Here is a video!

The Hunter is the 4th Class in Sinjid, and the last major content that I needed to add :) Now it’s just writing the cheesy dialogue and story that’s left (>.<)

Sinjid, like the other big ArmorGames like Kingdom Rush and Gemcraft, will be offering premium content packages, and the Hunter class will be part of the package. I know a some of you think premium content sounds like a shady deal, but a man has got to eat! Plus, I think I’ve made it as fair as possible.

On to the actual class now – the Hunter is probably the trickiest class to play of all. The base attacks are quite weak, but can be devastating if used in the correct combo. Unlike the other classes, which have some form of sustainable Focus regeneration, the Hunter has almost none. If you run out of Focus in a fight, it is pretty much over. But with the right strategy and execution, it is possible to destroy any enemy before the Hunter’s resources are exhausted. When the attacks are chained in the right order, the Hunter is able to do some ridiculous burst damage. The play-style is intense, but also extremely rewarding.

Here are a sample of the skills:

Guard: Block the next attack (within 2 seconds). If an attack is successfully blocked, your next strike will critically hit and stun the enemy.

Primal Strike: A powerful attack that deals damage based on your highest stat. This is an extremely versatile skill that allows you to build the Hunter with any stat you want, but still have a powerful nuke. Primal Strike can also be specced to deal more damage the lower your HP is.

Tactical Strike: A strong attack that causes the target to be vulnerable, and take double damage from the next attack that hits it. You can spec it to grant you 2x healing, if you heal immediately after using the attack.

Paralysis Dart: A projectile that pierces and paralyses all enemies in its path. It deals 3x damage if it hits them from the back – great for chasing.

Evade + Fade: Evade is like the Assassin’s Dash skill, except it does no damage, but also has no cooldown. If you attack immediately after evading, the attack will land a critical hit. You can spec it to grant you Stealth at the end of an evasion too – at the cost of +8 seconds cooldown. BETA testers were requesting an ability that introduces Stealth mechanics earlier into the game, so here it is :)



144 Responses to Hunter Class

  1. Looks awesome! Good luck with finishing the game…this is always the hardest part.

    PS: So, Sonny 3? ;) Actually, I’d rather a Colony 2, but I’ll take what I can get :D

    • Krin says:

      Sonny 3 will come :) Planning has already started, and I’m beginning to build the frame work. I’ve got ideas for the ability system that I think is exciting and hasn’t been done before!

      • B says:

        Are you planning on keeping Sonny point and click, or shape it around the way the new Sinjid is, or something completely new?

      • Ty says:

        keep sonny as point and click! would it be possible to make a 2v2 mode online?

      • Raru says:

        I have an idea for Sonny 3, though it may take much time to develop.

        Perhaps a cooperative mode (Like the Training mode in Sonny 2, you just click a button to engage in a cooperative battle. Or perhaps you could create an online screen with a lobby and everything) that allows two Sonnys to work together, and have the option for them to join your party (Or you join their’s) and have them help you continue through the zone.

      • Deatho says:

        Yes, point and click is definately how sonny 3 should be =) also i loved the skill tree in Sonny 2 so im hoping the changes to that wont be too drastic, more classes though would be awesome =D

      • sonnyenthusiast says:

        kirn you should have moving around like in legend of the void

      • Ryan says:

        Any word on the progress? I am sure people would like a marker to as where the games are in the developmental phase. Perhaps a progress bar?

  2. colony guy says:

    Nice. Looks like a hard mode for dedicated players.

  3. Natus says:

    So, any ideas on how much the bonus package will cost?

    • Krin says:

      Probably in the ballpark of $7 – Just to be slightly more expensive or on par with the Gemcraft and Kingdom Rush content.

      I do feel the new class and the extra Zone(s) would offer great replay value though! And anything that is patched into the game will always be available to the Premium players.

      Another great thing is that since we have premium content, the game can run ad free for everyone :)

  4. Nickienator says:

    Since I play on Kong and I’ll have to buy premium twice if I don’t wait; how long after the ArmorGames release will it be released on Kongregate?

    • Krin says:

      I actually don’t know – it’s up to Dan. But if Kong allows AG Login from their site, your Premium Content should be valid on both. Otherwise email me and I can send you a key.

