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The ‘Priest’ is the ranged caster class in Sinjid.

As a Priest, you will have powerful spells and projectiles, but you are also the most fragile class in the game. Just a few hits will be enough to kill you. To deal with this, you will have a large arsenal of defensive and control skills to keep the enemies at bay.

The playing style is a lot less ‘hack-n-slash’ than the Assassin class (which was featured in the other videos). You will need a strategy to fight your enemies. There are two ways to play a Priest – either as an Intellect based ranged caster, or as an Agility melee fighter. But in either case, the philosophy is the same. One wrong cast, poor positioning, or bad Focus (Sinjid’s ‘mana’) management could lose you the fight.

Here are some examples of the skills:

Summon Shadow
Spawn an ally to fight alongside you temporarily.

Shadow Lock
Damage an enemy, and suspend it in mid-air.

Soul Shatter
A finishing move that drains all of your Focus, and converts it into damage. This is one of the most powerful attacks in the game; but without Focus you’ll be sitting duck.

Create a duplicate of yourself to take your place, while the real you turns invisible.

Energy Field
Instantly recover all of your Focus, and create an energy field where you are standing. Any enemies that enter this field will be frozen, but invulnerable.

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103 Responses to Introducing the Priest

  1. Joe Joe says:

    Omg dude that looks soooooo ACE!!!! Cant wait to play it man, im just sat waiting for it now, cant be to long, just remember to take it easy man, with the cancer and all. Video looks amazing, and again…CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!!!! Any idea on how long the final one will be??

    • Krin says:

      Thanks! It’s getting closer to being finished, but I still don’t feel comfortable to give a release date.

      I’m working on the final class now – maybe in 1-2 weeks?

      • Hasse says:

        2 weeks, i should start preparing for the release.

        • Krin says:

          Sorry Hasse, I have to clarify: I actually meant the final class would be finished in 2 weeks.

          The actual game is going to take a while longer! Maybe more like 2 months (hopefully less).

          I’m currently implementing a big change in the way graphics are rendered, so that it would run smoothly even on top details, using GPU acceleration :) But that’s gonna take a bit of time to implement.

          • marklester says:

            sir how can i play this almost a week later :(( and when is the release date of the latest Sinjid Shadow of The Warrior it is the best RPG game ive ever play

  2. Shateras says:

    Last one’s a fighter, right? (High health, relatively low damage, melee).

  3. Ava says:

    Will there be a beta to the game? How are you feeling btw? Hope everything is well the game looks really good!

    • Krin says:

      There will be a BETA when it’s nearly done, for bug testing and general improvements – but it probably won’t be public. Probably a closed BETA. But there’ll be chances to get in, if so :)

  4. Slambrex says:

    I LOVE YOU KRIN YOU IS THE BR0 TO MY BR0 Y0 MA AND YO GAMES BE MAKIN ME HAPPY oh and id like to say that sinjid sure does look spiffy.AND BTW im sure i speak for the majority of us when i say that if you want to say something not game related ISH COO.

  5. Zyph says:

    Wow, you have never disappointed me

    I also have a question;will you be able to add things such as classes or items or maybe even more enemies through an update?

    • Krin says:

      Yes. The engine makes that kind of stuff very easy. But I probably won’t add Classes, because they take a really long time to make and balance properly. But who knows :)

  6. Zyph says:

    (continued) once the game is released of course

  7. whase says:

    great class! can’t wait to play this game!

  8. darkest says:

    Alright, looks awesome! definitely a class I would use (although I’m more hack’n slash/speed-devil) btw, are there also some advanced classes planned? warrior -> warlord -> etc, you get the idea.

    • darkest says:

      in this case it would be, warrior -> samurai etc. I guess.

      • Krin says:

        Yes, the last class will be a “Warrior” style class.

        It’s got a very solid play-style. And its trademark skill is a grappling hook that you can use to pull enemies closer to you (like Scorpion in Mortal Kombat)!

        • darkest says:

          I actually meant something like a class-advancement system. But nevermind that, now we have a sneak peak in the warrior class skill.NICE!!.

          • Krin says:

            Oh I see! That’s actually a really cool idea. No it isn’t planned – and it’s a but too late for me to implement now. :( It would require too many changes/re-balance.

            But it is a good idea and I’ll probably consider it in the next RPG.

  9. Tslash says:

    Looks awesome, ur the best, cant see how you can keep going with the game with all the trouble in real life ;o

  10. Funtastic_Triceritops says:

    Oh sweet, im glad you brought back the summon shadow spell, that was my favorite spell, also on the pic you have on the classes, are these all for the priest? or have you given one side to your class abilities and one to general abilities? Im excited!

