Sorry for not having posted an update for so long! I haven’t updated recently because I’ve been adapting to a new schedule that takes up a lot of time. As such I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and think of an interesting entry to write. But I guess it’s been too long, so now it’s time for a quick update!

– The Sinjid BETA is down and won’t be coming back up because the game is fairly close to completion now and I’m pushing for the finishing line.
– I’ve added an upgrading system to Sinjid, so that you can upgrade your items (add some new stats/increase the quality) using metals and gems that you can find.
– I’ve built a real-time multiplayer arena in Sinjid which runs really smoothly! The fights are quite intense (1v1). But it still needs a lot of work, and so won’t be included with the release. It’ll either be patched in, or released separately later on. I wonder if people would prefer 2 player Co-op or 1v1 PVP?
– On the side I have been experimenting with some really fun frameworks – most notably Player.IO, which will allow me to write SECURE multiplayer games (server-side coded in C#), that would work cross platform. It looks very promising for a Sonny or Colony sequel :)
Currently on Sinjid, me and David are just finishing up the sound system (I might post a demo next week) – which I think its shaping up nicely. Now I’m adding in the main and side quests into the game, with the new story.

From now I’ll try my best to keep you all updated on my progress :) Finally, here is a painting of the Assassin class with an explosion:


101 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Eine Krone says:

    Sweet! We were getting worried, Krin.

    Glad to know you’re still working on Sinjid, and got it close to completion.

  2. colonyplayer says:

    2 player Co-op.
    Trust me. 1v1 PvP always leads to haters and elitists like what happened in Colony. People are also less willing to hack a Co-op game compared to a PvP game (compare The Last Castle to Colony).

  3. pirate butterfingers says... says:

    Multiplayer? MULTIPLAYER? Awesome really looking forward to it. Btw you should have co-op storymode with an arena inside one of the villages so you and your friend can go to town and fight each other during the actual game.

  4. Green Moon says:

    Seriously Krin you scared us. A short message on twitter would help you know like. Hey guys sorry I’ve been busy and I can’t do a long update”. But it is good to see that you are okay.

  5. mrbroske says:

    Great to hear this Krin! For the arena, I think that adding a coop arena will bring so many more players to the game because you could play with your friend! I also like the 1v1 arena, so possibly both? But preferably the 2v2 or whatever you have planned for the coop mode.

  6. Bobby says:

    Hey krin. IMO, i think you should forget about the demo, and just push for the final release. any time spent in making a demo is time that’s taken away from the final release, which i’m sure more people are looking forward to than just a demo.

  7. Samuraijubei says:

    It is great to hear from you. So excited to play the game when it comes out. Also, have you checked out the spammer in the forum yet?

  8. DesmondLight says:

    Hooray it’s a post by Krin! :D
    It’s nice to hear from you again, and I can’t believe you’re almost done with sinjid. Hooray again! lol

    P.S. In my opinion, 2 player co-op story mode is more important than 1 vs 1 arena mode, as I fear in arena mode all warriors would play a certain way,all priests a certain way,etc. Then it would end up being a “rock-paper-sissor” type of game.

  9. Naga says:

    Yeahhhhhh! Thanks Krin! No rush! <3

  10. Anthony says:

    :D You’re aliiiiiive!

    Everybody thought you had died D:

  11. Arthur says:

    wow i like!

  12. sonny gamer says:

    krin I thought u died u worried all of us nice progress by the way if u can no pressure but can u create player multiplayer [depends on pvp or co op or both] can u for pvp create a game room system like the other multiplayer games and if for co op create a seprate game for co op like for ex. you have 2 players in co op they have 2 co op new games and u can choose who’s game your gonna play then u start a new co op game and in pvp can u create a game setup thing like for ex:number of focus for each player,how many players can be in this game and other stuff like that.Again no pressure but these are some ideas i got for u please reply if u like my ideas or gonna use them that all from me for now

  13. sonny gamer says:

    oh forgot this when is sinjid coming out and what is it’s full name gonna be by the way to help krin why don’t all u fans here list some ideas i’m sure krin will love them

    my idea for a title would be sinjid legends

    more ideas post below

    if u don’t like what i’m doing just say so if u like it say yes

  14. sonny gamer says:

    again no pressure Krin

  15. cuadrad says:

    yay! , krin is alive :D!