  5. CookieCommando says:

    Amazing. this is definitely something I’d want to pay for! But my question is if this class will actually work or not. I see how it’s a “nuke” based class but with little to no focus regen abilities, I’m not too sure how it’ll play out. Can we please find out what this ability is?

    • Krin says:

      The class has undergone rigorous testing at all levels of play so I’m 99% sure it will work. Granted, it was a tad tougher than the other 3 classes though, but no less capable – mainly because the execution in combat needs to be spot-on.

      The reason why I’m able to design a class with that Focus model is because the bread and butter skills of this class cost no Focus, but have a cool down. But its special skills cost a LOT of Focus, but with no cool down.

      So fighting normally is fine without Focus – but Focus becomes important when you want to execute a chain of special attacks or manoeuvres. As such, it makes the use and reservation of Focus an interesting mechanic :)

      • CookieCommando says:

        Ah a reserve system! This all makes sense now. Can’t wait to play it. A couple more questions. Within pvp, will there be balancing (Increased cool downs for some classes or massive health bars to help priests survive high damage nukers such as the hunter?)And will ALL bonus content besides the class be disabled in pvp?

  6. sonny gamer says:

    yeah and also great to here that another update came i’ve actually been checking every day (starting last tuesday) to see it cause i like the new updates they us what you have been doing this past month im exicted for sonny 3 i met a person named shadow-craver (online of course ) and he was one of the forums i read and they made a bunch of awesome ideas for sinjid/sonny 3 plus out of all that i think for another idea because of christmas do u think u can make a character (christmas style) in sonny 3 also all those times i played sonny 2 i learned that u like making funny characters in the game and awesome comments in fact i have been tell all my friends about your games they are AWESOMELY AWESOME (as what my friend says) you know I know a guy on the internet who loves your work and wants to be a great game maker just like you he has played all your games and loves them by the way its good to hear that your doing well and that u have plans for sonny 3 just to tell u i really like that series all the sonny games are great and right when i hear that it comes out i’m gonna play all the games starting from 1 (just so i remember the story) then finish the series altogether and then im gonna play all t he games that u made later on allso im gonna do the same thing for sinjid also i dont really like the bonus package idea but got to get your earnings also since i couldn’t find this site for a long time the game is gonna be a mystery to me until it is RELEASED so good luck on your game making hope u get so many awesome ideas the players who play it will go “im gonna play non-stop yeah (not literally playing non-stop) by the way i have got to tell my friends they come on this site but don’t like commenting but i think if they hear this they’re gonna HIT THE ROOF yeah this is so gonna be awesome (cause i also saw the videos i don’t know if links work the same on this site but here is the link to “sonny 2”:

  7. sonny gamer says:

    plus sinjid so u can re expirience it (dont know how to spell expirience) “sinjid shadow of the warrior”:

  8. sonny gamer says:

    this works better on kongregate “link”:http:/

  9. sonny gamer says:

    let me try that again “kongregate”:

  10. sonny gamer says:

    wow i didnt know youd post exacly when i posted

  11. sonny gamer says:


  12. sonny gamer says:

    wow alot of people post at the same time

  13. sonny gamer says:

    this is also like sonny 1 (sry about all the posts)

  14. Elsamu says:


    I’ve been following this site for a while now and I’m extremely excited to see that you’re work on Sinjid 3 is finally coming to fruition. I’ve been waiting for this for years now, since Sinjid: SOTW and you have no idea how excited I am. I have only two questions now that are pertinent and I think you may be able to answer. Is there any kind of ETA for the game, or are you not trying to give it a date? Also, and I saw this question previously in this thread, do you have any idea how much the add on content will cost? Finally, are you able to reveal what else would be additional content available for purchase? I know you’ve got to make money, but I am just really hoping that the game doesn’t become the kind of game where the person who pays the most is the best. Thanks for working on this for so long and I wish you the best.

    • Krin says:

      Thanks for your excitement! That is my fuel :)

      I don’t want to give an ETA – but it should be a matter of weeks now. I always miss my estimates though :(

      The Premium Content will probably cost around $7 – just on par, or a little more than the current premium content games (Kingdom Rush and Gemcraft). It is mostly there just as a way for people to support the game and get some extra content in return.

