And you get to play it a week or so before everyone else because you’re awesome.

Here is the link:
Here is the feedback form:
Here are the (NEW!) forums:

It’s been a long time in the making and it is a weird feeling to be at this point. Can it really be true? Is it finally over? Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough :) Please enjoy the game and if you have the time, drop me a feedback form (I read all of them!) to help me improve the experience.

254 Responses to Sinjid is here!

  1. Naga says:

    YES! Thanks so much Krin! I’ve been following for a while naw and it’s been worth it.
    Prepare forone Looooong feedback form.
    Congratulations on completing the project.

  2. Pieter v. Wolferen says:

    Looks awesome! After work: SINJID! So I really want to know what your next item is going to be like!:) Good job! Congratulations!

  3. Reme says:

    Sorry but I have a question that is killing me if I don’t ask. Why does the prisoner have a knife?

  4. Ian says:

    Spotted a few grammatical errors in Ryomura Village, thought you should know about. ^_^

  5. oshersz says:

    omg its out! if i will found any bug i will post it here

  6. colonyplayer says:

    I started my old save file and I’m stuck in the bottom corner.

  7. Franko says:

    I didn’t even played the game and rate it 10/10 because I trust you so much thank you krin you make the best games I can’t already wait fpr the future games :) !!!

  8. Kaia says:

    I can’t even begin to play it. It keeps flashing between about ten different screens every second and halts one spesific screen every second. There’s no sound either. It may be because I’m not using the latest flash player.

    • Krin says:

      You will probably need to update to the latest Flash Player I’m afraid :( It uses a lot of the new technology.

      • Kaia says:

        I’ve now upgraded the flash player to version 11.2 which, according to adobe’s website, is the last version to target Linux as a supported platform, but will continue to provide security backports to it.

        It still won’t let me play it. Do you know if it only works if you have the 11.5 version or should it also work with 11.2?

        In addition to playing the game I also really looked forward listening to the Canary music system. I’ve listened to the various samples from your and David Orr’s youtube videos, but I’d really like to hear more.

        • Krin says:

          That’s odd… 11.2 should be fine. Hm – Here are some ideas:

          * Try different browsers? (I use Chrome)
          * Try right click and change some of the settings in Flash: Allow unlimited data storage, and enable hardware acceleration.

          That’s all I can think of for now :s But the screen switching is usually what happens when the Flash Player is out of date. Odd :s

          • Kaia says:

            Installed and tried it in Chromium which worked! Thank you!

            Encountered a bug: while in fullscreen mode the quickbuttons for the skills (1, 2, 3) doesn’t work. To use skills in fullscreen mode I have to click on them.

            Also, the lag increases significantly while in fullscreen mode as well. Any chance of reducing the lag?

          • Siete estrellas says:

            Hi all. I have got the same problem as Kaia now: time ago, when the game was released, everything worked perfectly in my pc. Righ now, fullscreen does not work. I though it would be something in my pc, but I checked it in three different pcs and it doesn’t in any of them.

            I theorized the only thing that had changed in all of them had been the flash player version, and checked that the fullscreen mode works with the versions. However, it’s like Kaia’s said: the skillbuttons (1,2,3) does not work. All the other version I had tried until now does not support fullscreen.

            It’s a mess. Someone knows how to deal with the problem? (I did not get the old flash versions running in any browser but chrome, but time ago I played with that brower and everything was perfect)


  9. Nickienator says:

    Just started, but I have to say thank you for making the pause button work in cutscenes. Had to do something right at the start and pressed P, which wouldn’t have worked in cutscenes in most other flashgames or even games in general.

    And this is a little bit nit-picking, but why do you have to click on the ‘click to continue’ text after loading, and not just anywhere on the screen?

    • Krin says:

      TBH I didn’t even know that worked xD The P is meant for in-game pausing, so you discovered a feature I never really intended. Thanks! :)

      • Nickienator says:

        Lol, please just keep it in the game. xD

        Also, it would be great if the Quest Log would track side-quests too, like the water bottle one.

  10. Samuraijubei says:

    I will buy the premium content, But I was wondering that if I buy it now (in soft-release) will it still carry over into the full release?

    • Krin says:

      Yes it will :) This is pretty much a full release, just no PR or promotion yet until we’re sure no major bugs crop up. PS: Thanks <3

  11. necrox22 says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy krinnnnn tyyyy

  12. necrox22 says:

    1 year of connecting every day watching to see publications and finally!!! Tyyyyy

  13. Hans Andreas says:

    It looks great! It is a really fun game, and I will soon buy the premium :) Is your next project going to be Sonny 3?

  14. Shateras says:

    Forum link seems to lead me to the Beta form?

  15. CookieCommando says:

    Everything we’ve been waiting for has lead up to this…amazing!

  16. Esordereno says:

    Wow. Niiiiiiiice!!

  17. Innterix says:

    WOW! Great game! I played it today and it blew my mind :D Thanks for making such great games and I wish you luck in the future :)

  18. sonnyenthusiast says:

    yes yes yes yes yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I am SO not playing wizard 101 when I get on the computer so awesome as my name shows I would prefer a sonny 3 but this is so good yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss yes yes yes(yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  19. Taichi says:

    YESYESYES. Checking daily paid off!

  20. Nnd says:

    I just wanted to mention that the fullscreen doesn’t work(google chrome).

  21. Nnd says:

    I just wanted to mention that the fullscreen doesn’t work(google chrome).

  22. Nnd says:

    For some reason fullscreen doesn’t work(google chrome).

  23. mrbroske says:

    Krin, this game is awesome I already put 6 hours into the game and it isn’t even close to being done. I love the graphics so far and the attacking battles are amazing. Well done!

  24. Max says:

    Hay krin Sinjid is the best game i have ever play but i was just wondering about the premium content. In an earlier post you discussing that there may be a way to buy premium via SMS. Did you scrap this idea or are you added in later?

  25. HydraPyros says:

    Hey Krin,

    Spotted an error in the second scene with Scout Eri:

    Adequate is incorrectly spelled as Adequete.

    Game looks great though!


  26. Xtr says:

    Found a kabuki mask :D , krin , might there be alot of rare items in here ? :o

  27. r1ce says:

    I have been waiting for this for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long, since the first sinjid came out. And now it’s here. Well, enough talk. Time to play!

  28. Scoli says:

    I found a bug where respecing while in combat seems to make all my cooldowns insanely long for example hunters strike went from a 0.8 second cooldown to a 9.6, and evade is a 85 second cooldown.

    • Scoli says:

      said bug ^ fixes itself if you wait for your longest cooldown to finish then change screens and change back. Just incase anyone else has this bug.

  29. Nnd says:

    Fullscreen mode fixed.

  30. Shgamedude says:

    Hey Krin, you know the side quest where you get the better person water? I did it again and i accidentally pressed on space bar twice and i got two better person water. So i spammed it and i filled up my inventory with better person water. So i got loads of it from just one sample. And they’re worth 20 dollars each! You should fix that quick otherwise people will just get rich from selling it.

  31. Shgamedude says:

    Krin, how do you get to the third floor in the emerald temple?

  32. Bl4cksunr1s3 says:

    I’ve been checking everyday since spring 2012 and I’ve gotta hand it to: the wait was well worth the wait. I can’t stop playing this game. But I do have a question. Is the multiplayer portion already integrated or is it something that you’ll be patching in later?

  33. Xyth says:

    When active, the level 3 blood mirror buff says level 2, also it returns 75% vitality. I believe blood mirror level 3 is supposed to return 100% vitally at level 3.

  34. dude123 says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooo finally been waiting so long but it’s worth it well done krin

  35. Lex says:

    So I’ve been playing way too long and I have to say this poison mage lady who’s at Shiroda Fortress is SO HARD I’m just on medium and getting my tush kicked to the curb. Also I can’t even grind it out because there are literally no enemies that give me experience past Level 20. Is this all by design?

  36. EvilAznBoi says:

    Just as a suggestion that maybe you should make 2-handed weapons be wielded by both hands when attacking?

  37. Ian says:

    When i use strike on Haruki Assassins, and furious strikes is triggered, i just continuously attack the dead body and am either forced to push body into another room, or have to refresh the tab. :)

  38. Tyler` says:

    I love all of your games! I cant count how many times I’ve beet sonny 1&2, and now another amazing game krin you are the messiah of flash games.