    • Krin says:

      All for the Priest. Each Class has its own unique tree. While there are some similar spells, they don’t really have any identical spells.

      But all classes have things in common:
      * They all have ‘maintenance’ skills (healing and Focus recovery of some form).
      * They all have high damage spells.
      * They all have control/utility spells.

  11. Raron says:

    A really impressive game addition. Now, I am looking forward towards your game even more. Your last post really showed the true fight which you were fighting, a fight which can even beat the boss battle of sinjid in it’s difficulty. I would say that the hopes and wishes of your fans are with you. I have a small suggestion for this game, though I don’t know whether it would be counted, well here it is anyway. I have heard that samurai’s or the japanese sometimes used to make riddles or poems or riddles hidden in poems during their history for some reasons. Perhaps if you wish, you can try posting some riddles here in the sense of a poem. That would bring the game to a whole new level not only including fighting but also some puzzle-solving. The riddles would be initially be solved by talking to certain NPC’s or taking some item’s to someone. The reward might be either a very useful item or a weapon or can be even an entrance to some place, all to give it an edge in the game. Some ally’s might turn out to be mortal enemies even. These unexpected twists might really make the game even more enjoyable.I have some experience in poems like this, so if you wish to go ahead with it, please tell me what you think of it.

  12. someguy says:

    This is unrelated(and annoying to hear from another sonny fan boy) but why are there no pages on sonny rpg? Is it too early in development to reveal anything?

  13. Lifemaster says:


    Gameplay looks extraordinary…not that I would expect anything less…I mean come on, what do you have…cancer or something? :-p

    Thanks for keeping on going with this project, it really is selfless of you.

    Eagerly awaiting the release, and wishing you the best of health for more greatness to come,


  14. Joe Joe says:

    Yo its me again, Thanks for the reply, and i think the riddle thing is a great idea, maybe hidden chests which can only be opened with riddles? Also the Class upgrade thing, like Priest -> Cleric -> Bishop or something like that, but to go up a class tree you need to hit a certain level or beat the game, i know the main release is in about 2 weeks but that would really give the game something awesome extra afterwoulds, and again, take it easy dude you dont want to over do it…and yay me being 4th viewer on the youtube video :3

  15. Lance Miller says:

    It looks awsome although i think ill be the assassin class cause ui like dealing high damage >:) lolz hope your doing alright! ~Lance

  16. Sam Kat says:

    krin is it possible to make more than three classes? i know that would be REALLY hard to do but i think it would be alot cooler if we had a variety of things to pick?

    • Krin says:

      It is possible, but it would delay release considerably, so I will probably just release it with three classes, and maybe add more later if people want them.

  17. Edward says:

    I hope you are feeling well these days (in terms of personal health). Don’t stress yourself! As much as we all await Sinjid you can always take it easy and be sure you’re staying healthy.

    Best of luck!

    • Krin says:

      I’m feeling well thanks! Working on Sinjid is really fun for me, so don’t worry about stress. In fact, I actually think the biggest danger is that sometimes I get too excited and forget to breathe.

  18. Martin says:

    Awesome dude! Thank you for this, you’re working so hard for us.

  19. Franky says:

    I love you ! :D :D
    thanks for the awesome games i just can`t wait anylonger :) !

  20. Thehat says:

    Holy Eff that looks epic, looks better than Sonny. And im a huge Sonny fanboy.

  21. Matthew says:

    The game looks awesome. By the way I noticed the shadow guardian isn’t a clone of your character. So is it possible to customize it like giving it weapons and armor. Oh and even choosing its class? Or is it krin only tech.

  22. Matthew says:

    Oh and best of luck with your health.
    Hope everything works out alright.

  23. Marshall says:

    What an awesome class. Take your time man looks like the games comin along I cant wait to play it^^.

  24. Bluebear says:

    Will there be any premium content? If not, I’d love to donate to you. Sorry if this question has already been answered. Hope you get better too, so you can continue making awesome flash games :D!

    • Krin says:

      Yes, there will probably be premium content. It’s the model we’re trying to use for Flash games these days. It’s more or less a formal donate option :)

      • Bluebear says:

        That’s cool :D.
        Have you thought of any ideas for premium content yet? I was thinking of more like special armor and weapons, or perhaps a single special skill for each class that could have really sweet special effects. It’s your choice though, pick whatever you feel would work best for your game.

        • Krin says:

          I’ve had a couple of ideas. I know that I don’t want to pressure people into getting premium content. I want people enjoy the game first, as it is. And if they like it, they can get premium content for an even richer experience.