      The extra content will probably be this:
      * New Class
      * New Extended Zone
      * Permanent Buff on the Character that grants some Bonuses
      * Some extra gold
      * 2 Extra Skill points

      The game is designed and balanced WITHOUT these things in mind, so free players will have a fair and well-paced game (not like those hideous ‘Social’ games you see!). But I feel the extra bonuses I give do not upset the balance too much. Instead, they just give the player a bit more freedom with play-style and items.

      If the game were to have PvP or multiplayer though, it would be imperative that free and premium players are playing on equal footing.

  15. Shateras says:

    Do the Hunter’s branches focus specifically on certain attributes? Or are most of the abilities general, for a personalized build?

    • Krin says:

      Actually, Hunter’s abilities are a bit odd…

      * Auto Swing: Weapon Damage + STR
      * Tactical Strike: Weapon Damage
      * Primal Strike: Whichever stat is highest
      * Paralysis Dart: INT
      * Choke: INT
      * Harpoon: Weapon Damage

      So actually most of its power comes from having a high damage weapon. The ranged abilities scale with INT, so an INT build is very viable for Hunter – but a melee build can spec anything as long as they have a good weapon. AGI for more crit, or STR for more block.

  16. alex thy noob says:

    This looks good. A signature class, one that can shape and destroy. However, if focus regen is the only setback for this class, it looks like it could be pretty overpowered. Oh well. If I ever scrounge up the cash, ill pay up for this, if not for the class then for your cause. Your definitely a very gifted and dedicated devoloper and it truly is a priviledge to play your masterpieces. I pray you are well.

  17. igotnolife says:

    cool new class, didnt know there was gonna be a fourth. nice surprise and i cant wait to try it

  18. Modrafin says:

    Well many gamers here on forum, for your great work, wanted to make some donations.
    Now they have a chance to support your games by buying premium content.
    Good luck with finishing Sinjid.

  19. if u dream says:

    i so Enthusiasm i cant whit for the tow games

    first i don’t know how will be the game when he come

    but abslote awesome

    and the sceande game sonny3 i can’t whit a weak for that

    plz make games for cunsles :)

    and i’m sorry for bad English :(

  20. Nemesis says:

    Premium content is all well and good, but you almost always need a credit card or valid paypal account to buy pretty much anything online. Since I’m sure many people who want to support your craft won’t have those things (such as myself) would you be open to other payment/donation options? Sorry if these assumptions are incorrect, it’s just based on past experience.

    • Krin says:

      We can figure something out ^^ What other options do you have in mind?

      • B says:

        Maybe a pay by SMS (text message) option

      • Nemesis says:

        E-mail money transfers? That’s the only way I have success sending money online, but you (Krin) would need a banking provider that accepted them. With me being in Canada I’m not sure how to they work internationally, just putting the idea out there. Either way I will try to find a way to put my money in your pocket, for all the hours I’ve spent playing your sweet games.

        • Shgamedude says:

          You should put this game on iOS. That way, we can play it on different platforms and pay for premium with an iTunes card so those without a credit card can still get premium.

  21. Michael says:

    So you mentioned a lot of what his abilities do, but you didn’t make any mention to that multi-kunai ability you showed us in the video. Really that’s the coolest thing iv’e seen from the game so far, why would you leave that out of the class description :D

  22. Jake says:

    Great to hear that the game is almost here, but i cant wait for sonny 3, im not the biggest fan of the walking around and doing everything yourself thing for this game but its different and will be amazing. I really want sonny 3 to be the same as 1 and 2 not walking around and collecting the loot from enemys i like the simplicity of just going to different stages getting new gear and stacking the skills so you can devistate the enemys, good work and hope to see this game soon :)

  23. B says:

    Hey Krin, Sinjid is looking great! It will be awesome to play it!

    I know It has been suggested before but I think you should definitely do a kickstarter or a program like it for sonny 3. If it had a modest goal I am sure you could make enough money to cover development costs and more.

    Keep kicking butt!

