Whoops. A little late for the actual New Years so I guess I’ll just celebrate the (out of sync?) Chinese New Years instead! With Sinjid finally done, it’s time for a new saga. For the first time in two years, my schedule is blank. Empty. Clean. Peaceful… Ready for a fresh start.

The first New Years Resolution is to get my projects organised and well managed, so they don’t drag on like Sinjid again. I actually started the project with ideas that I had no clue how to implement technically. Like the Kunai rope, or the cutscene scripting so that it could show you a movie based on a script, moving the camera and characters… Or even simply how to organize and keep track of the hundreds of skills and items in the game. Argh!

So what’s next? Popular vote says Sonny 3… And I want to start on that RIGHT NOW! But now, the 2013 Krin is more rational, and will not bite off more than he can chew. So first I’m doing to spend the next 2-3 months doing some warm-up projects and build a strong framework for Sonny 3.  This will actually result in the game getting done faster and a higher quality, because I will break down the game into smaller technologies that I need.

For example, if I want a particle and lighting engine, I’d do that, then make a smaller game from it, then keep the code in a library ready for Sonny 3. Skeletal system? Etc, etc. Just keep building it up, until the library is ready, and create a bunch of games in the process. With the technology out of the way, Sonny 3 itself should not take more than 4 months (in comparison, the first Sonny game took 2 months from the ground up). That’s if we don’t go completely off track :D

I’ll be posting details on the new projects shortly, so stay tuned. You’ll either hate it, or love it…

99 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. colonyplayer says:

    Then as a compromise just make Flight 2!

    • Green Moon says:

      no colony 2

      • Super fan haha!~ says:

        no sonny 4

        • Super fan haha!~ says:

          i mean sonny 3 XP

          • Ash says:

            Or maybe something new. Krin mentioned he wanted to make a ‘book of the dead, I think it was called. I would like to see that one if he still has plans to make it.

          • sonnyenthusiast says:

            what do you mean no sonny 4 I say YES SONNY 4 then it ends I needs more than just 3 ,sonny was the first of krins games I played (or sinjid i canot remember) and it was epic and krin you are right the infinityis hard I am stuck on the ignition evan with the destruction shield and full guardian armor and the sword that looks like the twisted horrors and i have ideas about it in the sinjid soft release post

  2. igotnolife says:

    isnt what you said what you were going to do( your plan starting from making small parts) the basics of object oriented design? i thought thats how one normally made games… although i cant talk, my game im making now is a complete mess lol

  3. Shateras says:

    Looking forward to more of your titles soon :) If it’s from you, it’ll be good, no matter how small.

  4. Sheriff says:

    Best of luck with sonny 3 (or what prefix after sonny) hope its not the last and will be quick but not rushed and please put in some of your old sonny music oh yah didn’t you start on sonny 3 before?

  5. Sheriff says:

    Forgot dont post this but can you have the same people voice sonny veradux, etc. or who ever else that was they better be alive!

  6. Alec says:

    Really looking forwards to Sonny 3 even though Sinjid just came out. Love that game by the way, cant wait for multiplayer. Great work man. Love the premium content.

  7. Moshe says:

    I look forward to your work!
    You never let me down,
    As i hoped, you start sonny 3
    Can you tell me wich classes it wil include?
    Much succes with your work!


  8. Yoratzi says:

    dude! :D!!! soooo happy that you are alive :D!!!!!!!! looking forward for new adventures ! I hope your battle is going well and you get cured pretty soon (if you aint already :D!)

  9. pieter says:

    Cool man! I wish you luck! All seems good :)

  10. Le Stranger says:

    So, since it can take like 7-8 months with planning and building the game, maybe Sonny 3 should be out in about, say, late fall/ mid winter? Around there maybe? That could be a pretty good date for the release

  11. Arikara says:

    I trust in whatever you decide on, Krin!

