Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new game development blog. What do you think? Nice, clean and simple, no? At least I won’t loose the domain on this one to random snatcher-bots! I’ll be making updates on here, at least once a week. But sometimes I might have to vanish for a while. There is a lot to talk about!

Some of you have been asking me about forums. I’ll get forums set up with time, probably around the time right before the release of Sinjid. But for now the blog will have to do!

If anyone has questions or just wants to chat you can post comments here, or email me directly at Krin@ArmorGames.com.

Talk soon!


28 Responses to Willkommen!

  1. Alderon says:

    Looks good Krin, as you say it’s clean and simple. Forums would be nice but there’s no big rush for that. Out of curiousity, are the old forums from Krinlabs completely lost? There was a lot of guides, discussion, etc. which is a shame if it’s all vanished.

    • Krin says:

      I think the forums are gone unfortunately :( But I’m hoping to start a new chapter with this site and the next games :)

  2. Echoes says:

    Woot, finally a site. What’s a Willkommen? Lol, anyway can’t wait for sinjid.

    Any info on Book of the dead?

  3. ... says:

    Stick to the topic, anyway, Sinjid is great, Good memories, when I first played it, couldn’t get off of it until the game was finished, yep, that’s how addicting it is. Can’t wait for the next one :)

  4. Rodrigo Salazar says:

    You are a genius men! i wait sonny 3 !! your games have more quality what other games… and be sooooooooooo funnys!! sorry for my english i from argentina.

  5. nofate1404 says:

    I like your games very much , especially Sonny series :D I hope you will soon finish your Sinjid pj and get started with Sonny 3 as soon as possible :)) good luch

  6. leothesmith says:

    i hope he come back soon no response in a while now

  7. masteramt999 says:

    I love sonny series the best…could you plz tell us when are u planing to finish sonny 3…i loved all ur games…but sonny is the best

  8. nick says:

    any idea when you’ll be done with sinjid

  9. ColonyFreak says:

    Yo krin its sad how colony is doing so bad since the server is acting up due to lack of maintenance…If you are going to prolong the time with colony 2 which alot of us are losing hope please at least make sure that colony 1 is working properly, We may not have alot of people who enjoy colony but we still have people playing since 2009-2010 and more people who played 2010-2011…what am trying to say is that you have very loyal supporters and colony has made many great memories…Don’t leave us behind krin…

  10. Quane says:

    Krin I need you to go to armor games and answer my comment. and no I am not from Japan I am from the USA.

  11. Garrett says:

    I am an up and coming programmer and in my free time I would like to begin programming flash games. Krin, could you tell me everything I would need to get started. Just the newest version of flash (CS5?) ? btw… I love your games (like everyone else).

  12. Gauz says:

    Krin did you know that you have many fans in Russia? We love your work.

  13. Incubus says:

    Hey Krin, im a huge fan of your games and specially in Sonny and i wanted to ask you like around when will sonny 3 will be released, cause every week im looking at armorgames to see if you have any kind of update about sonny 3 or sinjid.

    I dont kow if you get what im saying but i hope you understand.

    Please tell me about when will Sonny 3 will be released and like that i wont be looking at armorgames so often.

    PS: You make the best games in armorgames and i appreciate the time you spent to give us this awesome games

  14. Armageddon says:

    Sinjid’s looking good, the new game style is definitely quite interesting. Looking forwards to it, as well as sonny 3 and maybe colony 2? :o

  15. Lucas Renam says:

    Hey Krin gratz for your new blog :P
    just wanted to say that i love your games and u have so much fans here in Brazil! ^^
    Good luck on making your epic games!

  16. inflict says:

    ur awsome krin. how much longer do u you think it will be before alfa is released?

  17. zach says:

    please post new info gone for almost 2 and a half months

  18. vidieowiz4 says:

    I’d like to thank you for creating a flash game that has a story line that had effort put into it, I highly enjoy the sonny series and am patiently waiting for sonny 3

  19. whosaspoon says:

    Thanks for the awesome games krin!

  20. Antonaqua says:

    Hey Krin,
    I got a question, are you German???
    I’m asking this, ’cause I thought you were American, but when I read ‘Willkommen’, I was confused.

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