          So things like some bonus areas, items, maybe new classes or cosmetic effects, in the case of online modes.

          Another cool idea might be the ability to play on fullscreen mode from in browser. So it feels like a proper game! Scaling the graphics up will be easy. Now the trick is to find a way not to make it lag…

          • Bluebear says:

            I never thought about fullscreen, which sounds like a neat idea for premium content. I also agree with you how you don’t want to pressure anyone, and you just want people to enjoy it first. So could we perhaps see bonus classes later on for premium content? I think that would be a really cool idea! Perhaps combo classes? Like a class with some priests skills + fighter skills, kind of like a paladin. Although a paladin doesn’t really fit the Sinjid setting. This is kind of unrelated though, but are you going to add set pieces for armor? And is there going to be a rarity scale? I think that’s about all the questions I have right now. Bye!

          • Krin says:

            Yes, additional classes are definitely on the tables. And yes, items come in sets which grant set bonuses. There are also different quality of the same item, so for example you could get a Katana that’s “Good” or a Katana that’s “Excellent.”

  25. Pocketbike says:

    Is there room to put in ragdoll physics? when they die, trip, or knocked out. It would add a whole level of different gameplay variations options, and more of a immersed feel to it!
    At least try it out, and tell me if it works or doesn’t!

    • Krin says:

      Unfortunately not: To have the rag-doll physics, the game sprites need to be in parts. But in Sinjid, it’s all pre-rendered and pressed into Bitmaps, which ‘welds’ the whole body together into one piece, so it is impossible to detect separate geometry. This is done so the game can run faster, since there are already a lot of heavy calculations and processing.

      • Pocketbike says:

        Thanks for explaining why you cant, maby in one of your next games you can. This game will still be awesome without it!

  26. r1ce says:

    all the games you make r awesome =) i beat sonny 2 like 4 times on heroic. cant wait for release of sinjid but take your time and rest well so you can beat the cancer. looking forward to beta!

  27. Calstifer says:


    As there is no other place to post this, I decided that here would be the best place (Sorry for being a bit off topic!).

    I’ve been a fan of your work since I was young (I suppose I am still young now, but I suppose its all relative). One of my fondest childhood memories was waking up early on a Saturday morning, with the sunlight glaring out from the window next to my old XP (Which was state of the art back then) and playing Sinjad over and over again. It would be my saturday routine – I’d wake up, turn on the computer, and play sinjad until I won it every week for about six months. I don’t know what it was, but I found something about the game oddly humbling, and it opened the gate for the rest of the online games, browser or not, for the rest of my life.

    This tradition of loving your work continued long after I knew who made the work (I was a bit unappreciative in those days, and had no idea what processes were behind what made your, or anyone else’s, design and games). I remember loving Sonny when it first came out, and Colony, and being oversea’s on a hotel computer, cramming in all hours I could to finish Sonny 2 when it first came out. To put it bluntly and a bit too dramatically: You’ve entertained me for more hours and more fully than many games or forms of entertainment I’ve come across in my life.

    I am very exited about your current Sinjad progress (As I’ve been waiting for a new Sinjad game since childhood began), and all other endevers that you peruse. I’m not at all happy to hear of your cancer, but instead of offering the mandatory cry of sympathy, I instead offer my thanks for your modesty and maturity in handling the issue.

    So, now I wish you best luck indeed. I hope one day I will be able to work with you in some field or another, but until that day I wish you the best of luck.

    An adoring but perhaps too formally-inclined fan,


    • Krin says:

      Thanks for the message :) I hope you’ll enjoy the new Sinjid when it comes out as much as you enjoyed the old one.

  28. Zyph says:

    I think this has been answered before, but will sinjid have online multiplayer?

    And if it does, what will it be like?

    • Lifemaster says:

      I too am actually curious about this…I’ve been following pretty carefully the progression of what Sinjid 3 is going to be like, but I’m very hazy on the multiplayer options that may or may not be there.

      Having the Sinjid engine available for players is a wonderful first step to player innovation, being able to share it, however, is where the real ingenuity comes into play. And I mean this in the best possible way, but not the kind of sharing that is available on Sonny 2…where you can share a code and then be able to play someone’s build but just by yourself or with someone sitting at your computer with you. I…can’t bring myself to call that multiplayer. DESPITE THE FACT THAT I LOVE SONNY 2!!! I feel like a terrible human being right now.

      So, yeah. I hope Sinjid 3 will have some sort of interactive multiplayer, and if not currently…have it open to being implemented in a future patch? For example, Sinjid 3 plays as a solo player game for 1-6 months, and then a patch is released that allows you to take that character you’ve been playing and play in a world populated by others like you who have been playing their character on solo up until that point. That would be cool, if I don’t mind saying so myself.