  24. mrbroske says:

    Hey Krin, I have been meaning to ask you this, and now I see your responding to comments so heres my shot. Will Sinjid continue from the last Sinjid game, and if so, will we see Fujin or Hattori? I know you cant tell me if we will, but can you at least tell me if it will be based off the last one? Thanks Krin! So pumped!
    BTW: Your website is too addicting I can’t stop checking it for more info!

    • Farabi says:

      I agree. Where DOES it actually start?
      Aw well, I’ll find out soon enough. I may not post much but I still visit regularly.

  25. Phanx says:

    When I saw “Hunter” I expected something awesome that has an bow on default attack with a bunch of other utility skills… Ended up being something worse with no focus regen and “bursty” with slow paced normal combat like something out of a pre Big Bang Maplestory. Oh and the premium content is an VERY unappealing change to the way you make games hopefully Sonny 3 will not feature this? Since I can tell you right now nobody at all will like this.

    • CookieCommando says:

      I like it (A bonus zone is a dream come true!)Besides Krin deserves the money after so many great games.

      • Phanx says:

        I just hope that those why try hard enough can somehow gain access to the bonus content somehow freely, like something out of Sonny 2 that rewarded the player for beating the game at a higher difficulty. I just hope if Krin does this it doesn’t end up being an insane luck challenge like the last one.

    • Shateras says:

      Speak for yourself. I love it.

      • Phanx says:

        Love paying money for exclusive content in a flash game? This was a rarity a couple of years back on Kongregate and man did we love it.

        • Shateras says:

          They are doing it for a pittance. You can argue they went in it knowing that they would be doing it for nothing, but anybody with at least a touch of decency would donate, if possible. It’s nice we get some extra content for doing that.

          • Phanx says:

            Some of us can’t pay even if we wanted to and I feel this is unfair. I personally would love to support Krin but having this premium content in place gives people who can’t pay a rather bitter feeling while playing the game. I just wish it had some challenge we could complete(verging on the I Wanna Be The Guy level in Super Meatboy)so anybody with enough determination and skill can do it. Because as it is this game will have a higher challenge than Sonny because it is real time combat and promotes a mana system that regenerates over time. Therefore it requires strategy on how to approach an encounter while keeping mind of what you are capable of doing.

        • Shateras says:

          Oh yes, I was also referring to the Hunter class, not the actual premium content idea.

  26. Farabi says:

    Wow. What a perfect time to get my first debit card. :)
    I’ll buy It if I can gather up the cash; my parents aren’t gonna make it easy…

  27. n00bFaCe says:

    Well, Krin? Where’s the video preview?
    (Sry if I seem a bit… U know, I just wanna see it in battle)

  28. inflict says:

    hey krin, good to see you almost finished, i was wondering considering nobody asked: hows the cancer situation, are you ok ???:)

    just to let you know i will be buying your premium content separately on all three of my AG accounts just to support you……. feel i owe you £100 for all the hours ive spent playing your games over the previous 5 years for free !!!

    keep up the god work, and I would love to hear back from you!!!

  29. Tweeter says:

    I wish I could pay for it,but i ain’t working yet…sad

  30. Thehat says:

    This game looks so great. Hyped for it. Thanks for putting in all this work Krin! Probably will get this “Premium content”, although I would prefer a donation than a fixed price (5$+ or something).

  31. Aaron says:

    This looks awesome, hope the game comes back soon, and it’s good to hear from you again Krin. Just one question, will you be updating the game with new things once in awhile (i.e. new zones etc.) or will you just update to remove found bugs?

  32. karpov says:

    when the sinjid will be out, i can’t wait

  33. Old Sonny Player says:

    Krin, When Sinjid will be released? you could release a kind of sign to show the expected time.

    I know that many ask but this board would help release the anxiety

  34. necrox22 says:

    sonny 3= multiplayer?

    I’m from Venezuela, i no have dollars :S

  35. necrox22 says:

    krin you can make a video editing a character??

  36. Alec says:

    I hate that people are mad because there is a premium content feature. I mean yea if your that cheap that you cant scrounge up $7…. really? If your that broke get off the computer and get a job. Ill be paying the money and I hope everyone else with a shred of humanity will also pay for the great game. @Phanx

    • inflict says:

      very well said ^^

    • Phanx says:

      I’m 16 so how about you ask yourself how I am supposed to pay for that?