  16. Jorge says:


  17. r1ce says:

    awesome news krin. just glad that you’re ok and great to hear the update on Sinjid.

  18. CookieCommando says:

    Great to hear from you after so long! Really want to hear the music for the game too! I think I’ll prefer 1v1 (or even bigger match ups) instead of 2 player co op but which ever is easiest for you is fine.

  19. 7uj says:

    Glad you’re okay, Krin. Can’t wait for Sinjid!

  20. jake says:

    Hey, are all the lag and running issuse going to be fixed with the final product because when you had the beta out i could never get onto it, i love your games and realllyyy hope that I can play this one. by the way the issue before was the screen was pure white with flashing icons at the top, i cleared browser/cookies, restared comp even got a brand ne computer and it didnt work for some reason

  21. Reme says:

    I prefer co-op

    • mrbroske says:

      Agreed. Krin, what are your thoughts? Are you willing to make a coop arena? I mean you do have plenty of time to perfect it. Thanks a ton!

  22. Ironymon1 says:

    Haha never lost hope i guess. Can’t wait for sinjid… Love krin no homo.

  23. Tyd says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Krin! You had us concerned, using your amazing ninja skills to disappear for a while. Schedules are a b****.

    Nice to see you implemented an upgrading system for weapons. Since you can use gems and metals for upgrades, have you ever thought about giving the gems/metals elemental powers (e.g. fire damage, poison damage)? I don’t mind if this isn’t the case, I’m just curious.

    As of the co-op vs 1v1 matter, I think there are pros and cons to both. I enjoy co-op more, since, obviously, it requires teamwork. However, there is always the chance of a teammate leaving for no reason, leaving you to fight against two players. Should you go for co-op, though, are you planning to implement a levelling/ranking system similar to Colony?

    All in all, nice to hear the game is nearing completion. And, of course, that you are doing well. Keep it up!

  24. Joe Joe says:

    Yes Krin your ok :D

    So happy to hear your alright, i was like super worried something had happend to you man. Im liking the new stuff your adding into sinjid it sounds great Krin.

    Also im doing an extended project with my ICT course im currently doing at college, im creating a flash game and need research and to set up a few interviews with people that make them so i thought i might try my luck with one of the best. I live in Reading which isnt to far from London if i could interview you, just drop me an email to the address that i used to post….but if not i understand that you got alot on your plate man.

    And again, im so happy to hear your ok, there were a bunch of posts saying you were dead but i didnt want to believe it, and im so so happy your not. keep well Krin

    Joe Joe

  25. sonny gamer says:

    u know I’ve been wondering for a long time What is the title for the new Sinjid gonna be here are my ideas:

    sinjid legends

    sinjid generations,and

    sinjid 3 the ninja’s journey

    and something like that and i’m glad to see your okay krin alot of us hrer were worried

  26. sonny gamer says:

    u know I’ve been wondering for a long time What is the title for the new Sinjid gonna be here are my ideas:

    sinjid legends

    sinjid generations,and

    sinjid 3 the ninja’s journey

    and something like that and i’m glad to see your okay krin alot of us here were worried

  27. sonny gamer says:

    cant wait for 2 things the release of sinjid 3 and the cure for cancer and diabetes

  28. sonny gamer says:


  29. CS says:

    Cool. Been waiting for an update, and that’s awesome news to hear. but who is david?

  30. commenter says:

    Finally an update! good to know you are fine. i would prefer a co-op rather then pvp, but it would be awesome if you can do both!

  31. Arikara says:

    You’re okay! Man, you had me worried for a few months… Good to know you’re doing well!

  32. commenter says:

    hmm? this is weird, i thought it posted my comment already
    anyway, i am glad you are fine and even close to finish! and i would be happy to see co-op more than pvp, but it would be even greater if you can put both systems!

  33. Vaalche says:

    Maan don’t scare us like that!! :D Great work though :)

  34. Nnd says:

    I prefer pvp over co-op when it comes to games like Sonny or Sinjid 3 especially.