      I’m gonna feel really guilty if you haven’t done anything like this due to lack of time…because there is no way I, nor anyone else can fault you for not spending time on this! As I know you’ve seen others say, working on Sinjid at all during this time is EXTREMELY generous of you given the other far more important factors going on in your life.


      • Krin says:

        Sinjid was originally around 1v1 PvP. In fact, in the original Alpha builds, multiplayer was implemented even before basic enemy AI.

        But that was like a year ago, and the engine has changed a lot. As a result, the old multiplayer code is obsolete.

        So I have to start it again once the single player is done. I’ll probably release the game as a single player mode first, and then patch in a user-friendly editor (right now, the editor is too hard to use) and online multiplayer.

        Map sharing is probably going to be there too, although I don’t know if you will be able to player multiplayer with that – the multiplayer mode will be different to single player. Once you join a game, you don’t get EXP or GOLD or buy items – you can’t change equipment or stats. You have to do that outside of the game, and once you join a game they are locked. This is to prevent things like hacking and de-synchronisation.

        The main mode of multiplayer will be 1v1 PvP. That’s what I want to balance it to. Other modes may include Co-Op PvE against really hard bosses, and 2v2 PvP.

  29. Shateras says:

    So far as I can tell, he MIGHT patch in a sort of co-op.

  30. jaffer says:

    just wondering, the controls 1,2,3,4,5,q,e,f seem to clash with one hand, just wondering will we be able to change the controls to suit personal preference or are those controls set in stone?????

    • Krin says:

      Yes, all the Hotkeys can be configured in the settings :) I personally find this a better key set: J, K, L, I, Q, E, F, 2 – so then I can use WASD to move.

      But its defaulted to 1, 2, 3… etc because that’s a lot easier to get into when you’re new to the game.

      • Reborn_Pheonix says:

        Hem, well, did you found a way to make the controllers (xbox 360 or ps3) compatible and configurable with this new Sidjid game.

  31. Sebastian says:

    Release. Teh. Open. Beta. (not as good as closed beta just don;t update it and don’t keep it as up to date)

  32. Shateras says:

    Judging from previous games, I’m guessing those big blue squares (next to the health bar) are going to have portraits, correct?

  33. Ava says:

    I personally like using 1,2,3,4 as my hotkeys.So used to it from playing SC2 haha. We can use the arrow keys to move right? not just W,A,S,D?

    • Krin says:

      Aye, both WASD and arrow keys will be for moving. you’ll be able to map hotkeys on any other alphabetical or numerical keys – part from C and I which are bound to the Character and Inventory screen.

  34. Enes says:

    How much % is left and how much will
    it take to finish it?

  35. Shateras says:

    This is amazing. Better than KrinLabs.

  36. Zyph says:

    I know this is somewhat irrelevant but I like this new blog :P

  37. JumboMuffins says:

    Hey Krin! Your doing a great job. I seems to really like the backgrounds you make. This is Japanese like characters right? Are there Shoguns?

    Now I’m wondering how long you think Sinjid is so i would
    appreciate it if you were to tell me the answer to those questions. :P

    ~BTW just thought i’d let you know that you ROCK!

    • Krin says:

      That’s right, these are Japanese characters.

      I have a transplant in about 6-8 weeks, so I will try to get it done by then. Otherwise, get as much as I can done, so I can finish it off after the transplant.

      That’s assuming I don’t land in the 3% of people who don’t survive the operation o.0

  38. b says:

    Hey Krin have you thought about using kickstarter to raise some funds for future game projects? I’m sure you could have a nice budget for development on future games, donated by all your fans of course.

    • Krin says:

      I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think it is necessary right now. Maybe one day the time will come when I will need to do that :)

  39. Max says:

    Hey Krin, cant wait for the game! I was playing sinjid 2 shadow of the warrior yesterday, and i couldn’t help loving the song that is playing in the backround while you walk around! could you perhaps give me the name, I would be so happy to put it on my ipod :) thanks

    • Krin says:

      I actually wrote and recorded those songs. I have no idea where they are now :s In fact I’ve lost all the source files for the original Sinjid a long time ago!

  40. RUMMAKER says:

    Can’t wait for the game to come out and I hope u get well soon.

    This is just my opinion and I know the effects aren’t final but the current effects are a bit too much(leaving a trail of glowing things every where u walk and the eye trail just seems overboard, the projectile trail could also be toned down a bit IMO)
    I really liked the Alpha video demo; in that video I think the effects are just right. The doodas and the rocks and ground had a washed out feel to them (that’s probably the rough draft of the finished work but IMO its a really nice style for the sinjid game and I would even go as far as saying they look better then the finished doodas, the current buildings look too … “Straight” while the stuff in the alpha video has far more personality to them)
    Lastly I really hope the ground isn’t final because it looks waaaay too unnatural.

