you

  23. IdozenCair says:

    Impressive work Krin! The transition from turn-based to real-time is a good improvement, and I have to say the artwork and the music is fantastic too! Good luck with this game!
    And Richard is right, 力 is strength while 技 is skill.
    I’ve played all the games you’ve made so far and they are all pretty damn brilliant, so keep up the good work!

  24. CeaneurnNor says:

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

  25. Eugene Alza says:

    where is sonny 3 are you leaving your sonny 3 project ???
    we love sonny dude

  26. Arman says:

    music engine? coooool

  27. massmurrder says:

    No. this game will be Beta/Alpha on krin’s site
    or on armorgames
    But i cant wait!

  28. Nullified says:

    I hope Sinjid will have wonderful music as sonny and your other games, krin. I really hope so!
    And, I also want this game to be long, that it will take a weeks for a casual gamer to finish.

  29. :D says:

    When is sinjid alpha coming out?…

  30. Why you made sinjid first not sonny 3 first?……….

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