  39. Super fan haha!~ says:

    WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE GAME?? i realy want it ,, to make a collection from all your game XP

  40. Super fan haha!~ says:

    WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE GAME?? i realy want it ,, to make a collection from all your game XP…

  41. gamerolled says:

    When there are 4 enemies, the lag becomes absolutely cringe-worthy, even with no sound and low graphics quality.

  42. gamerolled says:

    Strange… When I closed the browser tab with Sinjid playing and re-opened it, the lag got significantly less noticeable in that area. It seems like the lag gets worse when I play for several hours without refreshing the browser tab.

  43. necrox22 says:

    krin,the boss of Lady Akari have a bug
    starting the battle you can attack from afar and lady akari no attacks you..

    Krin, when will create coop mode??

  44. necrox22 says:

    krin, what version of adobe i need to play sinjid??
    in this laptop is very slow

  45. LikeNinja says:

    Man the game is very laggy if me and my computer is like 2009-2013 and have a game internet,in my mother notbook(i3 ultrabook),is leg too O.o

  46. Xistance says:

    Lady Shiori… Oh god why…

    • Xistance says:

      Okay, I take this back. Kazuro is way harder =.=. Awesome job you did with the game Krin. Even though it isn’t that long it feels like I played for hours. I’m lovin’ it ^_^.

      Oh and, I am currently playing with my assassin but after checking the warrior out isn’t the warrior a bit nerfed? I can barely kill lady akari when I destroyed her with my assassin.

      • Samuraijubei says:

        You are really going to love when you get mirage. Respec with the double shurikans and the stun ability and you can stun the enemies for almost 20 seconds continuously. Coupled with a heal, it is amazing.

        • Xistance says:

          ? I already finished it on Assassin on hard and yeah that was awesome. What I’m talking about is the warrior that is nerfed.

          • Samuraijubei says:

            I would have to agree with the warrior. It took me 3 times as long to beat the game with the warrior. I think there might need to be a slight buff. This was on normal. Hard was a fucking nightmare.

  47. Charon says:

    Hehe..Song Of Ice & Fire reference, with the lineage scroll :)

  48. Taichi says:

    The graphics always reset to high, just so you know, Krin.

  49. Juan says:

    I’m playing it in IE to reduce lag. The game works great, but I can’t save =(. I choose to save and exit in the options menu, but when I come back to the game, all my slots are empty, the first one showing a lv 1 assassin on hard (that doesn’t actually exist, since I click on it and starts a new game as well).

    All save files appear as “Loading Data”. But it never loads.

  50. gamerolled says:

    First playthrough complete.
    Class: Priest (Int build)
    Abilities used: Meditate (2/2), Dark Intentions (3/3), Insight (3/3), Frost Spike (3/3), Logic (3/3), Soul Shatter (1/1), Energy Field (1/1), and: Decoy (1/1), Phasing Spirit (3/3), Blink (1/2) OR Blink (2/2), Summon Shadow (2/3), Fast Heal (1/1).

    Tactical Analysis: Early on, my approach was to use the shadow bolt branch of the skill tree a lot, turning my character into a “walking gatling gun” by using Dark Impact and Split Shadow to create a rapid-fire attack. This worked well until I encountered the boss who gains a damage reduction buff for every time you hit him, stacking up to 5 times. Then I had to specialize my character in shatter bolt. I aimed to maximize focus and intellect almost exclusively to increase the damage per hit. I suspect that I should have done so a lot sooner, because fights tended to be pretty difficult when relying on the shadow bolts, but the shatter bolts (with the occasional frost spike attack, since that was reasonably powerful and could slow down an enemy, allowing me to escape from a fast melee opponent that gets too close) made the fights a lot easier, often defeating enemies in only a couple of hits. Admittedly the premium items did help a bit, but this strategy was pretty solid even before my level was high enough to equip items from the Crow’s Nest shops. I didn’t really have much need for Phasing Spirits most of the time, since my approach was to take out the enemies before they could hit me too many times. I just maxed it out to unlock Decoy, which did help me avoid getting attacked and get behind a boss for a stronger first attack on several occasions. Summon Shadow wasn’t of that much use to me, except as a distraction when I don’t have Decoy. Fast Heal is pretty helpful, becuase I can spam it when meditate is on cooldown. Blink is always useful, whether to dodge a high-damage projectile or to get away from a melee unit that managed to hit you with a movement speed debuff. All in all, the int build of the Priest class is an excellent unit for maximizing DPS. I have yet to test out the branches of the skill tree that are dedicated to the agility build of the Priest class. Tactical analysis of the agility build hopefully soon to follow.

  51. sonnyenthusiast says:

    hey every time i start it it says imperial guard at the top 2 screens and all the icons are flashing every thing and they are both level 999 with 99999 health and 99999 focus what is wrong is it my computer?

  52. sonnyenthusiast says:

    please reply my computer is like 10-8 years old though and slow but I REALY want to play

  53. darksouls says:

    hey i kno ur getting a lot questions but id like to point out that u cant buy, sell or even upgrade you’re weapon from the weaponsmith after u rescue him. can u plz take the time to fix this since its pretty game breaking. it would be much appreciated

  54. Trishock says:

    At the boss Yuji i keeps making us stuck in our position and i’m not able to fight him

  55. Robin says:

    Hey Kriny! Whenever I try to sell something it just doesn’t work. It’s strange, I can’t sell anything. I’m using Chrome and the newest flash, so I don’t know whats wrong^^ Hope you find out what’s the problem.

  56. thomaslamchorin says:

    Whenever I stand in front of a door and press one of the menu options at the top of the screen, it makes me go inside the door.

  57. Shateras says:

    When I tried the Priest on Hard, once I hit an adequate level I could invest in Spirit Blade and Energy Field. After equipping Focus+ items and maxing out the Focus increasing skill, all I had to do was Energy Field, lay down several Spirit Blades and I did ridiculous damage, something like 4000+ per hit. I sped easily through the last zones, Shadow Locking or slowing them with the Frost skill if they spawned too close. The only real trouble was with Kasumi. Even Kasuro wasn’t too difficult, just had to evade his attacks.

    • Krin says:

      I don’t know whether I should nerf this spec – Admittedly it is very powerful, but I feel that it is such a risky spec to try that maybe the people who do try it should be rewarded…

      • gamerolled says:

        That’s the one I did. If you’re a premium user, and you optimize it properly, it can literally do over 9000 damage.

      • gamerolled says:

        I think that, if you do go for nerfing it, one good way to do so would be to change it from doing an amount of damage based on the remaining focus and only costing 25 focus to fully draining the remaining focus and scaling with the amount spent. With Meditation, Trance, and Energy Field, that focus will recover pretty fast… assuming you even need to follow up on your attack. Then again, maybe that would present some problems with some of the later boss fights like Kazuro or the fire element stage boss in the premium, where even with the ability to spam spirit blades, winning was not a sure bet by any means? I’m not sure. I guess using the frost spikes to weaken the enemy before using the spirit blade as a finisher might work. Another possibility worth considering is giving the spirit blade a longer cooldown time. That way, it wouldn’t leave players without any focus against a tough boss, but it would prevent them from spamming an attack that can do a colossal amount of damage per hit. That way, they could use some defensive or evasive abilities, and maybe also some frost spikes which, in addition to doing a hefty amount of damage, do slow the enemy down, allowing players to evade him more effectively.

        • Shateras says:

          Possible solutions? Just suggestions:
          1. Slow the Spirit Blade’s speed and limit its range?
          2. Add a short cooldown.
          3. Have the Energy Field slow the user, but add a health regen/small damage buff? Alternatively, have the Focus regen active only if the caster is in the field.

  58. Shgamedude says:

    Someone please tell me how to get to the third floor of that building in the emerald temple map!

  59. Edward says:

    “A real human being, and a real hero”

    Reference to the song from college and electric youth I hope? Loved that song in the movie Drive too!

    So far the game looks great, I only just got to Ryomura though.

  60. colonyplayer says:

    Whoa that guy on the second floor of the temple striped my shirt off. It even was upgraded. -_-

  61. Sebastian says:


  62. nathaan says:

    DUUDE !! this was released on my birthdaay ;3


  63. nathaan says:

    DUUUDE this was released on my birthdaay !! ;DD


  64. peter says:

    is there an option to switch of the buff if you’ve bought the premium content?