  12. Kaze says:

    Yess!! At last Sonny 3.. :D

  13. Zody says:

    Hmm i love all your games and i think i have played almost all of them
    sonny 3 would be trully awesome but i also think u should get creative and make some other amazing games

  14. Sheriff says:

    Can you get my comments?

  15. Sheriff says:

    Krin i don’t know if your getting this but keep up the good work and I hope your not to busy anyways don’t stress youself and good luck in your future goals. (;

  16. yvoo (brickbeard) says:

    We want colony 2!!!!!!

  17. peter says:

    I was wondering; you say Sonny 3 is going to be ready in about 8 months. how long would it take you to create a sonny 2.2?
    I mean a game like Sonny 2 with more of the same?
    I’m not saying you should make such a game, I’m just wondering how long it would take.

  18. igotnolife says:

    btw that reminds me, will the game be available for download( sinjid)

    • ArtDrake says:

      By definition, if it’s on a website for playing, it’s available for download — your computer has to download it in order for you to play the game.

      However, if you are asking whether one can play the game offline, I believe the answer is currently a resounding “Not Really, Unless You Want To Get Really Involved In Intellectual Property Rights Infringement By Stealing The Critical Files, Which Is Probably All Sorts Of Illegal”.

  19. bl4cksunr1s3 says:

    Are you still planning on implementing Sinjid with a multiplayer feature or is that something for another time?

  20. GodOfWar35 says:

    There should be “newer” things in Sonny 3 ! You should make it like … your new revolution :p I mean … new ways of playing, new storyline illustration, new music,… but familiar :p
    Is it too hard for a fresh start :p ?

  21. Potato says:

    Hey dude hows it going with your canser. hope your fine beacuse its bad for us too beacuse we wont get AWSOME games :) Hop your good <3

  22. mikael says:

    hi krin, i have been a huge fan of your work since one of my freinds showed me sonny 1 yerss and years ago and have bnn playing t and its sequel loads of times and im really looking forward to the next installment in that series, but as you said yourself that is for another time so for now i will say thank you for makeing a new sinjid game, its good and i really like the depth of the game. looking forward to any titles from you, they are always of highest quality

  23. CS says:

    AWesome! sounds amazing and after Sinjid you deserve a well earnt rest. Still its awesome to hear about sonny 3 in the works.

  24. HawkDT says:

    Sonny III, implicitly something GREAT is moving.

  25. sonny gamer says:

    its cool that your making sonny 3 i’ve been waiting a long time to find out the answers to my questions “what was sonny doing on the white November”,”HOW DID Veradux / Felicity get revived”,and many others also can you make sonny 3 have 4 team members at once instead of 3 and can you have a lot more different classes for a lot of different play styles plus you can add more slots for items so you can have stuff like things that can make you get some attacks and can you make sonny able to walk around to get in a battle.Just some suggestions but maybe ignore the sonny able to walk idea and how do bold stuff you know bolding can you tell me how

    • bl4cksunr1s3 says:

      Dude, you demand too much. Just chill and let Krin take care of the rest.

      • sonny gamer says:

        no i wasn’t demanding i was just wondering he doesn’t have to put this on but im just suggesting u know thinking of ideas any ways good luck with the new game

        • sonny gamer says:

          and he could probably use these ideas

          • bl4cksunr1s3 says:

            Sorry. The paragraph you posted with a bunch of suggestions sounded like you were demanding (suggesting for more classes, more characters in battle, more inventory, asking for answers in regards to the story, and vice versa).

            Needless to say, the only suggestion that I can see being implemented is probably having more classes (but if there are more classes, it’s going to take time for Krin to balance the classes out. So basically he can’t add TOO much classes) The others I don’t see as much. I don’t see why you would need more inventory slots (I always had room in my inventory), why you would need 4 characters in battle (the reason why you can switch out characters out of battle is for the purpose of creating a team that suits your play style hence 3 characters instead of 4), and I honestly I don’t see why Sonny should be able to walk outside of battle.