    • RUMMAKER says:

      I just realized I gave no feedback to the priest class xD and was talking about things completely irrelevant.
      From what I read, decoy seems underpowered why would u use decoy if u can use shadow summon. They both can tank damage, unless decoy lets u remain invisible until the decoy is destroyed. But even then decoy just doesn’t seem as good of an ability when compared to shadow summon (decoy would also fit the assassin class better IMOc

      • Krin says:

        You’ve got valid points – Originally when I designed this spell, I had PvP in mind. The idea is to use it to trick your opponent into wasting their CD’s, or screw with their positioning (which you won’t be able to do so much with Shadow Guardian vs a Human Opponent).

        As for PvE, you could be right about its limited uses.

    • Krin says:

      Hey! You’re right, the effects are a bit much. But right now I’m just sort of more focused on pushing the technical envelope – once I know the limits I’ll tone it down and make it look ‘clean’ again :)

      The Alpha video had a custom drawn BG, which is why everything looks so much better ‘integrated.’ I would love to do custom BG’s for the whole game, but I calculated it would take me at least another 4-5 months to draw them all at a good standard – so I need a system that can auto-generate terrain based from the map editor instead. I’m currently working on finding a way to make it look better.

      • RUMMAKER says:

        just gonna say i know NOTHING about flash at all so if i suggest something stupidly impossible … forgive me xD.

        well i think dirt instead of grass would look better, also the ground could be less flat, a transition between rocks and grass would also be nice, Foreground elements would be really nice it would give the game more depth, the slopes might need to be more “natural” looking; like having rocks there like in the alpha video, i think maybe you could do different models of slops and rocks and let the map generator do its thing but each area would look more unique because you would have different models for slops and rocks and etc(the map generator picks which models to use at random)

  41. Black says:

    Hey Krin,
    I’m a loyal fan of your work, since sonny was first introduced.
    That’s just around the time when I started my game developing career. It started pretty simple, I started getting inspired by the art I saw online, and started drawing myself. I was already pretty good when it came to work in Game Maker and FPS maker, and had some expirience with browser-based work (though i was just an artist on that project). I tried to work in Flash so many times, but the code always gets the best of me :(. Even though I still can’t get the code right, You are my inspiration to work on game design and development. Ofcourse I’m deffinetly not as good as you, or even close to that level, but I don’t think ill stop trying. I still admire your work, and I push myself to learn and to take things to higher levels. I really hope you’ll get better, but please work on yourself more than you work on the game. It looks really nice, but remember that we can wait for the game, but we can’t get you back if something happens.

    Hope you’ll get better as soon as possible,
    with a lot of respect, Black.

  42. Fatman says:

    Oi! You! I’m know I’m being a bit rude but I wanna play that game of yours. When’s the Beta? When do I get an invite to your CLOSED EXCLUSIVE Beta? I want it, want it, want it, NOW!


  43. Fatman says:

    My COmter’s fast. It can take a huge game. I Want it now.


  44. SinjidAssassinFTW says:

    Looks great, good work! Personally I prefer a fighting style of speedy backstabbing assassins but I have a feeling that this may change my favourite to priest! Hope allls going well with cancer, my grandad had cancer but he pulled through, Im sure you will too :)

    Will there be like a pvp or co-op option available in it?

  45. Todd says:

    this may be too late but you should change frost spark to light spark and color them to look like light instead of ice, the healer class is the only class i ever play and i have never seen a priest or priest-like class have frost spells just a suggestion it may be better looking if you change it to light spark

  46. Fenrir says:

    I can’t wait for this game to come out! The first game of yours I played was the original Sinjid and I loved it as well as all of your other games. I hope you get well soon and you forever make awesome games

  47. sonnyenthusiast says:

    krin it is off the topic of this one but in sonny 3 there should be a insane difficulty where the opponents have more health more damage dished out and more damage resistance and you have the exact opposite but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more rewarding

  48. sonnyenthusiast says:

    oh and there should be evolution like reach a certain level and you move from say assassin to ninja and ninja to shadow warrior and so on

  49. sonnyenthusiast says:

    oh and the assassin class should have crazy damage low health and abilities that can turn him invisible but unlike decoy he is still attacked but takes wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy less damage and the chance to doge the attack is increased to almost a 84% chance and there should be a necromancer class (you can guess the abilities)

  50. Cheats says:

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