    • gamerolled says:

      I agree with Peter. It would be cool to be able to deactivate that buff. Part of my video gaming OCD is that I just have to find the way to do the most possible damage in a single attack, but There are definitely people who would appreciate more of a challenge.

  65. peter says:

    you should double the walking speed when there are no enemies around.
    the time required to get where you want to be is a pain in the ass.

  66. Shadow says:

    Truly amazing. Whatever game Krin makes, it’s always awesome!

  67. Kevin says:

    I have a problem with the sound loading; I would like to hear what David Orr composed this time, but the sound loading stays at 0%, it says the ad blocker could make it not load things properly, but Armor Games always shows me 2 ads, 1 above the game and 1 below, is it a bug? or the sound has a big size?

    Thank you

    • Krin says:

      The sound is about 20MB – but I have heard from some players who disabled adblocker plus and it made the sound load properly. Sometimes you might just need to wait a while for it to start – but it is highly likely to be a plugin stopping it. Perhaps try it with a different browser?

      • Kevin says:

        I tried with Chrome, but still, something is blocking the loading, i’ve loaded things with 20MB and it should take less that 10-20 secs to load 1%, maybe not only adblockers are the only thing that stops a download, besides, it’s unusual that adblockers block downloads, never seen that before, did you know of another program that stops downloads too?

        Thanks for the feedback :)

        • Krin says:

          Hmm… Try looking at the Flash player settings (right click > Settings or Global Settings) and see if anything is disabled.

          Maybe enable it unlimited storage or some network access? It could so be that other plugins may be disabling the download… :(

        • Kevin says:

          Forget what I said, it started loading (secret pre-loading perhaps?)

          The problem was my impatience, i’m afraid

          Thank you and sorry for taking your time to reply :(

  68. Trishock says:

    When you get the ability “quickening” in the Assassin class the cool downs for all your abilities increase instead of decrease until you level up again.

  69. Edward says:

    Okay a few notes. I’ve beaten all the shogun (just been freed from being a prisoner, about to get evidence on kazuro, etc.) as a warrior on normal difeficulty.

    -Re-Spec doesn’t work, or at least it didn’t work when I was about to fight the poison shogun, all the re-spec button did was bring me to the previous map I was in

    -The poison shogun was far and away much harder than the rest of the shoguns I played against. The final shogun was tough but just have to dodge him when he’s charging (enraged and red), I suppose the fire lady would be hard but I’m used to her from the beta, and she doesn’t have the ridiculous regen the later shogun have

    -The warrior dash ultimate is underwhelming, having to “channel” it for 0.8 seconds before being able to attack makes it hard to use. Can’t stun, jump behind, then use dash to do extra damage from backstab damage because the stun isn’t long enough due to the channeling time.

    -I feel like you should remove the anti-synergy of the multi-strike warrior ability (level 1 ability, attacks 3 times in quick succession, I forget the actual name), the first upgrade gives you more crit chance after using it, which synergizes with the passive which restores health+focus upon a heavy strike critical, but then the second upgrade increases number of strikes at the cost of increasing cooldown. The first upgrade incentivizes using the ability as much as possible for the critical buff, but then the second upgrade makes it so you can use the ability less often. Perhaps just lower the damage or scaling on the second upgrade in return for giving an extra slash.

    -Kabuki mask is absolutely pivotal to any warrior build prioritizing strength (which I imagine is most warrior builds). So much that I threw away every other helmet/headpiece I came upon. Kabuki mask gives you 20 str+int on its own, and then makes all other int also count as str from all your other gear. Removing kabuki mask reduces the strength I have on my character by about 90, which no other helmet (thus far) even comes close to. Not to mention the high focus regen from being able to use int items helps reduce the downside of the -50 focus.

    I guess that’s all so far. Love the game so far though.

  70. sonnyenthusiast says:

    Krin plese make you next game sonny 3 b/c I have been watt ing well over 2 years for it to come out and + I have some ideas about it like -you get 2 new alys and you start where the story left off with sonny felicity,veredux and rolad in the start vid and a ending video after moast areas and have lots of areas and mini bosses with a special training that is accessible after defeating your first mini boss b/c it is exlusev for them and the ability to equip things like bows and stuff and the ability to see what ability your friends are using and what targets and things like that and a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight in the backdrop of any area and more people to a battle like each team can have up to 5-4 people in the group and the baron but after getting defeated 2 times he is a lot weaker and has a minion this time and says no no no keep them away from me just get rid of them I don’t care how and vanishes till the next round and the minion says lets do this and this time you won’t beat the baron and I will crush you like the bug you are and sonny says well seeing as how we had no trouble before this will be a pice of cake so prepare to die

    • bl4cksunr1s3 says:

      Dude chill. He just released Sinjid very recently and he’s still has to make some minor tweaks.

    • sonnyenthusiast says:

      krin I have found what I think is a bug I am in the bandit hills and sometimes when my character gets hit he takes no damage is this a bug or am I avoiding it?

  71. SinjidFan says:

    Krin can you make special new zones to be playable for non-premires also because Most does not have a account to buy premium content like me too can u reconsider?

    • mrbroske says:

      Its really easy to make an account and its free, and once you do that then you can pay for the premium, so just so you know that from now on.

  72. Pickle says:

    Uh, I found a weird bug. Right before that stage where you face the poison sorceress (forgot her name) I seem to be unable to respec. Whenever I try, my Max Health drops each time I spend a skill point, until I die.

    Absolutely love this game though… So awesome.

  73. HydraPyros says:

    I still feel that normal is a bit too challenging. Perhaps the normal could become “hard”, and the current hard could become a “heroic” mode.

  74. Suprise says:

    Needs a way to remove the background ’cause apparently my 5 year laptop can’t handle this game. Love your artwork either way.

  75. GodOfWar35 says:

    OMG ! Krin ! There’s a serious error !
    I tried upgrading my items with the components “Emerald”, when I used the third one on a trouser, it didn’t increase the stats !!! More over it severely deceased my stats (Strength, Agility,….) equal to the trouser plus !!!!!! The vitality, strength, agility, intellect eventually remained 0 and suddenly, like soul-less body, he’s dead !
    OMG fix this man !!!! I luckily didn’t save the game or I had to restart the saved game slot !

  76. peter says:

    when I try to put my sword into the ‘eat’ box, (the left green box), the game reacts af if I press space.

  77. SwZ says:

    Hello krin,there’s a bug when i tried to destroy frost figurine it changed the ” eat/destroy ” tabs to “sell / sell all ” and now i cant sell anything or destroy it..

    • Krin says:

      This is odd… Did that happen in a town or outside?

      • SwZ says:

        it happens in every location and with every item,i tried several items and locations so for now i stopped using the destroy feature because it bugs the inventory and shops and doesn’t let you save and exit to main menu

  78. Juan says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet, but at the fight with the guy that gets a buff whenever you attack him (the one after the lady with insta-kill fire bolts), you can walk past the left edge of the screen. The enemy will follow and it’ll get stuck this way (easy win for priests, I guess).

  79. peter says:

    do those fireballs (and other projectiles) ever stop folowing you?
    it would be cool if they’d disapear when you dodge them long enough.

    • Shateras says:

      Some of them do. The Venomwoods miniboss’s attack can be outrun, after a while it will dissipate, as does the Spirit Blade of both Lord Tetsuo and the Priest of the last Zone.

  80. SwZ says:

    also lady shiori is broken as hell.
    instant stun that does 2.5k dmg and kills you in 3 secs after ( assassin )
    and the best part it’s un-dodgeble

  81. Trishock says:

    When you try to fill a bottle with a full inventory you lose the bottle

  82. mrbroske says:

    Krin, I have a quick question about the game.
    So in the second city at the beginning (this is my third time seeing this) the one with the temple, I use the invisibility potion inside the room with the guy changing, and I can’t take anything (gold and chest). I don’t know if this is a bug, or I am doing something wrong. Sorry I don’t want to be like pointing out mistakes, but I think the clever idea you had with this might be bugged. I just want to help fix it.

    • Shateras says:

      Not a bug, you have to complete his quest (get him the Shogun Fancy Robes) to get access to his stuff. I think the Trinket he gives you as a reward isn’t worth it though.