            So yes, once again I do apologize for accusing you of “demanding”, but that was how I interpreted the paragraph.

          • sonnyenthusiast says:

            no I agree withe the 4 allies and how veredux and Felicity got revived

      • sonny gamer says:

        its ok but yeah it would be nice to know how all started but as each game is made we might find out the answers to our questions.

  26. sonny gamer says:

    by the way my computer is really slow i turned the graphics on sinjid to low and it still didn’t work and by that i mean when i hold the arrow keys {one arrow key} it just froze then i let go then it starts to move it really sucks that i can’t play cause of this but i’m gonna get a better computer soon

  27. nellis says:

    Will Sonny 3 be in a turn based Final Fantasy mode like 2 was? Although I enjoyed sinjid I still liked Sonny 2’s gameplay more, I think it fits the more limited flash system better. It also gave the game more strategy compared to the newer hack and slashy feel.

  28. nellis says:

    Will Sonny 3 be in a turn based Final Fantasy mode like 2 was? Although I enjoyed sinjid I still liked Sonny 2’s gameplay more, I think it fits the more limited flash system better. It also gave the game more strategy compared to the newer hack and slashy feel.

    • unnamed zombie says:

      I imagine its the same, turn based, timed if you have heroic on. or maybe its going to be atb maybe thats why hes prepping!

  29. Sheriff says:

    Just wondering but could you have a QnA every month or 2 and theres only allowed to be 2 questions by each person just wondering.

  30. CaptainAfrica says:

    Hi! I haven’t posted on the forums, but I have to mention some things I’d like to see in the new Sonny.

    Have you played Epic Battle Fantasy? The fourth game is in beta now on deviantART, and there are so many things you can bring into the new Sonny.

    Swapping with a backup character and having them heal HP+MP in backup mode and reviving dead players adds a new element to the game, and further would put emphasis on the fact that they’re zombies. It also just plain overwhelms you on player/enemy personality, although I suppose you want to avoid that as to keep Sonny a serious series.

    New Sinjid looked well-done, but I just don’t think Flash can support that sort of game in two dimensions. I felt that I had to look at my skill cooldown bars and couldn’t focus as much on the action, or mash like mad. Beat-em-ups are in a sense sort of awkward enough already. I found Priest to be boring and had to kite a lot with Assassin. My (Assassin’s) shadow was hard to differentiate from my actual self.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I’ll be checking up on this blog. I remember playing sooooo much Colony and Sonny 2 in 2009-2010, along with Sinjid back in the old day, those were fun times.

  31. BarcaFan258 says:

    colony 2!!! Favorite all-time computer game.

  32. Nnd says:

    I believe that you should incorporate the zone music of sonny and the battle music of sonny 2, or try to create music with the same tone. Both tracks that I mentioned sounded great to me,and would love to see some of them in sonny 3.

    • sonny gamer says:

      i think he should make music like sonny 2 it all sounded like epic boss fights yet they were just regular i really like the music. Got an idea! maybe you can create music like sinjid’s music combined with the sonny music it would be cool.

      • David Orr says:

        I’m planning on writing a soundtrack to Sonny 3 that’s consistent with the rest of the series — there is an expectation for more blood-pumping battle music that I’d like to meet :)

        With that said, the music system (Canary) behind Sinjid is pretty potent, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to use Canary to help enhance the Sonny 3 soundtrack!

  33. Nnd says:

    You should keep the same battle style for sonny instead of the motion RPG like Sinjid. Sonny doesn’t seem like it would work as well with the motion.

  34. Anirrhia says:

    I sincerely hope that you finally take the time to write more of the story for Sonny in the coming days. Sonny is the only game that makes the turn based system seem fun to play. While I wouldn’t mind Colony 2 or something else, I am missing my favorite zombie in the world. Oh and,

  35. sonny gamer says:

    Sonny is an awesome game great imagination and O-m-A-zing story

  36. twillight says:

    Ye, do it that way. Sounds Sonny 3 will ROCK!