  35. Nnd says:

    you could even do 2v2.

  36. Valli says:

    Yey Krin is alive *-*

  37. Alec says:

    glad to finally hear word from you. I would love to see co – op in the multiplayer as well as battle modes.

  38. Multylizard says:

    Thanks Krin. I was getting worried that something happend.

    Its great that we hear the good news , well about the thing. I would personally like the Co-op for the start. But if you find pvp to be easier to make its your choice.
    Thanks again. :D

  39. Multylizard says:

    Krin i got an idea for the title , its ok if you dont like it :D
    Well here goes nothing: Sinjid The Hurricane of darker times

  40. your iranian fan says:

    i am glad cause i was getting the feeling that this was all a bad joke :P you know … cause … it was suppose first come last year than it was summer than it was summer again and again and now … anyways glad you are back and i am so happy :D

  41. sonny gamer says:


  42. sonny gamer says:

    plus i would like to know when the sinjid 3 game is released please tell me the estimated tim

  43. sonny gamer says:

    time not tim

  44. sonny gamer says:

    please tell soon ({[no worries actually cause im pretty sure u will tell us in due time]})

  45. LeagueEpic says:

    2 player co-op :)

  46. Fearix says:

    You should give us an art contest or some sort of contest to keep us occupied as we wait

  47. mr.AwesomeCakes says:

    Krin both the 1 v 1 and co-op are great ideas i really would love if u had the chance to add both to the gaming experience! although i know your short on time…i hope that can happen!

  48. Nnd says:

    I would rather have a quality game that took more time, then a rushed game.

  49. deznotech says:

    fewww glad to hear you’re alright i was pretty freaking out without any quick updates but aslong as you just give a message i’ll be alright keep up the good work krin

  50. Multylizard says:

    Nnd its not a rushed game… go do the homework…
    If its realeased there will be updates !

  51. sonny gamer says:

    sorry for all the comments if i bothered u

  52. sonny gamer says:

    im just………….curious thats all

  53. sonny gamer says:

    still can’t wait till sinjid is release

  54. mrbroske says:

    Hey everyone, do you think Sinjid and Fujin will ever meet back up? Because the series left off with Sinjid climbing the mountain to meet someone. Is that someone possibly Hattori? What do you think?

  55. Elves278 says:

    Hey Krin, Im glad your back and feeling better. I just wanted to say that I would like to see a very good story. Something entwined with the most recent Sinjid. Also, I liked the leveling system from the most recent sinjid and think you should keep to it (just a sugestion) I would also like to see more perk variation and some perks that need other lesser perks (such as, to get a the second rank of a greater perk,you would have to have the second rank of a lesser perk or the second rank of two lesser perks)I liked the fighting system in the demo except sometimes when I tried hitting someone, they were to close or something and I would not hit them. Just a few sugetions, hope you’ll stay strong and have fun making the game. Very excited for the release.

    • Elves278 says:

      And could you comment on this telling me how these things are going to be aproched or if thy are goingo be in the game. THanks

  56. Multylizard says:

    Elves , The game is very near to the completion , it is too late to demand stuff… Krin probably gives hes best . Ofcourse there will be updates but if you have any bigger ideas to the game post them in the topic when Krins next update comes out.

  57. sonny gamer says:

    I just really REALLY wanna know when Sinjid is gonna be released because all the videos I saw and u said that it was “fairly close to completion” so I just wanna know when its gonna be released

    • Reme says:

      Just shut up and wait, he always does this. last time he said “near completion” was about 3 months ago. Don’t rush him cause he is a busy man.

      • a guy says:

        Dude you aren’t the center of the universe

      • mrbroske says:

        And he told us that he wasn’t going to come back until completion so hes not going to respond.

        • TheRager says:

          Why on earth should he “Shut up” because of fanboys like you thinking you’re Krins best bud? You don’t know him, he doesn’t know you, start bothering about your own life before you defend someone else’s.