      • mrbroske says:

        Thanks for the advice Shateras. I didn’t even know I had a quest, or what I had to get, so just some helpful feelback. I bought like 3 invisibility potions and thought I could steal it. Hahahahaha

  83. jon says:

    The story line scenes take forever to complete. Is there any way to speed it up?

  84. Edward says:


    So…. was Kazuro just lying? You kind of left it very open-ended since Kazuro tries to convince you that Fujin killed your parents, then you two fight, and he dies without saying anymore.

    I guess I’m going to headcanon that he was lying. Based on Sinjid:SOTW Sinjid’s dad gave Fujin Sinjid before (presumably) dying in battle against Lord Baka. Fujin promised to train Sinjid.

    That’s the way I’m interpreting it unless there’s something in the premium content that says otherwise, or something in the game which I missed.


    Notes/tips on last zone (Shiori+Kazuro):

    Lady Shiori:

    -Don’t face her, then she can insta-cast a stunning poison which will basically auto kill you

    -You have to dodge most if not all of her poison bolts, or interrupt her as she’s “channeling” the poison bolt ability. If you get hit by 3+ bolts you’re dead for sure.

    -I finished it with normal warrior by just stun chaining her. I used my ultimate (AOE warrior ultimate) with brutal advantage (the stun +crit every 10 seconds) to open for huge damage+stun. Then blew all my abilities on her, finishing with the 8 second shuriken stun. Then wait for 8 seconds, and blew the rest of my abilities on her (brutal advantage is back up at this point for another stun). At this point she had like 1000HP. I retreated, dodged enough poison bolts to survive, then used whatever abilities were off of cooldown to kill her. TL;DR: Stun chain+burst, don’t face her, dodge bolts

    -I found her to be very difficult. She’s like a harder version of the fire bolt lady.


    -I mainly used the AOE warrior ultimate+doom blade (with secondary upgrade)+double upgraded potion (for 30 second cooldown) to beat Kazuro

    -My main strategy was to use ultimate+doom blade whenever possible, slam+heavy strike otherwise

    -Block attacks! I can’t stress this enough, with my like 470+ strength blocking attacks reduces damage taken by a ton!

    -Good combo for healing is doom blade+block, literally just block until the healing buff wears off, it heals for like 250+ per tick so I just sit there blocking. Works even better if he puts himself in stasis and makes a clone of you, as your clone doesn’t hit as hard as Kazuro (so just doom blade, then sit there and block)

    -Use potion whenever you’re below 60% health and it’s off of cooldown

    -If he “channels” (charges up) it’s his stun, which stuns you for quite a long time. If you can, either run away or use slam on him. If you can’t run away in time just crouch to block as many attacks as possible while stunned

    I just did that over and over and over and I slugged it out with him. First try I got him to 10% HP before dying (didn’t dodge his stun so got killed with a series of crits). Second try I beat him real easy had like 60% health left (this is on normal difficulty though).


    I’m sure there are better strategies than mine for warrior, but that’s what worked for me on normal difficulty. My item setup was basically kabuki mask+whatever gave me max strength (and a decent amount of vitality). I used the level 20 scythe weapon from the weapon seller in the last town, it gives +100 intellect, which with Kabuki mask also becomes +100 strength.

  85. sonnyenthusiast says:

    hey krin this is off topic what is you avatar pic of? sinjid?

  86. Michael says:

    I encountered a bug. During the battle with Kazuro, he created the clone, and he moved to the left side of the screen. At that time, I was fairly bored, as I quickly killed the clone, while Kazuro lay invincible in the air. So I went to the door on the right, and wound up in the next area. However, I was only able to recreate this whenever he was off-screen.

  87. TheImpTed says:

    Krin your games are one of the best ive ever played but just Wondering why didnt you post about your game devolping\progress vlog on your description of sinjid it took me 1 1/2 years to find this after sonny 2 if you put
    that there you would have a more active fan following and
    more people to help you with (i dont know) ideas but you would get alot more support anyways props for the game ps i found this through your armorgames account

  88. gamerolled says:

    Have tested the int priest again with the nerfed spirit blade. Still pretty powerful as long as you properly synergize it with energy field and choose an equipment loadout specifically tailored towards maximizing the focus. Also, now there’s actually good reason to use something that isn’t spirit blade. It actually becomes important to remember that the frost spike attack is also available and quite powerful (might as well get some milage out of it, you have to max it out to unlock spirit blade anyways), and I had to make more strategic use of summon shadow as a diversion, blink as an escape mechanism, and think more carefully about when to use meditate (which became far more important since there aren’t a whole lot of low-focus, no-recharge powers to use in the spirit blade spec, aside from shadow bolt, which isn’t very good unless you spec your character specifically with shadow bolt in mind), so this actually makes the spirit blade spec more of a high-risk, high-reward build.

    Tried the shadow bolt spec against the final bosses to see how it compares to using the spirit blade spec. It was pretty difficult to pull off, but it you max out all of the upgrades for shadow bolt and shadow lock (except the one in the blink skill branch, that takes away from the rapid-fire capabilities and is therefore detrimental to this strategy), max out blink, max out meditation, max out the intellect booster, have energy field, and have summon shadow, you can pull it off. It is vital to remember that shadow lock, on top of being pretty powerful, can stun the enemies and can interrupt an attack that has a casting time. This is pretty useful, since some of the more obnoxious attacks have casting times. Again, the shadow guardian was quite useful as a diversion. In this case, energy field was more of a defensive move than an offense support move, as shadow bolt isn’t very expensive to cast. hmm… maybe a spirit blade build equipped with shadow lock has potential? Will get back to exploring the priest class later. Time to move on to the warrior class.

  89. fatfacemegee says:

    good game best flash game for me so any news on news on pvp multyplayer it fit the game or if you want a more people to buy preium put that as a preinum feature

  90. Shin says:

    Krin can the loading of the sounds be shortened?

    • Krin says:

      Only at the cost of quality, which we don’t want to do. But you can skip it and load it in as you’re playing though – so it shouldn’t stop you from starting the game!

      • krin lover says:

        【【【【【i really want sounds in sinjid 】】】】】
        can you give me a link to download it?

  91. peter says:

    I like the spikes (in the mines, I think)

  92. peter says:

    the venomwoods shogon is very hard with the warrior. I finaly beat him using all the potions I could find to get a 40% damage buff.

  93. peter says:

    perhaps you could put some spikes in with the venomwoods shogon. it could be fun pushing him unto the spikes with a warrior. (with slam and bladestorm)

  94. peter says:

    could it be posible to view the effects of a buff from an item without having to wear or eat the item first?

  95. peter says:

    why does the “X” open the inventory, and not the “I”?

  96. Camwyn says:

    I really enjoyed the first Sinjid and still play Sonny 2. Sadly this per-release does not want to load for me (even after disabling my pop-up blocker) but I’ve waited this long for this, I can wait a bit longer for it’s official release. I normally like the turn based thing, but performers are a very close 2nd in my book. Love ya Krin. Keep on keepin on.

  97. GodOfWar35 says:

    Krin, why the max level is currently 20 ?

  98. peter says:

    I bought 5 empty bottles, and later I bought 1 more empty bottle, but the game won’t stack them in the same slot.

  99. Nicky says:

    Krin I was curious if there is another way to pay for Premium other than PayPal? Amazon or what not?
    Worst comes to worst I’ll get PayPal, but I’m trying to avoid it for as long as possible.

  100. Hoba says:

    AWsome Game ^O^ Hope U Finish Sonny 3 I cant w8 for it :D

  101. Dylan says:

    SINJID!!! HOw can i change controls, my spacebar broke a month ago and i can’t get it fixed !!!!

  102. r1ce says:

    great so far, though lord tetsudo is pwning me over and over

  103. Shin says:

    Krin will you release another sinjid or just patch this soft-release for the fixing of bugs?

  104. Boblaw says:

    sinjid Review :notice your opinion may be different.

    Design 10/10: This game is a quiet inavative having the same layout as games such as castle crashers but is loot and attack skill deprivion.

    Story 10/10: The story is good to me (even though i didn’t play sinjid battle arena) I could understand why Sinjid
    wanted to avenage his shiobi/master you could see the confusion when sinijid had the talk with final boss. Not seeing the other side of his master. But there still room
    to go with expansion to clear up things.