    Krin is the first flashgame-designer I’ve learnt the name, and for a reason.

  37. WorldWideWonderer says:

    do you think you would be a able to make some of your games into apps on mobile devices

  38. WorldWideWonderer says:

    on like android devices or amazon

  39. curse says:

    you should work on epic games…. because you are EPIC!!!

  40. Guildo says:

    Boy, am I happy for you. It’s so weird, I don’t even know you and still I genuinely like you for just being you, keeping everything about game development even after all you’ve been through. Kudos to you, Krin, you absolutely rock and I can’t wait to see Sonny 3! It’s almost weird to see it in print that it is in fact coming, almost gave up hoping for a while.
    Keep up the good work!

  41. Hiphoppopotomas says:

    I am EXTREMELY excited about sonny 3, I’ve been playing sonny 1 & 2 for many years now, over and over… All the best with fighting the cancer.

  42. Nnd says:

    Hopefully he might work on the Sinjid multiplayer update too.

  43. Jrangco says:

    Hey Krin,
    why don’t you add some characters back
    Ex. Louis the Blind and Captain Hunt?

  44. Eiruto says:

    “Sonny 3” is said 24 times in the comments, or rather 25 now.

  45. Mr. V says:

    Sonny 4 has been said 4 times… although I guess it’s 5 now. :P
    To be honest… I’d rather have Sonny 3 just end it off. To have a set trilogy is kinda nice… and with the jump of quality between Sonny and Sonny 2, including the likely jump with Sonny 3, a fourth member to the series would have to be amazing to actually satisfy people.
    Just some thoughts, I guess…

  46. I dunno? says:

    Hey, hey Krin. I love you.

  47. elfikke says:

    hey krin , when we get some information or video about sonny 3 :) ? we want see some thing or get some good informaton :D
    ( exited )

  48. aceso says:

    update us on sonny 3 so we know how far you are along on it

  49. Eiruto says:

    Is there ever going to come a new post on this site?

  50. VenomWolf says:

    Hey I love your games :3
    Glad to see you won the battle with cancer and I dont really care what you make next, all your games are great!

    Post soon,

  51. bambam says:

    is there a way you can maybe make sonny 3 like a prequel? my biggest curiosity of the series is how he became a zombie, and why h was on that boat and what caused the whole ensuing events in the first place!
    P.S. your games are fantastic, and the new sinjid really is a great game.

  52. Nnd says:

    Hopefully soon. He is probably working on something exciting.

    • Frostbite says:

      I know, im so excited for what he has to say XD

    • sonnyenthusiast says:

      good oh and i have some good ideas for new classes,

      new class:shadow master (combo of bio and phycological)the attacks are : *starting skill* shadow bolt,shoot a blast of darkness to do (varying) damage costs nothing,

      soul steal *starter* :drains the life out of one enemy (or ally) and heals you for the damage done

      and those are just a sample and all classes have a starter weapon like the one I thought of has a ,dark sword *the blade seems to absorb light* boosts (sorry but could not think of any XD) and one of the zones is called : the void *the abyss* and the final boss is called : Shadow and has 2 forms and the second one has a upgraded version of the dark sword, and he says *so you are the one who has been giving me trouble my minions said you were very strong but they must have been exaggerating* and when he is at low health (1st form) he says *you are stronger than you look but I will not die like my general Barron Brixis (and he vanishes) and sonny says: the Barron was his general let us hope that he was the strongest one (and battle ends) and shadow drops :Shadow armor (It varies and is a complete set) and his sword and a staff called twisted fate

  53. Frostbite says:

    hey krin, if you read this would you mind updating? even if its a little insignificant, I have been checking usually evry day since feb, would be nice to see how my next favorite game is going :D

  54. That Damn Neighbour says:

    I have come up with a compromise between colony 2 and sonny 3

    In sonny 3, there is a revolution against the soldiers or w/e because I Haven’t played the game in like 2 years.