      • nok says:

        It’s still not something you say it unfair.If you can’t afford it so you can’t get it.Making games is krin job,every job have to earn some money so that’s why premium have a cost. expectually for online games.

      • Alec says:

        Well if your too young to pay for it then shut up. It gives you no right to bitch because you cant come up with the money. Its called being disrespectful.

        • mrbroske says:

          I think we can all agree this comment was directly at you Phanx (sorry), but that’s not cool to post on Krins website saying he’s not smart by having a premium content. It’s his choice, hahaha sorry deal with it. If your not getting it then dont, but don’t advertise to others not to get it. Like people could see it and say “im not getting that!” Everyone cool your jets.

          • Phanx says:

            @mrbroske Sorry if iI came off as a sort of ass but I’m just pointing out that when the game is released he is probably going to lose a bit of his fanbase for pulling something like this. I wholeheartedly support Krin in his games and I love them, but I’m trying to put this out in a civilized manner and not on the offense.

        • Phanx says:

          I’m concerned about Krin taking on Premium content. You know what is disrespectful? Calling someone a bitch.

          • Shateras says:

            I think I understood what you said, but at any rate, if Krin wants to put in Premium Content, then what are you protesting about it for? If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. If you feel Krin should give everyone this extra stuff, it’s not really justified, because this is Krin’s game.

          • nok says:

            @phanx,Well maybe it’s true maybe some fans won’t like that idea but Krin have no choice,so maybe he’ll make the premium cost lesser or maybe add something into it

            Any way you gotta understand Krin,other games that he made isn’t have premium content because It’s not online.When you make a online game you gotta paid some cost,So you have to earn back by this way @shateras is right,you’re the one who say that you don,t want the hunter class that in the premium content.

          • mrbroske says:

            Yeah calling someone that was just going to far. Phanx thanks for clearing that up. You just came across… well you know.

          • Alec says:

            too far…. too far is having the audacity to be angry at someone for offering premium content on a game that has been years in the making, never the less its only 7 dollars; even a 12 year old can come up with 7 dollars, seriously?

          • CookieCommando says:

            Well I believe this problem has been already resolved as “It’s Krin’s choice for premium content and buy it if you want it”. Yes, I do agree that everyone would prefer it as free so we could all have nice bonuses, but realistically speaking, Krin still needs the money. It would be nice if there were some kind of challenge to receive the bonus content but that would defeat the purpose of premiums wouldn’t it? Perhaps if Krin updated the game with challenges for more bonuses, this problem could be solved. But until then, just buy it if you want it. The game is already amazing on it’s own so it doesn’t really matter.

      • Farabi says:

        I’m 12 And I’ve nearly saved up enough.

  37. necrox22 says:

    krin in premium content you get 2 extra skill points? a multiplayer game not be done because it will greatly affect the balance
    change this benefit because many people did not like it

    • Shgamedude says:

      @Alec Phanx said he was concerned about it, not angry. Plus, it’s not as bad as having the audacity to call someone a bitch. And who said people are too cheap to get it? Many cant pay for it because they can’t get access to a credit card and if they do, they would need some sort of account. I’m pretty sure Phanx has $7 and anyway, he wasn’t even complaining about the money. He was just complaining about the bonuses part of it (not that there’s anything wrong with it as most of the time, multiplayer requires skill more than anything to win and Krin put in the premium content as extra for donating). Some nerve you have to just insult someone based on what you assume.

  38. nate says:

    Just because your 16 doesn’t mean you can’t get a job.

  39. Phanx says:

    @Alec You still don’t get it. I was never angry at all with Krin providing Premium Content.

  40. nok 122 says:

    Agreed with Phanx. Alec don’t know Phanx,They don’t even seen each other. Calling someone you don’t know a bitch on someone web page is too horrible to see.

  41. Green Moon says:

    Merry christmas Krin

  42. Joe Joe says:

    Just to be clear to all you people, alec said phanx was bitching, that doesnt mean he’s calling him a bitch, it means phanx was complaining. Please if you want to have a go at someone at least read their damn comment before you type a load of crap on krins blog…

    • Alec says:

      I was wondering when someone smart enough would point this out. +1.