    Graphics/Art 10/10 :The art is very nice even though i don,t know who made the nice looking pictures. The graphics are
    good to with the items and spells (gameplay in general). How ever this only a flash game not battlefeild 3 so props to the animation of this game.

    Gameplay 10/10: My favorite thing about this game is set up of things your arsenal of iteams/skills there’s alot of ways to to set things up to your liking.

    Length of the game 9/10: There is alot of life in the game but is there enough? To me there is alot of replayability for 4 charectars but to me a PvP online would be the best for this game. To me it took roughly 4:8 hrs to beat on hard with a hunter. Good game if you have alot of time on your spare hands.

    Music 10/10: Though I didnt pay much attention to the music it did have the peacful and intence parts of the game but the canary (engine thing) was a good idea pretty nice.

    Verdict: This game overall is very fun you will have amazingly fun times and your times where you rage because it didnt save when you died everything about this game is great and fun though i would like more side quests and more things to fool around with. But none the less a very fun game

    1. Will you have a PvP mode i read stuff about but couldnt get a anwser

    2. What is your next game sonny on ipod or sonny 3 or neither (soory to rush)

    3. When is new prenium content coming.

  105. Dylan says:

    great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. HydraPyros says:

    One suggestion: I think that items spawned in chests should regenerate every day. The game can record the last login of the player, and then decide whether or not to regenerate the items when the player next logs in based on this.

    Two reasons for this:
    1. If the items can be somewhat randomized, it can give more of a reason to return to the same save after Kazuro is defeated.
    2. Sometimes, quest items are accidentally sold without knowing that they are actually quest items.

  107. Dylan says:


  108. Logan says:

    I can’t click anywhere to start. Using Chrome, it loads slowly, then when i get click anywhere to start, i click and nothing happens.

  109. Sunny says:

    There is a bug when i fight the second boss,It fly up and i can’t see it, and it keep throwing the Kunai at me.Luckily i can get out and refight it.

  110. Deltaomega says:

    Hello Krin!! I’m french and I really, really enjoy to play your games!! The Sonny games are just amazing!! I expect the episode 3 for years now, and I’m convinced that it will be perfect! Until the release of Sonny 3, I will play to Sinjid, the most awesome flashgame in the world!

  111. Jackson says:

    Krin, I Bought premium content about 3 days ago, and I no longer have premium content. I have lost all content and the only available option is I must buy premium again. Is there some way I could be given premium again; this is a great game and would like to enjoy it with the premium content.

  112. metromuse says:

    what do u get like in total with the premium account?

    • gamerolled says:

      So far, I got the following from the premium package:
      -The Hunter class
      -A 5% boost to all stats
      -Access to The Crow’s Nest, a place with merchants that sell powerful potions, crafting materials, and a variety of powerful weapons and armor for level 20 characters
      -A new stage where you fight a clan of fire-element warriors, assassins, and mages, including 3 boss fights, which proved to be really difficult (at least on hard mode), with some pretty decent loot.

  113. gamerolled says:

    It’s that time again! Time for another report from Gamerolled’s OCD Gaming Lab! Now, I know I said I was moving on to the warrior class, but I decided, quite out of the blue, actually, to test the hunter class, instead. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but it is actually quite well-balanced in its own odd way.

    Now, before I begin going in-depth about why this class is a thousand-car-long freight train of awesome, I want to say up-front what the one bad thing about the hunter class is: Harpoon (Lv 15 ultimate) is terrible. First off, I discovered that this game doesn’t handle animating projectiles with tethers attached to them all that well (such as the warrior’s Kunai Sting or the hunter’s Harpoons), so such projectiles tend to cause the game to lag, even with the latest flash updates and the graphic quality set to low and the audio turned off. Put four such tethered projectiles on the screen, along with moving enemy sprites, who may or may not also be launching tethered projectiles, and you get a disaster that leaves the graphic animation locked up in a 2-3 second lag freeze. While the game is frozen, Sinjid is unresponsive to your commands, but the CPU opponents are still beating on him (which you can’t see until the game catches up with what’s going on, at which time you’ve already died or have about a tenth of your health bar left). As if that wasn’t enough, the aim on the harpoons is pretty horrible. When I tested them, from what I could tell from what the harpoons had hit based on where there tethers connected to when the lag cleared up, it wasn’t unusual for only about half of them to actually hit their intended targets. This is not really worthy of the title of ultimate technique for the premium class. Better to spend that skill point on something else. Additionally, since strength doesn’t really seem to be that valuable to the hunter class, making up less than a quarter of the damage scaling for hunter’s strike and really not being that important otherwise, since traditional blocking is rare for a hunter with a dedicated special ability specifically for blocking attacks, there really isn’t much incentive to invest skill points in Wisdom of Stone either.

    Now that the griping is out of the way, on to the tactical analysis of what is actually useful. The most difficult part of playing the hunter class is the part where you have to get it to level 20. Once you get there, things get a whole lot easier, just like Sedgar. I found that it was more efficient to go for moves like guard, primal strike, hunter’s strike, and tactical strike that didn’t gobble up focus as a main means of dealing damage through carefully planned chain combos and counterattacks, and to use paralysis dart and evade (with the invisibility bonus) to help me set up attacks (having the element of surprise allows me to lock up a lot of difficult enemies in a stun and buy myself time to take out the weak enemies first using hit-and-run tactics) and disrupting healing moves and dangerous charge-up attack moves that could otherwise put me in a nasty predicament. This wasn’t a perfect plan, and I did get a lot of game overs when my timing or strategy faltered even for an instant, but if you can take control of the battle up-front and successfully juggle your focus level and the cooldowns of all of your techniques (which takes some practice), you should be able to win. Figure out what moves a given enemy will throw at you and determine all of the characteristics of those moves, formulate a game plan for how you will respond to that particular enemy and its moves, or how to continuously prevent it from using a certain move if there’s no way to counter it (though usually there is), and then practice your routines until your responses to each move become a new reflex for you. I also used fortune to make gathering the best equipment go more efficiently. Once I got the ideal equipment, though, I re-spec’d my skill set and used the two points for something a little more helpful in direct combat.

    When choosing equipment, it is important to remember to take items that improve your maximum focus as, although it’s not impossible to regenerate your focus if you used the Endless Assault skill, Hunter’s Strike sees less action in a build that relies more on focus-consuming techniques than on techniques that don’t use focus. There are two optimal ways you can go with the equipment loadout: you can just try to go for a pure int build, where both the armor and weapon are chosen with maximizing the int stat in mind, or the int/damage loadout, where the armor choices are geared towards maximizing int while the weapon is chosen for optimal weapon damage. In both cases, the armor was the same (Divine Cover, Gloves of Embers (for the focus strike and extra focus), Fancy Robes, Leggings of Embers, Naga Eye, Divine Boots). The weapons were the difference (Eternal Bo for an int build, Crystal Spear for a weapon damage build). I enhanced everything with dark gems, because it is really annoying when you run out of moves that you can use while you’re fighting, so shorter cooldowns make it easier to keep going long enough to wear down even the toughest of enemies.