          • Reme says:

            “Shut up” because I find it really annoying he is constantly posting things that all can fit into one or two posts. Its true that I don’t know Krin but I posted that for my own sake because his idiotic posts were giving me cancer. I’m sorry if my post offended you in anyway but I wasn’t defending anyone but myself.

    • Sonny's Master says:

      I hope YOU will have cancer!
      He said he has a high chance, but I think hes still weak so stop to spam the whole forum >_<.

  58. Erik War says:

    hello. About your DLBCL (NHL) Stadium 1-2?
    Stage I:Involvement of a single lymph node region above or
    below the diaphragm
    Stage II:Involvement of two or more lymph node groups above
    or below the diaphragm
    Stage III:attack on both sides of the diaphragm
    Stage IV:contamination of primary lymphoid organs (eg,
    liver, skin, central nervous system)

  59. Bloax says:

    “I wonder if people would prefer 2 player Co-op or 1v1 PVP?”
    The best of answers, as always – is “Why not both?”!

    Cooperative sounds great, and exactly the same does PVP.
    actually everything sounds awesome and i’m definitely looking forward to this

  60. TheRager says:

    This game has been, and I quote; “Coming this month” for the past 6-10 months, jesus, Krin. Next time you release a game, please, oh PLEASE at least tell us it’ll take forever instead of lieng to keep your fans here. I doubt any of these people would still be here if you had given a realistic ETA for the game. Inb4FanBoyComments

  61. CookieCommando says:

    He said he’d try to stay up to date with his posts but it’s nearly been a month now. Perhaps something with his schedule or more work time on the game. Either way, WE LOST KRIN AGAIN!!!

  62. KVenom says:

    and what about Sonny?
    have you forgotten about him?

  63. EvilNinjadude says:

    Holy Shazbot, a Multiplayer! This is wonderful news, because I LONG FOR COMBAT…uh, I mean CONTENT.

    Don’t worry guys, he’s bound to get that reference after he put the Frost Terror into Sonny 2.

    Thank you for never stopping to work to bring content to people who mostly have never given anything more than time and respect. I’ve loved all the games you put out, and anticipate any games that you might consider doing in future!

  64. JustaFan says:

    How are you doing!?
    How’s the game coming along?

    Do you ever plan on re-making Sinjid:SotW? That game will will always be one of my favorites.

    The thing you’re doing now with Sinjid is a whole new game. It’s good, but you could of just as easily called it something different. I feel robbed as a true fan of Sinjid

    Still…. I can’t wait any longer! :( – Hopefully this won’t take another decade!

  65. Nesturshum says:

    Well about 2v2 Co-op or 1v1 PvP they both sound nice…so I’d say both of them :)

  66. Nymous says:

    *pokes website*

  67. waflu says:

    new youtube video :)

  68. Samuraijubei says:

    Hey, everyone that is curious, if you head over to Krin’s youtube he just posted a clip of the hunter class.

  69. mrbroske says:

    YES! Great new update guys! Who’s excited, I am!

  70. sonnyenthusiast says:

    hey krin sonny 3 and sinjid 2 are not out yet

  71. sonnyenthusiast says:

    oh and you know how in the first sinjid you some times halve to fight 2 enemies what about a co-op on story line or like you gaining verudux in sonny or in no.2 ronald or a enemy becoming your aly like felicity

  72. Josef Kirk says:

    So it seems that quite a few people would like to see the following in the next patch or so:

    >) gem/gold remover (or so you can use an upgraded weapon as
    component to upgrade another item, though with the same stats
    if with a gold or gem)
    >) Respawns on the crystal/gold ores in some way
    >) to see the music removed from the rendering screen after
    one has died although they already have the music turned
    >) personal wish:… for the focus drain thingy that some
    healers have, to only remove like 4 focus instead of 100
    >_< it's so annying

    • Josef Kirk says:

      Never mind on the gem/gold remover, though it would be nice if the chests would refresh every once and a while, and a bank would be like the best thing ever, since you get like 7 gems and stuff you want to save till the end of the game. And more zones and areas ^^ Love this game (Did donate) though you should fix the
      thing about the expansion quest, there’s no quest marker.

      I hope Sinjid becomes something more than just a shinobi or a sensei, something exquisite :D

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