      • nok 122 says:

        So sorry for that I commended but I still think it too rude,It’s not wrong to comment your thinking but be patience.Anyway I’m sorry.

        • CookieCommando says:

          Still I wouldn’t just go out and say “quit bitching” or something like that. Sure, we’re not all 5 year olds who’ll make you put money in the “swear jar” for saying the word “hell” but it still isn’t very polite using it in that context. I know you’re trying to express your frustration but wouldn’t using the word “complaining” be much more reasonable?

          • Alec says:

            You sound like a teacher or a condoling parent. Its not like he’s a child he probably hears f-this and f-that at school on a daily basis. I didn’t think that my quit bitching comment was going to get this much attention. Wow.

          • nok122 says:

            Well sorry for that. I really judging you guys,anyway I didn’t mean bitching is impolite,I mean it’s not really nice to say that on website community that why it’s get this much attention. I understand Phanx ideas give you a nerves (me as well).

            @ cookiecomando
            To me answer to what you asked is YES. Doesn’t it good to be reasonable?
            Merry Christmas !?!

  43. r1ce says:

    Merry Christmas Eve, any estimation on when the game will be released? No hurries at all.

  44. Nnd says:

    Krin did say that he wants to take marketing into his games. I am not against premium content, but some of us have strict parents who won’t pay us, or spend for us on what we want. Others of us may be old enough to make money, or our parents will spend on us. If you want to buy it, and you can buy then, then you can. If you can’t because you are in one of those situations, then there isn’t much you can do outside of begging. My point is that the premium content will come out, and whether you choose to buy it is up to you. I know that premium content is very alluring because you feel as though you are missing a huge part of the game, when it is really just an add-on. Everyone needs to make money anyways.

  45. sonnyenthusiast says:

    hey krin in sinjid there should be a archer class that has poor melee and only can equip bows and crossbows (and daggers)but can do insane damage and here are a few attacks I think it should have
    *poison arrow-douse damage every round for … rounds
    *burning arrow-think poison arrof but a little deferent you decide :)
    *hidrate-instansly replenishes focus and health
    *call of the Forrest-think of the wrath of the forest in kingdom rush
    *persing arrow-self explanatory but it ignores armor value and shields
    *vein-fires an arow casing the target to bleed and take more damage
    well thats all of them and I reeeeeeeeeely think you should put them into circulation :) :) :) :) :)

  46. sonnyenthusiast says:

    hey krin is your avatar a pic of sinjid or what?
    oh and I have some more ideas for this game and sonny 3 look at my comment at the post about the priest class oh and glad you got better keep up the good work :)

  47. ice says:

    Guys, really. Stop spamming about premium or not. Be happy that Krin even makes games and let him do what he wants to do.

  48. Greg says:

    It seems odd that you can complain about having to pay for a game (and twisted, in the sense that you seem to be attempting to guilt Krin into providing more for no pay), when modern society is heavily focused on consumerism.

    If you can’t pay for something, you don’t get it (or you do, but get it on credit without care for your future). How many of you could honestly complain if a new console game came out and charged money? You might say that flash games have established themselves as a free form of entertainment, but our lifestyles are constantly changing, and part of life is making adjustments. Why isolate this developer and try to make him feel like a shitty person?

  49. Quagmire says:


    I’m not complaining (I only complain about Premium Content if I was really looking forward to that feature like in Stick Empires Chaos Empire costs money) but will there be an incredibly hard way to unlock premium content in the game… such as fighting two exact clones of yourself of something

    • Alec says:

      instead of doing what your doing might I suggest starting up a lemonade stand. This will cost roughly $5 to buy lemons and sugar and cups if you need. Then start up said lemonade stand and start making money. I’d surmount that you can make about $20 which looks to me like a $15 profit which I’m sure is enough for the premium content that you (cant afford) will want.

      • Shgamedude says:

        Doing that is actually illegal in many parts of Australia. You need to own that land to have permission to sell, otherwise you’re making business without actually paying for rent of the place.