    Once you get to level 20 and get the aforementioned equipment loadout, the hunter class becomes extremely versatile. One of the skills that can always be useful is Wisdom of Life. It adds vitality based on intellect, and since the int stat is already either a primary or secondary point of focus for all specs of the hunter, since half the moves are int-based, and natural focus recovery rate boosts from the int stat are essential to not running out of focus as a hunter anyways, this will result in a sizable health bar boost, which is always welcome on a build where most powerful attacks could otherwise one-shot you. Furthermore, putting points in Wisdom of Life unlocks Overdrive. Because overdrive reduces cooldowns, it makes it easier to make chain combos, and since move synergy is vital to this build, that is always a plus. Evade with the invisibility feature is another move that is useful no matter what spec you go with. I wouldn’t be caught dead without it. It enables you to dash and then increase your movement speed temporarily. This aids your mobility, allowing you to get out of a bad situation faster, so you can take a breath and heal up before charging back into the fight or get into an ideal position for an ambush. Since this move will also make you invisible for a few seconds after dashing, it can also help you sneak past enemies. Another useful feature of invisibility is that it makes homing projectiles unable to lock onto you. Projectiles that are in flight when you’re invisible can’t hit you, they pass through you. The catch is that ranged attacks that instantly hit you, like Lady Shiroda’s petrifying gaze attack or the attack that Lord Yamamoto has that debuffs your running speed, will still hit you, even if you’re invisible. To make matters even better, if you attack while you are still invisible, you are guaranteed to land a critical hit, making the opening to your onslaught more powerful. Or you could just use the +100% crit chance buff from evade to punch up a particularly powerful link in a chain combo. Paralyzing Dart is another excellent move to invest at least a point in, regardless of what build you are using. This ability can interrupt a charge-up attack, so it can get you out of getting hit by some attacks that might be powerful enough to one-shot you. This attack will also stun the enemy for 3 seconds, which is useful whether you want to run away to heal or launch a powerful assault against the enemy, landing a 3-4 attack chain combo before the enemy can even begin to retaliate. The attack travels in a straight horizontal line and keeps going when it hits an enemy, only stopping upon reaching a wall, you can hit and stun multiple enemies with this attack, which prevents a group of enemies from ganging up on you while you are performing a combo. Just be careful if there are multiple groups in the same section of the level, because the dart may keep going and hit another group of enemies off-screen in the same area. Sure, it will stun them too, but once that wears off, they’ll come join the fight, and then you’ve got 4 enemies ganging up on you, so be mindful of how many enemies there are in the current area (hopefully you remember it from previous playthroughs on other classes, because I don’t recommend doing the hunter class first.) In addition to this, be careful when using the dart on enemies standing on non-level terrain. If one enemy is standing on slightly lower ground than another, use the invisibility to position yourself level with the guy on lower terrain. The dart should hit his torso and stun him, keep going, and hit the other guy’s knee and stun him. If you align yourself with the guy on higher ground, the dart will hit and stun him, but it will go over the head of the guy on lower ground, missing him entirely. Also noteworthy is the fact that you get a 70% damage bonus when you hit an enemy in the back. For this reason, it is a good idea to use the evade/invisibility technique to position yourself right behind the group of enemies before firing the dart for a 70% damage bonus on top of a critical hit. This is a good use for the dart if you are using the int build, as the dart’s damage scales entirely with your int stat. If you are using the int build, you should definitely put more than one point in this skill, as you will use it more often, whereas it’s more of a setup and emergency move for the weapon damage build, so one point (or maybe two) should be enough for that spec. When you put points into paralyzing dart, you unlock choke. This is another useful int-based attack. If you’re using an int build, it can do an impressive amount of damage up front. Also, it poisons the enemy, inflicting additional damage over time, reducing healing, and slowing down the enemy’s movements. This is a useful move if you need to get away from a group of enemies, as it instantly hits the enemies (that’s right, it can hit multiple targets, including those who are cloaked, it seems). The catch is that it has a long casting time of 1.5 seconds. There is a remedy for this problem, though. You can invest 3 skill points in Hunter’s Chain to make it an instant-cast technique. This can make it a better emergency move. Another benefit is that hunter’s chain cuts down the focus cost, making this move less likely to leave you with no focus when you need to use a move that consumes focus. It is also important to remember the three basic moves: Hunter’s Strike, Tactical Strike, and Herbal Remedy. Hunter’s striks will be one of your bread-and-butter moves if you choose to focus on weapon damage. It doesn’t take any focus to use and doesn’t have a long cooldown, so it’s good for rapid attacks. Endless assault is a good skill to upgrade for hunter’s strike, as it will increase the raw damage output and will also allow you to recover some focus with hunter’s strike, which is vitally important since reliable focus regeneration is harder to come across with the hunter class than with other classes. This also unlocks a very useful move called Patience. Patience adds one buff per 7 seconds, stacking up to 3 buffs, and when you use hunter’s strike, it burns all patience buffs and deals an additional 100% damage for every buff expended. This means that you can do up to 400% damage with a hunter’s strike if you charge it for over 21 seconds. Whether you do this by juggling multiple special moves to keep your enemy at bay until you can charge it up properly or whether you just have 3 buffs when you begin to engage the enemy, this allows for a useful combo attack. I recommend using this in conjunction with other moves to further amplify the damage. The damage of this move scales mostly with weapon damage, and a little bit with strength. If you really want to, you can use Wisdom of Stone to get a bit of a strength boost, but it really hardly seems worth the skill point cost to do that. Venom Coating allows Hunter’s Strike to poison the enemies, slowing them down and doing continuous damage based on the intelligence stat. This can be beneficial whether you go with an int build or a weapon damage build, as even the weapon damage build has pretty good int, so the DOT will still be okay, and it also comes with a speed debuff on the enemy. These debuffs do stack up to 3, so even with an int build, it can pay to get in, hit 3 times, and get out, leaving the enemy taking damage. Putting a point in venom coating unlocks medical mastery, which reduces the casting time and focus cost of Herbal Remedy, which improves your healing rate. As a technique that provides some major healing AND removes some very annoying stat ailments, Herbal Remedy is extremely useful no matter what build you choose, but more so with the int build, as the healing you receive scales with int AND the weapon with the best int boost also provides a buff that improves your healing by 30%. If you use Herbal Remedy often, you really should put two points in this. Another upgrade for Herbal Remedy is Celestial Charge. This improves your int stat by 10% per buff for 6 seconds and stacks up to 3 buffs. This is useful for a multitude of reasons. First off, herbal remedy uses int, so an int boost will improve the efficacy of subsequent herbal remedies AND most of your attacks benefit from an int boost, so these buffs will increase your damage output if you use any kind of int build. Definitely worth that one extra skill point if you use herbal remedy often and have the focus to make it part of a sustainable strategy. Tactical strike is also very useful, as it deals a high amount of damage, interrupts any charge-up spells that the enemy is trying to cast, and puts a debuff on the enemy that makes the enemy take double damage from your next attack, meaning that it works well with pretty much everything. This attack scales exclusively with weapon damage, so it is only recommended to use this attack as a damage output source if you are using the weapon damage build. Otherwise, you can still use it as a setup and spell disruption move. The Tactical Mastery skill improves the damage and critical chance of Tactical Strike, which makes it a good investment if you go with the weapon damage build. This also unlocks tactical healing, which doubles makes Tactical Strike double the power of your next healing move. With this upgrade, Tactical Strike literally goes with everything, including healing moves. You can benefit from primal strike whether you go with an int build or a weapon damage build, as it scales with your highest stat (probably int) and your weapon damage in equal measure. If you go with a weapon damage build, you will get more raw damage, but if you go with an int build, there is a lot more potential to increase your damage by using other techniques to increase your int stat, including Primal Surge, which raises all stats by 25% for 7 seconds (which is longer than the cooldown, so it can buff subsequent primal strikes). Desperation boosts the damage of primal strike based on how much missing health you have. Health is not a strong suit for the hunter, but you can get a decent health bar with Wisdom of Life, so it might be worth pumping more than one point into if you spent any points of Wisdom Of Life, but otherwise, just put one point into it to unlock Primal Surge. Last but not least, Guard is a true bread-and-butter technique, because it can not only block any attack, negating its damage (WARNING: It does not prevent the status ailments that the enemy’s attack inflicts) and turn your next attack into a guaranteed critical hit that stuns the enemy for a second. Note that if the attack that you blocked stuns you for more than about a second, your 2-second window of opportunity to counterattack after the parry may pass while your stunned. For this reason, you may also want to invest a point or two in Anti-Stun, which reduces the duration of stuns and movement penalties inflicted on you. It is also noteworthy that guard can be used to block AND COUNTERATTCK a ranged attack. It will still crit and stun even if you counterattack with a ranged attack, so you can use this to turn a ranged attack like choke into a stunning move (don’t bother doing this with paralyzing dart as that already stuns the enemy for a lot more than the one-second stun that you get for countering after a successful guard). Also don’t bother using it to counter with harpoon even if you do use harpoon. That already stuns the enemy. Also, if you hit an enemy with tactical strike, parry an attack with guard, and then riposte with hunter’s strike with 3 patience counters, it won’t stun the enemy, but your NEXT attack will stun the enemy, for some odd reason. Not sure if it was intentionally set up that way or if the game just derped. Also, if you parry an attack with guard and then riposte with choke against multiple enemies, it will only stun one of them. I would assume that was intentional to make it fair.