    You will be able to fight like in sonny 2, however you will have the option to fight like you do in colony

    even trade baby

  55. sonny gamer says:

    i think that idea is great could make the game alot more interesting

  56. hezdog says:


  57. LayerX says:

    I am not sure that Krin actually reads this but I am going to give you some advices for Sonny 3:
    First of all I think it would be great if there was equipment based on 1 thing,like Sonny 2 had that item that only gave you 77 vitality.
    So my advice is that you make more those items ; the number of them doesnt have to be high, just enough so you can make your team tanky and strong. Also, it would be great if you could make items that will make you weak on every other, but also make you think how to build Sonny and your teammates; WIth pure damage you easily die.
    2.If you actually want to build your Sonny as a pure damager, it would be great if you had lifesteal ability, which would heal you for a high ammount of damage dealt – lets say 50%. That would make 1 on 1 battles easier won’t it? Well here comes the
    3rd suggestion: It would be great to make some bosses have a bit more hp, but much higher damage and more annoying stun abilities. Also, ”purify skill”, which would remove all your debuffs and prevent you from getting some aswell. That skill would be very useful for any class. Also, vitality items themselves are a little bit useless – you only have hp and skills u can combine them with dont exist as much as I know. So I was thinking of making some skills that would return damage you take and reverse some of that to your oponnents.
    4. I was thinking of some classes, but I think it is too late.
    Priest – Intellect and Vitality focus. I know Vitality sounds wierd on mages, but he would defend his allies based on his HP and Intellect. He is able to fully protect them (and himself), but will lose lot of focus and the CD is high. He would have purify skills, some basic heals, and few, but powerful damage skills.
    2.Warrior – sounds simple, is simple. His primary focus is damage and hp. His skills are mostly simple damage ones, stun ones, and damage increase ones. If you are going to make solo bosses quest, boost him on vitality.
    3. Beast – This class is a lifestealer. He would have speed damage focus. If you would have lifesteal on him, it would depend on your hp – the higher hp, the lower lifesteal. Also, he would have some skills that would protect him based on ammount of damage he dealt in the last turn. The higher the damage, the bigger the shield.
    4. Mage. Just like you made him on part 2.
    I hope you will read this, and maybe put some of these suggestions in your game. I would be delighted if the game actually has better stuff, because this is the best I’ve imagined.
    Wish you best!

    • Watermalown says:

      You know, your ideas aren’t bad, but don’t you think those classes are quite… Usual already? I think Krin’s classes ideas are quite good, and a lot better than yours, it’s not like yours is shitty, it’s just that almost every adventure rpg game has it, if we don’t involve the big MMORPGs … I like the idea about Purifying spell and life steal, but lets not get a spell that’s literally called “Purify” or “Cleanse” ._.” those things are just… Over used

  58. sonny gamer says:

    still no post……………………….

  59. Eiruto says:

    It’s almost half a year sins the latest post!

  60. Sonny2 says:

    Where’s my brother Sonny3?

  61. dfsewdgherh says:

    Hey can you let us choose the gender of the avatar?;/ I mean theres no female avatars for you to choose o.o Anyways your games are really great! Keep up the good work! Hopefully I will be able to choose more female avatars from your games:P I really like them!:D

  62. sonny gamer says:


  63. Filip G. Spataru says:

    do not listen to anyone!!!! plzzzzz keep on working on sonny 3. i remember stumbling across sonny 1 and i was like wooooow!!! then i waited for sonny 2 and i loved it more than the first game!! so please keep on working on sonny 3 and did you ever think of making those games available on ios or android with some new features and stuff???

  64. Lio says:

    Fellas, Krin passed away, check the latest post http://krinstudio.com/?p=19031

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  66. niks says:

    Happy :))

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