    • Reme says:

      The entire point of premium content is for Krinn to earn extra money from this game. If he does that he wouldn’t earn much.

  50. Truth says:

    You are not entitled to a free flash RPG. Not just any RPG, but Sinjid, one with an incredible story and mind-numbing mechanics from one of the greatest flash game makers of all time. Shut up and be grateful that you get to play at all instead of whining and complaining about paying for premium content.

    Which by the way, is a terrific idea. I’d love to support programmers with talent that make enjoyable games for the public. So much time is put into these incredible games, and for the most part, it is done for free. Many of you think that it is your god given right to have awesome games and free premium content, and I’d love to say some fairly mean things right now, but chances are that you’re not even twelve so I’ll be a little nicer and tell you to shove it up your ass and quit being a whiny bitch about it. <3

  51. Zixixim says:

    I’m sure that the wait will be worth it.
    Also, happy new year.

  52. hbk says:

    been a month again and no update?

  53. Nnd says:

    If he opens a lemonade stand, he has less time to work on his games though.

  54. darksouls says:

    anyone even know the title of the game? lol

  55. sonnyenthusiast says:

    krin the game is still not out yet do you have any idea on when the game will be released plze reply

  56. Shgamedude says:

    Krin please don’t make a premium on sonny 3. It won’t work with a click game

  57. Lifemaster says:

    This is giong to be the first flash game that I will purchase the added content for, and I am an avid flash game player. However, please note that I disagree with gaining benefits over free players. I would rather the donation give nothing more than vanity items for looks instead of additional content/stats/talents. I am glad that you mentioned that online mode will NOT have these bonuses as that would be extremely unfair.

    Additionally, is there any way I can convince you to allow the hunter class to be available to all players? Even if the hunter class is available to all for online play (which I don’t know if this is the case) but those who had already had the chance to play with the Hunter would have a vast experience bonus over those who are playing it for the first time in pvp scenarios.

    With regards to the online player versus player stuff, I live for pvp and coop pvp. My suggestion would be to focus on 2v2 (like colony) and allow for matches to be started as a 1v1. Unlike colony I think these 1v1 matches should be counted towards a record (perhaps a separate record than the 2v2?) and the only matches that should not count are 1v2’s or 1v0, 2v0, etc. I also have an idea with regard to preventing cheating/hacking, as I know this was an issue in Colony multiplayer. If 3 of 4 players in a 2v2 match report cheating in the current match, the game will not be counted towards rating gain/loss. This would require the player on the same side as a hacker to be morally conscious and do the right thing, but I think it could work.

    All of this looks really great overall. Very excited for the release. I know I am ready to be blown away by even my high expectations.


    • Krin says:

      I also disagree with the benefits over free players. But so far I’m just following the models of Kingdom Rush and Gemcraft first just to start with.

      As I come to know the ways of the trade a bit more, I’ll slowly adjust the premium model to be more like DotA 2 or something.

      As for multiplayer – That needs a lot of rebalancing and a whole new code infrastructure, so it’ll probably be a thing of its own. The classes will probably need tweaks as well. And there will be absolutely no way to get ‘premium’ advantage in a multiplayer context :) I’ve played enough MP games to know how frustrating that can be.

      Thanks for your insight and support!

  58. darksouls says:

    krin can u plz give us an accurate release date it would be much apreciated :)

  59. Dracno says:

    Cant wait for it XD
    i aprove the idea of premium packages, but please, dont let hunter be overpower, i dont like games that if you pay you just get unbeatable.
    i know you wont do that, good luck with the games.

  60. Sinjid002 says:

    After completing Sonny 3, I suggest you can make a Colony 2 or a Sinjid 2. I especially like the new Sinjid game since I think this is sort of a new game type (action game) made by you, with great background music, graphics, and skill trees to increase the fun and to let the atmosphere become more and more exciting.

  61. Sinjid002 says:

    About the multi-player thing, I suggest that you should set up the game so that high-ranked/level players cannot fight against low-ranked players. I often find multi-player games frustrating. When I first start those multi-player games, I always lose since I am playing against high-ranked player and I get OTKed by my opponent.

  62. I enjoy, lead to I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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