    Well, that’s it for assessment of the individual abilities. Standing alone, any one ability is somewhere between moderately useful and completely useless, but when you start chaining moves together properly, they become devastating, taking control of the battle from the start and leaving your enemy with little or no chance to regain the upper hand. What is the right way? There are countless answers to that question. Get creative. You could try evade, tactical strike, guard, hunter’s strike three times, paralyzing dart, then run away. You could do primal strike, guard, hunter’s strike, paralyzing dart, 3 herbal remedies with celestial charge, tactical strike, primal strike. You could guard a projectile attack or an attack with knockback and then riposte with choke. You could use 3 herbal remedies with CC, use evade to get behind the enemy and then use paralyzing dart, primal strike, tactical strike, and choke. The list goes on and on. I suggest experimenting on something you know you can beat with an idea to make sure it’s actually going to do what you think it’s going to do before using it in an important boss fight.

    Even with the flaws that Harpoon has, the hunter class is still well worth the price of getting a premium account. So to anyone wondering if the premium version is worth it, I say yes it is.

  114. Boblaw says:

    Is there any boss after lord Yam? Becasuse if not is there any raid bosses (or super hard bosses) like in previous games

  115. William Sakowsky says:

    Great game, on my second play through on the warrior, started with the assassin. I gotta say Lady Shiori is the most irritating thing in the world. I would suggest maybe toning it down just a little bit, i’m not saying don’t make it difficult but it took me almost an hour to kill her and it gets to a point were i almost gave up playing. Anyways, great game one of the only games truly worth 10/10 and I will be playing it avidly.

  116. gamerolled says:

    It seems that Harpoon does not cause lag if you play in fullscreen mode. The complaint about the erratic projectile pathing is, however, still a legitimate complaint. It seems like the harpoons can’t make up their minds between trying to track the enemies and going in random directions. I’ve fired volleys where one of the harpoons even ends up hitting the ground behind me when there were no enemies in that direction. It kind of reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer tries to make milk and cereal but somehow manages to light it on fire by accident.

  117. peter says:

    after I got 8 buffs, any new buffs wouldnt show.

  118. peter says:

    could it be made possible to temporally turn of an abbility (such as heavy armor)?

  119. Sinjid says:

    Can you please Nerf zone 7 Boss? the one in the Venomwoods.

  120. Boblaw says:

    Krin when will this game come to armorgames (its there but pubicly realsed). A few days?

  121. Darktroop07 says:

    I believe an ally would be nice, since the healing spells say heals you, and your allies.

  122. Yin_Yang says:

    I’ve noticed that the rating is a mere 9.3! That is unacceptable! everyone should rate 10 like right now.

    Other than that, Sinjid is AMAZING! Love it!

  123. Inigo says:

    Can your port sinjid in ioS and Android?

  124. Scott says:

    Absolutely love the game, it’s a work of art! I found a bug on the shogun palace level and in the venom woods level. Occasionally while im attacking, I’ll reach a character that won’t fight back, but will simply run around like they’re made to. When I try to attack none of my attacks register (although the buttons on the bottom left make the pressing animation) and none of the top menus open up either. If I walk out of the level after the bug, the next map won’t load and will stop at 100% rendered

  125. Coolwave says:

    Well i’m stuck on a boss the mage (first one) who whips fireballs at you that pretty much kill you in 2 hits she’s realy resistant to any attack she has like 4k health and i can’t stay close enough without dying any suggestions?

  126. Leth says:

    Just tried the game out and it is pretty sweet as far as I got. However, after playing around for about a half an hour, adobe gives me the grey circle of death exclamation mark. First time I’d ever seen this. Also, hulu videos also had this GCOD after I played this game. I was playing on internet explorer (some of us, sadly, still do). I fixed this once by reloading adobe flash player. Everything was okay until I tried playing this game again.

  127. Inigo says:

    Hey Krin I’m Inigo a 12 year boy who is an avid fan of you games I also live in the Philippines. I’ll give some suggestions for Sinjid.

    1. Try to fix the bugs ASAP cuz more people will be complaining.
    2. Try to make the game more challenging to make the others play it more.
    3. Make an ioS and Android version cuz I have reasons for not playing it in my laptop. Besides more people will play the game and enhance your popularity ten-four.
    4. Try also increase compatability on old and new computers esp. on Windows 8 users and users of very old computers.
    5. Finally, try to enhance the storyline more and make special classes and weapon like sinjid using a bow and also add more features to sinjid.

    I’ll be waiting for your next post and I’ll add more suggestions for the other games

    Thanks for listening Krin.

    -Inigo Salazar

    • Farabi says:

      I’m using windows 8 with internet explorer…
      But you have a point. Krin, make the first few zones a bit harder so they fit in with places like the venomwoods+
      That way people start preparing earlier on and aren’t as annoyed with a sudden, super-powerful boss.

  128. Coolwave says:

    well my last post asked for help but i played through again as a priest and beat her very easily just my suggestion is scall her back a bit or give her a weakness to melee attacks

  129. Pinchfire says:

    Hey, mate! First congratulations on releasing the first version of the new Sinjid! :) I tried playing it on ArmorGames, but the game lags like hell. My PC is Dual Core AMD Athlon 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 700 MB ATI Radeon x1200, Windows XP with SP 3. I’ve tried installing the latest Flash version, I’ve even downloaded the latest version for the video card, but nothing has helped. :_( Please give me some advice as to how could I solve the problem! P.S. I’ve tried setting quality on low, playing on Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, Fullscreen mode… No change at all. :/ Thank you in advance!

  130. jake says:

    Hey, in the game I can’t buy anything from the shops it just goes to a blank square and no momey gets deplinished or no item to my inventory…this needs to be fixed ASAP

  131. jake says:

    Hey, in the game I can’t buy anything from the shops it just goes to a blank square and no money gets deplinished or no item to my inventory…this needs to be fixed ASAP
    Pleased fix this its been weeks

  132. Shiichiroke says:

    Hey Krin, been playing Sinjid for days now. But where can I enchant my items? :)

  133. Regulaz says:

    Loved the game, epic as always i’d just say it needs to be longer, and i was so looking for the usually super expensive item and i never quite found one that meet my usual expectations, and i wish there was more class specific equipment. Other than than Kudos once again

  134. Jubs says:

    Great game!! I’ve gone through it with the Priest and Warrior… There is one thing I can’t figure out… How do I reach that one chest in the Mines? It’s too far to wall jump back to.

  135. Konflict says:

    I’ve defeated Kazuro and reported to the old king…what next?

  136. sinjid gamer says:

    there’s a bug in sinjid on the venomwoods level.
    everytime i get to the (i assume) bossfight level, it activates the talk scene before i can even see the boss and i cant read what he says, and it stays there for ever.
    if i choose to skip the scene it goes to a black screen and it stays black for ever too.
    cant skip it, cant go through with it, im stuck on that level of the game and cant continue.

    any thoughts?

  137. neoexdeath says:

    Sinjid is a great game, I haven’t experienced any bug while I was playing it, but I hope you will change it’s name because it’s the same with the old sinjids…

  138. r1ce says:

    Just completed the game. One word to describe it: Awesome!
    Looking forward to updates and new zones!

  139. krin lover says:

    【注意 notice this】
    I’m a chinese player and i really like sinjid
    Thank you krin for the long time hard working!
    I like sounds in sinjid.Can you give me a link to download it?
    Best wishes to sonny 3!!!!!!

  140. twillight says:

    armorgames today is very laggy, and produces connection interrupted. The save files also not work. The first loading (music?) can not be made to work (must be skipped) – don’t know what’d it do, but the game has music and sfx anyway. Also anytime I load in the game the first 120 seconds are one gigantic lag.

  141. sonnyenthusiast says:


  142. peter says:

    actually, I think there is a rather big gap in the storyline: How come Sinjid is so good?
    How can the ninja who clames not to have surpassed his teacher kill hundreds of soldiers, and Kazuro?
    especially since the clone Kazu created apparantly killed Fujin the first time, whereas Sinjid can easily kill 3 such clones in his combat with Kazuro.

  143. Zerual says:

    Krin, I have always been a big fan of the Sinjid/Sonny series, and would gladly buy the expansion/donate to help you if I could, perhaps in the future I can and will… But still, shutting people out from a chapter just because they can’t afford or have other issues of not being able to pay is just not fair. Like a class or items/skill points is still understandable, but a chapter? That’s a bit unfair in my opinion…

  144. Ashtoroth says:

    Krin, this is great. I played SotW nonstop a few years ago and now that this is here I know what I’ll be doing for the next few days at least. I had to get the premium content to show my support and because I wanted to try out a hunter! Thank you

  145. shoku says:

    Krin, help! I beat Lord Takeshi a few times, but quest log still isn’t up-to-date. It says “find and rescue Lord Masaru from the Venomwoods” as I’ve already met and rescued him… I can’t find him anywhere.

  146. Magnus1mac says:

    Hey krin, if/when you read this I just wanted to say that this game is amazing. Everything about the game is great, it’s its own niche and its fantastic. Well done. However, I have one slight issue. I want more, lots more, double tripple the content, and im willing to pay, please i can see you have set it up for more, DONT DELAY!

    A hoping fan

  147. sonny gamer says:

    hi whats up awesome game but its way too easy for me and some parts somewhat hard this game is awesome i really need a better computer BTW i just started and i but the madman boss and the warlord Izumi wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy and that was just in an hour for the next game of sonny please don’t make lv cap part of the premium content

  148. sonny gamer says:

    hi whats up awesome game but its way too easy for me and some parts somewhat hard this game is awesome i really need a better computer BTW i just started but the madman boss and the warlord Izumi wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy and that was just in an hour for the next game of sonny please don’t make lv cap part of the premium content

  149. divinitywolf says:

    hey krin. using the priest class, i was able to get through the game pretty quickly and loved it so much i bought the expansion pack. i’ve defeated the 3 bosses at the throne of flames and was wondering if there were any quests left for me to complete? the leader at the crow’s nest mentions temporary peace, so will there be more added on to the expansion in the future?

  150. lynalia says:

    The most amazing flash games i ever played !

    I finish 3 times in normal mode ! To easy now !
    Now i start the hard mod with each class !

    Really great, i need SINJID 2 !!!!!!!!!

  151. lynalia says:

    Sorry i forget ! The music WAS INSAME SERIOUSLY can we download it ?

    Seriously i loved it so much oO

  152. Blake says:

    ~The game is great, but please…we need higher levels! so many skills to learn and the cap is only at 20 >_<

  153. shaneeb says:

    how can we jumb above the building in emarald temble?

  154. linux says:

    I appreciate, cause I found just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  155. Futon Lord says:

    There is an error in Sinjid. You probably already know, or intended for this, but:
    The primary weapon is always on the outside. When the avatar is facing left, the primary weapon is in the left hand. When facing right, the weapon is on the right hand. In other words, every time it turns, the avatar switches the hand that holds the weapon. This holds true for both dual wielding and wielding one two-handed weapon.

  156. Alex0023 says:

    I can’t play this :( I’ve been waiting for this game to come since half a year, in the BETA WALL update It worked fine, no lag, good fps. Now, after you released the game it’s INSANE, sometimes, the game is like 15x times slower, I mean, it moves slow like in a replay. Second, when it runs “well” like it actually does, i can see the cutscenes, the dialogs, and I can move pretty decent in terms of fps and lag, but after i engage on some enemies, the game freezes from 1-6 seconds or things like that, I can’t do anything like this, in beta it was perfect, i’m using Chrome and latest flash player version and my PC should be enough to run this according to the fact it can run LoL and stuff like that. Really, should be a bug, PLEASE, help me, I love this game so much but can’t do anything like this.
    Thanks, Alex

  157. jake says:

    when will sonny be open….?

  158. 0011 says:

    Hi, Krin
    Sinjid is very interesting game
    i completed it in all classes (sorry , i hacked hunter class and other premium content but i will not publish it)
    thank you for making such games, especially Sonny 1 and 2 and now Sinjid
    (i developed some puzzle games in as3 but none of them is not great like your games )

  159. Deesus says:

    If I could only play one person’s flash games it would be yours. I have been a huge fan for a long time. I will give it positive reviews on my site where I give a different kind of review (thus spelled reveiw) over the products and services I use. As a game maker in my free time I have nothing but respect for your work. I could never program like you (at least without way more practice) Best of luck with future games! A mmo would be awesome and I would host it on my servers for free. I ran a mmo for a bit and could have 500 people on at once. Make like 5000 different servers and it would work lol.

  160. sambot200 says:

    hi krin i cant afford the premium content can i get it for free.please

  161. Ed says:

    hey krin,
    awesome game. played it for hours a few months ago, but when i went back to play the game again, i couldn’t get fullscreen to work. i’ve tried using firefox and chrome, it’s as if the game doesn’t register that you hit the fullscreen button, because it just closes the options menu. don’t know if maybe this is due to a bug fix or what. still, awesome game.

  162. Whistleblower says:

    – The story is short, boring and repetitive.

    – The “premium” content can easily be accessed by the use of .minerva or programs similar to that.

    – The game is a huge letdown.

  163. Thiemboy says:

    Has Krin posted anything anywhere since february? i cant seem to find any news from him.

  164. Mr Fail says:

    Hello. I’m sorry, this is my first time commenting, so I will try my best.

    First off, Sinjid is an amazing game. Interesting story, believable characters and coherent style throughout the game. I can see how much thought you must have put into the skills, both for Sinjid and various enemies (as well as certain bosses). Many of them fit very well with the recurrent theme of the game. Overall, I think you did a fairly good job balancing out all four classes and the different skill trees they could possess (Though, I do think that a Shadow-based Priest can be a tad bit overpowered compared to the rest.). However, I do have a few minor complaints regarding not only Sinjid, but what I saw in other games I played (Sonny, Sonny 2, Sinjid: SotW). You don’t have to keep reading, but I will leave my opinion below just in case.

    Well…The main issue I’ve seen with your games is the end-game phase. Your games are amazing and I’ve enjoyed playing them until the very end. However, there isn’t much to do after the final challenge is defeated. I really liked what you did in Sonny 2. The two secret areas only achieved through Heroic difficulty gave meaning to try and endure the game for what it truly was. I like the difficulty in your games, because it’s challenging rather than impossible. It gives meaning to buy better gear or readjust skill points to become better prepared and move on. However, I wish there was more incentive after the final boss to keep improving. The extra addition in the Premium of Sinjid was a nice touch, but it still could be a bit easy. I was wondering what’s your position on adding more difficulty into the areas after the game. It’s just my opinion, but I thought that the items shops offered weren’t balanced with the difficulty of the area presented. Maybe you could add more progressing areas with more challenging bosses and minnions that keep players alert? It’s your choise.

    That was my main problem, but I do have another suggestion from a personal-side. Like said before, it’s just my opinion, so feel free to ignore it. I also think that the item system in your games is good. It’s simple to use and presents great options. However, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to swap the strengths of items in the shop and the enemies. Seeing from the story, it makes more sense that rich and influential families hold better gear and artefacts that hidden isolated villages. I liked that you’ve split the sets in Sonny 2 between shops and enemies, however I noticed that the items in Sinjid shops were generally stronger than the armor and weapons dropped by slain enemies. Increasing the overall difficulty of the game and adding more minion stages would give players reason to grind and collect better sets from defeated enemies, making the defeat of a boss both rewarding and pleasing. I love the fact that you’ve also included special hidden chests that required certain skill and thought to obtain. Maybe you could add more secret chests and shops to reward exploring players? It’s your choise.

    Like I’ve said before, I think your games are amazing, especially considering they were made by one person. However, I do honestly wish that you would consider looking back at Sonny 2. It’s just my opinion, but I think it is a great idea to reward players dedicated to playing your game. That would be all. Keep making great games, and take as much time as you need to. :)

  165. Cryowhite says:

    Heya Krin! :D
    Name’s Cryowhite and I just wanted give you a hundred thousand congratulations for the most extremely 100,000% excellentastic game series EVER! :D
    Including the whole entire ‘Sonny’ series and the whole entire ‘Sinjid’ series! :D
    I sure would LOVE it if you would create more ‘Sonny’ and ‘Sinjid’ serieses and maybe even create a Sonny/Sinjid crossover game Krin! :D
    If not, then hey, who can blame you for your refusal? :)
    I sure don’t of course. :)
    PEACE OUT PRO!!!!!! :D

  166. Phoenix says:

    Sorry if I spam

    • Phoenix says:

      Pressed enter accidently, sorry if I spam a lot about the subject, but can make a premium “buy only the expansion” on armorgames, I really don’t want to subscribe to other site just for the premium pack!

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